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Bella's POV

"Okay girls, pick out which flower you want." Alice told the flower girls, Mackynzie, Abigail, and Maggie, -minus little Paige- as they stared at the walls of flowers. I had to laugh at the expression on the girls faces. Alice and Jasper were getting married in just over forty-eight hours and she promised the girls that they could pick out one purple flower each to be added to their basket.

Maggie and Abigail was Jasper's niece, his sister Kate and husband, Garrett oldest daughters, along with their youngest, Paige. They agreed to attend Carlisle and Esme's New Year's party since Maggie and Abigail were flower girls, and it was only a week before the big day. Alice and Jasper asked Kate and Garrett to be in wedding party along with Paige; since it was such an important event for the couple they wanted everyone possible involved.

Jasper and Alice introduced the girls during dinner on New Year's, and they have spent every minute possible together. Garrett and Kate, along with their three girls, Maggie (six years old), Abigail (four years old), and Paige (five months old), had decided to spend most of the Christmas holiday with Garrett's family in Texas but fly back a week before the wedding. Since the last fittings were scheduled to been done two days before, Alice and Jasper was okay with their decision.

Twenty minutes later the flowers were picked out and paid for and we were headed to the bridal shop for the final fitting. The girls were singing loudly as they shared the backseat of Alice's car. Rosalie, Charlotte, Kate and Paige went with Esme, while the rest of us went with Alice.

The boys were having their own fittings across town with Jasper. Liam was reluctant to leave his mom at first –since he was becoming a total momma's boy- but once Emmett gave him candy, suddenly daddy was his new favorite person. I heard Rosalie scold my brother as we were parting ways, telling him to feed his son some real food and not to load him up on sugar. I laughed as Emmett's expression when she finished by saying he would be the one staying up with Liam all night once he was bouncing off the walls.

The ride to the bridal shop was short, thankfully, and we didn't have to wait long to be pointed towards some dressing rooms. We took turned in the dressing rooms since there were only two available. I took Mackynzie with me into the first one, and Kate took Maggie and Abby with her into the second one. We continued to switch until the only one left was Alice.

The bridesmaid's dresses were a beautiful dark purple Alfred Sung style cocktail length dress with draped bodice and matching sash. The maid of honor's dress was a lilac purple, and an Alfred Sung style cocktail length halter peau de soie dress with pleated detail at bodice and matching empire waistband. Needless to say the dresses were beautiful and matched Alice's theme of purple and silver perfectly. The flower girl dresses were more of a lilac color like the maid of honor, and each girl chose a different style to match their height and age.

Paige, who was the youngest of the four, had a lilac, taffeta overlay, fully lined with rear center zipper, and was natural tea length, with a matching headband. The dress was the perfect style for such a young child, and it was very lightweight. Abigail's dress was an organza overlay with studs and rhinestone complete with a cute flower design. Next was Mackynzie who, being the 'princess' she is, wanted a ball gown type dress. Alice found the perfect dress for her and Mackynzie fell in completely in love with it the first time she saw it. The dress was, of course, lilac in colour, and the bodice is taffeta with intricate embroidery and beading while the skirt is organza with lining with three tiers of attached crinoline; the perfect dress for a little princess. Maggie, who was the oldest of the girls, picked a style that suited her perfect as well. It was a style made for an older flower girl, and she absolutely loved it. Her dress was satin with chiffon and rhinestone with a zip back closure with sashes that tied into a bow. Each of the older girls also had a lilac jewel hair comb, which matched Alice's, and black Mississauga party shoes. They looked beautiful as ever as they twirled and danced in their dresses.

All the partying stopped when Alice entered the room, followed by Esme. Tears flooded my eyes when I saw my best friend walk out of the dressing room in her dress. The only person that saw it was Esme, and even then, no details were given away; she wanted it to be a surprise.

Alice dress was perfect for her; simple yet elegant, just like her. From the day we became friends we also talked about our dream wedding. I didn't want a fancy puffy dress, but Alice, however, wanted to wear the perfect Cinderella ball gown dress as she married her prince charming, and that's exactly how one would describe her dress. It was beautiful; the princess bodice has a flattering sweetheart neckline and is adorned with a taffeta silver sash, perfect for Alice's small, but growing body.

