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Draco awoke to a heavy thump at the foot of his bed and opened his eyes to see a house elf scurrying away from his room. So that's how Harry did it, he used the house elves to do his dirty work. Draco stretched and hefted the gift to where he sat on the duvet. It was heavier than most of the presents he had already received except for perhaps the potions set Harry had given him earlier in the week. He tore the paper off, revealing a sleek black cover, Quidditch from A-Z printed on the front in large gold letters. He flipped the book open; the pages themselves gilded, and breathed in the scent of paper and ink.

Draco thumbed through the pages, looking at the illustrations, enchanted to move when the book was open. There were pages detailing the history of the sport and pages explaining in-depth manoeuvres. Draco had been looking at this very book in Quality Quidditch Supplies every chance he got, admiring the colours of the cover and the intricately drawn pictures and diagrams.

Draco placed the book on the bedside table, stretching before tossing back the duvet and climbing out of bed. He pulled a comb through his hair, tugging on a pair of pressed denims and a black jumper before running the comb through his hair once more. He shrunk the Quidditch book and stuck it in his pocket, thinking about reading it in the Gryffindor common room while Harry worked on homework.

Draco slipped into the seat next to Harry, squeezing Harry's hand lightly before piling sausages and eggs on his plate. "Morning Harry," Draco yawned before digging into the food on his plate.

"Morning Draco," Harry grinned, mouth surprisingly empty.

"I see that spending time with me has had a positive impact on your table manners," Draco joked, ignoring the look on Seamus' face.

Harry rolled his eyes and shoved an entire sausage cake into his mouth. "So much for that," Seamus chortled, looking pointedly at Draco.

"You can't win them all," sighed Draco, poking at his eggs. "Anyway, I thought I might join you in the Gryffindor common room today. I know Harry needs help on his assignment for Snape and I just happen to have a copy of Quidditch from A-Z in my pocket that someone wrapped all nicely for me."

"You, in a room full of scarlet and gold? This I have to see," said Seamus unbelievingly.

Harry had put down his fork and was looking at Draco with renewed interest. "You would seriously help me with my Potions essay?"

"I might perhaps steer you in the correct direction for your answers, but I'm not going to write the bloody thing for you." Draco was glad to see the relief in Harry's eyes. Potions was not his strong point, Snape had a great disdain for Harry, both the opposite for Draco. It was the least he could do to help Harry write a brilliant essay.

Draco thought perhaps he might break into flame after stepping through the Fat Lady and into the sea of maroon and gold waiting for him on the other side. Draco made it through unscathed, only suffering a few strange looks from the Gryffindors around him. Most of them knew about Draco and Harry's relationship but were still leery of the Slytherin after everything that had happened between Harry and Draco.

Draco curled up into a maroon chair, pulling his book from his pocket and enlarged it, settling in to read. He absorbed the words, learning more about Quidditch than he had ever imagined. He remembered second year when father had bought Draco's way onto the Slytherin team, Draco's purpose to beat Harry. As time went on, Draco's interest became more in being Seeker in order to watch Harry ride and less about the game itself. Draco still had to do his best, always felt the need to win against Harry if he couldn't have him. Draco briefly wondered what the upcoming Slytherin versus Gryffindor game would be like; he hoped it was just the same.

"What is the point of soaking the salamander eyes in water before adding them to the Blood-Replenishing Potion?" Harry asked, breaking into Draco's thoughts.

Draco looked up from his book and sighed, honestly, how had Harry gotten this far in Potions? "Harry, water, why do we need water?"

"To make sure they're wet?"

"Close enough," Draco sighed. "To hydrate them, make sure everything is as close to functional as they were in the salamander's head."

Harry nodded and turned back to his parchment, scribbling furiously. Draco glanced around the common room, empty except for Harry, Seamus, and himself. He heard faint shrieking and looked out the window where soft snowflakes were falling. "Harry, let's go out in snow for a bit. You seem like need a break."

Harry pushed aside the parchment he had been working on and stretched in the chair. "Sounds good to me, let me grab my cloak and I'll get something warm for you too."

