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Italics- Japanese

1. It's His Fault

"How did you get past the guards?"

"Who knows? ~"

"What country are you from?"


"What family are you from?"

"I work alone."

"Who in the hel- are you?" G growled, trying to dig his fingernails into the wood of the interrogation table. The red head twitched as he saw a smirk curve the mouth of the suave, handsome looking intruder.

"I'm the world's greatest hitman."

"That's bullsh-t!"

Just as the temperamental guardian is ready to pounce on the infuriating fedora-wearing stranger, Asari took G by the arms and held him back.

"Ma~ ma~ Let's not get too hasty~ At least he's telling the truth~"

"Flute-freak, whatever he's saying might as well be a lie!"

From the corner far away from the others, the cloud guardian of the Vongola first generation flashes his cuffs out dangerously, narrowing his eyes.


"No Alaude, you cannot bring him down to your interrogation room." The first generation boss sighed, hoping that his cloud guardian would at least listen to him.

By some miracle, the aloof guardian lowered his cuffs. Giotto could see the twitch from Alaude's hand though, meaning that the CEDEF leader wouldn't be so obedient for long.

"Nufufufu… I could provide some….help… if you wish, Primo."

"N-No, that's fine Daemon…"

They want the intruder's mind to be intact, not separated.

Finally released from Asari's grip, G slammed his hands onto the table, making it tremble.

"Look! I want answers and I know what you're after!"

"Do you?"

Raising an eyebrow, G watch as the fedora-wearing man slightly lift up his head, his eyes still hidden by the shadowing of his hat. G wouldn't admit it but a shiver went down his spine as he saw the stranger's smirk stretching a little wider.

"Tell me: what am I after?" he challenged, making G grind his teeth as his face turns red from frustration. In truth, there's no telling what the hitman –as he proclaims– want. When they found him, he has his hands up ready to be arrested, already giving in. He doesn't even have a weapon! Just a weird pet lizard and a pretty cool (G begrudgingly admitted) fedora.

As the intruder chuckles in humor (most were pretty sure it was just to make fun of the storm guardian), G's hand twitched over to the gun in his holster.

Giotto sweated; he has a feeling that the stranger is taking their frustrations into his own enjoyment.

"How about I take this over, G?" Giotto offered. He really wants this interrogation room to be in one piece- or they'll end up using Alaude's interrogation room for a temporary substitute. The reason why it seems so dreadful is because that no one knows what goes on in Alaude's interrogation room. And Giotto, frankly, doesn't want to find that out anytime soon.

"I got this Primo."

"Ma~ ma~ Take a break G and let Giotto handle this~" Asari happily persuaded as he led the protesting storm guardian away from the table so that Giotto could be able to continue the interrogation himself.

As he took G's place, Giotto decided to take the interrogation into a different approach. It's obvious that they're not getting anything out of the stranger if they kept threatening him.

"We mean you no harm." Giotto stated truthfully though he couldn't be taken into account for his storm, cloud, or mist guardian. When they wanted blood, they wanted blood. "But our security measures aren't so easy to get through. Could you please state your reason of being here?"

"Primo! There's no need for you to be polite to that bas-d!" G complained in the background but Giotto decided to ignore the comment.

The Vongola Primo waver his eyes up and down at the sitting figure in front of him. The intruder was strangely relaxed, his long legs and feet –showing off those spit-shine suave, black dress shoes– are propped on the table as he leaned back on his chair, his hands rested on his stomach. They could easily tell that his clothes are finely-made and expensive, yet they never seen or heard of a rich tycoon like him before (that puts a sore spot on Alaude's pride to know that the man has been able to elude him from his information network). For some reason, what stand out the most in his appearances are the innocent curly sideburns bouncing next to the intruder's face. There's just something that makes them stand out so much. There was also no air of danger around the stranger, making him seemingly harmless, but Giotto has a feeling that would change if the situation calls for it.

"There's no reason. I just ended up here."

"Like hel- anyone would believe you!"

Giotto held up his hand to silence his storm guardian, visibly narrowing his eyes at the intruder with suspicions, yet confusion.

The man isn't lying: he trusts his intuition enough to know that this is true. In fact; the man wasn't lying the whole time, always answering their question with the truth (though his mind is on par with his intuition about the "I'm the world's greatest hitman" declaration, for who in the world is going to believe that?). But the problem isn't that the intruder wasn't answering their questions or answering them truthfully; the problem is that he's not being detailed enough with his answers. They were always too short or too mysterious.

"Okay… how did you get into our territory?"