"You look beautiful Ali." I wiped away a stray tear as I hugged my best friend. When we untangled ourselves, we both had tear stains on our cheeks. We giggled like teenagers as we wiped away the tears.

We were quick to get unchanged when Paige made her presence known; she had grown uncomfortable in the dress and wanted it off.

Once leaving the shop we decided it was time for something to eat. We had reservations at a local restaurant just down the road from the bridal shop.

"Mommy, can me and Maggie and Abby set at a table by ourselves because we are big girls and big girls don't sit with their mommy's." Maggie and Abby nodded their heads in agreement.

I smiled at my baby, "it is okay with me, if it's okay with Kate." I looked at Kate, and she nodded her head, agreeing with me. I quickly added, "You have to promise to act like perfect angels though; that means no running around, and keep your voices quiet."

They nodded their heads excitedly and went to sit in the booth behind us. Paige stayed at the table with us because she was now asleep in her car seat. It was only a matter of time before she woke and was hungry.

The rest of the day passed quickly as we were kept busy with several things to do before Alice's big day. Once we got back to Edward's house I realized just how tired I was. Mackynzie fell asleep on the way back so I had to carry her into the house. Thankfully Edward met me at the car and took her from my arms.

It was close to supper time when we got home. Alice dropped me and Mackynzie off then went to Esme's to drop off the dresses. We decided to get dressed at Esme's the day of the wedding while Jasper and the guys will be staying at his place to get ready.

Edward convinced me to take a small nap to refresh myself for tonight's activities. Alice thinks we're having a traditional girl's night in; let's just say it's going to be anything but traditional. Rose, Charlotte, Kate and I organized –without Alice's knowledge- a bachelorette party for her. We won't be doing the traditional 'club hopping' but instead, just staying home, relaxing, and we may have throwing in a little surprise of our own; Alice won't know what hit her!

Edward also looked worn out as we lid in bed. I lean over to kiss his nose, causing his eyes to pop open. "You never cease to amaze me, beautiful."

I giggled as he wrapped his arms around me and started placing kisses all over my face. He ended his sweet torture with a long passionate kiss.

"You looked worried, what's wrong?" I asked as he stared at the ceiling, his arms still wrapped tightly around me.

"Nothing, just thinking about being away from you again tonight." He smiled as he looked down at me.

"We won't be out long; Alice and Jasper have a lot to do tomorrow. She needs her sleep."

"What are you doing tonight anyway?" Edward asked as his fingers ran through my hair.

"Oh you know, just a traditional girl's night; mani's, pedi's, the usual." He rose as eyebrow at me.

"Really?" I nodded; I didn't want him to know every detail about tonight. It would just have him more worried about me, and not able to enjoy his night out with the guys.

"What are you doing tonight?" I knew Edward, Peter, and Garrett and Emmett had some exciting planned for Jasper tonight, but it was rarely talked about.

"Oh you know, just the tradition boy's night in; a few mani's, pedi's, maybe a facial." Now he was just teasing me.

I sat up to look at him, "Yes, I'm sure you'll look so pretty with make-up on tomorrow and your nails done." Edward paled a little but quickly distracted me by flipping me from my side to my back. I giggled as he hovered over me. "Really, what are you doing tonight? Any strippers I should be aware of?" I winked for good measure.

"Maybe, but they'll never be as beautiful as you." He was about to give me another kiss when we heard voices outside our door. I glanced at the clock and noticed two hours has passed and it was time to get the kids fed and settled at Carlisle and Esme's for the night.

"Maybe we should go feed our little monsters." Edward said as he gave me one last kiss, first on my lips, and then moved lower to my belly. Thankfully I avoided the morning sickness this morning so I was feeling great for the busy day. Edward placed several kissed on my slightly swollen belly.

He looked up at me through his eyelashes, "ready to go feed some little monsters?" I nodded and he quickly moved from the bed, and pulled me into his arms once again. I'll never get tired of his kisses.

When we walked downstairs, Noah, Ethan and Mackynzie were sat on the couch watching cartoons and eating dry cereal in plastic bowls. I shared a look with Edward before we interrupted our little angels.

"Okay kiddies, who wants a bath first?" Neither of them looked towards me as I tried to get their attention.

