WARNING! This fanfic contains explicit sex of a homosexual nature. Its compliant characters are Yugi, Atem, and Yami - in any variety of combinations therefore. In this chapter there is some light dirty talk and bondage as well as hot threesome action. Don't like it? What's wrong with you?

A way to get lost in you

Chapter Four

By Pixiedust291


Yugi reclined against the back of the bathtub. He cringed when his back touched the cold tub, but after a moment of dealing with the uncomfortable sensation it went away. Yugi hardly ever had the entire house to himself because his grandfather was always home. He both lived and worked at the shop so there was no need to ever leave because he could just send Yugi out to go get whatever it was he would need. But today his grandfather was out attending a special conference. This left Yugi to do whatever he wanted. He sighed and closed his eyes, letting his mind simply wonder.

It was wonderful to love and be loved in return. There was no feeling quite like it. For every day at school for the past two days he would find himself grinning and blushing like an idiot. His friends had even caught him listening to "Dirty little secret" on his iPod. Yugi chuckled. That had been completely embarrassing. Anzu had been flabbergasted, saying that he was far too innocent to be listening to a song like that. To which Jounouchi had replied that "Oh please, 'The bad touch' is worse than that."

A smiled curved Yugi's lips. 'Far too innocent..?' If only they knew. He remembered how he had felt with Yami. He had known even before that it would be great, but everything that they had done had far exceeded his expectations. The fantasies that Yami had were still leaving him ready and aching. He particularly liked the one where Yami had taken him at school. He could just imagine it right now. He allowed his mind to conjure up a little story for his fantasy.

Yami was the most popular guy in the entire high school because of his looks. He had girls following him wherever he went. Yet no one really knew him personally because he was a loner. Yugi was the nerd that everyone picked on. One day Yami would save him from the bullies. They would then start hanging out and… Yugi frowned. It seemed a little too… happy. And when was the Pharaoh going to come in. Oh! He knew. Yami would save him from the bullies and befriend Yugi. Naturally everyone then stopped harassing him. Then one day Yugi asked Yami how it was that he got such good grades even though he never saw him study. Yami would then take him to the history class room where he introduced him to the teacher everyone called Pharaoh, because he taught Egyptian history. Yugi, innocent as always thought it was a nice friendly meeting, until Yami had walked over and sat across the Pharaoh's desk, legs spread apart. The older teen would gaze down at the Pharaoh with a knowing grin and soon the Pharaoh's hands were on him, taking off his school jacket and shirt. While he was being undressed Yami explained that in exchange for these rendezvous twice a week, then Pharaoh made sure that he passed all his classes.

Yugi gasped as his own fantasy started to get to him. Under the water his body was arching and grinding against the hard tub. He let his hands come to his chest where he tweaked and thumbed his nipples. He groaned loudly. What would happen next? Hmm. Yami would then call him over. Yugi would then climb atop the desk and straddle his lap. Yami would kiss him while the Pharaoh's finger moved under his shirt and then travel up his small chest. What would he say? Yugi groaned as one hand traveled down his stomach to gently tug at the head of his erection "Sensei." He whispered. Yes, he would call the Pharaoh sempai and he would call Yami onii-chan. His mind exploded. He gripped his erection fully. He imagined it was the Pharaoh and Yami's hands on him.


Yugi's eyes widened and he jolted up in the tub, splashing water over the rim. Looking to his right where he saw the ghostly form of the Pharaoh grinning down at him from where he sat on the edge of the tub. When had he appeared? And where had he been? Ever since the day he vanished after brining him and Yami together Yugi had not seen, felt, or heard from him once. The dream visits had stopped altogether, leaving Yugi worried and anxious. He had thought perhaps that the Pharaoh had gone; even though Yami had said it was unlikely. But then even Yami had not been able to find the Pharaoh's room, as if it had simply vanished. Tears of joy came to Yugi's eyes. "You didn't leave." Yugi smiled.