"How generous," Draco vocalised from his position in the chair. He watched as Harry jogged up the stairs to the boy's dormitory as he closed his book and re-shrunk it, sliding it into his pocket. HE leaned his head against the back of the chair and closed his eyes, the warmth of the fire seeping into his clothing.

"Here," uttered Harry as he tossed a cloak onto Draco's lap. Draco picked it up, feeling the heavy wool between his fingers.

"This is nice; I didn't think you owned anything fashionable."

"I had to have something you would approve of didn't I?" Harry grinned, offering his hand to help Draco out of the chair.

"So, uh, should I leave and stand post at the door or?" Seamus smirked from the bottom step.

"Oh sod off Finnegan," Draco countered, slipping into the cloak. "If I wanted you to be gone you would know it."

Seamus rolled his eyes and bounded towards the pair as they set off towards the entrance. Once they had pushed open the front doors they were greeted by a snowball heading their way. "Think fast Harry!" a young voice yelled in the distance.

Harry ducked, the ball of wet snow slamming into Seamus's face. "Oi, I'm going to get you for that!" Seamus hollered as he bounded off the steps and into the snow.

"That's one way to get rid of him," Draco chuckled as he stepped off the last stair.

"It's his fault he couldn't duck in time," Harry responded, taking Draco's hand as they began to walk around the snowy grounds.

Harry was frozen. He and Draco had wandered their way into the middle of a snow battle and now he was covered head-to-toe in snow and ice. He and Draco were making their way back to the Gryffindor dorm, Draco not wanting to go to the cold Slytherin dorm at the moment.

Harry ushered Draco into his dormitory, closing the door to keep the heat from the fireplace in the room. Draco toed off his shoes and sat them near the hearth. He took in the room, the four beds against the wall, posters and pictures dotting the walls and tables. "Are you and Finnegan the only ones left in your dorm?"

"Yeah," Harry answered, shivering. "The showers are through here, you can use my soap."

"How kind," Draco smiled, following Harry into the large washroom and taking the proffered towel and flannel. "We could always share," Draco practically purred, stripping out of his wet clothes.

Harry watched as Draco shed layers of clothing, finally stepping out of his pants and into the shower. Harry found himself removing his clothes and following Draco into the shower. Harry stepped onto the tiles, his eyes trained on Draco. The blond stood under the water, eyes closed, rivulets of water streaming down his back. Harry stepped closer, hand reaching out to pass over the strong muscles of Draco's back, skimming across the wet skin.

Draco turned around to face Harry, pulling him in for a kiss. "Mmm such a good idea I had," he mumbled against Harry's mouth. Harry kissed back fervently, arms sliding around Draco's waist. Draco pushed Harry against the wall of the shower, pressing into him. Draco bit softly at the flesh of Harry's neck, causing Harry to press up into him, their pricks rubbing together wetly.

Draco pushed into Harry, creating sweet friction between them that burned through his body hotter than the steaming water streaming on them. Draco caught Harry's mouth in a slow, sensuous kiss that led to them fighting for dominance with their tongues, Harry giving as good as he was getting.

Draco grabbed Harry's wrists and pinned them to the wall above Harry's head, holding them in his hand as he pushed Harry harder into the wall. Draco arched into Harry, head hanging slightly as he thrusted faster, breathing coming in small pants.

Harry leaned his head against the cool tile, his body arching off of the wall and against Draco's body, small noises escaping his throat as he watched Draco through half-lidded eyes. Harry could feel his orgasm building as Draco kissed him again, bodies flushed against each other as Draco continued to move against Harry, their cocks rubbing together.

Draco moaned into Harry's mouth, the vibrations shooting straight to Harry's cock and he let out a strangled cry as his orgasm rushed forward, strings of semen hitting their chests. Harry slumped against the wall and watched as Draco took his prick in his hand and stroked a few times until he was hitting his own orgasm, head leaning back as he muffled his cries.

