Sarah was getting used to her weird new family…slowly but surely. It was rather strange to her that she was technically dating her ex- uncle but she didn't ponder on it too long. They were vampires for goodness sake! Normalcy wasn't really something she expected from that. She was enjoying her Aunt's company. It was just having family that made her so happy. Even though Rosalie treated her like a child she didn't mind it. In fact she lapped up the love, spoiling and attention. Rosalie was like the mother she'd always wish she'd had. She just wished she could have seen her ex-landlord and friend Ms. Emerson. She called her everyday to talk and she made up a lie about being on a trip with Emmett. She figured if she could hold off with that lie for a year then she could visit her regularly.

It had been about a month since she changed and though she wasn't completely in control of her emotions she'd learned how to keep from killing people… at least she'd been able to withstand killing the mailman. She also had no desire to kill Nessie even though her blood smelled appetizing at times. When that happened usually Edward would tell Emmett to take her outside. It was during those moments that Sarah was grateful for her new brother's ability to peep into people's minds. The last thing she'd ever want to do is hurt anybody from her new family….er families.

While she got to know the Cullens she also got to know the Leaftrees. They were very nice and her um…Uncle Corey treated her just as childishly as her Aunt Rosalie. He gave her a ballerina jewelry box and at first impulse she wanted to relay the gift to Nessie but she accepted it. She used it to store little notes she wrote to herself. Not exactly notes to remember things but just notes that she felt like writing.

Though she'd managed not to kill anyone Sarah's emotions were still out of whack. When she got mad, she got really mad and she'd had to be restrained several times. Mostly her anger was directed towards things like TV shows, weather reports and characters in the books Bella let her borrow. Anxiety made her click, at least for now. Emmett told her it wouldn't always be that way and she prayed he was right.

She was sitting in the floor while Rosalie brushed her hair, she brushed Nessie's hair and Nessie put hair bows in Jacob's short hair. Carlisle came through the door and he looked distressed, almost saddened in a way. She'd rarely seen her new father look so... upset. She wondered what was the matter? She wanted to ask but she didn't want to pry. After all she was the newcomer and she didn't want to overstep her boundaries.

An advantage to this new life of hers was that she had super hearing so she was about to hear it as Carlisle knocked on a door upstairs. She heard Emmett's voice.

"Carlisle? What's up?" Asked Emmett.

"I have bad news for Sarah and I figure I'd tell you first so that you could tell her about such a delicate matter." Said Carlisle, sorrow drowned out his voice.

"What is it?"

"Ms. Emerson was admitted to my ER today. She was complaining of chest pains. Her body showed no signs of heart attack so we scanned her. Her major organs were clouded by tumors. We had an emergency surgery to try and remove them but we saw that we were too late. She was completely eaten up with cancer. She died before we could even sew her back up. I knew Sarah was rather close to her."

"Yeah…they talked every day. Carlisle how do I tell her something like this?"


"You don't have to tell me Emmett… I heard every word. Is she really… is she really gone?" Asked Sarah.

"Yes. I'm so sorry…"

She wanted to cry but again she couldn't. It felt like she could but the tears never formed. She sobbed loudly as Emmett held onto her and tried to calm her. He picked her up and carried her outside into the woods.

"Go crazy." He said.

"But the trees…."

"We'll plant new ones. Trust me, you'll be here to see them grow big and strong. Just beat the shit out of them until you get it out."

She punched trees knocking them over, sometimes she knocked one down and three or four fell, like dominos. When she felt like she'd done enough damage she chipped the trees into little wood chips, planted new ones and she watered them. There was one tree in particular she decided to name. On the seed package its flowers looked pretty so she decided to name the tree Lady Emerson.

Emmett didn't say a word the entire time but she knew he was there watching and waiting. When she turned around he held out his arms and she fell into him, onto making him stumbling back a step. She giggled deviously and he chuckled, smacking her on the ass.

"I'm sorry babe. I really am. If you want to go away we can."

"No." She said "I'll be fine."

Rosalie came out and pulled Sarah into a hug. She felt warmth coming from her Aunt that she'd longed for all her life. She'd never imagined such an unconventional life but she as glad for it.


Emmett was happy Rosalie was in Sarah's life… he really was. Sarah seemed happier and more complete with her there, not the mention the fact that she helped curb the crazy newborn mood swings… still, Emmett found himself a mite jealous. It seemed like anytime he was trying to calm Sarah or comfort her Rosalie had to fucking take over. He was capable of being nurturing and sensitive and he didn't need her help. Though he didn't think that was Rose's intention. She was playing house.

It almost sickened Emmett the way Rose and Corey treated Sarah like a little child. Corey bought her things that Nessie would want and Rose turned her into a baby doll! A walking, living, vampire baby doll!

