All's Fair in Love and War

A fic by Jenna

This is a definite M or NC: 17 rating.

Okay guys, so I'm sorry it's been awhile, but this time it is for a legitimate reason and not my own trauma and drama! In April, I started school again. I'm working towards my BS in Psychology. I just finished my first class. I got an A! Yes! Therefore, I wanted to take a moment and get some chappies up. I hope you all like it. Although, after my last effort, I am not sure there's still an audience for this fic. Let me know if you all want this fic to continue, cause I have a few other I could work on and get completed.

Anyhow…okay…enough from me. Hope ya'll enjoy this.


Part 17

The storm before the calm

Salvatore House:

It took Elena a good fifteen minutes to get Damon upstairs and into his bedroom. He was high as a kite, babbling nonsense and trying to kiss and grope her at every turn. His movements were so sluggish and uncoordinated, it took all of Elena's strength to keep him upright and moving forward. Their trip was a comedy of errors that almost ended in tragedy when Damon had swayed on his feet and nearly gone ass over tea kettle backwards, dragging her right along with him! It was only her exceptionally quick reflexes that kept them on their feet and not at the bottom of the stairs in a tangled heap of hurt and pain.

When she finally got him to his bed, he collapsed on it like a puppet with his strings cut. He held a hand out to her, "E-le-na," he murmured, sounding more than a tad drunk. "C'mere."

Standing beside the bed, Elena gazed down at him, a small smile curling her lips. He was a beautiful wreck. For someone who normally had an acerbic and lightning quick wit, it was hard to watch him struggle to put two words together. And just like that, her anger at Kat, and what she'd tried to do, spiked all over again.

"Damon, maybe you should get some sleep instead," she hedged, feeling awkward, like she was taking advantage of him and the drugged-up state he was in. That would make her no better than Kat!

Damon shook his head emphatically. "Can't sleep," he told her, holding his hand out again, gesturing for her to come closer. "Need you. Need to be inside you."

His words and husky voice sent shivers of lust to all of Elena's erogenous zones, but she was well aware he was not in his right mind. "I don't want to take advantage of you and the state you're in."

He snorted. "So you'd rather leave me to suffer?"

Her eyes widened. She hadn't thought of it like that. "No, of course not."

"Then get up here and help a guy out." Elena hesitated and Damon batted his long lashes at her and quirked his brows in that sexy way that had her belly tightening. "Please," he added and without even intending to, Elena found her feet moving closer to the bed of their own volition. Damon grinned and grabbed her hand, tugging her quickly onto the bed with him.

Elena toppled onto him, giggling at the happy look upon his face.

"Are you sure you're up for this?"

"Seriously?" he scoffed, before rolling his eyes—hard. He gestured down to his crotch, which was so engorged, it was testing the zipper of the dark jeans he was wearing. "Your sister made sure I was up for it."

"I'm sorry," Elena said, unreasonable guilt flooding her system, as if she were responsible for Katherine's actions.

"Don't be. Not your fault, 'Lena." He took her hand, brought it to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on her palm. "Kat's a conniving bitch. Shouldn't have trusted her." He patted her hand, as if consoling her, and Elena found it utterly adorable and totally un-Damon-like. "I knew better," he added with a sigh.

Elena curled her legs under her and stroked his cheek with her free hand. "What can I do to help?"

His answering grin was so lewd, Elena felt her cheeks heat up. "Do you really need me to answer that?"

Elena shook her head. She supposed not. It was pretty obvious what he wanted.

His hands went to the fastening of her jeans and his long, slender fingers brushed against the sensitive skin of her midriff, sparking her desire even more. "Then what are we waiting for?" he asked, his breath hot against the side of her neck. "Let's get naked."


Katherine's pace was hurried as she walked down the hallways of Mystic Falls Hospital; her high heels clicking upon the immaculately polished white floors. She had screwed up big time! Now she had to find a way to fix it, and the first order of business was to make sure Stefan did not talk to his brother before she got her story out.

She went right to the nurse's station at the Pediatric cancer wing and pasted on a bright smile for the woman dressed in pink pastel scrubs. "Hi," she glanced down to the woman's nametag, "Claire. I'm Katherine Salvatore and I was wondering if you might know where I could find my husband?"