There. A simple, truthful yet mysterious answer that make no sense at all. From the corner of his eyes, Giotto could tell that G wanted to add a comment to the ridiculous answer. Well, Giotto couldn't blame his best friend really. He kinda wanted to loudly question the answer too.

"Please cooperate with us or this might take all day till late at night. I'm sure you have a busy schedule to attend to and don't want to waste any of your time here." Giotto decided to try another tactic; compromising. Being lenient wouldn't do well with this guy, nor threatening him will help the situation even more (Giotto has a feeling that he's actually entertained at their attempts of get information out of him; as if it was child's play itself). But despite that he used that method of approach, the intruder didn't say anything more, nor did he look worried or concerned, so Giotto decided to try to find another set of methods to use.

Please notice the key word: look.

Yes, the 'intruder' indeed did not look concern or worried or any kind of emotion that would make his title "the world's greatest hitman" unbefitting. But, of course being the great hitman he is, Giotto couldn't sense the rather dark foreboding emotions clouding his mind.

He's getting impatient. Sure, he had his fun messing with them at first but they've been pulling this out for far too long.

His eyes flash towards the exit for only less than a second before looking back at the Vongola first generation famiglia.

He doesn't have time for this: Tsuna is waiting for him in the bushes where he left the child. He had no choice but to hide Tsuna as soon as they were surrounded and guns were pointed at them. While he have clear confidence in his ability as a hitman, knocking them out without a scratch, Tsuna would not be so fortunate. The kid is both clumsy and unlucky.

He supposed that he could shoot down his interrogators and walk out of the mansion (though leaving a bloody path of dead bodies while at it), but he reminded himself that this is the Vongola's first generation famiglia; very important people that he could not just annihilate so easily without any punishment. If it wasn't for that fact, he could easily get rid of them with a flicker of his wrist: he is Reborn after all.

Now, most would be question: how did the famous Reborn got himself into such a mess? Sure, the hitman is practically the definition trouble itself, but he knows how to stay out of any misfortunes that would come towards his way (and use that misfortunes meant for him against the latter…).

But it all started with one godforsaken bas-d.

Iemitsu Sawada.

That idiota bionda [1].

Well, then again, it wasn't Iemitsu's fault that the Bovino brat decided today –of all days– to come and 'challenge him', and it also wasn't Iemitsu's fault that Giannini also decided to 'upgrade' the Ten Year Bazooka not too long ago for whatever idiotic reason there is. But Reborn has a rather unyielding grudge on the boisterous man, so blaming him is the first thing that came to mind.

Don't worry: he hasn't forgotten about the Bovino brat and Giannini…

"Is anyone with you..?"


Yes. Tsuna was with him. He wants to barge out of the room and get to the small brunet before the kid stumbles into some kind of trouble. Knowing Tsuna's luck (having to witness it too many times to count), he could've been eaten by an animal or found by one of the Vongola's subordinate and got capture, and possibly soon after, tortured. Or worse.

Tsuna's fate would most likely go towards 'the worse' option.

"Just get Daemon to use his stupid illusions or give him to Alaude already!"

"N-Now G, the man has been answering truthfully and hasn't done anything against us." Giotto protested, trying to calm down his best friend with the reassuring fact.

"Yet. The bas-d hasn't done anything to us yet." G argued, clearly looking for a way to just get the infuriating stranger out of his hair and out of his life so that he could continue his day without any more worries… before some other worrisome thing might come into his life again, like Giotto skipping out on his paper work again…

"Ma~ ma~ Why not just let him go? It's obvious that he has no intentions of doing anything to the Vongola~"

"No intentions my as-!"

A one-sided argument developed between the rain and the storm guardian at that moment.

Then the illusionist of the group leisurely commented his opinion on the matter (which is an 'I don't care' kind of response since he didn't see how this event would benefit him anymore) which earned a rather insulting remark about the mist guardian hair from G ("Shut up Melon-head!" he had said) which was an enough reason for Daemon to bring out his scythe as G brought out his gun. Alaude, annoyed from the noise that his fellow guardians are making, decided that they needed to be thoroughly punished ("I'll arrest you all." Was the simple yet frightening threat he had made). Giotto and Asari are currently trying to prevent a war happening inside the small space they have of the interrogation room ("Daemon! G! Calm down! A-Alaude, don't activate your flames!" "Haha! Ma~ ma~ Why don't we all just get along?").

Reborn look upon them: for some reason, it came to no surprise for him to know the fact that the first generation are acting like idiots. Hey, Iemitsu is a descendant from Vongola Primo- he has to wonder where the man's stupidity came from.