"Kenz, do you want to get in first? Remember you need to get a trial done on your hair done tomorrow." There was still no movement from either of my kids.

"Ethan, Noah, bath time!" Edward tried. I shook my head, now it was just frustrating me.

"Children," I walked towards the T.V and stood in front of it; that got their attention, "bath time. Who wants to go first?"

"Hey!" They yelled together as I blocked their view of the television and whatever show they were watching.

"Come on, bath time!" I clapped my hands and pointed to the stairs. How did Edward manage to do this with two? It was hard enough with one!

The kids groaned but moved from their spot, stomping all the way to the bathroom. Since Mackynzie was five, almost six, she insisted that she was a big girl and could get a bath by herself. I helped her with her water, and left her in the bathroom in our room to go tend to Noah who followed me upstairs as well. Thankfully, the other bathroom was just down the hall, so I could keep an eye on both kids and still be in hearing distance. As I went back and forth between the bathrooms, I noticed just how much harder this would be with a cast, and was grateful that it had been taken off last week.

Of course it took us twice as long to get the kids bathed, feed and packed, since they wouldn't cooperate with us. We threatened them several times with not being a part of the wedding, but still, it did no good. It seems as though they were on a disobedient streak and didn't show any signs of stopping any time soon.

When Mackynzie started yelling at me, was when I lost it.

"I don't want to eat brot-til-ly." She yelled crossing her arms and pouting.

"Mackynzie Swan, you will eat you broccoli or you are going to be in a lot of trouble. You will go straight to bed when you get to Nana and Poppy's house."

"I'm not eating it!" She screeched at me. What was happening to my little girl? She never acted like this before.

"I'm not eating my bro-tilly either." Noah said, crossing his arms. Ethan nodded and copied his movements.

"Noah and Ethan, you will eat you supper, or you will be punished." Edward said sternly, but it did no good when Mackynzie started laughing at him. The boys started laughing too, and that was when I lost it.

I left the dining room in a hurry and walked quickly up the stairs, willing the tears to stay away until I was in the safety of the bedroom. I knew it was just my hormones, but still, seeing Mackynzie and the boys act out like that really hurt me.

Once I knew the door was closed, I fell on the bed and let my tears fall. Where did I go wrong? I sobbed into the pillows, trying to come up with a reason about why my daughter was being so…so…bratty all of a sudden.


I shook my head at my children as I watched Bella hurry out of the room. I know that it may be the hormones kicking in, but it definitely has to do with our children ignoring her, and fighting with her every step of the way.

"I'm very disappointed in you three. If this is the way you're going to act when you're together, then maybe you should be split up. I'm going to check on your mother, when I come back I expect clean plates and a sincere apology to your mom.

"When we get to your grandparent's house, there's no television, or games, or anything you normally do. Instead, you three are getting your pajamas on and going straight to bed. I hate punishing you, but when you're disobeying your parents, we really have no other choice. Now eat, I'll be back in ten minutes."

As I left the room I could hear quiet sobbing. My heart broke at the fact that I made them cry, but it wasn't right to disrespect your parents. I raised my kids better than that, and I'm sure Bella raised Mackynzie better than that as well. We're going to have a serious talk with the kids after the wedding, and find out why they are going on a rebellious streak suddenly.

I knocked on the bedroom door softly, "Bella?" I tried the door knob and was surprised to find it unlocked. I entered the room and found Bella face first on the bed, sobbing quietly.

"Bella honey, are you okay? All this stress isn't good for the baby." She turned to face me; her eyes were red and swollen, and her cheeks were covered in tears.

"Where did I go wrong Edward? What did I do to make them hate me so much?" this brought on a fresh round of tears as I pulled her into my arms.

"You didn't do anything honey, I don't know why the kids are acting the way they are, but I will get to the bottom of this. If they want to act like…like…"

"Brats?" Bella interrupted.

"That's one way to put it." I laughed before growing serious again, "if they want to act like spoiled brats, then they are going to be punished; plain and simple. I know they are only four and five, but that's still no reason to disrespect your parents."

"Is it my fault Edward? Is all this too much for them? Moving in with you, the baby, and now getting married? Maybe we shouldn't have moved too fast." Bella started crying again as I rocked her in my arms.