The older woman looked a bit haggard, but she managed to return Kat's smile. "He's with the parents of a patient." Clair's faded blue eyes clouded over and tears filled her eyes. "We've had a bad day. Kylie, one of Dr. Stefan's favorites relapsed and he had to break it to her parents. It was bad, and if that wasn't a big enough kick in the teeth, we lost Carly just an hour ago. She was only six and so sweet, but we all knew it was just a matter of time." Clair shook her head, wiping her eyes with a fresh tissue. "Dr. Salvatore is consoling Carly's parents."

Katherine forced a sympathetic expression on her face as she handed the woman a tissue. "That's terrible."

Claire took the tissue gratefully and dabbed her eyes. "Poor thing. She had neuroblastoma. It's so sad, almost always fatal after five, but Dr. Salvatore, he was with her every day. He was so great. Sat with her, read stories to her and held her hand up until..." Claire's words faded away and she gave Kat a watery smile. "Your husband is a saint. You're a lucky woman Mrs. Salvatore."

Kat gritted her teeth and just barely resisted rolling her eyes. Instead she nodded, "I know, but thank you anyhow." She eyed the spotless, but near empty waiting area. There was a couple in their early thirties sitting on one of the comfy looking plush couches that adorned the area and that was it. The woman had her head against her husband's shoulder, while he held her gently and rubbed his hand along her back comfortingly; they both looked a bit shell-shocked. Kat turned back to Claire. "Would it be okay if I waited for him over there?"

Claire nodded. "Of course. I'll page him for you in a minute."

Katherine gave the woman the expected polite thank you and made her way over to a couch several feet away from the distraught couple. The last thing she wanted was to strike up a conversation with them. She was sure it would send her into a fit of depression! With a sigh, she picked up a magazine and began flipping through it as she waited for her "saint" of a husband to wrap it up with the parents of Curly or whatever her name was.

Kat didn't care how long it took, all she knew was she had to talk to him before Damon did.


Originals' bar:

"We got her," Marcel announced as he entered Elijah's office. "The GPS tracker you put on her car is relaying from Fells Church Connecticut."

Elijah glanced up from the account ledger he had been perusing. "Of course we do," he relied as if there had never been a doubt.

Klaus, leaning against Elijah's private bar, began to smile. "Well then," he said, practically rubbing his hands together, "let's go claim our prize."

Marcel nodded in agreement, obviously eager to get his pound of flesh for the way Elena had humiliated him earlier; however, Elijah merely set the ledger aside, rubbing his temples at their enthusiasm to run right into a situation they barely understood. "In your rush to get to Connecticut, has it occurred to either of you that we cannot go into this with guns blazing? The Salvatores' are not your local shop owner that will bow to a little strong-armed pressure. They have more money than any of us will, more than likely, see in a lifetime, but you expect to what…? Just waltz into their home and take their women?" Elijah rolled his eyes. He was tired of dealing with fools! "Think Niklaus! Do you really believe these people live in a home we can just walk up to and knock upon the door? They have billions! I believe that would purchase them a state of the art security system and the man power to back it up. Wouldn't you?"

Klaus's smile turned into a cold mask of anger as it sank in that his brother was not going to consent to an immediate attack. "And what would you have us do, brother? Sit on our arses, while we wait for them to roll out the red carpet and invite us in?"

"No," he told his overeager brother. "But I do expect you to approach the situation with some intelligence, Nik." Elijah got up and poured himself a drink, ignoring his brother as the younger sibling glared daggers at him for the insult. He leaned a hip against the edge of his desk as he sipped his scotch. "So, we know Elena is with Katarina. Now it is time to put our plan into action." He picked up his phone and sent off a quick text.

"What plan?" Klaus asked, frustrated at being in the dark and showing it.

Elijah shrugged and a few moments later there was a soft knock on the door, before a young woman with thick dark wavy hair entered the room. "I got your text," she said by way of introduction.

Elijah smiled. "Ahh, Anna. Good of you to join us. It is time."

She nodded, but there was a resignation in her eyes and it was obvious she was not happy being in on whatever it was Elijah was plotting. "Everything is set. He thinks you guys are going to kill me and my mom if I don't pay you by next week."

"Which is not entirely false," Elijah retorted with a shark like grin.

Anna ignored that comment, but her posture visibly stiffened, giving away her fear. "He said he wants to take me to his sister where I'll be safe. He's trying to reach Elena, but even if he can't he told me we leave this weekend."

"Perfect," Elijah said, smiling.

"Who is this?" Klaus butted in, his piercing blue eyes focused on Anna.

