Chapter 1: Sam's POV

When you think of pregnant teenagers, what comes to mind is sluts and bitches who sleep with anyone they want. When you think of pregnant teenagers, you don't think of a girl, who has only had 1 serious boyfriend in her whole 16 years of life. When you think of a teenage pregnancies, you don't think that it will happen to you, but you seriously never know. I am Sam Puckett, and this is my story.

5 weeks before

It was a typical Saturday night, I'm just sitting at home, listening to my pear-pod, updating my iCarly blog, and eating a plate of bacon. It was about 6:30 when i got a text from Carly, saying there was a party at Wendy's house. I didn't really feel like partying, but Carly guilted me into it, as per usual. She said she would pick me in about half an hour. I still needed to do my hair, makeup and pick out something to wear. I decided to leave my hair natural, and do my makeup like I always did. Now my outfit. It was 80degrees outside, so i went with white short shorts, a cropped yellow and purple to, with my sparkly flats.

At exactly 7:00, and Carly pulled up exactly when she said she would, typical Carly. It was a 15 minute drive to Wendy's house, and when we got there, the driveway and the road was packed with cars. One car stood out, it was Freddies car. I was so excited, no one knew, but I had secretly been in love with him since we met, when we were 12.

We got inside and I could barley hear myself think ! The music was loud, there was a strong smell of vodka and sweat, it was my kind of party ! Me and Carly made our way over to the bar set up in the corner, we grabbed some drinks and hit the dance floor.

11:00, everyone was drunk out of their minds, Freddie had made it over to us, and we were rocking together, back and forth. He looked at me with his big eyes, and asked if I was ready to leave, I said sure, mostly because I wanted to be alone. We were walking for about an hour, which we were both totally oblivious too, and before we knew it we were at bushwell. Freddie then proceeded to invite me up to his place ! His mom was working the night shift, so we would be alone.

11:30, by this point we were kissing, we had made it too his room and the layers of clothing were shredding. We were on his bed, one thing led to another, and lets just say, Im about to live in the consequence, of what happens tonight...