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3. I'm From the Future

Knuckle switches his gaze from his boss, who is at one end of the table, to the stranger, who is at the other end of the meeting table.

This would usually be one of those moments where he loudly exclaims his questioning thoughts on who in the world is the man in the fedora- if he didn't feel how tense the atmosphere is of course. Being mature as he is (a bit more mature than Ryohei of course), he knows better than to act so oblivious or obnoxious at these moments.

He just came back from the nearby town; helping out at the town's sick-bay and preaching at their local church- as usual. It's something that he does when he has the free time; like when he doesn't have a mission or that there doesn't seem to be any other casualties that needed his attention. The town is also very close by so that if anything happens, he could get back in 15 minutes.

But when he came back, finished with his usual activities back at town, he was surprised by how frantic and active Vongola mansion was; as if they have been attacked or something. Sadly, Knuckle doesn't know how close that is to the truth.

Soon after, he was called to the guest room for immediate medical attention and was surprised once again as he saw the floor being littered by their unconscious subordinates (or dead, he couldn't tell…). At first, he thought that either Alaude or Daemon has gotten out of control again and beaten up their poor subordinates in the process (it's not the first time they did it; you think they would learn after so many annoying preaches from the Priest himself) but Knuckle reconsidered the theory (that is most likely probable) when he realized that they were all just unconscious. None of them have any life-threaten wounds and very few even have a bruise. Whoever knocked them out- he/she didn't plan on harming them any further.

Then he was called out for a meeting and he wasn't allowed to skip out just to take care of their fallen men. This was very strange since Giotto usually put the well-being of his subordinates rather than some meeting which the details could be inform to him at a later time. This automatically means that the meeting is very important. Of course, the other meetings that they have in the past are important as well but for Giotto to actually demanded everyone's presences (he never forces anyone to attend the meeting since he understands that they all have a busy life- that and he particularly didn't want to force Daemon and Alaude in the same room together), you automatically know that something is terribly wrong.

So here he is: confuse and slightly intimidated. Not because Alaude is giving out a very deadly aura (or the matter of fact that G and Daemon are also giving out their very own deadly aura too); it's because of the fact that his boss is giving out a deadly aura as well. It's not as if his boss is angry or anything (he have seen Giotto angry before and never did he ever want to be at the end of the stick) but he could tell that Giotto is making himself intimidating on purpose.

Looking at the others, he could see Asari smiling his carefree smile– Knuckle noted that it looks a bit strained.

G looks infuriated, but maybe that's a bit of an understatement for G. Knuckles couldn't help but note the ugly expression the other has with the equally ugly scowl.

Alaude looks ready to kill- making his bloodlust very obvious to anyone in the room. He kept looking back at the stranger with some kind of excited gleam in his eyes… should Knuckle be worried? He also made a note to preach the other about how violence isn't the answer to everything.

Daemon has the same kind of blood-lusting aura as Alaude; except that he looks more amused than anything. Out of past experiences, Knuckle knew he should be worried.

Lampo looks terrified; Knuckles guess that the Lightning Guardian is as clueless as he was of the situation. The poor teen has no clue why most of everyone –including Giotto– is releasing such a poisonous aura where normal people would've literally choked under. He was sleeping in his room when G just randomly barged in and forcefully dragged him into the meeting room.

Knuckle then turn his gaze back at the strange stranger for the umpteenth time today. In truth, the Priest didn't know what to make of the newcomer- probably because of the disregarding expression he has on his face, as if he doesn't notice how everyone else is uncomfortable when it's quite obvious even to those who are less skilled. It's apparent to anyone in a five mile radius that he's wealthy; if the clothes aren't any further indication. But he also have an aura that practically screams nobility- someone who demands respect and Knuckle has a feeling that the respect is actually well earned. Before he could evaluate the suave-looking man even more, he saw something flicker upon the other's face.

Is it just him or did he see an amuse expression on the stranger's face? How could anyone be amuse in this tense atmosphere is beyond him. The First Generation Sun Guardian felt a sense of foreboding- and not the good kind.

Knuckles then heard a quiet sniffle, blinking slightly as he realized that it came towards the direction of where the newcomer is. To his shock, he finally notices the tiny, curled-up body buried into man's chest. It's a wonder how he hasn't noticed the child before but somehow, it's understandable if he didn't in the first place. The stranger made it clear that the attention should be solely on him and not the child, so he made his presence much more noticeable so that they wouldn't pay attention to the little boy. And the way the child is practically digging himself a nest into the body of the stranger is also adding to the invisibility effect.

