All's fair in Love and War

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Okay guys, this idea simply would not go away, so even though it is *not* mmy norm...I simply had to write it.

Summary: Damon Salvatore is a sexy, wealthy Pharmaceutical Owner but he's been burned…by his brother's wife. Katherine Pierce-Salvatore always gets what she wants and she wants *both* Salvatore Brothers, but when her twin sister Elena shows up on her doorstep, looking for help, she decides to use Elena's situation to her benefit and asks her sister to seduce her husband-the brother she wants out of her bed-so she can get the other brother back into it…the only problem is Damon falls for Elena instead of falling for Katherine's plan.

This *is* a Damon/Elena fic…But there are bits and parts of D&K.

Okay guys, so I'm a little nervous about this because this is my first foray into an All Human fic. I'm usually a live-for-the-fangs-girl…but this idea just would not go away. So…here I am... in an awkward place cause I've never written a fic like this, so please bear with me, okay?

Now...btw: For story purposes, I had the Gilbert's hail from Mystic falls and the Salvatore's from Fells' Church because in this fic they had never met before Damon met Kat.

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Prologue: Salvatore Boarding House: Fells's Church.

The fading light of the setting sun coming through the enormous windows in the room cast orange shadows upon the couple moving together on the king-sized bed, giving them an other worldly beauty. The woman was on her knees, her back pressed against the muscular chest of the man kneeling behind her as he moved inside her in a furious rhythm. The only sound in the room was the sound of flesh on flesh and the labored, pant-filled breathing of the couple, as they raced towards completion.

"Daaammmonnn," the brunette whined, raising her arms to wrap them around his neck, nails digging into the flesh there as he fucked her near senseless—getting her right to the edge and then not quite pushing her over. "Harder! Please!" He obliged and she cried out, "Yes, oh God-yes!" as her body began to shudder and shake.

He slowed down once again, causing the woman in his bed to scream in frustration. "Beg, Kat," Damon growled, his hand tightening on her shoulder until it was almost painful. "Beg me and I'll let you come…"

"Damon, stop! Please…you're being cruel."

"I said beg," he breathed against her ear, sending shivers up and down her spine. His hand drifted down her heaving belly to cup her sex. "Beg me for it and you'll get it…" His thumb circled her sweet spot, "right now."

Katherine Pierce did not beg! She took what she wanted, when she wanted it. Men worshipped the ground she walked on, but this man saw through her act and he had her at his mercy. She was desperate and they both knew it. So…much her shame, she did—without thought or hesitation—she begged him to give her the relief she craved.

He laughed wickedly. "Good girl," he taunted, before giving her what she needed; driving into her hard and fast until they reached their peaks and collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of naked, sweaty flesh.

After a moment or two, Damon rolled off her and onto his back. He threw an arm over his face as he got his breathing under control. She was still trembling next to him, but he could feel the anger rolling off her in waves for his treatment of her during their romp. It didn't faze him a bit. In fact, it pleased the hell out of him. She deserved that and then some!

"You're a son of a bitch," she muttered as she sat up and glared down at him, his expensive Egyptian cotton sheet clutched to her chest.

He removed his arm and let her get a look at his lop sided smirk. "Be pissed at me all you want, Kat, but don't bring my Mother into it."

"Bastard!" she snarled and the loud *smack* of her palm meeting his cheek echoed around the room.

Damon's eyes narrowed as the left side of his face exploded in pain. He bolted upright in bed and she raised her hand again, but he grabbed her wrist before she could swing. "Do it again and I swear…you'll regret it," he bit out between clenched teeth before tossing her arm away from him.

Their eyes clashed; arctic blue meeting furious brown. Time seemed to stand still and stretch until something in Damon's eyes abruptly took the wind out of Katherine's sails.

Her gaze softened immediately and she gave him one of her come hither smiles that never failed to make a man melt. "Damon…I'm sorry I hit you," she said, reaching for him, but he neatly avoided her grasp.

Damon swung his legs over the side of the bed, keeping his back to Katherine as he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "You know…" he said idly as he stood up, unmindful of his nudity. It wasn't like she hadn't seen it before. "I think we've ran our course here," he told her as he went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of silk pajama pants. He slipped them on and finally turned to look at the naked woman in his bed. She was kneeling there, the sheet wrapped around her beautiful body, her hair a wild tangle of chocolate curls looking a gorgeous as ever and yet Damon felt nothing—absolutely nothing for her—except, maybe contempt. The smile that curled his lips was anything but friendly. It was cruel, malicious even. "Hey, don't get me wrong, it was fun. Great even, but I think it's time you stop sneaking into my room Katherine and stay in your husband's bed. After all he is the one you chose."