Elijah waved a hand between them as he introduced them. "Niklaus meet Anna." His smile turned wolfish. "Anna is Jeremy Gilbert's girlfriend, and our way into the Salvatore manor."

Klaus chuckled wickedly. "Anna," he told her with an evil leer, "let me say how truly pleasurable it is to meet you…"


Damon's bedroom:

He was flying high as a kite, but he could still instinctually get a woman naked, especially if that woman was Elena.

"Let's get this off you," Damon panted softly, tugging Elena's shirt up and off her. His eyes roamed her succulent charms, taking in her rounded breasts, cradled and put on display nicely in a sexy hot pink demi bra. He tossed her shirt aside without further thought, his eyes focusing on her heaving breasts. He licked his lips, thoroughly entranced. "God, you're beautiful."

It was a mere whisper. Almost a prayer, and Elena was thinking the exact same thing, except about him. He was the beautiful one. His shirt was lying next to the bed, his pants were unbuttoned, and he looked so damned sexy, she thought she might explode if she didn't have him soon!

As if Damon sensed where her thoughts lie, he bent down and kissed her. "Soon," he told her, his talented hands moving along her body, leaving goosebumps in their wake. "You'll have all of me soon."

Elena could only nod. Now she was the one out of control and she wasn't sure how the tables got turned, she only knew they had, and she didn't really care. She just wanted him—now!

Damon slid her pants down her long, slender legs, smirking when Elena helped him by lifting her hips and kicking her feet to get the skinny jeans off as quick as possible. He put a hand on her belly. "Sshh, calm down, babe." Elena glared and he chuckled. "Or not."

Elena was tired of his incredibly slow pace. "Damon, I need you—inside me," Elena told him huskily, giving her own smirk as he sucked in a sharp breath.

He couldn't agree more. Thanks to Kat, he had a hard on that could drive a nail through concrete and having Elena in his bed was driving him past the point of control. "'Lena, I'm so close right now," he breathed, rubbing his thumb along her lush lower lip. "I'm trying to slow down and make this good for you, but you're making it really hard." He winked. "Pun totally intended."

Elena laughed softly, but as her eyes drifted down his perfectly chiseled abs, to his groin, she smirked as she took note of his straining fly. "I can see. Let me help you out with that, after all, that was what you wanted right?"

Damon's body tightened, his nerves electrifying at the sensual promise in her sexy voice. When her hands went to his zipper, Damon bit his lip to keep his moan at bay. "Elena, you're playing with fire."

She raised her dark eyed gaze to his and winked. "I like to live dangerously, Damon," she told him brazenly, before sliding the zipper down his pants and using the heels of her feet to push them down his hips.

Damon's head fell back as her heels dug into his thighs, little goosebumps broke out on his flesh and he shuddered. She was making him feel things—things he'd never thought to feel. Suddenly, he rolled them over so she was on top of him, hovering over him, her long dark hair surrounding, cocooning them within an inky dark brown curtain. He gazed up at her, his mercurial blue eyes bright, excited. "Take me," he whispered.

Elena felt his words travel throughout her body, every syllable setting her nerve endings on fire until the heat ended up between her legs, pulsing. Everything about him made her so hot. His face, his lips, his eyes—God his eyes were amazing, she could lose herself in them. She reached down and slid her hand into his boxer/briefs and took hold of his rigid shaft. She was more than ready. She was trembling, she was so ready to have him back inside.

Damon put his hands behind his head. He wanted her to take what she wanted. With Kat, he would have fought this tooth and nail. He never wanted her to have any control over him. But with Elena…it just felt right to let her have it.

"Take what you want, baby," he said, encouraging her.

Elena pulled his cock out, admiring his size and shape. Even his penis was beautiful! Elena giggled softly and Damon frowned.

"Laughter is so not acceptable right now," he told her, affronted at her giggles.

She shook her head. "No. No, wait. I'm not laughing at you, silly. I was laughing because even your dick is pretty. How is that?"

Damon's eyes widened and then a lazy, satisfied grin spread across his face. "Sooo, you're saying I have a superior and incredibly attractive cock. Right?"

Elena rolled her eyes. "I said it was pretty."

"Pretty-schmitty. You like it, right?" He wriggled his brows at her, and Elena nodded.

"Then kiss it. He wants you to taste him."

"He?" Elena asked, getting into this game he was playing.

"Yeah, Bob. Remember?"