His eyes couldn't help but soften at the sight- at the same time; he hoped that the child will be okay since G, Alaude and Daemon are in the same room…

He sends a prayer to God insisting that the child will be safe, innocent and sound by the end of this meeting. It could get pretty ugly depending on the day…


The said Priest slightly jumps up in surprise as he looks back at his boss, taking away his attention on the couple at the other end of the table, and watches for any indication of what his long-time friend needed. He almost chuckles at how his friend's face softens to a more worried expression though he still kept his intimidating aura up.

"How are our men?"

Knuckle gave Giotto a reassuring grin as he heard the predictable question, hoping it would ease the tension in his friend's figure.

"It's nothing to worry about Giotto- they are just unconscious. Sure there are a few bruises here and there but nothing even near life-threatening."

Somehow, what Knuckles said made a significant change in the Primo's decision, for the intimidating aura he had lessen considerably.

"Wait, wait, wait- they were all just unconscious?" G questioned rather loudly as he looks at the Priest with disbelief.

Knuckles, feeling almost rather offended by the Storm Guardian's skepticism, huffed while nodding soon after in confirmation.

"Just unconscious. I see nothing else wrong with them."

Then at that instant, everyone's gaze (with the exception of Lampo and Knuckles who just follow their gaze soon after) turns towards the stranger.

Reborn looks incredibly casual despite having a child in his arms. With his expensive shoes relaxed on the finely furnished table, one of his arms resting behind his head in a lazy manner, and his tauntingly slouch posture that is meant to infuriate those who are around him (mainly G who has a feeling that the other isn't actually taking this seriously), they know that the meeting has finally started.

Before, he seemed more docile and relaxed- his attention a little more focused on the child in his arms than the others (which, not to mention, also infuriated G; actually, a lot of things that the hitman does infuriated the Storm Guardian), but now they can feel the playful and sinister aura swirling around.

Everyone tense– even Knuckle and Lampo who had no clue what is going on. But they knew at an instant that this man is very dangerous. For anyone to disregard the bloodlust and malice coming towards him- he must've have a lot of confidence and skill to not coward at the pressure (unlike Lampo, who is deep into his chair trying to back away).

Just then, the fedora-wearing hitman smirk. Almost everyone shiver at the sight.

"I'll tell you the truth then- since everything seemed to be out of the bag~" The hitman had said in a playful tone that makes it almost even more horrifying than entertaining or reassuring.

Some couldn't help but lean in as they readied themselves for what the other is about to say. Sure, what the man with the curly-sideburns said could turn out to be a lie but they were just so curious to what the hitman could've said. So far, all he said turns out to be the truth- what makes this time different?

It was then that Reborn had smiled an innocent smile.

"I'm from the future."

'….eh?' That was the thought that went through most of their minds: well, some worded it rather crudely.

Everyone stares at the carefree-looking hitman, expressions going from shock to disbelief to curious and to interest. But mostly shock and disbelief.

"…..….wha?" It sounded very meek coming from Giotto. Well, you couldn't blame him; he really didn't expect that. Out of all the answers that he is assumed to get- this isn't one of them. Then again, he probably should anticipate a response like this seeing how his life goes and such… (wait, does that mean you actually believe Reborn?)

There was a moment of silence between the guardians and the hitman.

It doesn't look like anyone is going to attempt to break the very ominous quietness any time soon; heck, not even Reborn. Being the sadistic bas-d he is, he found every one of their shocked expression very entertaining to look at…

"THAT'S BULL-SHIT!" Of course, G has to be the one to continue the meeting by exclaiming his disbelief on the so-called possibility of time-traveling. Well, it does seem a bit farfetched… (G: a bit? It's impossible! Idiotic!)

"Ohhhh! That makes sense!"


Asari smiles at the fuming red-headed guardian while nodding as if everything makes perfect sense.

"Remember when he was speaking Japanese? His dialect is very strange and I never heard of it before but it would make sense if he's from the future! Since our dialect would change over time of course."

"You're the only idiot who could think that makes any sense." G deadpanned, wondering if there is a limit to how gullible their Rain Guardian could be. G is beginning to think there isn't even a limit to how gullible he could be. Can't they tell that the guy is bluffing?

"Oh come on G~ He never lied to us before~"

G has the urge to facepalm- they trusted this guy too easily! Sure he trust Giotto's intuition to tell them if this guy is bad or not but they couldn't always rely on it, especially if this Reborn guy is a good liar!

"That could change! Did you not see what he did, you idiota!"

"Oh, but he didn't really hurt anyone~ Just knocked them unconscious~"

"My Lord, have mercy- did he do all that?" Knuckle couldn't help but exclaim in disbelief as soon as he was informed of the fact that the strange stranger sitting at the end of the table is the cause of all of their unconscious men.