The pharaoh shook his head "No, I could never leave you." Yugi froze. The Pharaoh had spoken, and in perfect Japanese no less. At Yugi's dumb struck expression the Pharaoh chuckled and winked "Oh, did you think I wasn't able to speak anything but ancient Egyptian?"

Yugi's mouth opened and closed like a fish before he managed to say "Well… I just assumed…" he gulped. As his mind tried to recall all their previous encounters, he slowly realized that of course the Pharaoh must have been able to speak Japanese. He certainly had understood both him and Yami easily enough when they had been asking him questions. Since he was able to understand it, of course he must be able to speak it. And in the very beginning his pet name for Yugi had been a Japanese word. It was only common logic. Yugi cringed. He felt like a huge fool.

"Hikari…" Yugi brought himself out of his self reprimanding thoughts and looked up at the Pharaoh. "Though I did not leave you, I fear that I may have to." Yugi's eyes widened and he moved closer to the Pharaoh.


"Because I'm not supposed to be here any longer, I am but a piece of the pharaoh's past self that was locked away in the puzzle when he sealed his soul away as well. My whole purpose was to bring my soul and the reincarnated version of my light together. You and Yami, as you call him, are together now. So I must go."

"Wait!' Yugi grabbed his upper arm "You are a fragment of the Pharaoh from millions of years ago? And you were supposed to bring me and Yami together… why?"

"Because you are my light, Yugi, I need you more than anyone else. Did you not see your old self when I gave you that vision of the past?" The question was rhetorical, but Yugi nodded his head anyway.

"So, because your purpose is fulfilled. You have to leave."

"Yes." The answer was simple but the inflection showed that he was as unhappy about the situation as Yugi.

It was like a slap in the face. Yugi's heart, that had for the last few days felt as if it were swelling to a size where his chest could not contain it any more, now felt as if it were shattering like glass and slicing at every organ inside him. "What about what you said to me?" Yugi cast his pained expression to the ground "You said that you loved me. And now you show up after being gone for over two days and this is what you tell me." He turned back to the Pharaoh and glared "What if I do not want you to go?"

The Pharaoh exhaled a pent up breath "I do love you. I have for the last million years. I never stopped." He cupped Yugi's face in his hands.

"Then stay. I love you too and so does Yami. So please stay." Tears streaked down Yugi's eyes.

The Pharaoh's eyes were full of pain as he leaned down to kiss Yugi's tears away and then kiss him on the lips. When he pulled away it was slow and lingering, as if he didn't want to stop touching him. "I am sorry. It is not your decision whether I go or stay."

"Then it must be mine."

Yugi's head whipped around to look over his shoulder at Yami. The other man was leaning against the door, watching them. "How long have you been there?"

"Since the beginning, we both manifested ourselves when we felt you and saw what you were imagining." Yami's grin was utterly sinful. "We were enjoying watching you," he raised a brow at the Pharaoh "Until someone had to spoil the fun."

"Every day I grow weaker and weaker. I barely have enough energy to manifest myself right now." The Pharaoh defended himself "Would you have me leave without so much as saying goodbye to Yugi and not even explaining where I went."

"Yami, you said the decision was yours. Can you make him stay?" Yugi looked back and forth between them both.

Yami gave Yugi a nod before turning his attention back to the Pharaoh "And what about me?"

The Pharaoh shook his head "Yes. It was going to take less energy to remain inside the puzzle then to make myself appear in the real world. So I was going to say goodbye to Yugi first, and then see you." He fixed Yami with a hard glare "I can hear what you're thinking and no that isn't it. I don't want to leave. But I know I shouldn't stay either." He ran his hands through his hair "I'm but a fragment of whom, you really are, Yami. In the future, should you ever regain your memories; I will cease to exist anyway."

Yami shook his head "I certainly hope I wasn't as pessimistic in my past life as you are being right now." He stepped forward and placed a hand on the Pharaoh's shoulder "Even if that is true, I would still like to have this time with you. No matter how short or long it is." He turned to Yugi and saw the boy was grinning from ear to ear and nodded in agreement. "Besides, you have another purpose than just bringing Yugi and me together." The Pharaoh's brows furrowed "You are also here to carry out every one of Yugi's and my fantasies." A mischievous and satisfied grin spread across his face "So you cannot leave."

