Many weeks had passed since the founding of Hartford. Hooker smiled, the much needed rest had revitalized his people. Work gangs had been organized and work on the land had begun. The Connecticuters, in order to quiet the disgruntled councilman, had started first by working on a source of wheat that Hooker had identified for them on the outskirts of the city. Hooker could see them from his dwelling, harvesting the naturally growing wheat for bread and saving what seeds they could for the next harvest. He turned away from the window and proceeded to leave his private rooms and head into the main chamber.

The building where he lived was not only his house but also the location of the Council chamber. When the builders had been building the palace they had added on an extra wing to the building. Hooker, having no other use for it, turned it over to research. He gathered the brightest minds from both the council and the general population and put them to work, reading the old texts that his people had, trying to rediscover some old technology that might aid them in their current struggle for survival.

"Lord Hooker?" an aide called. Hooker turned it around and his eyes widened as he saw a rather stunning brunette women walked into chamber. She saw him, tossed her lovely auburn hair over her shoulder, and walked over to him.

"Lord Hooker" she said "The First Infantry Regiment has formed up for its review before its expedition north."

Hooker blinked clearing his mind before responding "Yes of course I'll be there in a moment" he said. She smiled, all of her teeth perfectly white, and walked out through the double doors leading to Hartford. Hooker's eyes followed her out. He stood there looking at the door for a moment, not thinking just staring. A slow applause came from behind him.

Hooker turned and saw Daniel Patrick, smiling and applauding. "Well done, you sly dog" Daniel said. Hooker frowned and ran his hand through his hair.

"Who was she Daniel?" Hooker asked, once again looking at the doors.

"Her name is Susanna dee Garbrand; she applied as your aide this morning to replace the man who went to serve the Council." Daniel explained.

"And how is it that you know who my aides are?" Hooker asked pointedly

"As your best friend I consider myself obligated to be informed of who stays around you and what decisions you make, by the way the Council is trying to pass legislation expanding the border farther north to accommodate the land that the 1st is about go and explore." Daniel said, tossing him a rough copy of the bill.

Hooker quickly looked it over, nodded, and pocketed it. He turned to Daniel.

"Well my friend isn't it about time we go and review your regiment" Hooker said turning to leave before stopping and turning around, noticing that his friend had stopped moving and was staring at him with mouth agape.

"My regiment?" he said incredulously

"Yes Daniel your regiment. You're the only one, as far as I know, that has any military experience in Hartford." Hooker said "You're in command now."

"But Thomas I was in command of your personal guard!" Daniel stammered as they walked out of the Council building and down the steps towards the main road through Hartford.

"Yes Daniel but let's face it I can take care of myself, at least for now. It's not like I survived in those ruins by luck you know" Hooker laughed off.

"I suppose Thomas but you're running a rather potent risk here and I don't think our people could take the loss if you were to die." Daniel said, pointing his finger at Thomas as they walked down Hartford's main street. People were waving at Hooker and he was waving back.

"I'll be careful, don't worry" Hooker said, patting his friend on the back as they arrived at the place where the 1st Infantry was marshaled up.

The men had arrayed themselves in formations of one hundred men, ten men across and ten men deep. These were the companies of the 1st Infantry Regiment. The companies that formed the 1st were numbered, so that there was a 1st Company, a 2nd Company and so on. The Captain that led the 1st company was the most senior of the officers and had been leading the regiment while Hooker was choosing a commanding officer for it.

The captain of the 1st Company, Harold Smith, walked up to Hooker.

"Lord Hooker, I humbly relinquish command of the 1st Infantry and give them to the leader of your choice." Captain Smith said to Hooker, simultaneously banging his right fist against his left chest, the customary salute of the Connecticuter Army.

"Thank you Captain" Hooker said, returning the salute to the Captain. Captain Smith was an honest and courageous officer. He had been with Regiment since its founding back in the ruins of the old city when Hooker drastically changed the way of life for the Connecticuter. Many among the Connecticuters had expected Captain Smith to receive the command of the 1st but Hooker had decided to put Daniel in charge as he had been leading men in combat for quite some time, longer than Captain Smith had been.

"Men of the First Infantry Regiment, you have protected our new nation and Hartford throughout these tough times with a sense of zeal and patriotism that our ancestors would be proud of. I'm disappointed in myself that I ask more of you. The land to the north is mountainous and unknown. You will be the first of our people to attempt a protracted exploration of this area and I know that you will do it valiantly. Men of the First Infantry Regiment, I give you your new commanding officer Daniel Patrick!" Hooker said his voice empowered with a force that made men follow and believe him. Hooker couldn't let them down even if he tried to.

The 1st Infantry, the professionals that they were, did not cheer or applaud as militia might but instead answered him by standing at attention and giving a quick, precise salute accompanied by the shouting "Yes Lord Hooker!"

Hooker than turned to face Daniel and extended his arm "Here is your command Colonel and Godspeed."

Daniel looked at Hooker's hand for a moment before extending his own and completing the handshake. "Thank you Lord Hooker."

"Well go on now" Hooker said "Your men are waiting for their first order."

Daniel stared at him and then turned to face 1st Infantry Regiment, his men. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue beret with a oak tree inscribed on a gold button, the symbol of the Connecticuter nation. He pulled the beret onto his head and looked upon the perfectly arrayed men. He nodded his head.

"Men of the 1st Infantry Regiment, we march north!" Daniel yelled

"Sir, yes, sir!" the entire 1st Infantry yelled. They then spun on their heels and turned en mass towards the north. The drums then started to beat out their rhythm and the men of the 1st began their march north.

Hooker and Daniel watched them go, as the dust was kicked up from the ground, marring their vision, making the 1st look like ghosts in a fog.

"Good luck Daniel" Hooker said "Find us something worth finding"

"Don't worry Thomas, there's bound to be something out there and if there is we'll be the ones to find it."

And that's the 3rd chapter. (Sorry for the reupload. I realized that the symbol of Connecticut is not a maple tree but an oak tree. Also sorry it has taken so long but I have been kind of distracted with other things, namely my YouTube channel. Anyhow Daniel Patrick is marching north to find who knows what and Hooker has met a fascinating lady. Who knows what will happen ;). I'm debating putting the next chapter in the POV of Daniel Patrick because let's face it nothing is really going to be happening in Hartford. All the action is going to be following Daniel and his new regiment. Tell me what you think and as always R&R. Thanks. P.S. For all who are wondering in Earth history Susanna was Hooker's second wife when he came to America