Oh hai there! Are you looking for another chapter in an awesome series? Yes? Good, cause you're in the right place! This one features our favorite bully, Clarisse La Rue, and our fave ginger, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. And at the end, some of you will recognize the prophecy from the MoA: Clash of the Good. It's a bit different, as the Good prophecy is about how they must stop the rebellion, and this one is how she must start the rebellion. Read the Clash of the Good if you haven't! Well, enough author babble, here's the next chapter.

I walked up the creepy, rickety staircase into the attic. Luna said Rachel Elizabeth Dare lived up there, and I honestly felt bad for her.

"Hello?" I called out. A freckled redhead appeared with a ghostly smile. She was pale, tall and skinny.

"Hi!" She greeted me cheerfully. "You must be the new demigod."

I nodded. "That's me. Daughter of Dionysus." I said weakly. Her smile faded and was replaced by shock.

"Wait… You're the daughter of Mr. D?" She gasped. I nodded again, was my dad that bad?

"Of twisting violet vines." Rachel muttered. "What's your name?"

"Violet…"I replied hesitantly, I knew this girl wasn't crazy, being the offspring of the god of madness, I knew things like that. But I still didn't know what Rachel Elizabeth Dare was all about and something told me not to trust her.

She had a shocked expression again. The look in her eyes changed from slight boredom to fear. "I'll give you the directions to your cabin." She said hurriedly.

A few minutes later, I was walking through the camp alone. Rachel, who I found out was the Oracle, practically shoved me out of the Big House and put me on my way. I was now trying to find Cabin 12. I stopped by the bathrooms, finally admitting I was lost. I didn't know that Camp Half-Blood was so big. I was probably just hopelessly stupid.

"Hey, you! You're new, aren't you?" A big, buff girl walked over with her big, buff friends. Maybe they could help me.

"Yeah," I answered. "And I'm kind of lost. Can you help me?"

"Lookie here. A lost newbie. Maybe we should teach her a lesson to remember the map." She said, coming closer with a mean glint in her eye. Nope, they weren't going to help.

"Listen," I said. But I couldn't finish, because the girl came at me. She easily picked me up and she turns to the bathrooms. They were going to dunk me. In water. I struggled. I couldn't let them know my secret.

"All this bullying because I got lost?" I gasped, struggling. Where were the darn vines at a time like this?

My captor and her cronies laughed. "This is a newbie tradition; don't think you're special or anything." She lifted me over the disgusting toilet. I bit back a scream as the water churned below me. I almost get dropped, when a voice echoes.

"Stop, Clarisse, unless you want Chris to find out again." It was a guy's voice, low and rough. The girl hesitantly set me down and I open an eye.

"Fine. Gods, you have to stop following me, Sage!" Clarisse huffed and ran away with her friends. I take a look at my savior.

Sage was very handsome and had shaggy black hair that covered his eyes. The haircut reminded me of that teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber? I couldn't really see his eyes, but they were staring forward, unmoving. He had a tall, muscular body that was clad in black. He seemed to fade into the background and had a mysterious aura of power.

I walked up to him; his eyes didn't follow my movement. "Sage, is it?" I asked. His head turned towards me.

"Yep." And then he turned and began to walk away. I stalked after him.

"Thanks." I grinned sheepishly. He shrugged, continuing his saunter.

"Well, can't we talk?" I scoffed. He didn't stop.

"Yep." He repeated.

"Why did you help me?" I asked. He shrugged again. "I'm lost!" I announced. Finally, he stopped, sighed and turned.

"Where are you trying to go?"

"Cabin 12!"

"Follow me." He restarted his walk in the same direction. I stumbled along behind him.

"Okay. I'm Violet… By the way."

"Good for you."

"Er… Who was that?"

"Clarisse La Rue." Sage quipped. Wow, this guy had really short answers.

"Why did she attack me like that?" I pursued.

"She does that to all the new demigods."

"That's nice of her…" I said sarcastically. "Who's Chris?"

"Her boyfriend, my brother." We reached the cabins and he stopped and turned. "Try not to get in anymore trouble." And he walked away. Talk about the weirdest conversation ever.

"There you are!" It was Blaise. Ugh, I just wanted to go to sleep. "I have to warn you about Clarisse!"

"Too late." I snorted. "Good night, Golden Boy. I'm hitting the hay."

I tossed and turned in the freakishly soft bed. My dreams were a jumbled mess. I saw glimpses of Dave, Mom, the boarding school I was at for a few minutes, the flying boar, and Sage. Suddenly, my dreams cleared like a fog, and I was standing in the Big House attic.

What a wonderful place for a dream! Not. A breeze washed over me and I shivered.

"Hello, demigod." An unfamiliar female voice said from the shadows.

"Who are you?" I asked. A woman appeared. She was floating with her eyes closed. This is getting creepier by the minute.

"I am Gaea, goddess of the earth. I have come to you, Violet Rebecca Chaney. For you are special." She wasn't talking, her mouth was closed. Yet I felt the vibrations of her voice. Like a ghost. This is a creepy cone with two scoops of creepy cream covered in creepy sauce and a creepy cherry on top.

"Listen lady, you are just a figment of my imagination. This is a dream." I replied, leaning back on the wall. Gaea hovered closer to me. I shuddered. Her eyes opened and bore into mine. They were pools of color. As I looked into them, I saw myself fighting against other demigods.

"A rebellion by her hand; the future leader of our land,

A quest set in earth, shall become the birth

Four more shall rise

One wing that tells quick lies

I saw Sage and Keon's faces appear.

One auburn moon burns dew

Luna's face replaced the other boys'.

One golden hue of highs

Then, Blaise emerged.

And the queen, will be seen

I saw myself clad in glowing purple and gold robes.

Of twisting violet vines."

I gasped. Of twisting violet vines. That's what Rachel Elizabeth Dare said. And that explained why she looked so scared.

When I am queen, everyone must fear me. I will reign and begin the Age of Terror, because it sounds cool! But seriously, I will make Clarisse rue the day she attacked the Queen. She and everyone else will bow down at my feet and do my bidding. Whoa, where was all this anger coming from? Like seriously, I need to tune it down a bit. But Gaea had other plans.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" Gaea cheered, her eyes closed once again. "You will be Queen. But you must be patient and follow my rules and guidance. The people you saw in the prophecy will be your three followers. One son of Hermes, one daughter of Diana, and one son of Apollo. Do not speak of my visit."

I waggled my head in a nod. She disappeared and I fell into my chaos of dreams once again.