The Pharaoh's eyes widened and he then looked down at his palm. He flexed his fingers experimentally and smiled "My power is returning?"

"That means you're staying right?" Yugi asked hopefully. The Pharaoh nodded. Yugi grinned and then turned to Yami, gratitude and love shinning bright in his purple eyes. "I'm glad. I don't want to lose either of you." A thought then occurred to him. He turned back to the Pharaoh "Um… what is your name?"

The Pharaoh laughed and stroked Yugi's head. "Atem." He turned to Yami and winked "You might want to remember that. You're going to need it for the future."

"Atem." Yugi repeated "Well, it's nice to finally know your name."

"So that you can call it out when you come?" Atem asked. His tone was sultry and low. Yugi's eyes widened and he blushed. That had not been what he meant, however, he could not deny it either. "As I recall, before I interrupted you." he trailed a finger down Yugi's cheek to his chin "You were having a rather scandalous daydream about me being your teacher and Yami being your classmate."

"And I believe he was at the part where he was calling me onii-chan and you sensei." Yugi bit his lip as his face heated from the embarrassment. "We want you to complete that fantasy Yugi." Yami whispered into his ear.

"And after you're done with that I think I'll give us all a little treat." added Atem.

"W-What kind of t-treat..?" Yugi asked brokenly as Yami nibbled on his ear.

Atem chuckled "Yami. I'm curious. How long can you last?"

Yami growled as he moved away from Yugi's ear to glare at the pharaoh. "If you're challenging me to a battle of stamina, you will not win."

"We shall see." Atem chuckled and then got up from the tub. He moved to the other side of the bathroom and leaned against the wall. He pointed to Yami and then to the opposite wall from him. Yami raised a brown but did begrudgingly move away from Yugi.

"What are you plotting?"

"Something we all are going to enjoy." He began taking off his tunic "And if we do this right, then I'll have enough power for the treat I promised Yugi." His tunic fell to the floor. Next came all of his jewelry and then he kicked off his shoes, leaving himself completely naked before them both. His crimson gaze focused on Yugi. "We may not be able to touch you directly, but I can do this. Sha!"

Yugi's whole body tingled as if he had just been shocked. He looked around in confusion. He opened his mouth to ask what Atem had done when his own hands started to move of their own accord. They released the side of the tub and then attacked him. His left hand came to his chest when his wet fingers began to massage and pluck at his left nipple. His right hand cupped his testicles, drawing them out and then releasing them to palm his sex. Yugi gasped, his gaze focused on Atem and found that the pharaoh had his hands on his own body in exactly the same place as Yugi's. Atem's hands curled around and jerked his erection, Yugi's did the same. "Your hands are now mine, Hikari." He smiled wickedly "Let us see how fast I can make you cum."

"No! Ah!" Yugi cried as his one hand delivered a slightly painful pinch to his nipple while the other began to stroke him quickly. The sounds of water splashing and rippling filled his ears. Yugi groaned as he closed his eyes. The hand on his chest left and went to probe against his parted thighs. His fingers pushed between his cheeks and then pressed against him. Yugi cried out when two of his fingers without warning were able to slide inside. The digits pushed against his inner walls and scissored apart.

"Do you like this, Yami?" Yugi's eyes burst open and he turned his head to see Yami licking his lips and ribbing his palm over his steel clad bulge. His eyes then looked back to Atem, whose face was breathtakingly erotic and his body glorious as it pleasured itself. Yugi's face heated with embarrassment. He was giving Yami a show. The thought of how wickedly dirty it was made him feel a little ashamed, even if he did find it also completely erotic. Atem's eyes met Yugi's eyes "Show me what it's like when you cum with this real world body. Let us feel it too." Yugi could feel his finger probe deeper inside of him and then brush against something wonderful. His eyes went wide and he thrust upward. He was both afraid and desperate to feel it again. "You're weak to being touched here." The fingers brushed against it again, this time with more vigor. Yugi threshed in the tub and cried incoherent words. His cries increased in volume every time the fingers brushed. Once. Twice. Thrice! Yugi screamed and arched his back as his release erupted like a volcano. His seed shooting forth to then coat his hand and slowly drip down to the water, Yugi moaned and fell limp in the water, gasping for air.

