Okay here is Chapter 2 of Connecticut: A New World. This chapter features the Connecticuters founding their first city. I realized that the last one was rather short so I made this one a little bit longer. Please R&R. Thanks.

Hooker followed the aide through the throngs of people who were busy setting up the camp. Where ever Hooker went, he was met with the cheers of his people. After all it had been him that had rallied the Connecticuters out of the ruins and convinced them to give up the safety of the decayed buildings for a chance to build something greater. However has he walked through the camp he noticed how tired they all were. They had been on the march for some time and many of the Connecticuters were worn out from the long march. They would have to stop soon or they would run themselves to death Hooker thought. He was torn from his thoughts by the words of the aide.

"Lord Hooker, the council is in here" the aide said, gesturing towards the one of the larger tents behind him "I can announce your presence if it so pleases you my lord."

"No I would rather slip in quietly" Hooker explained "Their discussion will be different if they do not know I am there. I would rather hear their true minds then false ones put on for show."

"As you wish my lord" the aide said, stepping aside to allow Hooker to enter without causing a ruckus.

Hooker nodded in thanks and, pulling up the hood on his cloak, slipped into the large tent. The first thing he noticed was how unbearably hot it was in the tent. A bonfire had been lit in the center of the tent, to provide light for the council, but they had forgotten how fire also produced heat as well. Now the sweat glistened on the brows of the old men who made up the council. Two orators held the attention of the group. Their voices were hoarse from shouting but even as Hooker entered their voices rose to new heights, ever trying to prove the other wrong.

"No, No, NO!" one of the elderly men shouted, his staff hitting the ground with each word, accenting his point "The land here is not fertile. There is nothing but stone."

"Our people are hungry. What shall they eat?" the man said, sweeping his arms around to the gathered council members. This man was clever no doubt Hooker thought as he watched the battle of words from the shadows. His words gave guilt to the council members. They loved their people and did not want to leave them hungry. Hooker found himself half convinced before the man's adversary stepped up to meet the aggressor.

"Scouts from the infantry have found suitable farmland east of here" the other man said matter-of-factly "It would take little effort to move our infantry to east and protect farmers, should we choose to settle here."

"Even if we decided not to move east we passed through some fertile land as we were coming north. We could send some people south and set up a farming outpost if we truly thought food was running short."

"This place is easily defended" he went on "the hills will keep us hidden, and in the event of an attack we can put our warriors onto the hills and fight from ground that would give us the advantage."

This man was a veteran of the military. His profound grasp of tactics and strategy was impressive Hooker thought. He reminded himself to ask the man to rejoin the Infantry. They would need tacticians like him in the coming months. Their argument went on for quite some time, and Hooker eventually grew tired of hearing the badgering voices of the council members. He flipped the hood off his head and strode, with confidence, in front of the bonfire, his shadow casted onto the gathered council members. Immediately the whole chamber became silent as the heads of the council turned to acknowledge the entrance of their leader. Hooker stayed silent for a moment, stroking his thin beard as if he was contemplating an idea that had come to him. Eventually he spoke.

"Truly you both have grand plans for our people." he said "One wants protection while the other wants food. Both are extremely important for our survival."

"However this is all in the future. We must remember what our people need now." he continued walking around the bonfire "Our people are tired, their feet worm and ragged. The doctors are overloaded with foot-related injuries. Everything both of you have said is important but now our people need rest." He pondered for a minute.

"I have decided that the heart of our people, our civilization as we know it, will be here by the ford in the river" Hooker declared. The council members stood and applauded.

"What shall we call this new city?" someone yelled from the crowd of council members. Hooker thought for a moment longer before a smile came to his face. He uttered one word.