"Shh, shh, love; it's not your fault. We asked the kids, remember? We ask them they were alright with the move and everything. They were fine with it, in fact, they loved that they were going to have two parents instead of one. Don't you ever think this is your fault. The kids are probably just going through one of their phases, they just happen to experience at the same time. Regardless, that's no excuse." I kissed her forehead and brushed away her tears.

"I don't know what I did wrong Edward, I just don't."

"Nothing, love, you did nothing at all wrong. Come on, let's get the kids ready to go and enjoy our night out."

"How am I supposed to have a good night when all I will be thinking about are the kids? What if they start yelling at Esme and Carlisle?"

"They are being punished, honey, they are going straight to bed when we get to mom and dad's; no questions asked. And if, for some reason, they decide to start yelling and going against mom and dad, they had rebellious kids of their own at one point; they'll know how to handle it."

Satisfied with my answer she stood from the bed and went to gather the rest of our things for tonight. Once we were done packing, we walked downstairs to where the kids were, surprisingly, still at the table, empty plates in front of them and their heads lowered.

When they heard us coming, Noah was the first to look up. He ran towards us and wrapped his tiny arms around mine and Bella's legs before bursting into tears.

"I'm sorry daddy, I promise I'll be a good boy, please don't give me away. I will listen and eat my veggietables. I don't want to leave you and mommy. I can be a good boy, I promise." I picked my little boy up into my arms and hugged him tight.

"Daddy and mommy will never ever give you away, don't you ever think that we will. We love you and Ethan and Mackynzie; don't you ever think any different." He nodded into my shirt and I reached into my pocket to grab a tissue and wipe his snotty nose. Ethan and Mackynzie soon followed with the tears and apologizes, and Ethan repeated Noah's words almost exactly as I held my children in my arms. We moved to the living room and sat them on the couch between Bella and I, holding them very close for comfort and to let them know they are loved.

"Why would you think that we would give you away? We love you all so very, very much."

Mackynzie sniffed, "Ty-Tyson said that h-his mommy was ha-having a b-baby, an-and he li-lives with h-his da-daddy n-now." The tears returned again as I shared a look with Bella. Someone was putting false thoughts into our children's heads.

"Honey, can you tell me who Tyson is? Catch your breath first, and then tell us who he is, okay?" She nodded and took a few deep breaths with Bella's coaching before she spoke again.

"He's not in Aunt Ali's class. He is in Ms. Turner's class. He told me that my mommy and daddy won't love me any more when they get the baby. He is mean and I don't like him." I wiped a few stray tears from her eyes and I stared at my baby girl. I will definitely be asking Alice about this kid, but for now, we had a wedding to make perfect for my baby sister so it would have to wait.

"Don't worry sweetheart, daddy will find out why he has told you all this. But remember one thing for me, Ethan and Noah too, no matter how many more babies we have, me and Mommy will always love each of our children the same, okay?" That nodded I kissed each one of their heads, saving Bella for last who had started crying sometime during our talk. I kissed away the tears, and we were finally ready to go to Mom's house to drop the kids off, and then head out for Alice and Jasper's parties.

The kids clung to Bella like glue as we were trying to leave the house. They thought their punishment had been lifted as we reached my parents, but when I told them to go get ready for bed, the begging and tears started again.

They tried to plead with me to let them stay up, but I just couldn't do it; if I let them get away with this punishment they'd be expecting it all the time.

When they saw that I was reluctant they turned to their mother and started pleading with her. It broke my heart when she looked at me with pleading eyes.

I shook my head and motioned to the door. With one least sigh she looked down at the children who were now attached to her legs.

"Please mommy, can we watch lil' ponies? We promise to be good, pleaseeee." Noah begged.

"I'm sorry guys, but it is bed time. You didn't listen to mommy and daddy tonight, and this is your punishment. Tomorrow you can watch lil' ponies, but now it's time for bed. Now come on, I'll tuck you in before we leave."

Mackynzie pouted and detached herself from Bella's legs, her bronze ringlets bounced around her face as she marched away from a stunned Bella; she's defiantly her mother's child. "I wanna watch lil' ponies." Mackynzie screeched at Bella as she stormed up the stairs.

Bella was about to chase after her when Mom placed her hand on her arm. "Don't worry about her sweetheart, she'll calm down and eventually fall to sleep. You two go out and have a good night, and try not to worry about the kids too much."

