"Beautiful, isn't she?" Orochimaru said. "She's one of my best students."

He'd noticed Sasuke staring at the match that was happening in the ring below. The girl, who did not appear to be much older than Sasuke himself, was in the middle of what seemed an extremely complicated combination of Taijutsu and Ninjustu. The girl's long hair that looked to be both purple and red, hung almost halfway down her back in tight waves. She brought the index and middle fingers of both her hands to her dark cherry red lips after she completed a series of hand seals and Sasuke watched as she opened her mouth and a batch of red lightning flew from her throat. The lightning struck her dark-haired opponent in the chest and he flew across the room, hitting the wall. Sasuke wondered faintly if he was dead. The girl still stood with her legs spread apart in a bracing position, her small chest heaving. She turned around. She wore black capris, purple shirt, and fingerless fishnet gloves. She wore something akin to a choker around her neck. She looked up at him and before Sasuke knew it she was up on the platform next to him. She held up her right hand. She was smiling.

"You must be Sasuke." She said. "Orochimaru talks about you all the time."

Sasuke stared at her hand until she dropped it back to her side.

"I'm Yucara Zimo." He noticed the dirt and sweat that was smeared over her face, yet her skin still seemed to be glowing. He noticed her eyes, which were magenta but if you looked closely enough you could see little bits of aquamarine swimming in them.

"Hi." Sasuke said. Her smile grew even wider, happy to have coaxed a response out of him. She tilted her head.

"Hi." She said. And with that she spun on the ball of her left foot and disappeared into some dark corridor; leaving Sasuke to stare after her, only slightly curious.

Could one really be so…distant?

That was the question Yucara asked herself. She suspected he hadn't always been like that but he'd come with a goal and he had every intention of achieving it. She could see that in his eyes, black as coal; hear in in his words, though he'd only spoken one and it had contained exactly one syllable.

She wandered down the corridor until she reached a place that looked familiar. She laid her hand on the earthen wall and a hole appeared that was big enough for her to step into it. She resolved to herself not to think about it anymore. He'd probably he here for a while, he couldn't avoid her forever.