"Yes young bumblebee"

"What's the Bird and Bee's?"

"Bee why don't you ask Sam that question" Optimus said with a blank face I could help but give a chuckle

"Crissy do you want to help me find Sam"

"Hell yes I have to see this" I said chuckling. We walked to find Sam in silence

"Hello Crissy and Bee is something the matter"

"Yes umm Op told me to ask you what the Birds and Bees are"

"Oh uhh well you see there are many stages throughout the Bird's and Bee's the first one is when two people ask each other out and they go one dates"

"Oh Prowl and Jazz"

"Uhh yes.."

"The second step is when you hug and kiss and stuff like that"

"Ohh like you and your Crissy but haven't you guys been going out since you and Mikaela broke up"

"Uhhh yes…"

"the third one is when umm when you love each other very much and you have to be in a relationship for a very long time its when ummmm to people decide to have sex…."

"Uhh Sam what's sex"

"Bee really" I was pissing myself laughing by know I was trying so hard not to fall on the ground my gut hurt so much"

"Crissy why don't you explain to Bee what sex is since he is your closes friend"

"I'm good Sam you're doing a really great job" I said trying to contain my laughter

"Crissy please this is so awkward and wired.."

"What is.." said Sunny

"Uhh were the frag did you come from"

"Ratchets office"


"Any way so wat is awkward"

"Telling bumblebee the birds and bee and what sex is"

"Really Bee how can you not know this stuff.."

"Ok Bee you see its when a girl and a boys genitals meet"

"What are they"

"Penis and Vagina"

"Ohh so say that we decide to have sex my penis goes in ur Vagina?"

"Yes Bee" I said laughing my head off

"Ok I understand know wait Sam what's the final step"

"Getting married"

"Ok I get it now thanks" he said walking off with a smile on his face I feel to the ground laughing

"Crissy your mean" Sam said with a frown

"Naww poor baby" I said giving him a peck on the lips

"But the best moment is when you have told how the birds and bee go"

"I agree" he said grabbing my waist and kissing me

"Hay Sam and Crissy" said a voice from bumblebee

"Yes bee" we both said in unison

"Have you two had sex yet"

"Bee" I shirked

"Yes Crissy"

"Why is that any of your business.