Behind him he heard Yami chuckle "Nearly came yourself?"

"Almost," came Atem's wavering voice "Are you alright Hikari? Hikari..?" Yugi lost all thought of what they were saying as he slowly shut his eyes and was cradled in darkness.


Yugi awoke to find he was lying on his bed staring up at his dark ceiling. He groaned and went to rub his eyes, but found his arms wouldn't move. Fear gripped him. He turned and saw that both his wrists had been tied together and then tied to the headboard. He tried his feet, finding they were not restricted and could move freely. He was completely naked on the bed, and the room was unbearably cold. He tried to cry out but his captors had also gagged him. Panic rose in him. What was going on? He tried to think. The last thing he remembered was Atem putting some spell on him that caused him to masturbate in front of them both, which of course gave him a satisfying orgasm which in turn made him so exhausted he had fallen asleep.

The light flashed on in the room, blinding Yugi for a few seconds as he blinked repeatedly. "It seems our Hikari is finally awake." Yugi turned to the side to see Atem standing in the doorway dressed in nothing but a pair of Yugi's pajama pants. Behind him was Yami, dressed still in Yugi's school uniform. Yugi could not believe what he was seeing. Both of them did not appear ghostly. They looked solid and Yugi could no longer see through them. Yami walked around Atem and came to Yugi's side. He sat down on the bed, causing it to dip. He smiled down at him and then cupped his cheek, flesh pressing against flesh.

Yugi gasped "How?" he asked mentally since he could not speak.

"I told you there would be a treat. Did I not?" Atem answered as he came to stand next to Yami.

"Little one," Yami whispered, gaining Yugi's attention "I have longed to touch you as I am doing right now." Yugi's eyes shimmered and half closed at Yami's words, he nodded and leaned into the hand at his cheek. He understood Yami's desire completely. He tried to move his arms and was reminded of his bonds.

Looking at the both of them he asked "Why am I tied to the bed, and gagged?"

"This is one of Yami's fantasies. You in bondage, and this," he held up a small bowl "Is one of yours." Yugi tilted his head. Atem chuckled. Dipping a tanned finger into the bowl he then extracted it, showing Yugi that it was covered in chocolate. He then smeared his coated finger across Yugi's nipple. Yami took the bowl next. He dipped in his own finger and started to paint little designs on the youth's stomach. Yugi watched this with fascination. They were going to smear him in chocolate and then they were going to eat him. His muscles tightened in anticipation. In his fantasy it had only been Yami pleasuring him, now his newest fantasy was going to come true.

"Are you both going to take me?"

"Oh yes Yugi, we are." Yami purred in his deep sultry voice.

"Would you like to know how?" Atem asked after he licked the chocolate off Yugi's nipple, causing the teen to moan and tremble. "You'll be on your hands and knees. One of us will be behind you, thrusting inside you. The other will be in front of you, and you will be sucking him off." Yugi's eyes drifted closed as Yami finished with his stomach and started licking down the chocolate trail he had made to his groin. "How shall we do this Yami?"

Yami stopped in mid lick "I'll go first. You took his mental first time. I will have his real first time."

Atem nodded "As you wish." he leaned down to place a kiss of Yugi's forehead. "We're going to make you feel really good, Hikari." another smear of chocolate spread across Yugi's other nipple. For several moments they painted and licked him. Yugi's body arched and twitched with every move of their lips. Every once in a while either of them would nip his skin. When they did, Yugi found Yami's nips to be a little more painful than Atem's. He didn't mind, truthfully, he liked pain as long as it didn't break the skin.