His cruel smile turned into a vicious smirk when she remained frozen to the spot, seemingly dazed at his about face. He made a *tsking* sound. "You do remember your husband, right?" he chided, wagging a finger at her. "You know…" he reminded tauntingly, "my brother…Stefan…the one you left me for and married." He tossed her clothes at her callously signaling to her it was time for her to leave. "Ringing any bells, lover or did I finally manage to fuck that crafty little brain of yours right out of your head?"

"Damon," she said, clutching the sheet and her clothes to her chest. "Don't do this."

"It's already done," he told her. "It's called closure. Now, I have it." He let his gaze linger on her disheveled form for a second longer before turning on his heel and heading towards his en-suite bathroom. "Don't be here when I get out," he tossed back at her over his shoulder before exiting the room without looking back.

Katherine's teeth gritted at his brusque dismissal. No one treated her like that. No one! Especially not the man who'd once hung on her every sentence and had professed to love her above all others. She wrapped the sheet more firmly around her slender body and followed after him. "You're not going to end it like that, Damon!" she railed at him as she stormed into his bathroom.

Damon didn't bother to comment or even spare her a glance as he dropped his pants and stepped into his shower. It was all glass, offering no protection from a voyeur and big enough to fit four or five people comfortably, with dual nozzles at each end. He didn't have to look her way to feel Katherine's hungry gaze roam all over his body as he stood under the hot spray of water. His game had worked—she was now just as addicted to him as he'd once been to her. Good. She deserved to know what it felt like.

"Damon, are you listening to me?"

He winced at the volume of her voice, but refused to allow her to bait him or get a reaction out of him. Those days were long, long past. "Not really," he replied as he grabbed his shampoo.

"We need to talk about this. You can't just throw me away like that!" she exclaimed.

He didn't reply. He simply proceeded to lather up his hair and then rinsed. Katherine tried again and again to get him to respond, but he ignored her each and every time. She had half a mind to join him in the shower, but the utter lack of respect he was showing her held her back. When he started to lather his chest with soap, still pretending as if she wasn't there in the room with him, she finally gave a short scream of raw fury before tossing her hands up in the air and admitted a temporary defeat.

"Fine, be an ass, but you're going to regret this!" she spat before slamming out of his room just as violently as she'd once shattered his heart.

He leaned his head against the tiled walls of his shower, thinking about his brother and the pain it would cause Stefan if he ever learned that Damon had been fucking his wife for the last six months. At one time—when he'd began this mission—that thought would have brought him great pride and pleasure, but now…after getting to know his brother again and realizing Katherine for what she really was…well, it simply didn't feel as good as he thought it would.

He sighed and let the cascading water rinse the soap off his body—wishing it could rinse away his sins just as easily. "I already do," he said softly.


Chappie 1

Mystic Falls: The Gilbert House.

"Hello…Jeremy?" Elena called out; dropping her huge, olive green, camouflaged duffel bag just inside the front door of her childhood home. Her eyes darted back and forth, instinctually looking for danger as she stepped into the house that she had once lived and died a bit too. Jeremy had promised to meet her at the airport, but hadn't shown up. It wasn't a huge shocker, but it still had her worried a bit. She sighed. It looked like he wasn't here either.

"Mom…? Dad…?" she called, walking towards the living room. It was empty, beer cans littered the floor and several over filled ashtrays were scattered around the room. She rolled her eyes in disgust at the filthy smell of stale cigarettes. Elena wasn't really all that surprised to find that neither Isobel nor John was waiting to greet their daughter at the door, but really—they could have at least picked the cans up off the floor and cleaned up a bit. But, then again, they'd rarely given her any attention growing up, why should they start now that she was returning from war?

She wandered through the house. "Is anyone here?"

When nothing but silence greeted her, Elena bit back the tears that threatened to well up in her eyes. A soldier doesn't let his or her emotions get the better of her. At least the Army had taught her how to do that. She no longer cried or broke down at the drop of a hat. It was a welcomed relief at this point because it actually hurt that no one was there to welcome her home. She walked into the kitchen. It was the same as she remembered it and it felt so weird being here in the same house that had brought so much pain, yet was still somehow, a comfort to her now. It made Elena think that maybe all those psychiatrists' were right when they said pain—no matter how bad—becomes familiar enough to become good if it went on long enough. Seriously, it was the only thing that made sense out of her feelings of relief right then as she was surrounded by her childhood-the good, the bad and the ugliness of it all.

