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A way to get lost in you

By Pixiedust291


His mind's room was warm and dark, with only the nightlight in the corner for comfort. Yugi awoke groggily, only vaguely aware of the floating stuffed animals and toys hovering around the room. He yawned as he rose himself into a sitting position. As his body moved the room automatically grew lighter, allowing him to see clearly. He blinked, only now realizing he was in his soul room. He looked around curiously, wondering how he had got there. The last thing he remembered was finishing a rather hard essay and then practically collapsing on his bed.

From his right he heard the jingle of a chain. He turned, startled, only to find nothing there. Instead he came face to face with the door to his room. Beyond that was the black hall that separated himself from the pharaoh. Could it have been him? Is that why he was here? The longer he stared at the door the more worry consumed him. He felt a pull, as if something was urging him to get off the bed and open the door. If the pharaoh needed him, then Yugi would happily go.

He turned and stepped off of the bed before padding over the cold floor with his bare feet to the door. Grabbing the knob he turned it, looked out into the dark hall, and quickly crossed the distance and grabbed the pharaoh's door. He turned the knob only to find it locked. A small shiver raked his body. He hated the hallway. The air in here was always several degrees cooler than his room and it smelled off. He glanced to either side, eyeing the darkness apprehensively. He swore that if he stayed out here to long that the darkness would begin to mold into shapes and take on the form of vicious looking creatures. Yugi gulped and leaned his head against the door, "Pharaoh?"

The door flew open and Yugi was thrown forward. He fell to the ground with a gasp. Behind him the door shut ominously. Groaning from the pain of the fall he lifted himself with his arms and glanced over his shoulder. The door had never done that before. He rose to his feet and dusted off his pajamas. "Pharaoh?" Yugi said as he looked around "Pharaoh!" he called again, but nothing happened. Yugi's brows furrowed. Something must be wrong. It was not like his partner to not greet him when he entered his room. Yugi glanced around again. Being allowed into the room itself probably meant that Yami had some knowledge of his presence. So why did he not show himself? Again came the sound of chains. Yugi jolted and turned to his left. The sound had not been muffled this time, and it definitely had come from somewhere nearby. But then again, with the maze like passages of the pharaoh's mind it was also possible that it was an echo.

Yugi gulped and turned to his left. Out of the darkness a staircase was revealed before him. Yugi eyed the staircase ominously but took a hesitant step forward and then began walking up the steps. This was his partner's mind after all, and he trusted his partner to keep him safe from anything bad happening to him. His heart gave a slight flutter and Yugi touched his chest, blushing. It would not do him any good to not keep control of his feelings now. One moment of no control and the spirit might feel what Yugi was trying so hard to keep hidden.

The staircase led him to a long passageway that was nothing but solid stone on either side leading to blackness. Yugi paused, gulped, and then took another step forward. The darkness reseeded the same amount of distance his foot stepped.


Yugi gasped at the sudden voice within his mind. "Pharaoh?" But there was no answer. Encouraged Yugi raced forward. All the while he called out his partner's name mentally as he looked around. It seemed odd to him that this hall, unlike the rest of his partner's mind, had no doors. He ran for what seemed to be several hundred meters to him until all of the sudden all the darkness pushed itself up against the walls and stayed there, revealing a thick red velvet curtain. Yugi blinked, and slowly outstretched a hand to touch the fabric. It was soft to the touch and warm. "Pharaoh?" Yugi whispered as he pushed the curtain aside and wandered in. He was met with a small but very warm fire a meter or two in front of him. From the fires light he was able to make out what looked to be cushions and… some kind of animal.

Yugi took another step forward and set off a reaction within the room. The fire grew and torches burst into flames on the wall. Yugi yelped and covered his head as he fell to the ground. He waited a brief moment, but when nothing hurt him and no more frightening noises came he slowly raised his head. He gasped as he looked around and found himself within an ancient room. It looked just like those Yugi had seen in some of the old ancient Egypt books he had bought for Yami and himself to read. He gazed in utter awe at the exquisitely carved stone walls all adorned with pictures and hieroglyphics. One wall even had an elaborate tapestry on it.

