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Chapter 19

Honor smiled up at Fenrir as the sun set. Another full moon had come round, and it would be Honor's and Hermione's first transformation. Dudley had been released into the forest an hour ago and she was itching to chase after him. She really wanted to get him back for what he'd done to her in her childhood.

The sky darkened, and she closed her eyes, waiting. She felt Fenrir's lips on her forehead, and leant into him. Both of them stood amongst the pack, every single one of them standing naked. She felt a tingling start on her skin. Her eyes opened, and she looked to Fenrir.

"Don't fight it." He said. "It's just the change."

Honor nodded. She let the tingle spread and deepen, welcoming it. She felt her bones shift, and her skin shift, but she didn't fight it. And because of that, the change didn't become painful. She fell forward onto her hands, and the thud on the ground indicated Fenrir beside her. She felt fur sprout from her skin, and her breathing started to increase. The whole thing took less than a minute, but it felt like an age had passed. Honor looked down at herself to see her body covered in thick, red fur. She felt a tongue lick her neck, and she looked round at Fenrir. He butted her head lightly with his, before looking up, and howling. She and the rest of the pack copied him, and then, they took off into the forest, some staying behind to turn the new arrivals of the pack. Honor caught hold of Dudley's scent and she and Fenrir led the pack as they chased him. The air rushed past her, trough her fur, and she felt every tense and bunch of her muscles. Running like this was freeing. Now she understood why Fenrir had never fought his wolf. It was easy to do this. It was one of the best things she'd ever experienced.

Honor howled as she caught sight of Dudley, and she pounced on him. He screamed, and lashed out, hitting her muzzle. She snarled and bit into his very large stomach, tearing a chunk out and causing a pain filled howl from Dudley's lips. She quickly swallowed, and then Fenrir and the others joined her, ripping Dudley apart and eating him alive. Had she not already fed as a vampire, she would have been a bit squeamish about actually eating Dudley, but she already knew that humans were not at the top of the food chain, and anything above them reserved the right to eat them, and it didn't taste too bad. Almost like chicken.

When Dudley was dead, Honor pulled back and headed to a near by river, to wash the blood from her mouth. When she was done, she rejoined Fenrir and they wandered a little way away from the pack. Then, he circled her, observing her full form. He nodded, before licking her cheek. She was a fine wolf. They rubbed against each other, rubbing their scents onto their mate, before Fenrir moved behind Honor, and mounted her from behind, quickly burying himself into her folds. Their coupling was completely animalistic and ended with Fenrir's howl of release.

The two fell to the ground, and Fenrir curled around Honor's smaller body, and together, they fell to sleep.

Two years later.

The wizarding world was more resilient than had been originally thought, but yet again, it was one hot head force against another. The war had really got going two years ago, and the light had battled the dark, neither gaining ground, but both chipping away at the strength of the other. All the while, werewolves and vampires would attack, causing even more destruction to the wizarding world while they received minimal casualties, but mostly received no damage at all. The plan seemed to be working well. After all, why take the fight to your enemies, when they were content to do your job for you?

With the help of the goblins, the Horcrux in the cup had been destroyed, and Honor, Fenrir and Sanguini had gone to Grimmauld Place, where they discovered that the locket had been stolen. Luckily, Mundungus Fletcher was an easy man to track if you had knowledge of both the muggle and magical underworld, and Fenrir and Sanguini did. Fletcher had been found, thrown in a cell, and the Locket taken from him and then destroyed. Honor had stabbed it with the Sword of Gryffindor, which had been given to them by Professor McGonagall, with a sense of satisfaction. They would have to weight to kill the snake, and get their hands on Voldemort. But they could weight. They had other things to do.

The first was gaining support of people inside Britain. Fred and George had been easily convinced. Especially when it turned out they were the mates of Sanguini's twin cousins. Both girls were fun loving, but grounded. Eleanor and Grace were good for Fred and George. They kept them from going completely over board with the pranks, and blowing themselves up with experiments. So, through them, Sanguini, Honor and Fenrir learnt what the Weasley family knew, seeing as Arthur got news from the Ministry.