Elena's eyes wandered around the house she hadn't seen in six years. So many memories... Some good—most bad though and she noticed, with a frown, that the same cheap yellowed laminated flooring covered the floor. She could graphically recall her mother's blood spilling across that floor after a particularly brutal beating by her father. She shook that memory off. Those kind of thoughts never did her any good. The paint was even worse now, she observed, having aged to the point where it looked grey now instead of white. It looked even more dingy than she remembered. The cupboards and counters were weathered and cracked and the double wide stainless steel sink was black in spots where mildew was growing. She shook her head; burying the painful reminders of her fucked up past deep inside a place inside herself that not even she had the guts to venture into!

She spotted the broken handle on the sink and for some reason it made her smile. 'Yep, still the same!' It was sick how it was like she'd stepped into a time warp.

Elena froze when she saw the card and a cake sitting on the counter by the sink with her name on it. Next to them were several bags of red, white and blue balloons and, as she looked around, she noticed that even a banner that said 'Welcome Home' was there, lying across the broken down, yellow and white, veneered kitchen table.

She sighed. It figures—her family were great with the 'Big' plans, but sucked when it came to actually following through with them. "Well, welcome…home to me," she said on a sigh and headed upstairs to see if she even still had a room to call her own before she made other arraignments for her newest assignment overseas.

She opened the door to the bedroom that had been hers and her sister's growing up. It sent both shivers of pain and happiness through her when she realized that nothing had changed here too. It was like she'd just left it this morning and not all those years ago! Her old MFHS cheerleading outfit even hung on the back of her closet door. Her eyes landed on a picture of her twin sister taped to the mirror above the vanity that she and Katherine used to argue over and try to hog and share simultaneously when getting ready for school or a date. It all seemed like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once and Elena closed her eyes and sucked in a sharp, painful breath at the thought of her lost twin.

She backed out of the room, almost stumbling over her own feet to get away from the memories contained in that twelve by fifteen foot space. Kat crying in her bed night after night after John had snuck in and then back out. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest and Elena felt her stomach churn wildly at the memories.

"Oh God!" she gasped, and got out of that room as quick as she could, slamming the door behind her. She leaned against it, her breathing ragged as she called upon her training to get her through the emotional meltdown.

Today is a blessing, she reminded herself of the words her unit used to say before each and every mission. The words chanted through her head by instinct as if she were reciting the alphabet. Don't take it for granted, no matter what has happened in the past—let it go, because today could be my last. I will be strong. If I die today, I'll go out a warrior! Proud of myself…Proud of my country and proud of my unit!

If her last two tours of duty in Iraq had taught her anything, it had taught her that she was stronger than she'd ever believed possible. The things she had seen… Elena clenched her eyes shut, blocking out those painful memories too. She repeated her chant and as the familiar calming words washed over her, Elena finally relaxed. She hadn't backed down when a group of insurgents had nearly blown up half her team just south of Baghdad two years ago, and she wasn't backing down now! It was time to face her demons. Ready to face her day, just like she'd faced Al-Qaeda for the last four and a half years, Elena squared her shoulders and headed back down the stairs to find her family—or what was left of it.

Fells Church:

Katherine adjusted the see through robe across her shoulders, draping it just a bit more seductively as she stood in front of her full length mirror, studying her image. She eyed her outfit with a critical eye, trying to detect any flaw visible, but when she found none, she smiled in satisfaction. She looked fabulous. Her hair was full and hung to her waist in loose chocolate brown curls. Her make-up was perfect and the black and red corset, thigh high stockings and garter set was just the kind of outfit to drive Damon wild. Add to that, the black, stiletto peep toed heels along with the black lace robe was simply the whipped cream on the delicious dessert that was herself—one she planned on serving to him tonight.

She licked her ruby red lips. "This should get his interest again."

Katherine was more than desperate at this point. Something had to give and she was hoping it'd be Damon's willpower. In the last two months, he'd absolutely refused any and all advances from her. It was as if the previous six months he'd been home had never existed. All the passion they'd shared…

Her breathing accelerated. Katherine ached for him. For that body that just affected hers in all the right ways. She was going crazy without him and tonight she was determined to get him back in her bed. She loved Stefan. She did. He was so sweet and caring. Gentle and loving and she needed him to make her heart feel happy, but her body needed Damon. Only Damon could make her lose her mind when he was inside her. He made her crave his every touch. He made her head spin and her heart race until she thought she'd just pass out with the sheer force of her orgasm!

Stefan was at the Hospital tonight and would be there all night. It was a perfect time. Katherine gave herself one more admiring look before walking out the door with one thought in mind—seduce her brother in law. It was wrong. Morally, she knew it, but she couldn't help it. She was selfish. There was no choice anymore. She wanted both of them and what Katherine Pierce (formerly Gilbert) wanted—she got!

