This just came out of the blue... it includes both my OCs Michaela (mistakes need to be learned) and Serena (Many Pies of Dean WInchester) Go check those out :) This is just a little random thing I came up with when thinking about what I want to come out of Michaela and Sam... Some reviews would be great :)

He's like Gravity

We don't get peaceful nights anymore, not that they were peaceful before.

I find myself waking up every other hour after we've turned the lights off, checking up on him, tracing the planes of his sleeping face. Sometimes I catch him sitting up in bed, head against the headboard, staring into the darkness. Other times he's writhing around yelling and groaning with the nightmares plaguing him. Ive woken up with more than one bruise as a result of his nightmares, and I can see the remorse and pain in those broken hazel eyes when he traces the blue and purple marks on my skin.

Dean doesn't want him scratching, and no matter how many times I tell him that he can't control those dreams, he can't seem to grasp it. Rena says it's because he hates that he can't do anything to help.

The truth is that I understand him. No one can help Sam. He has to figure everything out on his own. I hate it. Hate when he has to stop walking because of those pounding headaches that no amount of advil can cure, or when he gets another flashback of the soulless monster that he once was. I hate that I can't help him, that my words don't do anything to ease his pain, his guilt, or his sadness.

He doesn't understand why I stayed with him while he was soulless, and all I can tell him is that I made a vow that claimed "for better or for worse". I admit that I left him a few times, that I signed my fair share of divorce papers before burning them, but Sam always brought me back.

He has his own gravitational pull when it comes to me.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.