He couldn't prove it but he felt like Rosalie was trying to separate them and have Sarah all to herself, like the child she'd always wanted.

"Sarah I'm going hunting? You in?" He asked.

"Definitely." She said, getting off the couch and heading to the door.

"Aw that's a shame Sarah. Corey and I thought you'd go with us in the morning so that we could all meet the day." Said Rosalie.

"She's immortal, she can meet the day anytime." Said Emmett under his breath.

"Yes I suppose you're right." Said Rosalie snippily. "Oh and Emmett… be careful with my precious cargo."

Emmett lost it! At least mentally he did. He could not believe the nerve of Rosalie fucking Hale Cullen Leaftree! She actually had the gumption to try and call dibs on Sarah. Well he had news for her… he knew her first and he wasn't going to let Rose break him down again by taking away his lover so that she can be an oversized Baby Alive!

They went into the woods and hunted a little. One deer a piece. To be honest he wasn't really thirsty. He just wanted to be alone with her. Away from Edward's mind probe, Rosalie's smothering and he just wanted to be away from Corey in general.

"Finally I have you alone." He said, picking her up and tossing her into the air.

"Finally you do…"

He pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips. Usually it would have led to sex but he just wanted to hold her. He pulled out his music player and turned it to a song. They danced in the middle of the woods with nobody but the crickets to witness it.

"Emmett, thank you for being there for me today."

"That's what I'm here for Sarah. I love you."

"I love you too."

"So, how's life here? Is everything okay? Edward isn't too annoying is he? Is Alice still bullying you?"

"Life here is good Emmett. Everything is wonderful. Edward's mind reading is something surprising but not to annoying and of course Alice is still bullying me. In fact she called from her trip to fashion week just to tell me what I should wear. Do you know she's got my outfits labeled by day of the week?"

"I can imagine." He said with a chuckle. "Sarah… I have to get this off of my chest."


"I know you are happy you found Rosalie…she's your family."


"And I want you to know that if you ever want to go live with her down in Tennessee then I wouldn't be angry."

"Are you breaking up with me?" She asked, backing up and looking at him, dark red eyes glowing fiercely.

"No! Gosh no! I just… I feel like she's going to ask you soon and I don't want to be selfish. I don't want to make you choose."

"Emmett… that's so sweet." She said, going back to normal. "She already did ask me but I told her my place is here…with you. I think she thinks of me as a baby so she thinks of you as my crush."

"Do crushes do what we do?"

"You're being naughty." She said with a giggle.


Sarah fiddled with Emmett's belt buckle and she ended up ripping it off completely in her fit of lust. Her clothes were already torn to shreds and his were well on their way to meeting to same fate. He squeezed her tight and she squealed with delight at the feeling of his massive arms wrapping around her. For some reason even Emmett's embrace excited her.

He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Soon they were lying down and he was thrusting into her, making her sing out from the instantaneous feel good experience. With every stroke their bodies became more and more sodered to each other's. She knew that she couldn't have handled this kind of loving while she was still human but now that she wasn't and he was giving it his all, the orgasms were stronger than ever.

The deeper he went into her the deeper they went into the ground. Dirt nearly covered them but they didn't care. She clenched around his hard cock a little more each time he went into her and the pleasure build up was enormous. The anxiety of waiting for the orgasm was one that didn't piss her off. In fact she loved it.

The closer they got to the finish the more her fingers nails dug through the earth. She came upon tree roots and she yanked them, they were her only refuge from the pleasure Emmett was delivering to her.

"Fuck Emmett! Don't stop! Don't stop" She yelled, wrapping her legs around him tighter.

"Oh baby I'm not going to stop…not until you cum for me!"

She liked it when he talked dirty to her. It only made the moment more real and more raw. She liked the spankings and the hair pulling too. She enjoyed Emmett's rough housing and she'd found that she could dish it out as well as take it occasionally.

Two more pumps to her wetness was all it took to make Sarah cum heavily. She pulled a tree down in them. It hit Emmett right in the back but it affected him none. He kept going until she felt his hot load ooze into her and fill her up, making her core wetter than ever.

They realize that they were completely covered in dirt; in fact there were about six feet underground. They'd fucked themselves into the grave. They walked back to the Cullen house naked and dirty. Sarah was ashamed but Emmett didn't seem all that bothered. They climbed in through the back window and found clothes before showering together.


The next day Emmett sat beside Sarah one the porch as they watched Rosalie and Corey get into their car and drive away. They'd decided to go back to Tennessee for a while and he had no objections that. It meant he had Sarah all to himself and he liked knowing that he wouldn't have to share her… well not with anybody but Alice and Nessie for the time being.

After the car disappeared down the road he stood up and grabbed Sarah's hand, pulling her up as well.

"So, what's the plan now Emmett?" Asked Sarah.

"Let's take a walk."