Mystic Falls:

Elena sat at the bar in The Grille going over and over what she'd found out. Thanks to the town gossip and her former best friend; Caroline, she'd learned that John was dead and had been for over a year. She should feel some kind of pain at that…he was her father after all, but the man had been such a monster it was hard to feel sympathy or even guilt for not feeling any pain for his passing. Isobel was with some new guy named Ric. She'd learned that little tidbit when she'd bumped into them upon entering the pub. It had been disconcerting to see her Mom making out with another guy, but to be honest…the guy seemed to be a good guy. He was a teacher. Polite—stable and…well, nice.

Too nice for her mother that was for sure! Truthfully, she felt sorry for him. Isobel would only hurt him.

She took a healthy sip of her shot of bourbon and couldn't help but shake her head at the irony. Elena actually felt sorrier for a stranger, some random guy than she did for her own father's death! How sad was that?

She was nursing her third bourbon when someone slid onto the stool next to her. "Well, hello Katherine…or are you Elena?"

Elena turned her head. "Klaus," she muttered, "Great, just what I need to end this fucked up day!"

That seemed to give him pause, but quick as a cat, the grin was back and he leaned closer to her, invading her space in a way Elena could only take as threatening. "So…tell me, which one are you? Enquiring minds want to know." His voice lowered to a growl. "I know I do you little bitch!"

The violence behind his eyes sent chills up Elena's spine and it took all her military training to not cringe away from him. "I'm Elena," she told him, controlling her body's instinctual reaction and showing him she was made of sterner stuff than he thought. "And if you don't step back, I'll have you flat on your back with my boot in your chest and my gun in your face in about two seconds flat!"

He searched her eyes for all of a second before he decided she wasn't kidding and moved himself out of her personal space. "Well, it appears the kitten has grown claws…"

Elena smirked. "No, the kitten has learned how to use an M-16," she deadpanned.

"Oh, I'd forgotten. You went into the Army, correct?"

"Six weeks at Fort Jackson. A year in Germany and almost five years in Iraq fighting Al-Qaeda," Elena stated, more than a bit proud of her military career. "So, yeah, I'd say I joined."

Klaus was intrigued. "You have honor…unlike your sister," he added with a slight growl.

Elena rolled her eyes. "I'm not discussing Kat with you," she told him, picking up her drink. "You scared the shit out of her so she left. End of story." She finished her bourbon and started to rise. "Well, it was great to see you and all that, but I really got to—"

"Stay," Klaus said, grabbing her arm.

Elena reacted out of instinct. In less than a second she's maneuvered herself out of his grasp and had him by the neck, pinned to the bar with one arm dragged up his back and bent at an angle that was agonizing at best. "Touch me again and I'll snap this arm so bad you'll never be able to use it again!" she snapped.

"And then where will your brother be?" another voice said from right behind her.

Elena glanced over her shoulder, keeping Klaus pinned. She sighed when she recognized his brother, Elijah. "Make a move on me and I'll ruin him. I promise," she said, tightening her grip on Klaus and yanking his arm up higher so that he gave a short, sharp cry of pain.

Elijah didn't ruffle a bit. Instead he sat down next to her and ignored the undignified position his brother was in, despite his brother's growls and orders to "kill the bitch!"

Elijah waved the bartender over and ordered a shot of Makers Mark, neat before turning back to Elena. "Please forgive my brother, he has no tact sometimes." He waited patiently for Elena to release Klaus, but when she didn't he sighed again. "I wish you no harm, Miss Gilbert," he said, accepting his drink and paying for it, tipping generously. "This is simply business," he said, picking up his drink and saluting her. "Now do you wish to hear the trouble your brother has gotten himself into or not?"

Elena's stomach dropped to her toes. "No…" she whispered, but the cocky smirk on his face told the tale. Jeremy had somehow gotten himself indebted to the Första brothers'.

Fuck! Iraq suddenly looked tame in comparison!

"What has he done?" she asked warily, finally letting go of Klaus.

Klaus had to be restrained from going after her, but Elena barely noticed or cared. Once again one of her siblings was being threatened by these thugs—this time she was determined to save them.

Elijah smirked. It was cunning and cruel. Elena recognized the evil there—just behind his dapper façade. "Just get to the bottom line. What has Jeremy done?"

"Why nothing, Elena…" Klaus chimed in and then chuckled darkly. "Well…at least nothing that either a hundred thousand dollars or Katherine's location wouldn't solve," he added calmly, as if he was discussing the weather and not asking her to betray one sibling for another…


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