She was right beside her. And then she wasn't.

Her best friend Mary was having a drink after work with her. Both of them were stressed. Rachelle because one of her employees gave her an article full of mistakes, and Mary because the computer with all the records of messages on the switchboard crashed, and now her boss was breathing down her neck.

"Our life sucks, you know that?" asked Mary.

Rachelle laughed. "Yes, I do,"

"Things just never go right for us. My boss seems to think it's my fault that we lost all those messages. It's not like I'm a hacker!" Mary said, "Another shot, please," she added to the bartender.

He gave her one, and it was drowned in one gulp. "I find it hard to believe," Rachelle said, "You were never good with computers in high school,"

They both burst out laughing. That was an understatement. Mary could barely use Microsoft Word.

"Hey, let's go dancing," Mary suggested. "Looks like we need a little fun tonight"

Rachelle knew she shouldn't, but the idea was too inviting to ignore. "Yeah, sure," she said.

So they went to a club that was always on the local news for being the place around town. It was a new one that they hadn't tried before, but it seemed like a good place to escape at the moment. They quickly got caught into the beat of the music.

He was watching. A regular at the club, however for different reasons than most.

He noticed her, the cute redhead that he hadn't seen around before. She had a strong aura, which indicated a good destiny. That was his job, to keep these good people from doing good things. He was paid well for it, by a variety of groups.

He waited until she was separated from her friend and off the dance floor. Then he approached.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around before," He said.

"Yeah, I've never been here before," she said. She was drunk, this would make his job easier.

"Let me welcome you by buying you a drink," He said, leading her to the side of the club. He gave her a small drink that had Rohypnol in it. She soon was so out of it that it was easy to lead her out of the club.

"Mary!" he heard her friend call. Damn, he thought. He needed to get her out of there quickly.


Solstice was lying down on her bed. This last week had been wonderful. She had solved 3 cases with her new team, a team that really respected her, and they were like family. Jess and Nicole were like older sisters; Antonio was like an older brother, and Polluck was like a really strict father. Since she hadn't had any family since she was 6, it had been nice.

She looked around her. The room was nothing special. A bed, a dresser, and a bedside table with a laptop on it was all it contained. That's what happens when you don't have any family, there was no one to help with moving expenses. If the government hadn't helped out a little, she would be living in a dung heap.

She looked around to find her laptop on her bedside table. She saw the time 11:59. Great. It's going to be hard to get up in the morning, she thought. Then she remembered what day it was. It was the 20th. She watched carefully as it counted down the seconds. 3….2…1.

Happy Birthday Solstice.

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