Blood gushed out of the sides of the stake, where the hole gaped in her chest. She made a gurgling sound which choked off into silence. The killer drew out the stake and flung it to the floor, chest heaving, eyes glittering.

He stood there for a moment, staring at her dead gorgeous wife, lying on her bed.

The soft sound of sobbing came from behind him and he turned around to see his four year old daughter, standing with fists clenched, gasping and wide-eyed at the spectacle of seeing her father so brutally murdering her mother. Her black hair hung limply hiding her eyes as she struggled to understand.

10 years later…

Inside a rich house. The wife has just left for a party and her husband is seen letting in a slim slightly under-nourished but nonetheless attractive Asian girl…

She whimpered as he touched her but she held still. He smiled and closed his eyes in pleasure. Shuddering slightly in revulsion, she sighed and slipped back into the dreaded routine.

The man groaned softly as his fingers lingered on her porcelain skin. He nodded and chuckled to himself. Yes, the Chinese half-breeds were always the best.

An hour later, she stumbled out, clutching a 5 lire coin in her hand.

"Where's the money?" he growled, grabbing her roughly by the arm.

"Here!" she said, hastily dropping the coins onto their makeshift table.

They spun, gleaming in the light of the lamp.

Ambra looked up at her father, whose face was twisted into an expression of greed.

He snatched the coins up and stuffed them into his pouch.

"Get back to work," he snapped and lumbered off, no doubt for another night at the bars with his new-found money.

Ambra bit her lip helplessly as she imagined what he might do to her tonight, after he became sodden with drink.

If only she could escape…

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