Title: The Ninjas Stole My Best Friend
Fandom: 3 Ninjas
Chapter Rating: K
Author's Introduction: All it took was reading one post on tumblr to take me back to my early childhood of watching The 3 Ninjas. This story is a result of my sudden obsession for an old favorite. It's going to be short, though. I have it written out in nine pieces. So, if you like, take this journey with my OC Natalie as she meets Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum and watches as her best friend gets caught up in their lives.
Summary: Remnants from throughout the years showcasing how the ninjas stole my best friend.
Age: 7 yrs

The Ninjas Stole My Best Friend


I leaned back on the swing set so that the tips of my hair dragged along the earth and blood rushed to my head.

"Hey, Ash?" I called.

The chains groaned and soon there was another head swaying back and forth alongside mine, golden strands of silken hair dragging along the dried soil.

"Hi, Nat," She giggled, her swing going considerably faster than mine.

"Why are we friends?"

A thoughtful silence filled the air before the squeal of iron pierced my eardrums and a moment later a pair of delicate hands grabbed hold of my ankles. Sitting up in my seat, I stared at Ashley expectantly.

"We're not." She voiced solemnly.

It could have been the amount of blood already in my head, but her words left me feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and sick.


She shook her head from side to side; the movement dislodging a few leaves that had caught in her hair. She then stared at me with the sweetest smile I had ever seen in my short existence.

"We're best friends. We're going to get married on the same day and live next to each other when we're old ladies. Because I said so."

Relief bubbled in my chest and I laughed.

"If you say so," I sighed dramatically. She pushed my ankles away and I used the momentum to start swinging once again. I was going to reach the sky that afternoon.