Being a true seer, Luna was also easy to convince. She saw the situation as it really was. So, she knew what the best side to be on was. If either the light or dark won, then the wizarding world would fall to ruin, one way or another. Honor, Fenrir and Sanguini didn't want that. They were looking to take control to reshape it into something better. Something that would survive and adapt to change, allowing for a good life for all. One where you didn't have to worry about what would happen to you because of what you were. It was who you were, and what you could do, that allowed you to advance. Talent and attitude. More like the muggle world. Status meant nothing unless you'd earned it. That was what the three of them strived to achieve. Once Luna was on side, she convinced Neville, and then they had someone who could influence someone who sat on the Wizingamot (Augusta Longbottom). They put every piece of information that reached them to use somehow. It would all come in handy later on.

The waiting, while boring sometimes, came in useful in more… familial matters. Honor was sat in one of the living rooms in the castle, on the window seat. There was a book in her lap, completely forgotten, as she rested her hand on her very swollen stomach as she felt one of the babies kick. A soft smile spread across her face as she felt another kick. It was coming up to the birth, now. It was nearing the nine month mark. Honor's smile grew as she remembered breaking the news that she was pregnant to her mates almost nine months ago.


Honor took a deep breath and entered the study, where Sanguini and Fenrir were. Both men had a drink in one hand while they went through ideas on what their next move would be in the war.

"Honor!" Sanguini said. "Is everything alright? You look a little flustered."

Fenrir caught her round the waist and drew her onto his lap. He nuzzled her neck, inhaling her scent. He stiffened slightly. "Your scent. It's different somehow. It's still the same, but there's something else."

"Yeah. I guessed something like that would happen." She said.

"Is something wrong?" Sanguini asked, frowning.

"No, nothing's wrong. I yesterday, I realised that I'd missed my last period. So, today, I took a test and I found out why."

"Are you, pregnant?" Fenrir asked carefully.

"Yeah, I am." Honor said.

"This is brilliant!" Sanguini said, a smile spreading across his face. Fenrir's arms tightened round her.

"It is." He agreed. "I can't tell you how happy I am that we're going to have a pup." He nipped her neck, and Honor relaxed into his embrace, letting out a breath.

"I thought with the war that you may not want to have children yet." She said.

"We don't care about the war. With the war, going on, any one of us could die the moment we leave the ward boundaries. If we were to wait until the war was over, what if one of us three died? Especially you." Fenrir said.

"Fenrir has a point." Sanguini said, running a hand down Honor's cheek. "We can't wait, because the future is uncertain."

"You're both right." Honor said.

Fenrir adjusted his hold on Honor, and stood, bringing her with him and holding her bridal style. "I'd say this was something to celebrate. In our room."

End Flashback.

Another kick brought Honor back to the present. She looked down at her rounded stomach. The size of her stomach told her that she was most likely going to have twins. She hadn't tried to find out what they would be. She wanted the gender of the babies to be a surprise. And Sanguini and Fenrir agreed with her. The three of them wanted it to be a surprise. And, when they were born, they would find out which of her two mates were the children's father, even though both Sanguini and Fenrir were determined to be fathers for the babies. No matter which of them was the biological father. That fact had been a great source of amusement to Sanguini's father, Alistair. She smiled as she remembered her first meeting with him.


Honor looked round the large entrance hall of black marble in awe. The whole place radiated power. Sanguini was at her side, her arm wrapped round his.

"Ah, Sanguini!" A smooth voice said, drawing Honor's attention to the top of a black staircase. There stood a man with a striking resemblance to Sanguini, but his hair held flecks of grey, and his face several wrinkles. He smiled at them both.

"I see you've finally brought her to meet me, then." He descended the stairs, and met them on the ground floor.

"Honor, I would like you to meet my father, Alistair, King of the Vampires. Father, this is my mate, Honor Potter."

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you, my dear." Alistair said, picking her hand up, and kissing it.

"You too, King Alistair."

"No need to call me that. It is just Alistair to you. And the werewolf, if you ever bring him. Now, let's go somewhere a bit less… roomy, shall we?"

Over the next few hours, Honor grew to like Sanguini's father. And as time passed, he became like a father to her too. She just wished she'd had the opportunity to meet Viviane, Sanguini's late mother. The stories she'd heard about her told Honor that she had been a wonderful woman in life.

End Flashback.

Honor gasped as pain shot through her. She clutched her stomach and felt something wet trickle down the side of her leg. Her breathing increased.

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