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Chapter Eleven – I Don't Like Pants.

"Harry Potter! You put some clothes on right now!"

"But 'mione." Harry whined.

"No buts! I do not appreciate you walking around naked!"

Harry pouted. He had snuck away from Severus whilst he was still sleeping in hope of not having to put any clothes on. But Hermione had caught sight of him and screamed.

"You and Sev are no fun!" Harry told her crossing his arms.

"HARRY? WHA—" Hermione and Harry turned to see Ginny had fainted on the stairs.


"What on Earth is going on?" A deep voice questioned from the landing.

Severus had heard yelling and a thunk and had come to investigate once he noticed Harry was gone and was most likely the source of the mayhem.

"Harry, pray tell, why aren't you wearing any clothes after I specifically told you NOT to wander around the house naked?"

Harry sighed.

"Well? I'm waiting." Severus prompted with an arched eyebrow.

"I don't want to wear clothes Severus!" Harry exclaimed.

"I don't care Harry, you cannot walk around naked! What are you going to do when you go back to school?"

"I don't know but I don't want to wear clothes!"

Severus sighed, they were getting nowhere.

"Harry I'll make you a deal shall I? Seeing as you are going to be particularly insufferable today."

"How about whenever it is just you and me you don't have to wear clothes but if you're with anyone else you have to ATLEAST wear shorts and a shirt. Deal?"

Harry frowned but could see that he wasn't going to win. So with a sigh he nodded his consent.

"Good now come back up here and put some clothes on."

Harry walked back up the stairs towards their room looking defeated.


When Harry had finally come back downstairs he was wearing emerald green short-shorts and open blue button up shirt.

Harry walked into the kitchen with his head down frowning. He was frustrated with Severus and Hermione, clothes were so restricting.

When Harry put his head up he could see that Hermione was frowning at him and Ginny was a bright red.

Severus walked up to Harry from behind and put his arms around him, he had been feeling the urge to do so after the last week and it was just getting stronger every day.

'Maybe it has something do with this 'Heart of your soul' bond that Harry and I allegedly have.'

To be honest, Severus was suspicious of Dumbledore's explanation of Elf Mages as his description had been vague and had not given them much information on it.

Severus was looking forward to getting back to Hogwarts on the 1st so he could try to get the headmaster into talking what he knows.


"Harry you should say sorry to Hermione and Ginny, they shouldn't of had to see you naked like that." Severus whispered in Harry's ear.

Harry sighed quietly; he honestly didn't think he had to wear clothes just for the girls sake.

"I'm sorry 'mione and Ginny, that I walked out of my room naked and refused to put clothes on."

By the time that he had finished talking Ron had spit out the drink he had been drinking and Ginny was flushed an even brighter red. Hermione was looking smug at Severus acknowledging that he had been the reason she received an apology.

"That's quite alright Harry but please don't do it again." Hermione smiled at him.

Harry smiled then tugged on Severus' sleeve.

"Come on Sev! I want to go swim in the lake! I want to see what happens."

Severus smiled at Harry; he was so enthusiastic when it came to discovering what happened after his majority.

"Okay then, let's go."

Harry raced out of the door not even glancing back to see if Severus was following.


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