All of his fellow guardians' expressions confirm it: With G's scowl, Asari's positive smile, Giotto's sigh, Daemon's chuckle (his sinister and creepy one which warns people that he has a rather devious plan that is about to partake), and Alaude's narrowed eyes, he knows now who is responsible for the scene of carnage.

Lambo, who was at first as clueless as Knuckle, looks at the newcomer in fear.

For some reason, Knuckle looks more elated than horrified.

"My, you are quite strong!"

"Don't compliment him!"

"Isn't he, Knuckles-san?" Asari responded with one of his calming smiles. "I was so surprised to see how strong he really is."

"And you! Stop going along with that knuckle-head!"

Giotto sighs once again. Weren't they in the middle of the meeting? "Let's continue-"

"He's the enemy! Get it right you idiotas!" G interrupted as he tries to smack some sense (almost quite literally) into his fellow guardians' head.

"Aw, but he was only attacking because he thought that his kid was in trouble~"

"A man who has a loving heart for children must have a kind soul for humanity!"

"That brat could've been kidnapped for all we know!"

Suddenly, a green-colored pan made a connection to G's face; the victim then slump down holding onto his face as he began to sprout an array of colorful words.

Many sweatdrop while Giotto had the courtesy of facepalming. This is not going to end well. Lampo, of course, who has the courtesy to laugh at the Storm Guardian's misery, did not help the situation any further.

"I'll deal with you later, you brat." G grumbled as he glared at the spoiled Lightning Guardian through his fingers. Lampo tried to look brave despite the scary glare he was given.

"AND WHO IN THE HELL THREW THAT?" G then questioned loudly soon after, his gaze immediately set on Reborn who had an oh-so innocent expression with an oh-so innocent smile on his face.

The hitman tilted his head in a cutesy and innocent like fashion (which might actually be believable if his eyes weren't shadowed… and the fact that there was an evil glint in his eyes).

"What? I didn't do anything wrong~" Reborn said in an innocent tone… laced with sadistic amusement.


"G-G, calm down!"

"Ma~ Ma~ He means no harm G~ You shouldn't called the someone's kid a 'brat' in the first place anyway~"

"Who side are you taking, flute-freak!

From there, while Asari (who is laughing merrily) is holding G back along with Giotto (though the Vongola boss understands his best friend's irritation and anger, he has a feeling that his Storm Guardian is just leading himself to a quick death… –insert shiver– And he doesn't even need his hyper intuition to figure that out), Knuckles started to preach on how G should forgive the fedora-wearing hitman (in a loud, holy voice that seem to shake the room; and annoy some of the resident); Lampo started laughing (mostly towards G's while also trying to dodge the hot-headed guardian's bullets who is somehow able to get his gun and shoot at the poor Lightning Guardian), which is no surprise really; and Daemon was practically amuse while somehow annoyed by the chaos in the meeting room (it's quite obvious with the dangerous gleam in his eyes and the "Nufufufufu~" that came out from his lips). Alaude is– well–

Hearing the noise of Alaude's cuffs clinking, everyone turns their head towards their resident Cloud Guardian to see him eyeing each person with a very terrifying glare. His cuffs gleam menacingly in his gloved-hand.

"Sit down and shut up." The CEDEF leader narrows his eyes. "Or I'll arrest you all."

The temperature in the room seems drop several degrees below zero.

Slowly, as if almost automatically, anyone who had stood sat down back to their original seats. Many of them had already sealed their mouths- with the exception of Daemon. The demon-like guardian gave a smirk that obviously meant that he isn't going to listen to what the CEDEF leader had said.

"Nufufufufu… someone is a bit cranky~"

From there on, Alaude decided to arrest Daemon (and kill him in the process) while Daemon decided to bring his scythe out and decapitate the other (not to mention purposely trying to scar the CEDEF leader with his illusions).

"Alaude! Daemon! Sit down!" Giotto ordered- though he does look a bit hesitant to even try to stop their fighting. You can't blame him though; getting in between those two is like stopping an elephant stampede.

Reborn notices this and raise an eyebrow.

Through the glares from the Primo and whatnot, they reluctantly sat down… very reluctantly. Actually, they didn't really stop fighting until Giotto made a small death threats in a low voice, and when Giotto actually made death threats; that mean everyone should consider ducking into a nuclear bomb shelter.

