A/N: Hello, everyone! My latest obsession is Fox's television drama Terra Nova. If you guys haven't seen it yet, YOU MUST! RIGHT NOW! I've always liked actress Naomi Scott and her character, Maddy Shannon, is one of my favorites in terms of personality. Coupled with Dean Geyer's character Mark Reynolds (also a very fascinating personality type—he seems confident but he's actually awkward and nervous) they make an irresistible storyline. This is my hand at songfics for them (yeah, yeah, yeah, I swore I'd only do it once and yet BAM here it is again). Please R&R! Updates will come as they come, I'm a busy person, y'know.

Chapter 1: Skin and Bones

Song: Skin and Bones

Artist: Romance on a Rocketship

Summary: Mark is nervous about his first date with Maddy…

I know I'm nothing but skin and bones, but I sure think you're beautiful, with your long, long hair and your big, blue eyes, I'm thinking 'bout making you mine tonight…

It had taken him almost two hours just to pick out something to wear. This whole dating thing was a new and foreign concept to Mark. He hadn't taken much interest in anyone back in 2149, and until Maddy Shannon's arrival he hadn't taken much interest in anyone in Terra Nova either. But now…everything was different. Maddy was unlike any girl he'd ever met before. She was…real. She was down-to-earth, incredibly brainy, and her quiet, reserved nature was magnetizing. He wanted everything to be perfect.

After a lot of debating, Mark finally chose a simple, elegant black blazer and slacks and a white, button-down shirt. He took extra time showering and fixing his hair, hoping that Maddy would appreciate his feeble attempt to look more high-class than he was. When he was as done-up as he possibly could be, he flashed his most charming smile at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He felt like slapping himself. How could a smile like that ever win over a girl like her? It was too late to retrain his face to smile differently though. He had little over ten minutes to finish readying himself and walk to the Shannon residence.

Hush your lips, I'm about to speak up. If I talk real slow do you think you can keep up with me; this time, am I out of line? I'm trying to be a gentleman, so please don't make me ask again. Yeah I got a lot of nerve, coming after you, but you're the only thing that's on my mind so what's a boy to do?

Mark smirked as he remembered how this night had come to be. It had been difficult convincing Maddy to go out with him. It had been more difficult to convince her father. The first time Mark declared his feelings for Maddy to her father, Mr. Shannon had reminded him that he carried a gun. But eventually Mr. Shannon seemed to have a change of heart. Perhaps Dr. Shannon had something to do with it? She seemed to like him infinitely more than her husband did. After receiving the blessing of the parents, Mark had made a very awkward declare of his affection towards Maddy. And yet somehow she found it adorable. And she had accepted. That was what mattered. With a bouquet of fresh flowers and what he hoped was a winning smile, Mark set off to walk the short distance to the Shannon home.

It was the longest walk of his life. He finally reached the door and took a moment to gather his racing thoughts. He was sure Mr. Shannon would answer the door and bombard him with menacing questions designed specifically for tricking him into saying something he didn't mean. Swallowing his heart, he rapped on the door. To his surprise, Maddy was the one who answered.

His heart stopped for a moment. There she was, Maddy Shannon, the most stunning girl in the world. She was wearing a beautiful, dark purple dress with slim straps and her hair was done up perfectly in a bun perched atop her head. Mark may as well have shown up in rags. Maddy's smile lit up her face and Mark struggled for words.

Let me keep this short and sweet, you're the prettiest thing that I ever did see. I know I'm nothing but skin and bones but I sure think you're beautiful, with your long, long hair and your big, blue eyes, I'm thinking 'bout making you mine tonight.

"Maddy! You look…wow…" Mark managed to formulate, all the while chiding himself for sounding so stupid. She must've though he was an idiot!

"Well you don't look so bad yourself," she responded easily, the radiant smile never leaving her lips. "Why don't you come in," she asked, standing aside to allow him access to her home. Mark passed through the door and was immediately caught by Mr. Shannon's death glare. He gulped.

"Sit down, Reynolds," Mr. Shannon ordered. He was seated on one of the chairs, his wife beside him. Dr. Shannon looked like she pitied the boy. Mark complied with Mr. Shannon's command. "Maddy, why don't you go…freshen up or something?"

Maddy rolled her eyes, muttered something about her dad scaring off her boyfriend, and then crossed over into her room to pretend to powder her face.

"Reynolds," Mr. Shannon started.

"Y…you can c…call me Mark, sir," the soldier managed to choke out.

"I prefer Reynolds," the man insisted. Mark didn't press the issue further. "You know how I feel about my daughter dating you…how I feel about her dating anyone…"

Mark gulped, half-expecting Mr. Shannon to feed him to a slasher. Dr. Shannon eyed him warily, afraid he may say something to scare the poor boy off.

"But…" Mr. Shannon went on, "if she really must date someone…" Mark waited hopefully. "I'm glad it's you," Mr. Shannon finished.

Mark felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest. He breathed a sigh of relief and his face twitched into a half smirk. Mr. Shannon stilled eyed him suspiciously. "I say that because I've seen how chivalrous you act."

"T…thank you, sir," Mark stuttered.

"But!" Mark winced at the three-letter word. "I'm still laying out some rules! I want her home by nine thirty at the latest. I don't want you going past the gates. I don't want you two getting into any trouble, and if I find out you did anything more than hold her hand, I'll skin you and wear your pelt as a trophy, understand?"

"Jim!" Dr. Shannon interrupted. "You're terrifying him, don't you see?"

"Elisabeth, please. He knows I'm only kidding," Mr. Shannon grinned. "Mostly."

"Mark, you seem like a very nice young man. We're trusting Maddy to you, now go have a good time," Dr. Shannon told him.

"But I didn't get to the…" Mr. Shannon started, but his wife interrupted him.

"Jim, I could use some help hanging this painting on the wall in our bedroom, why don't we go over there now?" It wasn't a question. She hoisted him up off the chair and nudged him towards the back room of the house.

"Remember! Have her home by nine thirty!" he called over his shoulder to Mark.

"Jim…" Elisabeth groaned a warning.

Maddy's door opened as soon as the two were gone and she sauntered over to where Mark stood. "Sorry about my dad, he's a little bit psycho sometimes."

Mark grinned as he placed his arm over her shoulder. "Don't worry about it. You look beautiful by the way."

"Well aren't you sweet?" she replied as they headed for the door. For some reason, Mark couldn't stop smiling.

I know I'm nothing but skin and bones but I sure think you're beautiful, with your long, long hair and your big, blue eyes, I'm thinking 'bout making you mine tonight…

A/N: So there it is guys! Chapter 1! I think this song is, like, the PERFECT representation of their relationship. I've heard some disturbing news about the show: apparently some character that everybody "loves" is going to die in the season finale. I hope to God it isn't Mark because there's so much left to the Mark and Maddy saga that needs to be explored. Kill Malcolm, he's kind of a douche anyway! (Just kidding, Malcolm lovers!) So please let me know what you think. If any of you have recommendations for more songs for this pairing, let me know in a REVIEW! (so please leave one!)

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