Yugi was brought out of observations by a low growl. Turning, he started when he saw an animal snarling at him. It was sandy yellowish-brown to grey in color and had fifteen distinct dark stripes across the back from shoulders to tail. Although the large head was dog, or possibly even wolf-like, the tail was short and stiff. The legs were relatively short and the fur was dense, short, and looked soft. The creature was positively unlike anything Yugi had even seen before. The animal snapped at him with sharp looking teeth. Yugi cautiously backed away as the dog animal approached him.


The dog like creature froze and then rounded as it quickly padded away. Yugi turned to the sound of the voice that had saved him. His eyes widened. Sitting next to the fire, amongst a sea of silks, blankets, and red pillows was a man that looks almost exactly like Yami. Yugi's mouth hung open. The mans skin was a golden tan and his hair looked to be a shade more of the indigo or purple side, but other then that he was a dead ringer for his partner. He was dressed in nothing more then a white piece of fabric that covered his hips and went to his knees. His head, wrists, and neck were adorned with sparkling gold and around his neck hung the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi gasped and looked down at his chest. Sure enough, the puzzle was gone, as were his pajamas. He now wore nothing more then what the man across from him was wearing. Yugi grasped the white kilt looking garment in shock, his cheeks burning with embarrassment "My clothes!" he gasped. This got the other man's attention as he turned his attention back to Yugi and away from his creature, which was currently laying at his feet. Yugi froze. The man's eyes were just like Yami's, the most deepest crimson that was both haunting and alluring.

"Um… You're not Yami are you?" Yugi asked as he took a few steps forward, eyeing the creature carefully. The man merely stared at him. Yugi gulped. He could feel that his cheeks were still warm and only growing warmer. What was going on? He bit his bottom lip nervously and stepped forward, sitting in front of the Yami look-a-like. He glanced up hesitantly at the man. All of the sudden an idea occurred to him. This was the Pharaoh's mind after all, and given the décor of the room… perhaps this was one of the pharaoh's memories. This cheered him up and he opened his mouth to say something, only to snap it shut when he realized that a person's memories were seen from the eye of themselves, so how could the Pharaoh have a memory of seeing himself like this. Still, this man did look like Yami and he was dressed very much in Egyptian style clothing.

There was a soft chuckled. Yugi looked up to see the Pharaoh before him smiling. His eyes full of humor and interest. "Peri." he whispered. He raised a hand and tapped the hind leg of the creature, which got up without so much as a growl and padded away. The Pharaoh then stretched out the same hand and patted the cushion where the dog had just left. "Hemsi?" The way his voice, so strong and masculine, lilted made Yugi think it was a question. Yugi blushed but nodded and moved to sit on the pillow. He didn't know why. Perhaps it was the fire, the semi romantic atmosphere, or the Pharaoh's words in that strange yet intoxicating language. "Djed." the Pharaoh whispered to him, as one hand traveled up and down Yugi's back.

Yugi knew he should probably be worried, or a little offended by the intimate touch, but for some reason he knew that this somewhat stranger was not going to hurt him. "You know, you remind me of someone very close to me," he closed his eyes, enjoying the caress down his back. He was beginning to understand what a cat felt like when it had its back scratched or petted. "He looks an awful lot like you." Yugi frowned slightly "But… I don't think he'd ever do this to me." He opened his eyes and looked at the Pharaoh "Do you even understand me?"

The Pharaoh gazed at him with earnest and interested eyes, but made no move to indicate that he did understand. Yugi licked his lips. He was so breathtaking. He reminded Yugi of a bronzed god. Perhaps this was a dream? Oh, if it was a dream… it was a good one. A very good one. "Maybe I'm not in my partner's mind. Maybe this is a dream." he reached out a hesitant hand to touch the Pharaoh's chest. "A dream to allow me to release my frustration… and fantasy." his eyes never left the Pharaoh's as his fingers trailed down his tanned, muscled, hairless chest.