Finally, everything settles; Giotto wanted to pound his head onto the meeting table several times. God, have mercy on him: today was stressful. And for the first time, it's not because of his guardians (wait… let him rethink about that) or because of the dreaded piles of paperwork that he has to fill out back in his office (paperwork actually sounded heavenly at the moment if he doesn't have to deal with this). It's because of this sadistic, fedora-wearing hitman that practically came out of nowhere (with the intention of bringing more chaos to his already chaotic life; so Giotto thought) who had him and his guardian tired out in the first few minutes to meeting him. With only just 5 hours of knowing the man with the curly sideburns, Giotto knows very well that Reborn is cunning, sly, devilish, and deceitful. It almost seemed that with every movement he had made–every single word that he said– is meant to irritate him and his guardians… actually, he would be surprised if that is true…

Giotto then slowly turns his gaze back towards Reborn… that jerk… he's finding this hilarious. The amused smirk full of sadistic humor just proves it.

Clearing his throat, trying to find some sanity with these –seemingly– insane people, he tries to turn the attention, and hopefully the topic, towards Reborn, who is still in the same position as he was ten minutes ago before his guardians decided to have a spat with each other (he has a feeling that Reborn led them to that point).

The Vongola first generation boss then notices something different on Reborn. The child, who has been pressing onto the hitman as if he's trying to blend his body into the other, was looking at them. Well, more like taking a small peak since he can still barely see the child's face but it's enough to notice that the child has been looking at them. It almost broke the Primo's heart to see how red and puffy the little one's eyes are and how the other would occasionally sniffle, though this is the first time he could hear the sniffles seeing that they were muffled by the hitman's suit when the child press his face against it and the fact that this is probably the quietest his guardians have been being in a room together.

When Tsuna then notices the blond man from across the table looking at him, he hid his face once again and press onto his babysitter's suit. He didn't want to trouble Reborn with a wet shoulder once again but it couldn't be helped- it calms him down. It doesn't seem like Reborn had minded since he curled his arm tighter around Tsuna.

The brown-haired child was curious enough to want to know what is going on. The strange but beautifully sounded language just encourages him to look over at them even more, seeing that he doesn't understand a single thing that has been said. Sure, he was well aware of how scary they are (he can practically feel the bloodlust since none of them were even trying to hide it) but they almost sounded like his friends back at home. When he took a small peek at them while they were arguing, he was surprised to see that the tall man in the yukata had look exactly like Takeshi. Almost completely identical despite that Yamamoto is shorter and younger of course. Even that really scary person who is yelling very loudly reminds him of Hayato- though he was sure that his temperamental friend wouldn't be caught dead having red (pink?) hair.

But these aren't his friends. They are much bigger and scarier than his friends.

Suddenly, he finds himself wanting to cry again. He wants to go home.

When Tsuna had turned away from the Vongola boss, as soon as he notices Giotto looking at him, the blond young man can feel his mood plummeting. Was he that scary? Usually, he's very good with kids and they would like him back- but the brown-haired boy, clinging onto the hitman like a lifeline, is very much scared of him. Somehow, he found himself sad at that thought.

Reborn, who notices the reaction from his little charge, looks up at Giotto in the eye, making the First Generation Boss freeze. The Vongola Primo couldn't help but soon after straighten his posture and tense.

Right, first things first- finish the meeting and make a conclusion on what to do with the so-called hitman.

Why in the world does that sound so hard all the sudden?

"Um- well… you're… the fact that you're from the future is…" That sounded so ridiculous coming from his mouth- yet, he doesn't understand how it sounded so believable coming out from Reborn's mouth instead...

Suddenly, Primo finds himself nervous about coming onto this particular topic. What in the world could he say about it?

"Bullsh-t. Idiotic. Ridiculous. Impossible. A lie. Not worth our time."

"G, please…" Primo pleaded as he heard the grumbles from his Storm Guardian, sweatdropping.

The red-headed guardian just looks over to the side in frustration.

"I'm sorry… but do you have any proof concerning the fact that you are from the future?"

Everyone raised an eyebrow at this. How could one prove that he is from the future? While the whole thing does seemed to be a waste of time, not even Knuckle believing the possibility of time-traveling; many couldn't help but just be curious about Reborn. Alaude and even Daemon finds themselves interested at the hitman's control and power. Of course, they didn't easily fall for the other's antics like most of the guardians, but Reborn is somehow more powerful than them. They could feel it. It's calling out to them like a challenge.

When Primo asked Reborn if he had any proof concerning to the fact that he is from the future, the hitman couldn't help but chuckle. Many felt a shiver running down their spines.

"Well… according to the Vongola's history books and some other research books…~"

Giotto intuition seems to be speaking to him- you are going to regret asking him for proof.

"G's real name is Gretel, Daemon still sleeps with a stuff owl, Giotto should have a compartment of sweets below his desk, Alaude secretively has a fetish for cute animals, Lampo is the one who painted G's room pink last week, Giotto has been skipping paperwork and hid some of the paper to avoid doing them for a while-"

"Um, I think we all agree that he is from the future." Giotto quickly covered up as he tries to bring the conversation back to the original subject.

