"Bring it!" I yelled at Timber. He threw the ball and I ducked because the ball went flying over my head. Timber has trouble pitching to people.

"Just relax," I yelled again. Timber nodded. He relaxed and threw the ball again. It went past my head again. Finally the last pitch came up, he took a deep breath in and threw. I swung my bat and **Crack** went the ball.

"Yes." I tossed the bat aside and jogged around the bases. As I hit second base a cute guy came in on his bike. I mean what... The ball hit him right in the head.

"OOO!" We all ran over to the guy on the ground. "Oops" I said kneeling down. D.P. got down and said, "He looks bad. We should go something."

"Yeah, kick him. See if he's faking it," suggested Wings.

"Kick him? What are you? Nuts?" asked D.P.

"Nuts?" began Two-ton, "Good idea, kick in the family jewels. Excellent fake-breaker." I gave a light laugh.

"Yeah, that should wake him up," replied Wings.

"Bad idea on many levels," Q came up, "as a medical procedure, I think kicking is way down on the list of remedies."

"Got any better ideas Q?" asked Two-ton.

"Slap in the face?" D.P. suggested.

"Bucket of water, that always works," said Wings.

"My mom said you should always wake someone up gently," Wok said.

"Gently," repeated Roll. I got down also and started to poke the guy on the ground.

"How about seeking medical attention? Doofus. The average ambulance takes 4 minutes to respond to a scene of an accident." Q stated.

"Kick in the family jewels, lot faster," continued Two-ton. Again getting another laugh from me.

"We're going to get this guy some help!" I interjected.

"Why are you in charge all of a sudden Sam?" Wings asked. 'Yeah's' came from here and there.

"Because I said so, and I'm a girl!"

"What's that got to do with anything?" Q asked.

"Yeah, besides I'm clearly the tallest," said Timber.

"I'm the smartest," Q stated.

"I think you mean shortest," Two ton corrected, "I'm the biggest."

"I think you mean…fattest." Wok and Roll said. Two ton glared at them. I looked at Wings and we laughed. I looked back at the guy, and placed my head next to his mouth, I could hear him breath. That's a good sign, but there was a huge bump on his head.

"I'm the captain," D.P. piped up. 'What's' came out of every mouth.

"Who made you captain D.P?" asked Wings.

"The catcher is always the captain." He replied.

"Guys! Look!" I yelled. Everyone looked down. He rubbed his neck groaning.

"We can still kick him before it's too late." Two ton would not give up that idea. I face-palmed.

"Some one ask him a question." someone said. He looked around the circle of guys before looking at me.

"Good idea," said Timber.

"Who's the greatest baseball player of all time?" I asked.

"I am," he replied.

"What?" we said in unison. "Who are you?" someone asked.

"Tommy Santorelli," he said.

"I don't care if you're Steve Garvy, it's Babe Ruth." Wings said.

"Hello? The colossus of clout."

"The sultan of swat?"

"The King of Crash"

"Homerun king"

"The Babe"

"The Great Bambino!" we shouted.

"No! It's Santa!" Tommy yelled.

"Santa… as in Claus?" asked Roll.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he passed out.

"Can I kick him now?" asked Two ton.

"Go ahead."

"Back up kids!" Two ton's uncle, Pork Chop, came running towards us. I got up and stood by Wings. "I'm trained for this. Now, who started it?" We all pointed to Tommy. Pork Chop took off his hat and said, "Stand back," he was about to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

"Ewww!" we yelled, as he got closer and closer to Tommy. Then Tommy's eyes shot open.

"AHHH!" he yelled. He kicked his legs away and got up. "What's going on here?" he asked.

"All right kids give him some air. What happened?" Chops asked.

"He took a fly ball to the head," I said to Pork Chop, and, "Sorry," to Tommy.

"It would've been a triple for Sam if he hadn't screwed it up." Timber said.

"Ha! In her dreams," said Wok.

"Oh shut up!" I yelled.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" interrupted Chops, "Are we gonna have a problem here?" he asked, "Because we don't want a situation do we?" Chops sighed. "Are you going to be all right kid?" he asked Tommy.

"Who you calling kid tubs?" Tommy answered with a question. My jaw dropped.

"Is that anyway to talk to an officer of the law?" Chops replied. I could hear D.P. and Wings laughing.

"Where's my PDA?" Tommy asked. We were confused.

"Your what?" I asked.

"My blackberry?" he replied. Pork Chop grabbed Two ton's snow cone,

"Hey! That's mine! Besides it's not blackberry its strawberry banana."

"Are you serious? I love strawberry banana," Chops said taking a bite out of the snow cone. I laughed.

"I think he's that new kid that moved on Glenview road." Wok said.

"What are you talking about?" Tommy yelled, "I live in Beverly Hills. What's up with this kid crap? And which one of you jacked my phone? I need to call my agent. And don't even think about autographs!" he yelled.

"Why would we want your autograph?" I asked.

"1976. My centennial?" he asked. He looked at Chops' sunglasses. "Whoa. What's going on?" Tommy then fainted. Chops caught his sunglasses and said,

"We got a situation." Chops took Tommy home and we decided to call it a day.