Bella nodded and thanked her, giving the boys one last kiss on their heads in dad's arms and turned towards me. She took my outstretched hand and wrapping an arm around her waist, I lead her to the car.

Bella was silent as we left the driveway and headed to Alice and Jasper's house.

"Sweetheart, talk to me. What's wrong?" I glanced towards Bella but she wouldn't make eye contact with me.

"Am I a bad mother? Am I giving you and the boys too much attention, is that why my baby girl is suddenly acting out on me?"

I gripped her hand tightly in mine, "There is no way on earth you are a bad mother, please don't beat yourself up over this. Mackynzie is five, almost six; you had to have known sooner or later that she was going to start acting like this? They are children, Bella, and they're growing every day. No matter how much we teach them good manners, or what's right from wrong, every child is going to have his or her bad days, and Mackynzie's seems to be today. As for the attention thing, no, not at all; no matter how many people are around you, you treat each person equally, one of the many things I love about you."

"Thank you, you always knows what to say to make me feel better." She smiled and I returned it, bringing her hand up to my lips and placing a soft kiss on it.

"I love you baby." I said as I pulled the car into park.

"Love you more." She quickly leaned over the console and pecked my cheek before climbing out of the car. I quickly scrambled out of the car to help her up the snow-covered steps, only making it as far as the door before Rose shooed me away. I shook my head and headed back to my car, quickly put her in drive, and headed to the bar about five minutes away.

Entering the club, I heard Emmett before I saw him, "Edward's here, it's about time."

I shook my head as I walked to the table and took a seat.

"Why so glum, Ed?" Jasper asked, picking up my current mood.

"It's just the kids, and Bella; they have been given her a hard time recently, and I'm really disappointed with them."

"I know what you're going through man. A few months ago, Maggie decided to throw temper tantrums every chance she got. I got so mad at her that I had to leave the house. Kate eventually got her to calm down and Maggie has never thrown a fit like that again, thankfully."

"I just hope Liam skips his terrible twos and never throws a tantrum." Emmett added with a laugh. "Enough talk about kids, let's get this party started." He clapped a hand on Jasper's shoulder, "You, my man, are going to get wasted tonight." He winked before leaving the table and heading to the bar. Jasper palled considerably.

"He's harmless, I swear." I laughed. Jasper's expression showed that he didn't really believe me.

Emmett returned with another round of drinks just as the show started. A man came out of stage and once he had everyone's attention he began speaking.

"Okay gentlemen, tonight is a very special night for a young man, Jasper Whitlock is getting married in two days and tonight is his bachelor party! We have a special show ready for you Jasper, so just sit back and enjoy the show and thank you friends in the morning; if you can remember anything that is." The man laughed as he exited the stage just as the lights dimmed. I didn't know what he was talking about when he said 'special show' but I'm sure Garrett and Emmett had an idea from the way they were laughing and nudging Jasper.

Just as the lights began to turn on several woman came out on stage in next to nothing and started dancing. They continued this and eventually called Jasper to the stage. At first he was reluctant, but eventually he left his seat and went on stage to take his seat while the girls danced around him.

When he returned to his seat his face was flushed and he quickly downed his drink, causing all of us to laugh.

My laughing stopped instantly when Emmett clapped me on the back, "Don't worry man, your wedding is next, and we'll make sure your bachelor party will be way better than this one," he winked and laughed as I'm the color drained from my face.

The night continued normally after this, and by two-thirty, Garrett and I were trying to carry a drunk Jasper and Emmett out of the bar. I never had much to drink that night and was good to drive, so we eventually pushed Jasper and Emmett into the back seat of my car and Garrett jumped in the passenger just as I pulled away from the curb.

We had agreed to spend the two nights before the wedding at a local hotel, well Jasper and Garrett would be tonight anyway, so once I knew everyone was in bed I left the hotel and drove to the house to cuddle with my girl.

Knowing the kids were at my parents' house, I wasted no time stripping off my clothes and slipping into the shower. She didn't disappoint me as she wrapped her arm around me when I got in bed. I kissed her as she mumbled "love you Edward" before drifting back to sleep.

"Love you too, angel." I whispered, kissing her one last time before sleep claimed me.

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