It was already too late though- Alaude, Daemon and G are looking for blood.

"HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THAT- YOU STALKER!" G snapped as he pointed at the hitman in accusation. Once again, Reborn has that innocent grin on incredibly handsome face.

"Who, me?" he questioned innocently, putting the hand that was behind his head to his chest as a way to gesture himself.

G felt his nails digging into the table… wait.


Giotto was just on his way out of the meeting room, concluding that his guardians could take care of the rest, before he froze at how dark his best friend's voice became.


"N-Now G-Gretel-" Giotto immediately slaps his hands over his own big mouth.

G looks about ready to explode- to annihilate everyone in the room.

"Ma~ Ma~ I think Gretel fits you~"


G then turns his head towards Lampo; who has been laughing the entire time when he heard what G's real name is.

"You spoiled brat, shut your mouth!"

"O-Or what? You're going to take me to the gingerbread house and have the witch-"

Lampo froze when he saw a pistol aimed towards him, courtesy of G.

"You brat- you didn't I have forgotten about what had happened to my room, did you?"

From there on, Asari and Giotto had to make sure that G doesn't killed Lampo on the spot while Lampo cried for mercy and was somehow able to gloat at the same time.

Daemon looks at the scene and shakes his head.

"I'm afraid you have the information wrong –strange hitman." Daemon confirmed, obviously not admitting to what their guest had said, giving the fedora-wearing man a smile of courtesy. "I have no such object."

"What? Of course you do Daemon!"

The melon-headed guardian twitches as he heard the Priest practically verifying to what the hitman had said.

"I remember waking up very early this one morning and I was surprised to find you sleeping with a stuffed owl." Knuckle nodded as if it was a very good memory, grinning at the illusionist as if he was proud.

It was one of those mornings where he accidently left the door to his room opened. "It was a very endearing site from someone like you Daemon."

Daemon twitched again hearing the story and the supposed compliment coming from the Sun Guardian. Then he saw a smirk on the CEDEF leader's face- which is more insulting than the Priest actually calling him 'endearing'.

"At least it's better than a certain someone having a peculiar fetish for cute things."

That was the cue for the Mist and the Cloud to continue on battling once again. Knuckles decided at the point to begin preaching them on how violence is not the answer.

It seems that a war is happening in that very same room, blood on the verge of being spilled and the probability of someone getting killed being high; until an adorable, quiet giggle resonates in the room. Everyone slowly stops as they heard the innocent sound.

There: Tsuna couldn't help but giggle at the very active event going on. It reminded him too much of how his friends would often fight- though their fights are more in child-like manner and are probably less destructive in a way (depending on Kyoya's and Mukuro's mood…). Though he had sense a lot of anger and bloodlust in this peculiar group; to him, that's how family is. That's the daily life he has to go through when he was with his friends; though most of them scare the heck out of him.

His sentimental feelings ended when he found out that the attention is on him once again, quickly making him revert back to melding his body onto Reborn.

The hitman couldn't help but chuckle as he tenderly ruffled the other's hair in reassurance before whispering soft, comforting words to the other that practically surprises others. They found it strange (well, more like down-right creepy and out of character) that the hitman would be so openly affectionate with the brunette; though they saw him comforting the child once before… in the middle of the carnage he made with their subordinates.

Then all the suddenly, for the first time since this meeting had started, they saw a serious glint in the hitman's eyes, causing many of the guardians to stiffen and tense.

"Okay, let's get this over with-" Both the boss and the right-hand man tried not to drop their jaws open. For the entire time since this meeting had started, this bas-d (in G's term) has been insulting them (not directly), leading them (not directly), and been playing with them (again, not directly) as if they were his puppets. What in the world just had happened for him to finally take them seriously– "-it's almost time for Tsuna's nap."

G and Giotto almost comically fall back at the absurd explanation. 'That's your reason?' They both exclaims mentally in disbelief.

"Aw~ I bet he is sleepy~" Asari couldn't help but happily cooed as he looks at the brunet clinging onto the, supposedly dangerous, hitman.

Knuckles nodded as if he agreed wholeheartedly. "Yes, let's get this meeting over so that the child may rest. It looks as if he had a busy day."

"Don't just go along with it!" G exclaimed, tired by how easy going the Sun and the Rain Guardian is being.

Alaude was obviously irritated (with so many things that not all could be listed) though he did slowly puts away his weapon… very slowly. He still wanted to kill his fellow melon-headed guardian. Daemon couldn't help but twitch- while annoyed; he was disappointed that his opportunity to make fun of the Cloud Guardian (and to kill him) is over. Usually, the two would continue fighting no matter what anyone says– but with Reborn, they have a feeling it isn't open for discussion.


