So this is like 4 years after Breaking Dawn. I wanted Nessie to actually be a kid so I've slowed down her growth process though she is much smarter than other kids she still has childish moments. The characters are a little out of whack but not too far out of range. This is my first Twilight Saga fan fiction and I hope you all enjoy it!


Emmett didn't know much about divorces. When he was human there hadn't been any where he was from. Who you married was who you stayed with until you died, or until you killed them. He'd definitely never seen another vampire couple divorce so he guessed he'd be the first. Rosalie was leaving him, leaving him for some snide bastard name Corey. He didn't know what to do but beg her to stay, beg her to work things out with him. That didn't work though, she had her mind made up and she was going to go off on her own. She'd found another lover, another life and he was no longer a part of it.

"Rosalie please? Just stay. I'm not mad about Corey….please, let's just talk this out!" Emmett pleaded.

"I'm sorry Em, you know I'd never want to hurt you but I'm not happy. I haven't been happy in a while. Corey makes me happy." She said apologetically.

"So what about the others? You're supposed to be a part of this family! You're just going to leave like that? What about Nessie? What are you going to tell her?"

"She's my niece not my daughter! Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean I can't visit! I'm only divorcing you Emmett…not this family."

The words stung as they hit Emmett. It burned worse than the venom the first time it coursed through his veins during his transformation. It hurt worse than being ripped to shreds by that bear, it even hurt worse than he imagined death always would. The only girl he'd ever loved and bothered to settle down with didn't want him anymore.

Emmett stood at the top of the stairs silently watching as Rosalie said her goodbyes to everyone and promised to visit soon. Rosalie looked to Emmett one last time before getting into Corey's car and leaving. The house got completely silent. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. He could tell that everyone wanted to say something to him but nobody had the guts to mutter one word, probably for the fear that he'd snap.

Emmett disappeared into the room he'd once shared with his wife. Now she was just a distant memory and a bringer of his constant torment. It still smelled like her. Her natural scent and the scent of her perfume seemed to be seeping from the walls of the room. It looked different, empty. Her vanity no longer housed the makeup and Florida Water that it used to. The room was no longer ringing with life or love. He decided to pretend she was dead. It was the easiest way.

There was a knock at the door. He could tell by the tiny heartbeat behind it that it was Nessie. He didn't even say come in but she opened the door and invited herself in. Her tiny feet pitter pattered across the hardwood floor. She climbed up on the bed beside Emmett and latched onto his arm, laying her head against it.

"Well Uncle Emmett…she left us." Said the little girl with the impact of a fifty year old and not a five year old.

"Yeah…she did." Emmett said, chuckling even though he was suffering.

"It's not the end of the world though….you're a young guy. You're what? 102, 103? There are plenty of other ladies out there." She said, again sounding ions older than she actually was.

"Nessie! I thought I told you to stay out of here! Your uncle Emmett needs some alone time."

Alice picked up the little girl and exited the room with her, giving Emmett a look of pity before shutting the door and leaving him alone with his own thoughts again. Where did he go wrong? He thought things were fine between him and Rose. They had everything, family, safety, love and all the deer and bears they could eat. Maybe that was all he needed to be happy though. Maybe she needed more.

He thought back to the first time he met Corey. They were on a mini vacation, hiking and the mountains in Tennessee, fairly close to the place where Emmett's mortal life ended. That's when they ran upon him; he was feeding on a Bobcat. He looked up and spotted them, instantly dropped the bloodless corpse and wiping his mouth.

"What do you want?" He snarled.

"I'm Emmett and this is my wife Rosalie, we don't want any trouble, just hunting bear."

"Your eyes…"

"Yes, we're vegetarian just like you."

"Really? Interesting well… the bears are back this way. They are just waking up so it should be fairly interesting. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to invite you to meet my family."

"That sounds nice."

Corey was nice and his family was too. They reminded Emmett of his own family in some ways but nobody had mental abilities. They were pleasant vampires and he respected that. He told Carlisle of them and they all met, having a vampire reunion of sorts. The Cullens, the Denali and their new found friends…the Leaftrees.

Emmett wished he'd never wanted to go hunting stupid bears in Tennessee then he would have never run up on stupid Corey Leaftree and he wouldn't have charmed Rosalie right out of her damn pants…literally.

The moment when Emmett knew that Rosalie was seeing someone else came just before her announcement to leave him. He caught Rose, in the woods with Corey. He didn't interrupt their love fest though he wanted to. Usually he would have taken charge, kicking ass and knocking down trees but it's like he'd lost his voice.

When Rosalie arrived back at the Cullen house that day she was hand in hand with Corey and Emmett knew what was coming. It was over, though he didn't want it to be. He still didn't want it to be. That's when his begging began. That's when he started dropping to his knees promising to answer to Rosalie's every beckoning call, just so long she stayed with him…just so long as she chose him. That didn't happen though. Rosalie left him and there was not one thing he could do to change that fact.

What was there to live for now? What did he have that was an incentive for him to keep dragging through his miserable eternal sentence? Nothing… now that the only woman he truly cared about had up and left him. He decided that he wanted to go to Volterra. To end it and die like he should have when he was twenty.

That didn't happen though. The door flew open and Jasper jumped on him, tackling him to the ground while Edward held him down.

"Let me go! Let me fucking go!" Screamed Emmett as he struggled against his brothers, trying to break free…

"No! It's for your own good Emmett! She's not worth your life!" Said Edward.

"Oh really? You went straight to Volterra when you thought Bella died! You're a fucking hypocrite!"

"Yes! I thought Bella was DEAD! Rosalie's not. There's always the possibility she'll change her mind."

Before he had time to react again and try to push his brothers away he felt oddly serene and numb. Jasper… it had to be. They released him and he just sat on the bed knowing there was no way he'd be able to take his own life. Edward had always said his mind was a clear as crystal. He wasn't good at hiding his thoughts like Rosalie apparently was so Edward would always know what he was thinking and Alice would always know what he decided. He was doomed to live. Doomed to always be dying of a broken heart but never getting the sweet relief that death provided.

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