"Yami!" Yugi yelped after he startled Yugi kissing the head of his erection.

"Call me onii-chan." Yami growled as he kissed his way up Yugi's body.

Atem lifted his head and licked his lips "Do you think it's time?" he asked Yami.

Yami nodded and climbed over Yugi's body. He stretched his arm and untied Yugi from the headboard, but did not untie his wrists. He then tugged down the gag and dipped his head and gave him a long searing kiss. Yugi was a bit worried. He remembered that it had seriously stung when the Pharaoh had taken him in his mind. He could only imagine that in real life it was going to probably be worse. Even then, he would not shy away, and he had always wanted Yami to be his first. He wanted this, and refused to let fear stand in his way. He had never dreamed that Yami would ever be here in the real world with him. It was like a dream come true.

Yami pulled back to gaze down at Yugi, a stern expression dominating his face. "If you feel afraid or uncomfortable, you are to tell me, immediately. Do you understand?"

Nodding, Yugi beamed up at Yami, the grin beginning to fade as the amethyst eyes darkened with passion. He licked his lips, wetting them and drawing the other man's gaze to stare at his mouth. Yugi reached up to wrap his arms around Yami's neck, his fingers twining in the soft tresses as they kissed. He sucked in a deep breath when the back of Yami's fingers brushed against his erect cock, and his eyes slid closed in rapture. A cry escaped his lips at the feel of the wet, hot heat that closed around the tip of his shaft, and then faded into groans of lust as Yami sucked him deep inside his throat. The feel of Yami's tongue had lightning zipping up his spine.


Yugi looked up. Atem sat above his head, his own erection mere inches from Yugi's face. He grinned "Suck me." He said seductively, giving Yugi an arousing predatory grin. Yugi's mouth opened and he nodded dumbly. Raising his bound wrists he grasped Atem between his palms and guided him to his mouth.

He'd never felt anything like it before. To be giving as well as getting a blowjob at the same time just completely blew his mind, as well as his own cock. Yami flicked the tip of his tongue along the bottom of his leaking prick. Yugi felt something spiraling inside of him, begging for release. He let out several mewling cries, his hips jerking slightly. With each cry Yugi's throat would vibrate, making Atem groan loudly. Yami pinned his hips to the bed and sucked harder and faster, coaxing Yugi to the edge. As Yugi reached that peak, Yami probed gently at the entrance to Yugi's body, feeling the tight heat that gripped his finger as the teenager's back arched from the bed. Yugi released Atem as a cry of ecstasy tore from his lips and resounded in the room. Warm liquid splashed into Yami's mouth, and he swallowed instinctively, moaning at the taste of Yugi's essence.

He continued to lap Yugi's softening flesh until no trace of his little one's orgasm remained, releasing it to fall back onto Yugi's soft belly. Yami licked his lips. He fumbled for the tube of lubricant he knew Yugi kept hidden into the bed sheets. Finding it he extracted it and then popped the lid. "Turn on your side facing away from me," he instructed calmly. Yugi hesitantly rolled to his side. A shudder wound its way through Yugi's body when he felt a large hand caressing his back, slipping down to grip his ass lightly. Yugi stifled a gasp when he felt Yami pressing a finger covered in a cold substance against him. Once inside to the second knuckle, Yami retreated and pushed his finger back inside, repeating this until he felt Yugi begin to relax.

"Press out, Hikari." Atem purred, kissing the top of Yugi's head.

Adding a second finger to the first, Yugi began to loosen. The boy sighed and pushed against him. Yami scissored his fingers making Yugi yelp. Both pain and uncontrollable pleasure mixed together. It seemed weird to Yugi. In the tub he had managed to probe and stretch himself with little difficulty, but Yami's fingers were so much bigger than his. Panting gasps were coming from Yugi's mouth. Yami bent forward to murmur in his ear, "Are you alright?" Yugi nodded as the pain began to recede. Two fingers became three. Beneath the two of them Yugi moaned wantingly, the teen's flaccid erection becoming hard once more. "Ya- I mean onii-chan. Please, I want it." Yugi whimpered. Yugi sucked in a breath when Yami retracted his fingers. He felt Yugi tense anew when the broad head was positioned and then pressed into his entrance. Atem caressed the younger man's curved hip, soothing him as Yami began to push inside. Yami's eyes were locked on the sight of his thick erection slowly penetrating Yugi's young and willing body.