"You bast-d! Don't just disregard all the sh-t you put us through!" G yelled at the hitman as he was about to stomp over to the man if Giotto wasn't stopping him of course.

"-while it is true that I do work alone, I have always been loyal to Vongola Nono."

Everyone then instantly froze at what he had said.

Vongola Nono… meaning that Vongola has been through nine generations already? Many finds that very surprising but also exciting. This leads to many questions about the future also but it doesn't look like Reborn would indulge them with any more details.

"Out of the favor of an… old friend…" They could tell that he was really hesitant on calling whoever a… 'friend'. "I promised to babysit his son while they go on a small vacation."

G twitched. What kind of irresponsible and idiotic parent would leave their child in this bast-d's hand?

Back in the future somewhere in the Pacific, a blond man sneezes.

"Ara? Are you getting a cold Iemitsu dear?"

"I don't think so…" Iemitsu sniffled. He knows that someone is talking about him– he's just surprised that it's not Reborn. The hitman talks behind his back (mostly to Tsuna) too often to the point that Iemitsu can differentiate the sneezes that are caused by fedora-wearing man; so it couldn't be Reborn.

"During one of our outings…" Some backed away as they saw the dark aura seeping out from the hitman's figure- an obvious expression of annoyance came onto his features. Wow… for Reborn to actually look irritated… that something or someone must've been really annoying (Somewhere in the future, a snot-nosed kid in a cow costume sneeze). "…there was a little incident with the ten-year bazooka; it was modified and so we ended up 400 years in the past instead of ten years later in the future."

Once again –his mood switching into something rather more pleasant and less murderous– Reborn flashes another one of his billion-dollar innocent smile.

"That should explain everything-"

"Like hel- it does!" G exclaims.

"-and with that, we're stuck here for an unknown amount of days, months, maybe even years." Reborn continued, promptly ignoring G's outburst.

At what he said, looks of uncertainty were pointed at towards the devious hitman. Everything he said somehow made sense yet at the same time, it doesn't. How in the world is time traveling possible...? Also… does that mean they're going to be stuck with this guy for who-knows how long? G wanted to bang his head against the wall at that thought while Giotto felt another incoming headache. The Vongola boss quietly wonder how his guardians (with the exception of G) could be so easy-going about this, seeing how some of them just nodded absentmindedly (Knuckles, Asari and Lampo) while some others look as if they didn't care (Daemon and Alaude).

"…Ten-year bazooka? That's a newly developed weapon that the Bovino had made." Alaude supplied as he remembers how the Bovino family had openly declared their so-called amazing invention to the public. Not many believed that it would work; sure the Bovino had made many dangerous and useful weapons in the past, but a bazooka that can take you ten years into the future (for only five minutes that is)? That's crazy. If they didn't have actual living proof of the fact that it actually works…

"Wait a minute, you mean the shi-y creation that the Bovino made works?" G said in disbelief. Of course he couldn't believe it; this is time traveling that they were talking about! Everyone else seemed to be as surprised as the Storm Guardian, since they heard about the newly made weapon but never did actually believe it could work.

Reborn tilted his head slightly as if he was thinking deeply about something.

"…Primo, I ask a favor if you could somehow convince the Bovino to modify the Ten-year bazooka in some way to bring me and my companion back to our time-"

"Wait a minute! We never said we believe you!"

Reborn once again disregard what the Storm Guardian had shouted. "-I never gave you a reason to distrust me."

Other than the fact that Reborn had insulted them, played with them around as if they were his own puppets, led and tricked them many times into a wild goose chase that almost had no end, and attacked their subordinates… but they were all for a good reason… actually, the first three was just for his own entertainment.

"We'll stay here in the mansion if you felt uncomfortable for us to leave the premises but please-" Shocked expressions went around as Reborn suddenly stood up and bowed in a perfect 90 degrees angle, the hitman making sure that he had a good grip on Tsuna so that the brown-haired child wouldn't fall. "-help us."

What Reborn had actually said out loud to them shocked them even more if that was possible. They know very well, despite only knowing the hitman for a few hours or so, that Reborn is very prideful. Asking for help and admitting that he needs their help is the last thing that they thought the hitman would actually do. Maybe threatening them or tricking them into helping him would be something that they thought the hitman would actually have done, but to ask them outright for help?

Everyone was silently as they thought about this decision through. His story is almost practically unbelievable and there is barely any proof to what he said. But would he go all this trouble telling them this ridiculous story when he knows that there is little to no chance that they would believe him? Despite all his insults and teasing, he knows that they are not stupid.

Giotto had to make a decision.

"…While I find this all hard to believe… I will grant you your wish– but in return, you and your companion must stay inside the premises of Vongola manor until further notice."

