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Chapter 1

Honor Potter looked around the small bedroom that she was confined to while at her relatives house in disgust. She didn't know why she had to live here. She'd never considered it home. Wouldn't that negate the effects of the so-called 'blood wards' Dumbledore was always going on about? And even if it didn't, what was to protect her from the threats that her so called 'family' posed to her?

The real abuse didn't start until the summer after she came back from her first year of Hogwarts. There were the beatings, and then there was what her Uncle did to her when Petunia was asleep, or out. At first, what her so called 'Uncle' had done to her, had almost broken her, but, as the weeks wore on, she started to harden herself to it, and she drew on the pain and the hate, using it as strength.

But she knew why she had to stay here. It was because Dumbledore wanted a malleable little weapon. And the Weasleys, minus two that she knew of, were helping him. But she wasn't going to roll over and do tricks for them any longer. Sirius' death had been the last straw. She was done. She had everything packed, but she knew she couldn't go just yet. If she went before Dursley came, then she wouldn't get far. He'd have to alert the Order- he was terrified of what they'd do if he didn't. But if she waited until he was done, then she had till morning to make it out. And she knew where she was going to go, thanks to secret correspondence with the goblins. Her plan was set. Now, she just had to endure one more session with Dursley. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, pretending to sleep.

Soon, Honor heard her bedroom door opening. She was surprised he could move so quietly for such a large man. She was shaken roughly.

"Get up freak." He hissed.

She pretended to be groggy as she was pulled off the bed, and forced to her knees. She only had to go through all this one more time, and then she was free, and then, when she was ready, she could extract her revenge on the Dursleys. Vernon especially.

The fat lard pushed down his pants, taking his underwear with him. He grabbed her by the hair, and shoved his cock into her mouth. She gagged, and had to fight down the urge to throw as she was once again forced to give him a blow job, knowing that this was just the start. For such a large man, he was surprisingly active sexually. She knew that she wasn't the only girl to fall victim to Vernon Dursley. There'd been more than one occasion where he'd forced her to clean the car of evidence.

Honor started to suck; she'd learnt a long time ago that it was useless to fight. Especially since she couldn't do magic. Soon, he spilled down her throat, and once again, she had to stop herself from being sick. Then, she was forced to her feet. Dursley pulled her clothes off her, hand me downs from Petunia, and forced her against the wall. He was soon in her, grunting as he pumped harshly in and out, his thick meaty fingers bruising her waist as he gripped her tightly and slammed her onto his cock.

Honor retreated as far within herself as possible, trying to forget what was happening. She was successful for a while, before she found herself pushed onto her hands and knees, and Dursley was entering her again, this time from behind.

"This is all freak sluts like you will ever be good for. A good screw." He grunted quietly, only loud enough for Honor to hear. "It's all any of you will ever be good for." She'd heard all this before. And just like every other time, she wasn't going to let it get to her. But he had something new up his sleeve this time. "The only reason I didn't drown you when Petunia found you on our doorstep was because I knew you'd be a good fuck when you were older- just like your mother." Honor froze up. What did he just say? Dursley yanked her hair, pulling her head back, and their eyes met. She only saw the sickening truth there. "Oh yes, I had her under me much like you are now, not long after Petunia and I got engaged. Taking the little slut wasn't easy of course, had to get her wand off her, and gag her, but soon I had her under me like I have you right now. This is the position you deserve to be in- on your hands and knees, like an animal." He released her hair, and began pumping in and out again. He pawed at her breast, pinching it hard. "And guess what, freak? Petunia and Dudley have gone out for the night, and I have a couple of friends over." He spilled inside her, and released her. Honor fell to the floor, and curled up. Just typical. She'd escaped all summer so far from one of those nights, and then on the night she was going to escape, he gets a couple of friends over to play. That was another few names to add to the list.

His 'friends' were no less rough in her handling as Dursley was. By the time they were all done, all she wanted to do was sleep and never wake up- to just forget. But she didn't get the pleasure of that.

"You're late Allan." She heard Dursley's booming voice say. She groaned. Allan was the worst of his friends. He was into bondage. "You know where to find her."

Of course he did. He always was very vocal with how much he enjoyed himself. He wasn't about to forget. It seemed he was very eager tonight too. He was soon in her room, and tying her wrists to the bedposts and her ankles to the other ones. Then, he undressed before climbing on top of her. Honor turned her face to the side, so she didn't have to look at him. He was a plain man, with muddy brown hair and eyes to match, nothing special to look at, but to her he was revolting. He entered her, and forced her head up, and crushed his lips into hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He brought one of his hands to one of her breasts and the other he worked between them, and his fingers began playing with her folds.

"Still so tight around me." He moaned. "Tight, wet, warm and young. The perfect fuck." His lips trailed down her neck and she bit the inside of her lips to keep from reacting as he murmured different reasons why she was the best fuck he'd ever had.

When he'd spilled inside her, Allan got off, and got dressed, before heading back over to her. He dipped his head to her spread legs, and slowly, he licked along her folds. His eyes closed and he repeated the action. Honor's eyes were wide. He'd never done anything like that before.

"Wonderful." He murmured. "You taste divine. You know- I might just make Vernon an offer for you. Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do." He smiled. "That way- I kill two birds with one stone." Allan was grinning. He leant over her. "I never told you but, I'm a squib." Honor held in the gasp. That meant… "I always knew exactly who you were, Honor Potter. You see, my parents sent me away when they learnt I was a squib. Now I'm going to make them and the rest of the wizarding world pay. By taking their precious saviour. And then, I'll own you. I'll have you for myself. No more sharing you with anyone unless I choose too. That sounds good. Yes. I'll have the Girl-Who-Lived as my slave." He unbound her wrists and ankles, and left the room.

"Ah! Allen! How'd it go?" She heard Vernon ask.

"Vernon my friend, I have an offer to make you. I've recently come into a lot of money, and I mean a lot. How would you like to be two million pounds richer?"

"Two million pounds? For what?"

"The girl, of course!" He replied.

All was silent for a minute before; "Bring the money tomorrow evening and she's all yours. Be sure to park your car in the garage."

"Brilliant." Allan said. "See you then."

Honor scowled. Dursley thought he could just sell her like a piece of meat? And Allan whatever his name was thought he could buy her and turn her into a slave? That wasn't gonna happen. She waited for Dursley's friends to all leave, and for him to go to bed, and start snoring.

Honor got up, and dragged herself over to her trunk. She dressed into a clean set of clothes, and waited until she was sure he wasn't likely to wake up. That was when she made her move. She grabbed her trunk, and Hedwig's cage, and left her small room. In the kitchen, she saw the red metal tin. Honor knew what it contained. The money Dursley's friends paid him for the pleasure of using her as a fuck toy. Not thinking twice, it was technically her earnings anyway, she grabbed the box and slipped it into her trunk. She went out the back door, and through the garden gate. She sent a malevolent glare at Number four private drive, silently promising retribution. Then, she walked away, never knowing about the small electronic device in-between some of the notes in the box…

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