Suddenly, a knock on the door echoed throughout the room; the boss and his guardians had then stopped fighting. Slowly, they began to gather their composure back. They shouldn't act like that in front of their subordinates; especially if it is an emergency like this. Everyone knows not to interfere or knock while they are interrogating; for they might see some things rather… inappropriate. For them to knock in the middle of a session… it's probably serious.

Reborn couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at the sudden rise of maturity, petting his partner, Leon, as he observes them carefully. Well, at least they are acting what a boss and guardians should act like. He might have to tutor them if they do anything that would stain the Vongola's name.

Giotto, with mellow eyes of alertness and maturity, stood up straight with a bursting power of authority, his guardians following his lead.

"Come in."

With the permission that could be clearly heard through the large thick door, a brown-haired man in his early thirties strides in quickly with a nervous expression. He took a quick look around before relaxing for only a little. He was one of the unfortunate people who once had to interrupt his boss and his boss' guardians during one of their rather difficult interrogation. That day, he certainly didn't think he'll be at the end of Daemon's gory illusions that was only meant for the enemy they were interrogating. Those were hard times: he even had to apply for a mental institution just to help convince himself that monsters weren't crawling on his skin. Good thing he has a strong will; the others who went with him are still in the very same mental institution…

"Boss, I came with an… interesting… find…" He worded carefully, his eyes solely on Giotto and only on Giotto; he almost looked as if he's accusing his boss of something…

Giotto tried to shake off the disturbing premonition, ignoring the fact that the stranger they were interrogating was looking at his subordinate with peaked interest. The Vongola Primo shook it off as curiosity.

"What did you find, Distruzione?" Giotto asked with a tone of great respect for the man, though he still manages to keep his air of authority up. Heck, anyone that can survive Daemon's illusion has his respect.

Reborn lip twitch to the side when he heard the name: how original. Seeing that from the distance, G glared at the intruder in spite though Reborn promptly ignores him.

"Well… a kid…" Distruzione answered hesitantly.

While everyone gave strange looks to the fact that the subordinate had interrupted them in the middle of a session because they found some kid; they didn't notice the significant change of Reborn's eyes going darker than they already are.

"And… excuse Primo…but… is it possible that the kid could be yours..?"

There was a moment of silence inside the room. The mature and boss-like posture he had suddenly slump in shock at the accusation… what?

"W-What makes you think it's my k-kid…?" Giotto stuttered in disbelieve, aghast at the claim. He clearly remembers being single throughout his life –as sad as that sounds– and he clearly has no memories of knocking up a woman; he's pretty sure he haven't done a thing like that even when he's drunk!

If you look over at G, you could see the expression of shock, betrayal, and confusion.

"G-Giotto? A KID? Since when?"

"Since never! I'm pretty sure I don't have a kid!"

"Hahaha! Congrats Giotto, though you should've told us sooner! You know how G gets when you keep stuff from him~"


"A-Asari, I swear I didn't have a kid!"

"Nufufufu…. And I thought you would be the most decent out of all of us~ Guess I was wrong~"

Alaude didn't say anything but the aloof guardian didn't think any further on the subject as he already had his cuffs out, ready to arrest Giotto. For what, it wasn't really clear but Giotto definitely somehow offended the CEDEF leader in some way.

"Come on guys! If I knew I had a kid, I would've told you in the first place!" Giotto tried to explain as he turns over to the sheepish subordinate, who looks rather awkward about the subject. "Please tell me this some kind of joke." Giotto pleaded.

Distruzione rub the back of his neck, indicating that this isn't some type of joke that they are supposed to laugh about the next minute.

"I'm sorry boss but he looks so much like you… aside of the brown hair and eyes but-"

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Distruzione did not imagine himself to be lifted up off the ground, being rather a very large man himself, fearfully then staring into the eyes of seemingly endless black orbs. Distruzione's grip is held loosely on the arm holding him up; not bothering to struggle since he was afraid that the hand gripping on his neck would only tighten till it would break his neck.

The many of the guardians could only gape of the sudden turns of event.

The air of innocence and playfulness that the intruder has suddenly turned into something much darker and much more sinister.

They now understood the fact that he wasn't lying about being a hitman immediately at that moment. The way he holds himself screams 'superior' and 'dangerous', the air around him suppressing and thick, just daring anyone to get into his personal space without getting killed. There wasn't that relaxed posture that they were accustom to anymore: now it held a level of maturity and awareness that could surpass any other. As his head was held up to look at the subordinate in his grasp, they could now see his eyes much more clearly- yet some wished at the same time that it would probably be better if he kept hiding his eyes under the fedora. Sharp black orbs that could seemingly look at your soul, alerted and narrowed to a scary degree of danger. There was simply no way to describe how powerful the man was: and Giotto gulped at the sheer pressure of it, finding himself unable to move or speak. He willed his body to move so that he could get Distruzione away from the intruder's grip but his body refused to correspond. It seems that the others also had a similar problem.