"But– Giotto!"

"This is not open for discussion G." Giotto resolved with a tone of authority. "I know that this is hard to consider; but my intuition said that he was telling the truth."

Hesitantly, the Storm Guardian closes his mouth and scowled, obviously not happy at the prospect of having to live under the same roof with the sadistic hitman, but didn't say anything more. He'll just have to trust his best friend on this, no matter how much he dislikes it.

The others silently agreed too; though some have an ulterior motive as to why they seemed fine to have the very sly hitman under the same roof with them…

But just as the hitman had straighten up his posture from the bow that he had performed; they saw a smirk on Reborn face.

Giotto finds his hyper intuition telling him that he just suddenly got conned.

"Tsuna." The hitman called out to the boy softly, switching to a Japanese dialect, in a tone that they didn't think that they would hear from the, very sadistic, man. It was soft and unbelievable caring. The boy very slowly and hesitantly took a peek from his caretaker's shoulder, his shy and frightened eyes looking up at the man who he had practically known since birth. "I know it's a bit too late consider how we are already here… but I hope you don't mind being with me in this vacation home in Italy."

At that, Tsuna immediately brightens, finally unsticking his face from the other's shoulder, while some of the guardians twitch. What?

"Really Rebown? We're in Iwaly?"

"Italy." Reborn corrected, chuckling at the child's mispronunciation. "Yes, we are in Italy. I didn't think that we would be able to come here, due to some conditions, but these kind gentlemen are willing to share their villa with us."

Somehow, when Reborn had said 'kind gentlemen', they felt that he was being sarcastic.

"What do you say to them Tsuna?" Reborn questioned as he raise an eyebrow.

At this, the meek child fidgeted with his fingers, looking very much like a shy little boy while blushing in embarrassment. Sooner or later, Tsuna began to turn towards the other adults in the room, albeit shyly and hesitantly, and shifted his position in Reborn's arms so that he could have a better look at the other adults. He knows very well that he had to say his thanks to the, very loud and scary, people in the room with him. His mama, papa and Reborn would be disappointed if he didn't.

So slightly bowing as much as he can being in Reborn's arms, he stuttered; "T-T-Thank y-you for h-having u-us." Tsuna then quickly turns away from the others out of embarrassment and shyness and once again clings onto his caretaker, taking in the calming scent that his babysitter has. The easily scared child couldn't help but feel happy when the fedora-wearing hitman had patted his back in a 'well done' kind of gesture.

Many of the guardians just dumbly nodded at the thanks while some others just doesn't know how to react (or just didn't want to react).

"Yes, we would like to thank you for sheltering us for the meanwhile we are here." Reborn said, switching back to Italian as he flashes another one of his sickening innocent smile that really should not belong on the hitman's face.

'Wait a minute… don't tell me-' G felt his anger rising as he realized what the hitman had did.

'-that he had planned this…' Giotto finishes the thought as he slightly pales at the thought.

With that, the devil (which is now what Giotto would call Reborn; mentally that is) turns around towards the doors that exit out to the halls and out of the meeting room. "I already made arrangement for us to take the last room down at the east wing. Don't bother to bother us and we'll see all of you at breakfast."

'He did plan this!' Both G and Giotto mentally exclaim as they comprehended how the other said it so factually as if he was expecting this to happen.

That guy… this bast-d… he went through all that 'please we need your help' act so that he could have a place to stay with food to eat!

But before anyone could retort, Reborn had already open the door the left the meeting room. They could see the little child shyly waved at them a goodbye before the door closes.

For the umpteenth time today, there was another moment of silence, everyone trying to comprehend what just had happen.

"Um Giotto… what just happened?" Lampo couldn't help but ask since he seems to be very confused. One couldn't blame since he wasn't here for most of what had happened before the meeting but everyone is almost as equally confuse as Lampo.

Their boss was trying to find the answer himself, scrunching his face up slightly.

"… I think we just got conned…"

The words slowly seep into the Guardian's minds.

"…I'll arrest him." If there is one thing that Alaude hates, it's being tricked (well, there is a lot of things that Alaude hates; for example, Daemon).

"After I kill him you can." G already has his pistol out, clicking the safety off.

"Nufufufu… this is my prey, stay out of it." Daemon has no qualms in pulling out his scythe, cloaked in mist flames. For Daemon to be tricked; that's a blow to his pride.

Giotto sweated and pales as he saw his three most impulsive and dangerous guardians already on their way of creating a bloody massacre.

"W-Wait a minute–"

"Hahahaha! That was surprising! He's pretty good!"

"I agree- though in the name of God, he shouldn't deceive others like that."

"I refuse to believe that I got tricked."

