At Domino High almost everyone was placed into a group or category. There was the jocks, the preps, the popular/rich kids, the artists, the brainy acts, the nerds, etcetera. What ever group you were placed in by your fellow peers was the group that stuck with you all four years of your high school life. There were two particular groups that were especially hard to get into and these groups were for the male's only.

The Bad Boys were a group of guys that supposedly got into a lot of fights, were impolite, and players. They were what half of the female population craved after. The other half of the females went after the second hardest group to get into, known as the Pretty Boys. These group of guys supposedly were gentlemen and knew how to treat a girl or boy the right way. Although it's said they loved to tease with their 'innocence.'

Of course only half the things said about them were true. The Bad Boys really didn't even date that much, so broken hearts were rare, they were too bored to smart off to the teachers, and only two of the members were insane enough to pull pranks on people.

The Pretty Boys respected their dates or adults, but otherwise they could talk as dirty as the next guy. And they were all too annoyed by the girls constant flirting to really 'seduce' anyone with their angel faces.

Both of these two groups had something in common though. The people in the groups were, obviously, very attractive. Except they were attractive in different ways. The Bad Boys had looks that screamed, "I'm sexy and I know it." While the Pretty Boys had looks that said, "If this were show and tell then I'd be the whole show."

It was rare for the two groups to ever be seen socializing with each other out of school, but then again it wasn't every day you saw them hanging out during school hours either. No matter the groups differences, they were still in good terms with each other. They just didn't interact a lot.

Yugi Mutou and Yami Atem, for example, were both on the dive team, but they hardly spoke to each other since they were usually placed on opposite ends of the pool. Ryou Bakura and Bakura Akefia were both on the karate team. They never spoke since Bakura was a black belt and Ryou was a brown belt with one black stripe. Malik Ishtar and Marik Ishmael never bothered to greet each other even when they were changing in the locker room for their boxing and hockey. Jou Katsuya and Seto Kaiba glared at each other when Jou was forced to serve Seto dinner at the fancy restaurant he worked at. And Otogi Ryuugi and Honda Hiroto never even smiled at each other when Honda was being a guide through one of the biking trails on the mountain while Otogi came up there to paint nature.

The sad thing was that the groups didn't know something big was going to happen in their junior year of high school. Something that would bring them all closer, whether they liked it or not.

"Come on Mutou! Move that ass!" Coach Kujen, the track coach, shouted to a certain boy who immediately pushed himself harder across the gravel field.

His legs were burning and his track jersey, with the name of Yugi Mutou on the back, was sticking to his chest as more sweat appeared, caused from his nonstop running. His heart was pounding in his chest while air barely managed to get through his mouth as he passed the boy that was ahead of him and ran to the finish line to make first place.

It took Yugi a few seconds to slow down before he finally stopped and shakily put his hands on his knee's to catch his breath. He literally felt like he was going to pass out any second, but only small dots of black appeared in his vision before they vanished completely.

"Mutou," the voice of the coach made Yugi jump as he tried to rub the pricking feeling away from his arms and legs. "You shaved 6 seconds off your original time. That's pretty good, but I know you can do better. I expect more tomorrow, understood?" Coach Kujen waited until Yugi gave him a shaky thumbs up before walking away and talking to the other track members and giving them their new times to beat.

Coach Kujen was not an easy coach, nor was he easy to please. He had Yugi and the other boys practicing constantly every morning of every day and sometimes he threw in a few afternoon practices. One time he went as far as pulling them out of class to run. And another time he came to their lunch and hovered over them to make sure they didn't eat anything that would 'slow them down.' He was one coach who liked to keep his team in shape and on the path to victory.

Yugi's dive coach, Coach Mazaki, was not as strict or tough, but she definitely aimed high for success. To make her team more flexible and limber she taught all of the boys, much to their embarrassment, some dance and cheerleading moves. Yugi could now shamefully admit that he could do the splits and a round off.

"She probably got a kick out of it. Maybe she secretly took pictures of us behind our backs and posted them in the teachers lounge. The scum…" Yugi thought as he clumsily moved inside the boys locker room.

He quickly threw off his sweat coated clothes and got into the shower room where he turned on one of the overheads to a cold temperature and let his muscles and skin cool off under the cool pressure.

As the rest of the team slowly joined him he tried to ignore a few stares he received from a few of the homosexuals. Yugi himself was bisexual so it didn't really bother him, but he always closed his eyes when showering at school so he would not be tempted to look at the other totally nude boys.

With those thoughts in his head he quickly shampooed and washed his body before hurrying out of the showers. Yugi quickly dressed in the usual blue school uniform and dried his hair out with a towel before grabbing his backpack and bolting out of the locker room.

From what Yugi could tell by the many students in the hallway he guessed the first bell would go off in ten minutes or so. He ran the rest of the way to his locker and threw the books he would need into his backpack.

"Hey Yugi!" the familiar voice that belonged to Ryou Bakura greeted.

Yugi whipped around at his name being said and gave a small smile when he realized it was his white haired friend calling him.

"Hey," Yugi began rummaging through his pockets and frowned when he couldn't find the item that was usually in one of the pockets every day. "Say, you got an extra comb on you? I either lost mine or someone stole it."