The Pharaoh's eyes darkened and he leaned up until his face was just a breath away from Yugi's. His half lidded eyes darted to Yugi's lips and then back before he whispered "Sen." Now that Yugi understood clearly. He leaned in and captured the Pharaoh's mouth in a bone melting kiss. He allowed every inch of his soul to open up and release its pent up store of emotion. All of his passion, desire, lust, and finally… his hopeless love. His hands wound around the Pharaoh's neck and his fingers buried in his soft rich hair. They broke apart for air for but a second before the Pharaoh was nipping and biting at his lower lip, making Yugi gasped. The Pharaoh's eyes locked with his, and if it was even possible the crimson depths darkened. He moved away, a smile curved his lips. "Dep a merew." the husky voice chuckled before pushing Yugi back.

Yugi groaned as the larger tanned hands slid up his torso. He closed his eyes. It felt absolutely wonderful. He knew it was wrong, sinful, but he didn't really care. This wasn't the real world, it was his dream. He gasped as his nipples were thumbed. Just once. Just once he wanted to freely feel what he truly felt. He opened his eyes and gasped "Sen!"

The Pharaoh raised a brow and then smirked. He leaned down and captured Yugi's mouth in another passionate and nerve damaging kiss. Yugi opened his mouth, to which the Pharaoh seemed to like this as he moaned and then plundered the youth's mouth with his tongue. Yugi groaned and thrust up his hips, making contact with the large man's stomach. The Pharaoh broke the kiss. Chuckling, he began to bite and lick at Yugi's neck. His hands grabbed Yugi's in a tight grip and then moved them above his head where Yugi then felt his wrists were tied. Yugi's mind positively exploded with lust. This proved it had to be a dream, for in the majority of his fantasies bondage had been a common theme.

One hand then skimmed down his body to then dive and explore under his clothing. Encountering no undergarments, the Pharaoh had little trouble finding his prize. Yugi jerked and moaned loudly "Oh Ra, this is better than I ever imagined!" Yugi inwardly smirked at his own mention at one of the Egyptian gods. It seemed only fitting. Those talented fingers worked over his skin so expertly it made Yugi wonder if the nameless pharaoh was magic. The thumb circled over the head, moistening Yugi with his own precum. His fingers grasped and stroked up and down his length in a firm yet gentile hold. Yugi practically panted in his arms. The fingers around his length then shifted and began doing wondrous thing with his testicles.

"Please." Yugi whined as he pushed himself into the delicious friction of his hand. The Pharaoh licked Yugi's neck before pulling away and smiling down at him. He removed his hand and leaned back. Yugi made a sound that was halfway between a mew and a sigh. He looked at the Pharaoh with obvious disappointment. The Pharaoh merely raised his hand and pointed to his lap. Yugi blink and then looked down. The bulge was obvious enough, and after another point from the man Yugi understood him perfectly.

Yugi licked his lips and then crawled over on all fours until he was face to face with the king's lap. He gulped and started by pressing his lips against the bulge, kissing it. Then his hand unclasped the fastening and the garment fell away, revealing the Pharaoh completely. Except for his gold accoutrements the pharaoh was now completely nude before him. The knowledge sent a thrill down Yugi's spine. His arousal was long and to think it was in Yugi's hands. His eyes darted upwards and he saw the pharaoh staring at him with half closed eyes brimming with obvious wanting. His crimson depths burned with passion and his mouth was slightly open as he tried to calm his heavy breathing. The very faint traces of a blush could be seen on his dark skin.

Yugi licked his lips then turned his attention back to the task at hand. True, he had never done this before, but he had imagined it enough times he practically already knew he was ready to please the Pharaoh. As his hands began to stroke he closed his eyes before opening his mouth, his mind contemplated the thought that in some ways having a lover with the same equipment as your own was sometimes beneficial.

