I support Rorica whole heartedly. There isn't even room in there for Benny. Benny can have Della. Lol. This is why:

1. Rory is Erica's pathetic little follower and she needs to cut him a break and give him a chance.

2. When Rory said 'we're practically soulmates' it was so adorable that Erica has to give in eventually and realize it.

3. In the first movie it was established that Rory is an ultimate Trek fan, where Benny is more of a Star Wars fan. When Sarah made a Star Trek reference Erica caught it which means she might know more about Star Trek than she let on.

4. Erica said 'we' at the end of the last episode meaning her and Rory would be there for Sarah.

5. Rory expects Erica to be partying it up vampire style with him by mentioning parties around her.

6. Erica is quite possibly territorial of Rory since she changed him and essentially acts like she owns him.

7. Rory doesn't give up easily, he'll wear her down eventually.


So I decided to write a story, probably won't be my only one either. Enjoy!

Chapter One:

Visit to the Crib... errr... Bedroom

A knock at his window drew Rory from his record breaking. Last he remembered he kept it open, the Summer breeze wafting through it. He wasn't expecting anyone. When he got off his bed to draw back the curtains there was a sight he certainly hadn't expected there.

"So this is where you live..."

Mouth bulging with marshmallows forgotten in his surprise he opened up his mouth to exclaim, "Erica!" ... And marshmallows went flying everywhere.

"Gross." Hovering in the air, she wiped her face clean of the gooey leftovers he's spat at her. "So are you going to invite me in or what?"

Rory took a second to process this. "Yes? I mean yes, yes! Unbelievably yes!" He tried to act casual as he stepped away from the window. "So what brings you to the neighborhood? Or more specifically my crib? I was you know... hanging out... not playing Space Zombies five." He scrambled for his phone. "Uh, texting."

"Because texting explains so well why you have a face full of marshmallows." Erica rolled her eyes. Was she this hard up for entertainment that it had come to this? She did have a bad date... and Rory was someone she could threaten to keep quiet above anyone else... "Ug, I don't care." She didn't care. His lack of a social life wasn't up for scrutiny. She sat down on his bed and rubbed at her temples.

"So... wanna play Space Zombies? Or... just fly around and be the night creatures of doom that we are?"

No... and no. She didn't come over here for something worse than her date... to be nauseated by Rory trying to be cool.

"Erica?" Rory sat beside her with a hint of concern on his face. Usually Erica would be insulting him... or hitting him right now. This was just weird. Instead she sat, staring downward while rubbing at her head. "You know I can do that for you... if it helps..." He shot her a grin with what would usually be a cheesy pick up line.

She raised her head. Rory had to squint to see correctly. He had perfect vision now but his eyes had to be deceiving him... were those... tears?

"Woah." Crying girl. Crying vampire girl. Crying vampire hottie. Rory looked helplessly down at his own dangling arms. He should probably comfort his brooding babe but what if she tore his arms off from the sockets? Would she do that? Could she do that? Crying Erica was much more terrifying than regular Erica. His arm went around her shoulders but refused to make contact, too scared. Eventually he made contact with his hand, patting her on the back. "Hey, babe, what's the matter?" He said in his most soothing voice.

"Nothing," she shot up away from his grasp. and wiped her eyes quickly before crossing her arms. "I don't even know why I came here tonight."

"Because you need my help?"

"No..." she grimaced and then frowned, sighing and sitting back down again. "Because I had a terrible date."

"A terrible date? How could that happen to YOU?"

Erica paused to consider it. "I really don't know. But it did happen."

Rory pouted. "I'm really sorry Erica."

"I don't know, you pick up a guy at the movies and then he starts getting handsy. And then when you tell him 'no' and that you're able to tear him apart with your hands... he hits you!"

Rory gasped, his hands balled into fists. "He hit you?" Never mind the fact that she's a vampire and could take care of herself. "So not cool!"

"Yeah..." She didn't expect him to get this pumped up about it.

"Wow." He inspected her arm. "Didn't even leave a bruise."

Erica just shook her head and gave him an exasperated look. "Vampires heal themselves. Remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Rory snapped out of his amazement and stood, jaw clenching. "Where is he now?"

"What?" It took her a moment to clue in that he was determined to do something about it. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me."

"Nobody hurts… tries to hurt my beautiful Dusker girl and gets away with it."

It was almost endearing like when he'd done her laundry for her. There was no possible way she could wrap him around her finger any more than this. She smirked to herself and noticed him heading for the window. "You're serious?"

He nodded swiftly, turning back to her. "Dead serious. Undead serious."

"In that case then we left the cinema and he had a yellow car, travelling out past the church."

"I'm on it." He jumped out the window.

"Hey, wait for me!"

Next... Chapter Two:

A Taste For Blood