Draco pulled Harry to him again, kissing him sweetly as he reached for the flannel and soap. He gently washed Harry's chest and back, inhaling the scent of the lightly perfumed soap, the same kind Harry had given Draco a few days before.

They rinsed off and wrapped towels around themselves before heading into the dormitory to find clothes for Draco.

"About time you two got out of there, I need to shower thank you very much," grimaced Seamus from his spot in front of the fireplace, outer layer of clothing soaked through.

Harry turned a brilliant shade of red, muttering about how it was all Draco's idea anyway and started going through his drawers to find clothes for Draco.

Draco merely grinned at Seamus who made his way into the washroom, mumbling about dorm mates and their bloody boyfriends, throwing in a few remarks about Slytherins that made Draco chuckle as the door shut behind Seamus.

"Here," Harry spoke, tossing a pair of boxers at Draco's head. Draco dropped his towel and put them on, shaking his head and sending droplets of water in Harry's direction.

"Should I ask why you have Slytherin coloured pants?" Draco mused, staring at the boxers on him.

"No you shouldn't," Harry shot back, throwing a pair of denims and a jumper in Draco's direction.

Harry pulled on his own clothes before stretching. "Come on, I need to finish my essay for Snape, let's go down to the common room until dinner."

Draco followed Harry out of the dorm and took the chair he had been sitting in earlier, watching as Harry stared dejectedly at the parchment in front of him. Draco mentally berated Harry for being so stubborn and not asking for Draco's help when he needed it, only when Harry couldn't figure it out at all. Honestly, he didn't know how Harry had made it this far in Snape's class anyway, Harry had always been rubbish at Potions.

Seamus had come down to the common room to work on his essay for McGonagall, but upon finding Harry and Draco there he decided to have a bit of fun. "So, you two date for two days and are shagging each other constantly? Kept telling Ron there was a lot of pent-up sexual frustration between the two of you."

"Thank you Seamus," Harry mumbled from the desk he sat at.

Seamus took the couch seat closest to the chair Draco was curled up in. "You know, I swear he had wet dreams about you Draco."

"As I did about him," Draco responded easily, mouth curling into a grin.

Seamus though didn't miss a beat. "Y'see Harry, I told you, you should have just shagged him against the wall." Seamus turned towards Draco, "he never listens to me, and I have great advice!"

"Ah, but perhaps he had taken your advice too soon, before I had allowed myself to admit that I had feelings for him? That could have been disastrous if he had tried to corner me in an empty classroom to shag me senseless."

"Okay, that's enough of that," Harry broke in, not wanting either of them to know how turned on he was thinking about shagging Draco against a wall. "Draco, could you help me with this sodding essay? I'm completely lost."

"Ah, the great Harry Potter needs help with something, Seamus, do call the Daily Prophet for this one." Draco moved to stand behind Harry's shoulder, peering over at the words Harry had written. "Judging from what I can read of this terrible handwriting, I'd say you're completely lost on almost all of it. Why don't you give it a break for now and we'll go get dinner. I'll go back to my dorm and finish up this essay tonight and then tomorrow perhaps I can attempt to teach you Potions."

"That sounds great; I just can't learn around Snape, he could care less about me or my grades. In fact, I bet he hopes I'll fail every year."

"My godfather does not hope you fail, he merely dislikes you for being James' son," Draco answered, pulling Harry out of the chair.

"Hey, what does my dad have to do with anything?" questioned Harry, looking at Draco oddly. "What do you mean he's your godfather?"

"I mean, he's my godfather. About your dad though I'm not quite sure, I just know he never liked your father when they were in school together."

Harry was quiet on the walk down to the Great Hall and Draco wondered what the boy could be thinking. He didn't want to intrude though so he merely walked next to the boy, Seamus blundering behind them.

Harry livened up during the meal though, laughing and joking with the other students near him. Draco had to admit he was sad they were parting, but if he was going to try and teach Harry Potions, he would need to finish the essay for Severus and he always did over the required centimetres. Draco climbed lower into the castle, weaving his way to the Slytherin dorms, retrieving his parchment and Potions text from his trunk and sitting down at his desk to finish his work.