His tongue caressed over the smooth head and then moved downward to lick up the long shaft. Yugi marveled at the pharaoh's taste. It was like cinnamon and spice. With his eyes closed every other sense was enhanced. He could smell the subtle scent of sandalwood, night, and musk. His mind felt as if it were submerged in a boiling sea and slowly sinking deeper and deeper. His mouth opened wider and he took the head, swirling his tongue around it. The Pharaoh gave a brief gasp and then followed it by a low groan. A hand cupped the side of Yugi's head and stroked his ears. The boy had never considered his ears an erogenous zone, but suddenly they were extremely sensitive and tender. With every movement he did Yugi could feel his own body growing hotter. He moved his knees further apart so they were not crushing his still concealed but yet easily as erect sex.

The Pharaoh noticed this with an amused smirk. His free hand lifted and then moved to tear the clothing right off the boy's waist. Air hit Yugi like a bucket of cold water. He shivered and groaned around the Pharaoh's arousal. The king chuckled darkly and then moved his hand down the curve and crease of Yugi's bottom.

Yugi's eyes opened in shock. Was he…really! He had always dreamed about it and secretly wondered what it would be like. In his countless fantasies of Yami he had imagined that the man would romantically prepare him for their first time together. Oh, if only it were Yami's hands on him right now. A slick finger delved between his cheeks, finding what it sought with ease. The liquid surrounding it was warm to Yugi's skin, and the scent of lotus blossoms seemed to perfume the room. When had the Pharaoh slicked his finger with lubricant? Was it even lubricant?

Yugi lost all ability of logical thought and care when the finger rimmed and then plunged. He gasped audibly and then whimpered, even as he pushed back into the digit. Yugi stopped his ministrations of the pharaoh and focused solely on trying to control the pain and his breathing. "Nefer bener." the Pharaoh whispered as the hand on Yugi's face cupped his cheek and brought him in for another kiss, adding another finger smoothly into his lover. Yugi gasped, allowing the Pharaoh to completely infiltrate his mouth and take over control of the kiss. The two fingers inside him were doing the most delicious twisting, and when the third was added he stretched them.

Yugi soon found that with every passing moment the pain reseeded and was replace by nothing but pleasure. He did not know how, but it was beginning to feel really good. Then suddenly the fingers left him. Yugi whimpered at the loss and cast his eyes upward. His amethyst orbs begging, and on the rims of his dark lashes were unshed tears. The Pharaoh smiled at him and leaned back, bringing Yugi on top of him and over his lap. Understanding, Yugi nodded and straddled his hips. The tip of him slid against Yugi's ass with such a delicious friction. "Pharaoh." Yugi moaned and arched his back and hips. One of the king's hands gripped his hips while the other held his arousal in place. Yugi took a steadying breath and then pushed back. When the broad head pressed against him he concentrated and pushed out. With one small thrust the head slid in causing Yugi to yelp. The Pharaoh below him purred and whispered sweet nothing to him in his cryptic tongue. Yet somehow Yugi felt he understood him. He could somehow feel that the Pharaoh knew this was his first time and was trying to make it as pleasurable as possible.

The sizzling sensation that was assaulting his nerves only made Yugi want more. He rocked his hips forward and then slammed them back, sheathing the Pharaoh's length within him fully. Both groaned loudly, Yugi clinging to the Pharaoh's shoulders for stability and comfort. "I never knew… it could feel this good." Yugi gasped. The Pharaoh nodded and then took Yugi's hips in both hands. He gently brought the boy up a little before forcibly slamming him back down. Yugi giggled and then did the same action on his own "Impatient, are you Pharaoh?"

Yugi rose and let his hips fall several times, with each time earning him an erotic expression from the man beneath him. Yugi leaned forward. This allowed his hips and genitals to drag against the Pharaoh's lower stomach with every thrust. The sensation was positively teasing, and Yugi loved every slide. He moved one of his hands to grab his own length but only to have it smacked away by the king. His crimson gaze was alight with playful humor, yet at the same time Yugi got the distinct impression he should not try to touch himself again.

