Title: The Ninjas Stole My Best Friend
Fandom: 3 Ninjas
Rating: T
A/N: Special thanks goes to two very good friends of mine. To Denise, for providing the prompts for each chapter, I don't think my imagination for this story would be as colorful if it weren't for you. And to Melissa, for reading through each chapter and giving honest constructive criticism. I owe the selective insights of Natalie and her growth to you. Thank you to everyone who has read this story to the end and added it to their favorites and/or alerts list. I do hope that you have enjoyed this; I certainly had fun writing it. Until next time, happy reading everyone!
Summary: Remnants from throughout the years showcasing how the ninjas stole my best friend.
Age: 27

The Ninjas Stole My Best Friend


I stood in the doorway, looking at the cleaned and cleared reception hall. The only sign that the wedding of my best friend had taken place was the echo of her laughter as she danced with her husband, family, and friends. Calmness settled over my chest as I realized that I had the privilege of symbolically closing a chapter of her life.

They'd gone and done it after all, those ninjas. Ashley was now a Douglass and a part of their family. I couldn't help the small smile that eased its way across my face. She'd waited so long for this day to happen; I bet she was in some kind of shock as she and Rocky boarded their plane. I wasn't going to be receiving any calls this time though.

I locked the glass doors and slid the key into an envelope to return to City Hall tomorrow morning. I turned to head down the steps but hesitated when I saw someone waiting for me in the street.

Casually leaning against his motorcycle with his arms crossed and his collar loose, Colt smirked up at me; his eyes shining almost dangerously in the moonlight.

"You showed up after all," I called down while descending the steps to stand on the sidewalk in front of him. "But you missed everything."

"Actually, I was here for all of it." He freed an arm to count off on his fingers. "The walk down the aisle, the first dance, my grandfather asking you to danceā€¦"

"Ha ha, you're hilarious." I smiled despite the sarcasm in my voice. It charmed me to see the lopsided grin on his face as he slipped his hands into the pockets of his black slacks and shrugged. "What are you still doing here?"

"Waiting for you." He answered simply. "Ashley and Rocky asked me to look after you while they're away."

I stared at him. My mouth formed the beginning of words but it took a moment for anything to actually come out. "What?"

"So I was thinking," He continued, the only acknowledgement to my confusion was the hint of a smile as he spoke. "Of all the places I could take you without getting into trouble."

"Trouble?" I repeated before removing the silver heels from my feet. "Well that must have narrowed down the list to a very few places."

The corner of his mouth quirked and his eyelids lowered. Frankly, he seemed unamused by my insight. When he didn't respond right away and simply stared, I had the feeling he wanted me to apologize for that statement. I met his gaze evenly and with no intention of backing down.

Maybe it was the wine I'd had most of the evening, or the adrenaline from all of the dancing, but I could not fight the smile from spreading across my face as I stared into his eyes. I blinked, then I laughed, then I could not stop laughing. I stepped back and covered my eyes. I could feel his confusion in his silence and sincerely tried to calm myself back down.

"Okay," I breathed; my face still hidden behind my hand. "I'll let go of the implication that Ash and Rocky assigned me a babysitter and ask: where did you decide on going?"

I looked back up at him only to find that he was shaking his head.

"Trouble's going to find me anywhere I go. You're better off deciding that way it won't be my fault if anything happens." Then he smirked.

"What's going on?" There was a feeling happening that I was not so sure should be. Why were we suddenly under the obligation to go anywhere but home? I liked home. And after an entire day of a wedding event, I was pretty sure I liked my bed covers too.

Again, Colt shrugged. This time though, he didn't drop his gaze to the street. I pursed my lips together and tilted my head to stare down the road that led out of the city.

I leaned forward and whispered: "Why don't you just take me where I've never been before?" Slowly, my eyes lifted to his face. His expression, with clear eyes and parted lips, was almost unreadable. A cool helmet was suddenly between us. I had to fight back a blush of embarrassment that he'd actually caught me off guard in that moment and took the offered protection.

"Even if you were just being poetic, I'll take you up on that." He cleared his throat and turned to mount his motorcycle before revving the engine to life.

Slipping my shoes into the bag across my chest, I hopped on behind him and worked on securing the helmet over my head. "I was quoting a song," I corrected. Then, feeling brave as I loosely placed my hands on his waist and leaned into his back, I whispered: "But I mean it."