"No Itachi! It my turn." Sasuke states. Itachi spins and drags his hair out before falling back on the bed. Itachi and Sasuke were both strong spirits, unmovable by nature. Thus, such strong spirits will always fight for dominance. To be king. None will bend in their fight, constantly trying to best each other henceā€¦

"You took me last time and then you promised that I would do it. Not only that you take me most of the time. You wait until I'm really horny and then you tease me knowing I won't care who's seme and who's uke. So I got the perfect solution. We don't do it until you agree to my terms. I want a 50/50 trade."

Itachi thought it over. If he refused, Sasuke won't let him have sex. And they couldn't break up because he was only attracted to Sasuke and it was pretty much the same except for that Naruto guy. He thought that since there was no other solution he'd take Sasuke's term at a 70/30 trade with Sasuke being the 30.

"Fine I believe in fair trade, 70/30."

"No. I want 50/50 dominance or I go look for a new boy friend."

"Fine, 60/40."

"It's non-negotiable. It's 50/50 or not at all."

Itachi pictured himself celibate while Sasuke was dating that blonde kid.

"Fine," Itachi says with a sigh, "but I get to top you right now."

Before Sasuke could say anything, Itachi tackled him. With him pinned under Itachi's body, Itachi made a meal of his mouth, devouring him. Sasuke fought hard against Itachi's dominance spirits and failed miserable. Sasuke gave up. He kissed Itachi back with all the passion of a well trained house wife. Secretly he loved Itachi's dominance but he was a boy. He needed his masculinity.

"Mmhm, Tachi-kun." Sasuke moaned as Itachi left his mouth and travelled to the sensitive place behind his neck. Itachi place feather light kisses along the side of his neck. Of course Sasuke got needy, Itachi nibbling and licking his neck, sending tingles and shivers all over his body. Itachi brought Sasuke's hands over his head and held them there. He moved to Sasuke's broad but small chest. He kissed down the crease of his chest down to his midriff. Sasuke's breath hitch as Itachi teased him.

'Wait! I'm naked! When did that happen?'

Itachi moved back up to Sasuke's right nipple, scrapping it lightly with teeth then taking it fully into his mouth.

"Aniki, fuck me."

"What? We just started."

"Fuck me now! I don't wanna wait."

"Fine!"And with that Sasuke was flipped on his back to be prepared. Itachi gave Sasuke his middle finger to suck and then he added another.

"Alright, stop." He trailed his finger down to Sasuke's waiting hole.

"Ready?" Sasuke nodded his head and Itachi inserted his finger. He scissored them around, loosening Sasuke. He mounted Sasuke and pressed into him until Sasuke was filled to the hilt. Slowly Itachi started to move. The feeling of being stretched was exquisite. There was no pain like the other times because the had done this so often it was non-existent. Itachi's cock found Sasuke's prostate, hitting it repeatedly until Sasuke tightened around his cock.

"I'm coming, Tachi." Itachi didn't hear Sasuke. He was too busy climbing his own peak. He'd stopped thinking after Sasuke tight hole squeezed him. He gave a guttural groan before coming. The feeling of hot cum squirting into him, threw Sasuke over the edge.

'Enjoy this while it lasts Tachi." Sasuke thought as he rested for a while knowing that were far from done.

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