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"Bellaaaa" Alice whined. "Please come with me." She gave me her best puppy dog face, and she knew she had me.

"Fine Alice, I'll go, but I won't be having fun." I pouted and crossed my arms as my best friend of fifteen years pulled my arm up the stairs towards her bedroom.

Her birthday was two weeks away, and her parents just gave her a surprise birthday gift; two tickets to see the hottest new band that she has been obsessing over for weeks, Eclipse.

She's been begging me to go with her, but I found out last month that this new band is also my brother's band.

My older brother, Emmett Swan, recently moved to New York in hopes of becoming his ridiculous dream of a rock star. He is four years older than me so I had just started grade ten when he moved. When I found out this band was going on tour, and their first stop was to Forks, Washington, I knew something wasn't right. As soon as I told Emmett about Alice obsession, he gave me the tickets right away; even though I didn't ask for them.

I gave the tickets to her parents, just to make sure it was alright for us to go, and they then decided to let them give then to her as an early birthday present since their little girl was turning eighteen and they had no idea what to give her.

Of course when she open her gift she screamed and jumped in delight, kissing and hugging her parents before turning to me and begging me to go with her. I knew it was going to happen, but I also knew the torture that came with 'Plan Alice'; the one thing I hated the most, Barbie Bella.

Four hours later we were both dressed and ready to go to the concert. Alice had the biggest smile on her face, and I couldn't help but be happy for her, even if it was my brother's band.

Her parents even went to the extremes in ordering a limo and bodyguards to take us to the concert. The more I thought about, the more I considered that maybe this night will be fun after all.

When we arrived, we were given the full VIP treatment. When my brother gave me tickets, he went all out; VIP passes and a personal meet and greet.

Growing up, Alice, Emmett and I were always doing stuff together -living across the road from each other helped too. Emmett was the older protective brother we both needed to keep the boys away from us, and it was hard when he moved away; it was like a part of us were missing. She don't know this was his band, but boy will she be surprised when she gets to the meet and greet and sees him standing there.

The security team met us at the door and led us backstage. The meet and greet was the first thing on the agenda since there was still forty-five minutes until the concert actually started.

We walked down hallways and finally stopped in front of the door clearly labeled, 'Eclipse'. I couldn't help the smile that formed on my face; I was going to see my brother again. The last time we saw each other was seven months ago during Christmas. Emmett and our father never ended on the best words, causing him to return to New York before New Year's Eve. I haven't seen him since, but we still stayed in touch.

The security guard knocked on the door before opening it and waved us through. I watched Alice's reaction as she saw the five members of the band. Only three faces were familiar; Emmett, Jacob, and Sam.

"Ohmygod!" Alice squealed in delight while jumping up and down. She turned towards me and gave me a tight hug for such a tiny person before turning back to Emmett and jumping in his arms. The other members stood there shock just watching her.

"Emmy!" She yelled as he wrapped her arms around her tiny form.

"Hi Ali," He smiled as he set her down. Then he looked towards me, "What? No hug for your big brother?" He teased. I walked towards him, but unlike Alice, I only hugged him around his waist, pinching his side as I let go.

"OW!" He yelled, rubbing the spot where I pinched, causing the other band members to jump in surprise. I just smirked.

"Ali, Bella, this is Eclipse. You remember Jake and Sam right?" we nodded; they were close friends with Emmett growing up, and occasionally came to our house to watch sports, or play video games. "Well, this is Edward", he pointed to the Greek god that never took his eyes off me since I entered the room, "And Jasper," he was also good looking, but only had eyes for Alice.

"Guys, this is my little sister Bella, and her best friend, Alice Brandon. This is who I gave the VIP tickets to." He laughed, as if they had an inside joke.

We both waved shyly to the rest of the band as they smiled towards us.

We laughed and talked with the band members for about a half hour and before we knew it, we were being escorted out of the room and to our seats.

The concert was amazing, of course. I knew my brother was a talented singer, but I didn't know it was possible for him to get better.

After the concert we ran backstage to see them again. Even with wet faces, and sweaty t-shirt they were still good-looking.

"So, what did you think of that?" Emmett asked putting his elbow on my shoulder; yes, I was that short compared to my older brother.

"Meh, it was alright." I shrugged.

I screamed when he grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder.

"It's time for the after party!" He yelled as our friends followed us through the door. I looked back at Alice, but couldn't get her attention as she had her eyes on the blonde, Jasper.

Once we reached the back door Emmett put me back on two feet, but by then I'm positive my hair was a mess and my face was flushed. As I fixed my hair I felt eyes on me, but when I looked back up, I couldn't tell who they belonged to. I shrugged as I followed my brother out the back door and into the limo which was waiting on the back of the venue.

"Wow, you sure know how to ride in style." I laughed.

Jacob walked next to me and poked me in the ribs, "Jealous?" He teased. I stuck my tongue out at him before following Alice inside the limo.

The ride to the 'after-party' was about an hour, but since we were talking the whole way, it only felt like twenty minutes at the most.

I was squished between Edward and Emmett, while Alice was between Jasper and Jacob. Sam was on the other side with his girlfriend, Emily, who we learned after that she was their manager, publicist and everything in between.

Even though we were eighteen, we still entered the bar with no questions asked. It was a private party, and our names were surprisingly on the list.

When we entered the club, we could see a large sea of people dancing to the overly loud music. Alice looked towards me and smiled, reaching over to hug me.

"Thank you." She said in my ear over the loud music. She pulled away before I could reply, so I smiled in response.

The night began with some talking in the VIP section of the club. It turned out that Edward's family owned the club, which was why Alice and I were able to get in without question.

We also found out Jasper was a twin, and his sister, Rosalie, was dating my brother. When we heard this I looked at Emmett with a raised eyebrow, which he returned with a sheepish grin and a shrug.

Several times that night I was asked if I wanted anything to drink, and since I wasn't old enough to drink alcohol legally, I politely declined. Finally my brother had enough of me saying 'no' so he marched downstairs to the bar to buy me a drink. I never tasted the alcohol, even though I kept playing with my glass to make it look like I was drinking it.

Half way through the night, Alice, Jasper, Emily, Sam, Jacob, and Leah (a girl he met at the bar), were on the floor below dancing to the music. Rosalie had texted Emmett letting him know she was on her way over, causing him to almost run down the stairs in his hurry to meet her at the door. With everyone gone except Edward, we had no other choice to talk, or endure the awkward silence.

When Emmett and Rosalie returned, Edward had just finished telling me about the boys daring Emmett to jump in the mud. He was so drunk he thought it was a pool, and ended up with a broken wrist from the impact with the ground.

Even though I felt bad for my brother, we couldn't help but laugh at the situation. I was so out of breath by the time I stopped laughing I took a big gulp of my drink without noticing what I had in front of me, or what I was actually drinking.

One drink lead to another, and eventually someone was pulling me out the door.

The last thing I remembered from that night was waking up the next morning in a bed, alone and naked.

The following weeks were torture; vomiting almost everything I ate, and having weird cravings for egg and peanut butter sandwich. When Alice caught me running to the bathroom for the fifth morning that week, she demanded I go to the hospital.

I eventually got called in, and with Alice sitting next to me, the doctor told me news that would change my life forever; "Congratulations," She said with a smile, "You're pregnant!"

I looked at Alice who offered me a small smile, and then my world went black.

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