"The boy, where is he?" the low, alluring baritone voice that use to be full of sadistic humor and self-entertainment is now put in a shiver-worthy tone that promises pain and torture to the poor victim it is directed to.

Knowing from the fact that something horrible will happen to him if he doesn't answer the intimidating figure soon enough; Distruzione open his dry mouth, sprouting out incoherent words, much to the hitman's annoyance. And to show it, Reborn tighten his grip on Distruzione's neck. Fear settling deep down in the subordinate's mind, he was about to go and spill every single thing he knows- before a loud, yet muffled, wailing cry could be heard not too far away from where they're at.

Recognizing the cry, Reborn threw his captive right onto Giotto and stride out of the room- before already disappearing like some kind of apparition.

Inside the interrogation room, a deadly silence took over. It took a few minutes for the boss and the guardians to regain their motor-skills back: Alaude being the first one and already dashing out of the room.

Giotto faintly wonders if he should be worried that Alaude looked rather excited…

Daemon was then the next one to disappear after their rather frightening intruder and soon after, the rest of them went to capture the recently escaped intruder (right after Giotto made sure that Distruzione is still alive with them, for the man's spirit is hanging out from his mouth).

One thought went through most of their heads: What in the hel- just happened? Well, some worded it more subtly than the others but it's similar to that extent. Now knowing the magnitude of the hitman's power, they have no choice but to bring their weapons out just to subdue the intruder. Or in G, Daemon, and Alaude case: to kill.

Weapons ready and tension up, they barged into one of the guest room where the kid would most likely be held at.

Giotto eyes widen, incredulous at the sight in front of him.

Most of the other guardians weren't sure what to think when they saw the bodies of their subordinates scattered around the room. It was almost like a bloody massacre had just happened- maybe it is a bloody massacre. The man was only out of their sights for a few minutes and he had already created a room of carnage of many of their men. They suspected that as soon as there were words of the intruder attacking, many of their men ran in to subdue whoever that dared to attack them but none was spared by whatever the hitman has done to them.

In the middle of the room, the hitman was there standing in the central destruction, most of his back slightly turned towards them. An opportunity to get him while his back is turned? Alaude was just about to do that when he heard a strain and quiet sniffle that sounded so pitiful. It was not clear as to why, but Alaude backed down soon after.

"Shhh…" the hitman responded softly with a hushed tone.

From his recent power burst, the others were surprised to find that the oppressing air that was around the hitman earlier has disappeared; as if it was never there in the first place. Just like that, in those last ten minutes, the man changed from playful, to deadly, now to comforting?

"I'm sorry Tsuna; that must've been really scary." Reborn said in a soft tone as he rocked the boy back and forth. As he did, the guardians could see the noticeable messy brown hair, belonging to a small child bundle up in the hitman's arms. They were really surprise to notice that the hitman is speaking in fluent Japanese though Asari could tell that there is something rather a bit odd about it... "Did they hurt you, Tsuna?"

The boy slowly responded by shaking his head against the hitman's shoulders.

Suddenly, the hitman decided to turn his eyes towards them, his black-eyes gleaming as his sideburns bounced, as if daring them to come any closer. He's making sure to watch their every moments, while tending to the child's comfort at the same time.

Because of the slight turn of Reborn's body, they could see the boy a little better. He was such a tiny thing with a small body that is trembling, sniffles could easily be heard from across the room and the poor thing looks to be as young as only five-years old. The brunet's face is pressed against Reborn shoulder, and it doesn't seem like the child plans to unstick his body from the hitman's chest any time soon. They could see how tightly the child is clinging onto Reborn's clothes also, to the point that his knuckles are white.

"R-Rebown…" the voice was weak and meek, raw from crying.

"Yes Tsuna?" the man they now know is named Reborn responded without missing a pace, his eyes not moving from the first generation famiglia.

"I-I wanna g-go home…"

What the child said was very disheartening; that even Alaude and Daemon had to cringe at the sad statement.

"Don't worry Tsuna, we will." Reborn promised with sheer confidence, his eyes then narrowing at the people frozen before them.

Reborn then made his decision, seeing no choice or any other option at the moment.

"Vongola First Generation Famiglia." Reborn went back to his native language as he swept his gaze over to all the guardians, who went defensive once again, flashing their weapons towards the hitman named Reborn. Though most knew that they couldn't use their weapons anyway; for bringing a child into the middle of a battle is not an option. "Vongola Primo. I would like to talk to you."

[1] Blond Idiot in Italian

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