The Pharaoh leaned up, brining a halt to Yugi's movements. Yugi locked gazes with the Pharaoh as the man embraced him and then moved them backward until he was on top. He gazed down at Yugi with such a caring and open face that Yugi wanted to cry. The king wiped away a delicate tear from the boy's cheek with his finger before taking the boy's legs in both his arms and pushing them back, toward Yugi's stomach. Yugi could feel his leg muscles and tendons hyperextend in order to accommodate this new position, but strangely it allowed his nerve ending to feel every little thing. Yugi's mouth dropped open slightly. If this is what it felt like when the king wasn't even moving then- Yugi shrieked as the Pharaoh withdrew and then slammed into Yugi with a force that his slim body did not portray.

"Oh my!" Yugi called out as sensations and feeling consumed him. It was exquisite, wonderful, and completely wrong. It was more than anything Yugi had ever dreamed. He closed his eyes and simply felt. So wrong and yet so right.

"Merwet." Yugi opened his eyes to look up at the Pharaoh as he thrust himself in over and over again. The king's smile was so tender and chaste. "Merwet." he repeated again. He then angled his hips and Yugi saw stars. He didn't know what was happening but now the Pharaoh was hitting and rubbing across something inside him that was utterly fantastic. His whole body felt as if it was going to explode and his orgasm approached faster than Yugi could comprehend. He screamed and called out to the man above him as his hands blindly gripped the man's shoulder and chest. He was so close. It was as if he were teetering on the edge of the knife. But not yet. No, he didn't want to come and not have his partner come as well. His mind filled with the thought of what it would feel like to be filled, and owned in the most primal way.

Yugi closed his eyes, feeling a few tears run down his pale cheeks. "Please Pharaoh!" he called "Please come inside me. Please. I want to know. I've dreamed about it so much." he opened his eyes, gazing right into the crimson orbs of the man above him "Please give it to me." To have such an innocent body writhing beneath him, and such an innocent face and expression begging for something so… dirty. The Pharaoh's eyes widened and he bent over Yugi, the thrusts increasing in pace to the point where they were almost erratic. His hand gripped around Yugi's length and began to stroke it. Yugi called out again and arched his back. The feeling of being filled and touched. The way the Pharaoh's hands pumped, twisted, and rubbed.

Yugi's body erupted and his back arched even more, almost contorting. Every nerve in his body fired at once and every muscle contracted. He screamed out his release with complete abandonment, not caring who heard. Above him the Pharaoh gasped and then thrust in once more with such force that Yugi could feel him not only sink himself to the brim but then push against it. It was slightly painful, but that sensation was soon replaced as Yugi felt the Pharaoh's essence fill him. It was hot, and wet inside him. Yugi groaned softly and leaned back his head, exposing his neck to the Pharaoh's waiting lips. He knew it wasn't possible, but he felt as if the Pharaoh's seed was radiating within him, that the heat was slowly seeping and curling into his body before claiming and merging with his very soul. Yugi panted and laid in the man's arms, trembling and limp.

He blinked up at the Pharaoh and managed a sleepy smile "Thank you." he said dreamily.

The Pharaoh chuckled "Merwet." he said again and leaned down to kiss Yugi romantically. "Hikari."

Yugi recognized that word. Hikari was Japanese, not Egyptian. "Hikari?" Yugi repeated his mind half clouded as his body began to shut down, demanding sleep to reenergize himself.

The Pharaoh nodded "Merwet, hikari."

And with those last words Yugi lost consciousness. The Pharaoh shook his head in amusement before moving himself and the boy into a position on the pillows where they could rest with ease. He had never expected his little light to find him. Well, at least not the spirit of his past self. He gently kissed the boy's forehead. He wondered if this was a sign of things that were soon to come. He hoped so. He had so missed his light. A tanned hand trailed down the boy's chest. Unlike his more dominant and lost part of his spirit, he remembered clearly the events of the past. He smiled to himself. He wondered if his other half knew that history was to repeat itself.


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Translation Notes

Merwet - love

Sen - kiss

Nefer - beautiful

Bener - sweet

Merew - dessert

Dep - my

Djed - to say, speak

Hemsi - sit, lay

Sha - to command

Peri - leave