Ryou's eyes briefly flashed to the ground and he began chuckling.

"I think it's closer than you think." Ryou hinted as he kicked his leg out to where Yugi's black comb lay innocently on the floor.

"Oh," Yugi mumbled as he swiped the piece of plastic from the ground, "Thanks. You can never be sure of where your things might be with all these girls around." His amethyst colored eyes glanced around to the girls who were watching both him and Ryou from their lockers or from behind the wall that held the girls bathrooms.

Ryou grinned and lightly nudged Yugi's shoulder to get him walking towards their first period. It was the only class they had together besides art and Ryou was always constantly pestering Yugi about getting to class early so they could check over homework beforehand.

"Just be lucky they aren't allowed to come to your dive practices. Who knows what they might fantasize if they saw you shirtless and wet."

Yugi laughed and wiggled his eyebrows. "It doesn't stop them from coming to the dive meets, sadly."

Ryou hummed in response as they entered their classroom. They took a seat at a table meant for two people and took out the books they would need for the class.

"Well maybe Yami Atem can distract them for you."

Yugi scrunched his eyebrows together as he tried to think of a face that fit the name. He knew he had met Yami before… but the image wasn't coming to him.

"Who's he again? I forget." Yugi questioned as his mind came up blank for Yami.

Ryou shot him a look of disbelief before shuffling his homework assignments.

"You forget? My gosh Yugi! The guy looks almost exactly like you and is on the dive team with you! How can you just forget who he is!"

Yugi thought for a few more seconds before Yami finally came to mind. It was true, Yami looked a lot like Yugi. The only difference between them was that Yami had more golden colored bangs, had crimson colored eyes which were more angular, and he was also one inch taller than Yugi himself who only stood at 5'4.

"Right… he's a pretty nice guy. Good looking too. He'd probably do good on the track team." Yugi commented absentmindedly.

Ryou, being gay, ignored Yugi's comment about Yami being attractive and focused more on what was mentioned last.

"How was track this morning? Brutal as always?" Ryou cocked his head to the side and quickly looked at the clock to see how much time was left until class started.

"Yeah, same old, same old." Yugi snorted as he erased one of his homework answers and quickly brushed off the eraser pieces left on his paper. "I finished in first again and he told me to do better even when I passed my regular time. What a bastard."

Ryou blinked a few times before shaking his head. He wasn't completely used to Yugi's new use of vocabulary since Malik joined their group last year. Malik had a big mouth and would cuss out the sun for being too bright. It seemed he rubbed off a bit on Yugi who never really cursed before. Although Ryou did find it a bit humorous even though he never showed his amusement.

"Tough as ever, I guess." Ryou replied. "You have dive after school?"

Yugi nodded. "Mazaki wants us to practice 5337D's on a 3m."

"Come again?" Ryou asked, utterly confused.

"It's a reverse one and a half somersault with three and a half twist." Yugi explained without a second thought.

"Ha, I knew that." Ryou rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

The only two sports he was interested in was karate and golf. He took karate outside of school, but was on the schools golf team and he was pretty good at both. In karate he was a brown belt with a black stripe, which meant he needed just three or so more before he earned his black belt.

"Yeah, you wish." Yugi teased, "Were meeting Jou, Malik, and Honda for lunch right?"

"Malik and Honda have second lunch today so it's just you, me, and Jou."

Yugi was about to respond, but kept his mouth shut when he noticed a guy who looked just like Ryou, stop in front of their table. Well, he almost looked like Ryou. They had the same snow white hair and skin although the other guys hair was wilder. The only other difference was that the other guy had silver purple eyes while Ryou had brown eyes.

He wracked his brain to try and remember who this guy was, but again, no name came to mind. What was up with him and not being able to remember people?

"Your Ryou, right?" the boy asked in an irritated manner.

Ryou quickly snapped his head up and blushed deeply. He instantly began playing with the hem of his shirt, which went noticed by Yugi.

"Um, yes…"

"Good. We go to the same karate place and your Sensei told me this morning that he wanted me to find and tell you that he wants to have a private lesson with you tomorrow at five."

Ryou nodded slowly as the other boy gave him a lingering look over, smirked predatorily, and then left. Leaving a flustered Ryou behind.

"Mind telling me who that was? Because my mind is totally dead without caffeine." Yugi grinned as he watched Ryou's cheeks burn a brighter shade of red, if possible.

"That guy?" Ryou made a fake 'pfft' sound with his mouth. "I haven't got a clue. Do you know him? I certainly don't, so stop talking, don't even think!" he added hurriedly and squeaked in embarrassment when he realized what he just said.

He looked at Yugi who was giving him a very questionable look.

"Don't give me that 'your crazy' look!" Ryou whispered.

"Fine, I'll give you my 'you have a secret and I'm going to find out what it is' look instead."

"Yugi! I don't have a secret!" Ryou insisted.

Yugi ignored him however and began to think of ways to help his friend out. He was Yugi after all, he could pull something off to get them closer together since Ryou seemed to be keen on not telling him who that guy was. And Ryou didn't just blush around any guy. Yugi, being one of his best friends, would know.

"We'll see…" Yugi muttered with a grin on his face.

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