Yugi tried to focus on pushing out, even as tears were springing to his eyes. It burned as he opened to the invasion. However the longer Yami remained inside him the more pain dissipated. He subconsciously sought comfort as one of his hands stretched back to touch Atem's thigh. Yami stayed completely still above Yugi, resisting the primal need to thrust. He placed a tender kiss on Yugi's pale shoulder. After a moment Yugi regained his composure, reached back to grip Yami's hip, and arched his back while he looked over his shoulder and captured Yami's gaze.

His other half let out a small grunt at the way the snug channel grew even tighter around him because of the movement. It was as if Yugi were milking him. He pulled back until he remained partway inside then shoved forward. He repositioned Yugi's leg until his knee rested against his thin chest, opening him wider for a deeper penetration. Yami withdrew once more, this time planning to angle his thrust just right in order to brush Yugi's prostate. Just when he was about to push forward he jerk and gasped as fingers pushed their way into his ass. Yami winced at the pain and then groaned when the fingers inside him began to twist and turn. He looked over his shoulder and smirked at Atem "I thought you were going to wait?"

"Oh I still plan to cum on top of Yugi, but I see no reason to not give you more pleasure why then should I wait?" Atem grinned as he leaned over Yami then bit the juncture of his neck, making his partner growl. Yami turned his head further and both men shared an open mouthed kiss. Yugi watched the two of them in wide eyes astonishment. Seeing the two people he loved touching and kissing each other was possibly the best aphrodisiac in the world.

"Oh, fuck." Yugi whispered.

They broke apart, Yami's eyes focusing back on Yugi with a mischievous glint "What's wrong Yugi." He gasped. Gripping his hips with both hands, Atem shoved into him, his testicles slapping against Yami. The motion caused Yami to push forward and into Yugi. All three men moaned at once. "Please, do that again!" Yugi cried.

"Harder," Yami cried as he withdrew from Yugi, making his ass press back into Atem. Atem laughed as he surged forward, his entire length surging inside. Yugi reached down and wrapped his palms and fingers around himself. Yami's hands were on both sides of Yugi's head as the man tried to keep from falling on top of Yugi because of Atem's explosive thrusts. Yugi lifted his head enough to receive a deep kiss. His tongue brushed against Yami's lips, seeking entrance. Yami opened his mouth to him, their tongues mating.

They parted on a gasp as Yugi tossed back his head "I fucking love your mouth onii-chan." Yugi dropped his head back on the pillows, his eyes closed, as he was taking in every little sensation. Yami's thrusts increased with every additional thrust from Atem. The force that came with every thrust inside his small body felt as if it were doubled. It felt as if both Yami and Atem were fucking him at the same time. Yugi arched his back, Yami's thrusts finally hitting that wonderful spot inside him "Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum. Onii-chan!" Yugi said brokenly, tears brimming the corner of his eyes.

Yami groaned and whispered against Yugi's lips. "Cum for me Yugi…"

Yugi's skin tingled, almost itching, and his body felt as if it were going to explode. It was so intense, being loved by two. Yami gasped and stiffened. He gripped Yugi's hips and thrust over and over both as fast and as hard as he could. When Yugi screamed he let out a deep rumbling groan. He sheathed himself deep within his light and came, expelling every drop he had into Yugi's trembling body. Stars burst before his gaze. He clenched as he felt Atem withdraw. He opened his eyes and lazily turned his head to see his other self move to be at Yugi's head once more. He leaned over Yugi face. His body was trembling as much as Yugi's was. Yami smirked; it wouldn't take much more to send Atem over the edge. "Atem, come on his chest and face."