Giotto wanted to facepalm at the carefreeness of his other three Guardians; Asari laughing, Knuckle reproving, and Lampo being snobby.

First thing to do on his to-do list: Beg the Bovino famiglia to reconfigure the Ten-year bazooka and get their two 'guests' home before his family finally lose their sanity.

The Primo slightly flinches when he saw Alaude kicking down the doors of the meeting room, practically ripping it off its hinges.

Actually, he should probably calm down his three murderous Guardians first before they destroy the manor.

"Go to sleep Tsuna, I know that you are tired from today's events." Despite that the fact is very true, seeing how Tsuna could barely keep his eyes open, the boy continuously tries to keep himself awake as if he's afraid something would come out and get him as soon as he closes his eyes. Knowing the reason why the boy is being so persistent, Reborn couldn't help but chuckle, his eyes soften at the struggling petite boy lying upon the king-sized bed. Silently, the proclaimed 'world greatest hitman' lift the covers up and enter into the bed himself, pulling the brunet close to him and in his arms. At that instant, Tsuna instinctively cling onto him as if he's afraid that the man would be taken away from him the moment he lets go, taking in the warmth that the hitman has and allows himself to snuggle his body against the other. A soft smile could be seen on the hitman's face as he saw the look of contentment from the little one. "Don't worry Tsuna; I won't leave your side."

As if those words were some kind of magic spell, the five-year old fell asleep immediately. Soft breaths expel from the brunet's lips as his chest slowly raises up and down, eyes already closed. Tsuna still has a strong grip on his caretaker though despite the fact that he's sleeping, unconscious refusing to be apart from Reborn.

Stroking the toddler's fluffy hair with fondness, a deep frown marred the hitman's handsome face. He knows very well that his charge was terrified throughout the whole ordeal– though Reborn couldn't help but feel a little proud to know that the toddler had actually tried not to cry through it all. It's hard not to notice how clingy the kid is ever since he found him being roughly interrogated by some of the Vongola's subordinates.

He frown deeper at the memory, his eyes narrowing as he remembers the faces of the very same subordinates who had interrogate his little charge. Oh yeah; there is no way that Reborn is going to let them go that easy.

Well, in any other case, it's not like Reborn had actually minded Tsuna's clinginess; it makes it easier to protect his godson that way.

Reborn refrains himself from sighing as he took his fedora off and place it on the nightstand, making it that much obvious to how spiky his hair really is. He thought back once again to their situation.

In the deepest darkest part of the hitman's mind; he's already planning the punishment that he would do upon Lambo and the death that Giannini would have to face…

Some babysitter he is- he can't even take care of Tsuna without getting into some kind of messed up situation. Well, Reborn would never admit that out loud really due to his pride (and the fact that Iemitsu would never let him live it down for as long as he lives) but he just couldn't believe that all of his careful planning for the rest of the week during his time with Tsuna was ruined because of that Bovino brat and the dim-witted, so-called mechanic who can't even fix a toaster.

But if you think that Reborn is going to be depress just because of the fact that things didn't go as planned as he hoped; then you really didn't know the man that held the title 'the world's greatest hitman'. If he's going to have to be stuck 400 years into the past, then he might as well enjoy the time while he's here.

A glint –an evil and a sadistic one– appeared in Reborn's eyes.

Oh yeah, that's right. He noticed how the Vongola First Generation Famiglia is not living up to their names just yet. They're still pretty young, Reborn could tell, and they probably just recently became a mafia family themselves but that just won't do.

Giotto is too hesitant; that would –frankly– kill him one day.

G is too hasty and easily irritated; Reborn has no doubt that it would backfire at him in some desperate situation.

Asari is too easy going.

Knuckle is too merciful.

Lampo is too cowardly and unwilling.

Alaude's fault lies in his eagerness; his bloodlust would probably overcome his actual objective.

Daemon is very unpredictable (well, not to Reborn but you get what he means). He's not working exactly on par with the rest of the famiglia to the point that his goals could work against the rest of his famiglia. Daemon should be a lot more… somewhat merciful since Elena is still alive; and the betrayal is years away but a family should work in harmony- not separated (with the exception of the cloud at times).

He won't let the Vongola name be sullied just because the famiglia isn't living up to the expectations: even if it is the First Generation Famiglia. While he's here, why not tutor them a little about the aspect of being in a mafia? Yes, Reborn understands that they know what the mafia is and what they are like but he doubts that they know the traditions and the fun (though Reborn's sense of fun is a bit off of normalcy) that are included.

Reborn smirks in a familiar sense of a Cheshire Cat.

Looks like he got some new (unwilling) students to attend to~

The Guardians who were scattered all over the Vongola grounds shivered. They felt a foreboding premonition coming up.


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