Julie corky was realty hot dave noticed. He really wanted to have hawt kinkeh sex with her, especially when he thought she was a swimsuit model named June. This was the time in Julie corky's life when she learned what role playing meant.

"hi," said dave nervously looking anywhere but julie's blossoming bosom.

"hey mr. dave" said Julie smiling at her beloved former middle school teacher.

Julie had just graduated from high school and her family was so proud, especially since ren had graduated from college the year before with high honors and stuff. He had turned out to be a brilliant scientist, concocting new pizza recipes. Some called him an artist. Julie still called him a moron.

Dave had been super excited for this day. Because he had been waiting to go public with Julie. Julie was looking forward to this day to reveal the truth. Not only was she in love with her former teacher, having lots of hawt kinkeh sex with her teacher, and role playing being someone she was not… she pregnant with twins.

"congratz, " said dave happily to Julie on her completion of her education.

"thanks" said Julie pleasantly.

Silence fell for a moment and they looked awkwardly away from each other. The tension was to strong. The moment was right.

tHey kissed.

Sue Sylvester looked excitedly at Julie. She was so happy that her daughter had found love and support in a true man, not like that hooligan steve. He was totally a hooligan because he skateboarded. Besides that, he might have been a nice boy but that was irrleevnt because he skateboardeded. Skateboards are dumb. I hate them. They went out of fashion in the history of the world and should stay there!111!1

Julie's dad was also pleased, although he was more concerned that Aslan was there. Aslan was a lion and shouldnm't be there. It made no sense to julie's dad but he accepted it because everything was topsy turvy today. Julie was a high school grad and a mom to be.

But he didn't know that yet!

"guise," said Julie barely suppressing her joyous demeanor!

"I am soooo exited to tell u that I am pregnant with beautiful twin children courtesy of dave…" she winked at dave, "and june, if you know what I mean" she said quietly so only dave could hear her.

"it's true!" dave yelled hapopily and picked Julie up and swung her around and they kissed and kissed and hooked up.

And they and their beautiful children named Sunshine and Roses lived happily ever after!11

The end.