The words had done there trick. Atem groaned and shivered as he jerked himself. White seed spilled forth to splash over Yugi's blushing face and heaving chest. The sight was the most sinful thing Yami would ever see; Yugi laying on his bed blushing, pink, and panting, his amethyst eyes gazing up at both of them with unshed tears. His body filled and covered in their cum. Yami's grin was full of pride as he separated himself from Yugi, the boy's own seed connecting their stomachs with sticky white strands.

When Yugi managed to regain his breath he leaned up and looked down at his front half. Atem chuckled before he leaned down and grabbed one of the few dirty clothes that were strewn across the room's floor, handing it to Yugi. The teen accepted it and used it to wipe off his face "You two got me completely dirty." Yugi laughed teasingly.

"Then why don't we go take a shower." offered Yami.

"A bath..." Atem sighed "I can not remember the last time I had one of those."

Yugi paused "Um… how long will you two be like this?" He turned to Atem, his eyes full of hope. He knew it was too much to ask that they stay that way forever, but he at least had hoped for the rest of the night.

Atem smirked and kissed his brow "At midnight we must return to the puzzle."

"Midnight…? So this is like a Cinderella thing?" Yami burst out laughing while Atem merely looked at Yugi with a confused expression "Never mind. Will you guys ever be like this again?" Yugi asked

Atem nodded "Plausibly. It depends on how much power I have."

Yugi nodded, satisfied with that answer. He hoped they could do this again. He looked between the both of them, being touched by them felt so right, fated even. He prayed it would last as long as it could, and regretted the day when it would have to come to an end. Yami cupped his cheek "What has made you sad Yugi?"

"I just… don't want this to end." Yugi smiled sadly.

"You know it will have to come to an end Hikari." Atem whispered softly "All good things must come to an end. But, I am sure we will enjoy and make the most of whatever time we have. As Yami said earlier…" Yugi nodded.

"And remember Yugi. We will always love you," began Yami

"Until our dying days." finished Atem.

Yugi blushed and looked down at his hands. It was such a touching moment; he knew he should say something back, but what? He wasn't a boy that was really good with words. What could he say? Yugi wiped the tears from his eyes "Me too guys." He looked at both of them. They both meant so much to him and in the last few days had become so much a part of him he didn't know what it would be like without him. Yugi gulped "I love you both. It amazes me that…" he fumbled with the words "It amazes me that in such a short time, I've managed to become completely lost in you two." He laughed nervously "Are you two always going to be this romantic?"

"With you, possibly…"

Yugi shook his head as he stood "Let's go clean off."

"Hikari," Atem said as they followed Yugi out of his room "I was wondering if you could make us something after our bath."

"Sure. What would you like?"

"Rice balls…" Yugi froze, staring at Atem in stunned silence "What? Are they too hard to make?"

"No. It is just…" Yugi shooked his head and laughed again "Never mind. How about we watch a movie while we eat?"

"That sounds nice." agreed Yami.

"What's a movie?" asked Atem.

I always knew that you'd
Come back to get me
And you always knew that
It wouldn't be easy
To go back to the start
To see where it all began
Or end up at the bottom
To watch how it all ends
You tried to lie and say
I was everything
I remember when I said
I'm nothing without you

Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you
Let me inside
Let me get close to you
Change your mind
I'll get lost
If you want me to
Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you

You always thought that
I left myself open
But you didn't know
I was already broken
I told myself that
It wouldn't be so bad
Pulling away you took
Everything that I had
You tried to lie and
Say I was everything
I remember when I said
I'm nothing without you

Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you
Let me inside
Let me get close to you
Change your mind
I'll get lost
If you want me to
Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you

The pain of it all
The rise and the fall
I see it all in you
Now everyday
I find myself sayin'
I want to get lost in you
I'm nothing without you

Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you
Let me inside
Let me get close to you
Change your mind
I'll get lost
If you want me to but
Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you

El Fin


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