Elena burst out laughing. "Not Bob," she said. "Burt. His name is Burt." Her voice lowered along with her head. "And I'm always up for some one on one time with Burt."

Damon moaned deeply when her lips engulfed him, her mouth opening, her throat relaxing to take him all the way down.

It was mind blowing! "Jesus! Oh fuck!" he gasped when she swallowed him, her hand sliding between his thighs to fondle him in the sweet spot between his balls and his ass.

Elena had him where she wanted him. He was right on the edge and she loved feeling this kind of power over a man like Damon. He was a force of nature unto himself, having him in her grasp, was like catching a tiger by its tail—you simply held on and hoped for sweet victory!

She suddenly pulled him from her mouth, ignoring his strangled plea to "don't stop!" and climbed right on top of him, centering herself right on his lap.

Damon's heated blue eyes blinked open, staring up at her with lusty desire. "Thought you were gonna help me out?"

Elena had a firm hold on him and she knew where she wanted him. Her mouth was fun, but…she had a better place for Burt.

"I am," she murmured as she leaned down to fuse her mouth to his, just as their lips touched, she sank down upon him, letting him fill her insides just as his tongue filled her mouth!

Damon gasped. "Elena!"

She kissed him even harder. "Yes! I want this. Just like this. Please Damon! Fuck me!"

Elena, the drugs and everything else, it was too much; Damon lost control. He growled as he buried his hand in the nape of her hair and tugged her head down. "I want to fuck you—hard!" Elena could only nod, she was so turned on. He nipped at her bottom lip. "Hold on," he said and then he lifted her off him and before fhe flipped them again. This time Elena ended up on her belly before him and Damon wasted no time dragging her up and onto her knees into an extremely erotic position in front ofbefore him. He smirked down at her form. She was completely on display, on all fours in front of him, her ass in the air and those long legs of her spread. It was… "So fucking beautiful," he bit out as he positioned himself behind her. Elena gave a soft keening whimper as the head of his cock pushed against her opening. Damon groaned low in his throat when she pushed back into him. "Stop. Just…wait…for a minute, babe."

Elena didn't want to wait. He was right there and she wanted him in. Her fingers dug into the sheets of the bed as she pressed back, crying out as the head of his cock entered her. "Oh yes!" she gasped, tossing her head like a skittish filly. She needed more. "Please…" she whined, but Damon's grip on her hips was like a vice, keeping her where she was.

"Elena! Wait," he instructed, taking deep shuddering breaths.

The drugs Kkat had pumped into him made him crazy with lust, but it was lea that was sapping his self-control. He wanted her above all others and having her under him, naked and begging was making him wild with feelings he never even knew he had—like possessiveness. She was his! He wrapped a hand in her hair. "Say your mine," he told her hotly, licking a decadent trail up her neck. "Tell me and I'll give you the rest."

"I'm yours!" Elena admitted immediately. And she was. She had never experienced this kind of desire.

"Fuck yeah you are!" Damon snapped and plunged his thick cock deep in one sure thrust.

Elena's entire body went white hot with the pleasure. She threw her head back and screamed her joy as he thrust into her again and again, hard and fast, then slow and deep. His pace was strong, forceful and then tender. It made her head swim and she bit her lip, crying out each and every time he stroked that spot inside, that one so deep no other man had found it—until Damon. He had found it easily, and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming as the head of his cock hit it time and time again, as if without thought.

He leaned over her, blanketing her back as his hips moved, fucking her, giving her every inch of himself. "I could die fucking you and be happy. Do you know that?" he muttered hotly, licking the shell of her ear when he said it.

Elena whimpered in pleasure. "I can relate," she admitted.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to her knees before him and started to thrust up into her hard and fast. Elena gripped the bedpost, hanging on for dear life as Damon pounded into her. It was so good, neither of them cared about the noise they were making.

Damon bit her on the shoulder as he pulled her head back, fucking her from behind with plunging deep strokes. "Scream for me!" he demanded, as he slipped a hand in front and let his fingers play between the sweet, slippery folds of her sex.

And Elena did. As soon as he fingered her clit and hit that spectacular spot inside her—it was all over. She screamed. She yelled and hollered and came like she had never come before in her life.

And Damon loved it right up until the second he followed her over that edge of oblivion, shouting out his own release as he spilled himself inside her and prayed for her to want to make this a habit she couldn't break anytime soon…


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