Beast Fiction

Summary: Shizuo hates violence yet he cannot control it around Orihara Izaya who provokes him so easily. When will Shizuo learn he is not the beast Izaya claims him to be? & when will they learn to get along? It's not as easy as breathing, that's for sure!

WARNING: MalexMale relationship. Contains heavy cursing from a very mad Shizuo, and also lemon/smut will be in later chapters. If you do not approve, then I do not approve of you reading this.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya.

I hate my life.

I hate my girlfriend, who's a lying slut but I know I can't get better.

A guy needs to get laid every once in a while though, right?

I hate this city, full of people that never shut the hell up. They liter too god damn much, too.

I hate my apartment. I make decent cash but the apartments here cost so much damn money that I can barely afford a good pack of cigarettes every month.

Which brings me back to hating this city and the shit of economy we're in.

Though, none of it can compare to the deep-in-my-heart-that-it-reach's-my-black-inner-soul hatred I have for one person.

One flea.

One asshole that ruined my life.

"Oh, Shizu-chan~!"


This mother fucking jackass, Orihara Izaya.

I have never hated anything or anyone in the way I hate him, ever.

He makes me violent and makes the inner demon of mine lash out.

& I hate people that make me violent because I hate violence.

Fuck, I hate this flea.

"What the hell are you doing in my city? I told you to stay away or I would rip you to shreds!" I yelled, throwing another vending machine I had in my hands at him.

The flea smirked and dodged it like all the other items I threw at him, but with such ease that I wondered if he was even human.

Knowing Izaya, he probably wasn't and I wouldn't take it as a surprise.

"Shizu-chan, you seem to have two errors in your sentence! One, it isn't your city, as you have no rights to such a thing. Second, you always say you'll rip me to shreds and yet here I am, healthy and alive! Ahahaha!" He laughed, actuallylaughed, and pointed at me as if I were some circus clown.

I just want to grab his fucking head and smash it against a wall more than enough times to satisfy me, which sad to say as many times as I do it, it wouldn't be enough.

Before I grabbed at a car that was parked beside me, Celty ran up to me out of no where and quickly typed at her pad, her hand already on my shoulder to give me a warning before she could even finish.

"Where the hell did you come from? Move it, I have to end this asshole's life once and for all!" I practically growled at her, trying not to because she wasn't the one I was angry with.

"As if that'll ever happen!"


[WHAT ARE YOU DOING? There's a family inside that car!]

I read the words aloud when she held out her pad in my face, interrupting my argument, and blinked twice, looking at the car I was about to use to kill Izaya with.

..Correction. Kill Izaya and a family of 3. Oh, and their dog.

They all stared at me with wide eyes, and I think the mother started praying.

Damn my luck.

I grumbled, not even willing to apologize as I turned halfway, wanting to just walk away from this damn mess.

Try to be the better person, I told myself half-heartedly.

Yet the mess I was trying to get away from yelled from across the street, making sure he was heard by all.

"Yo, Shizu-chan! Quitting already? You're such a failure in life! No wonder your girlfriend stopped by last night!"

..That -

[Shizuo! Calm down!]

Fucking -

[Don't you dare!]

Does -

[Shizuo, no!]


My inner demon's demonlashed out, and I lost all control. I didn't care at that point who was next to me, who I hurt, who saw me, how many police offers tried to stop me... All I wanted was that flea's head in my hand once and for all.

Make fun of my slutty girlfriend? Why the fuck not.

Make fun of me? Go to hell.

I ran for him faster than I had ever before, shouting curses that should be illegal, meanwhile grabbing at stop signs, poles, cats - you name it and I threw it at Izaya.

"I'm the gingerbread man~ catch me if you can~!"

"IZAYA! I'm going to kill you, I swear it!"

"Lalalalala!" Izaya sang, and by now we were jumping on the rooftops, my adrenaline pumping to the point where I didn't even remember how I got up here.

When I threw metal with a sharp end and saw a small cut on Izaya's arm, I smirked widely when I saw how confused he was from getting hurt, probably not expecting it.

I used that opportunity to throw myself off the side of the roof I was running on and I literally flew to him, grabbing his neck with my hands and taking him down with me.

What I couldn't fathom was that I actually caught him. After all these years of humiliation and suffering, I caughthim!

"Aha," I panted a small chuckle, holding him up by the neck when I forcefully pulled him up to his feet once I got up.

"You're dead now. You know that?" I growled through my teeth, sounding as menacing as ever.

Izaya smiled.

Fucking smiled!

When he didn't respond, I shook him violently, and threw a punch into his lower stomach before yelling, "What the hell are you smiling about?"

Izaya leaned forward, coughing and spatting blood and suddenly I felt my stomach twisted.

I wasn't made for violence...I wasn't...

"Kill me, Shizu-chan," Izaya whispered and chuckled, straightening himself up in my grip to look me in the eyes.

Fucking brat!

I didn't know what I was thinking next. All I knew that in a blink of an eye, I held him over the streets of Ikebukuro in the air.

My grip loosened as I was ready to drop him to his death.

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