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I curled into a ball, trying desperately to block out the voices coming from the hall.

"Minerva, we have to! We can't afford to keep her here!" My stepdad, Dave (aka The Manipulator) shouted. I heard the depressing sound of sobbing. Which of course, made me depressed.

"She's my little baby!" Mom cried. I wiped a tear from my violet eyes. I felt no embarrassment from my mother calling me a baby, I just felt loved.

"Come on, Minnie, think straight. It's better for all of us." Dave comforted manipulatively, which was so like him. I felt a surge of anger, and tensed. The Manipulator just wanted to get rid of me so he could be the stinky poo he was without any witnesses. Witnesses meaning me.

"Oh, I don't know, Dave." Mom sighed and I started to cry harder, much to my dismay. My pillow was soaked with tears before long, because I could tell by Mom's voice that The Manipulator had won. I was leaving the only place I'd ever known.


The next morning, I was fixing my hair in the bathroom mirror for the last, thinking over the desperate escape plan I had made last night. My hands shook as I ran a brush through my long, wavy black hair. I stared at my ugly bloodshot eyes full of the color I was named from. Though honestly, the eyes weren't violet, but an electric indigo (It's a really pretty color ). My normally lively face was pale and dead looking. Like a vampire, I thought. If only I had fangs. That would be SO beast.

"Hurry up, Violet!" Dave called impatiently. I ignored him and went to my tiny closet to pick out some clothes. I randomly chose a strapless black shirt and washed out skinny jeans. Then I grabbed my very familiar ripped combat boots. I was about to leave the room, when my hand involuntarily reached up to my empty neck. I glanced around the room and spotted the necklace laying on my nightstand.

The necklace consisted of a pendant on a silver chain. The pendant was a silver snake with amethyst eyes wrapped around a silver poison ivy leaf. It was a gift from my father, Mom had always said. That was before he died. I carefully fastened the chain around my neck, the tension releasing from my shoulders. It was like my father had suddenly come alive and told me that everything would be okay. I sprinted down the hall.

The Manipulator was waiting for me, smoking another cigarette, the fourth that morning. Minnie, my mom, hated it when he smoked. But of course, that didn't stop him. It was disgusting, the way he treated my mom.

"Say good bye, you little twerp," Dave smirked. "You ain't never going to see this old place again. I'll make sure of it."

I swallowed nervously, and seriously considered saying good bye to this old apartment. My stupid plan would never work, and I'd just end up on the streets, scaring my poor mother half to death. The Manipulator shoved my luggage, a worn bag, into my arms, and practically shoved me out the door.

He jumped into the car. But I turned and looked at our faded gray apartment building. Pain swelled up in me.

But no tears came. I was out of those babies. There were all soaking my pillow on my bed inside my apartment. Oh god. I was never going to get over the fact that they weren't mine anymore.

"Hurry up! I'm going to miss the game tonight." Dave called. I sighed. He didn't care about me. In fact, he was overjoyed with my leaving.

I turned and looked down the street, pulling the strap of my bag up on my shoulder. Then I glanced at The Manipulator, who was slumped over, and I realized I could do it. I could just run away, and no one would be the wiser. I knew the way to Gloria's house from here, and it was a win-win situation for everyone. Gloria would get that 'sister' she'd always wanted, I would be safe, Dave would be rid of me, and Mom would think I was at that God awful place. But Mom would be stuck with The Manipulator without me as protection.

"Violet." Dave groaned. I ignored him and fumbled in my bag for a few seconds.

"Violet!" Dave grumbled. I pulled out my camera and positioned it.

"Violet!" Dave shouted. I snapped a few pictures of the apartment and surrounding area.

"Violet, you have 10 seconds to get in the car before I get you myself," The Manipulator warned, and started the countdown. I turned. But instead of walking, I just took a picture of the worn old Sedan.

"6… 5…" Dave counted. I strolled to the vehicle and placed my hand on the handle. I could feel The Manipulator's eyes narrow in anticipation.

"2… 1…" I jumped into the car, heated from the anger boiling off my step dad. "I really hate you."

"Dido." I smiled dryly. The car backed out of the dingy parking spot and turned away. I nestled into the torn leather seat and watched the familiar trees zip by for the last time. Vertigo came over me, threatening tears, but I pushed them down. I wouldn't be weak in front of The Manipulator, I had promised myself the day of the wedding.

I sighed as I remembered that awful day. The flashback began.

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