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Departure to the party

Jump City (normal POV)

It was a normal day in Jump City, the sun was out, the citizens were all wearing coats and sweaters because of the cold front that came to Jump City, and there wasn't sign of any crime in the city. But what was different was that it was almost Christmas and the people were all shopping at malls, stores, or trying to finish work so they can spend Christmas with their families. There were some Christmas decorations around the city including men dressed as Santa Claus outside stores trying to raise money for a good cause. There were people also buying Christmas trees, last minute gifts, or were out enjoying the day with a walk. There didn't seem to be nothing that would ruin this day.


Guess not, nearby at the Jump City mall the villain Sub-Zero was at the mall causing trouble for the citizens of the city. The people were running from the mall as Sub-Zero and his new monsters the Ice creatures. These creatures stood 7ft tall, were made of ice, their eyes were glowing red, they had sharp claws, they seemed bulky, and they shot off ice blasts from their mouths freezing the buildings. Their hands shoot off dangerous ice shards which were cutting through the walls and windows of the stores destroying the inside of the stores.

"Yes flee you fools flee like the vermin that you are while I Sub-Zero destroys all this retched mall," Sub-Zero said as he continued his attack on the mall. Sub-Zero despised Christmas, mainly because the thought of peace and joy to the world made him sick to his stomach.

Sub-Zero looked up and saw some of the people looking up from the second floor. He shot off an ice blast under where the people stood and soon the floor froze. The ice began to crack as the people fell through the ice falling towards the ground.

But just then something quickly grabbed the people too fast for Sub-Zero to see who it was. Sub-Zero looked behind him and saw it was the Teen Titans and they all looked serious.

"Out of all the people in Jump City and all the people who would try to ruin this day, you just had to pick today to be the Grinch before Christmas huh?" Ryu said annoyed that Sub-Zero was causing problems the day before Christmas.

"Yeah man don't you know that Christmas is supposed to be a day of peace and joy, not destruction and harming innocent people," Victor jr. said who didn't like that Sub-Zero attacked the innocent people on Christmas.

"Which is why I hate Christmas, all of you say it's about peace and joy but in reality people only care about it because of the gifts they get," Sub-Zero said explaining his dislikes about Christmas, "That's why you humans celebrate it not out of love, but for greed."

"Technically he is right some people do celebrate Christmas for the…" everyone stared at Mikazuki telling her to shut up, "Never mind…surrender Sub-Zero or the only thing you'll be receiving for Christmas is a butt-whooping and some coal up your ass."

"Just try it you brats, now my minions attack!" The ice monsters all charged at the titans roaring.

"Titan's go!" Ryu shouted as the titans all charged at the ice monsters.

Victor and Mikazuki teamed up as they dodged the first few ice monster ice blasts. Victor ducked behind a column and when there was an opening used his sonic blaster to shoot at the creatures. He hit one right on the chest, but the creature regenerated and launched ice shards at Victor who ducked behind the column again. Mikazuki jumped over the creatures and unsheathe her sword then began to cut their legs off. She jumped over and saw the creatures regenerating again which was becoming annoying for her.

"Okay this is annoying how are we supposed to kill them?" Mikazuki said as she ducked the ice shards and blasts from the monsters and hid behind the same column her brother is hiding behind.

"Well we could try blasting or cutting them till they can't regenerate or blow them up till there is nothing left to regenerate, but we better do it soon before the party starts," Victor thought of any way to end this fight quickly before the party they're supposed to go to begins, "Hey sis you don't mind ending this quickly with your zanpakuto right?"

Mikazuki smirked and nodded. She knew she wouldn't use her powers against criminals, only on hollows, but she figured if she wanted to go to the party early she would need to use her powers. Mikazuki ran out of the column and jumped over the monsters as they looked up wondering what she was doing.

"Show them your might and unleash your fury on them, Kiara mesu raion (Kiara the lioness)!" Mikazuki shouted as her sword transformed along with Mikazuki. Mikazuki was wearing her soul reaper outfit and her sword changed forms. It was a long straight sword with a hilt that is shaped in the form of a lioness. The ice monsters seemed scared now especially what came next, "Mesu raion no tsubasa (blade of the lioness)!" Mikazuki swung her sword at the ice monsters as a bright light was shot off at the creatures. The light formed into a lioness as it roared and charged at the creatures. The blast hit the creatures destroying all of them leaving nothing but smoke.

Victor came out from behind the column and saw what's left of the Ice monsters, "Wow nice job sis and glad to see you didn't cause any damaged to the mall," Victor looked around and saw his sister didn't make too much of a mess when she used her soul reaper powers.

"Thanks, now then let's clean this up while the others fight so we can get to the party soon," Mikazuki said as her brother and her began to work on cleaning part of the mall they are in.

Meanwhile Ichiro and Ahsoka were fighting the other group of ice monsters outside the mall. Ichiro and Ahsoka led the monsters out of the mall to keep them from causing too much damaged inside. Ahsoka was fighting two of the monsters at the moment while Ichiro was fighting three of them. Mikazuki, his friend Ryu, and himself all transformed into their soul reaper form so they could end any fights quickly, then they can head over to the party. Ichiro dodged some of the ice monsters attacks using his speed and agility. But it was starting to get very annoying when he saw he couldn't kill the ice monsters with his sword when he sliced them. He looked over and saw Ahsoka was having the same kind of trouble she used the force to lift a light post and hit the monsters with them. However they kept coming for more and he knew he needed to end this soon.

"Ahsoka move out of the way I'm going to end this," Ahsoka nodded and jumped out of the way. Once she was clear Ichiro faced all five ice monsters, "Here goes rise and spread your wings, Howaitodoragon (white dragon)!" Soon Ichiro's zanpakuto changed as the blade and hilt appeared all in white. The hilt is shaped in the form of a dragon and it had a long white ribbon attached to the bottom. The ice monsters were stunned by what they saw and wondered what would happen next, "Here goes," Ichiro swung the sword up and brought it down hard, "Ryū kiba no bakuhatsu (dragon fang blast)!" Ichiro shouted as a white dragon shape face was shot off from the sword and headed towards the Ice monsters. The blast hit the ice monsters destroying them.

Ahsoka stood amazed and in awe at what she saw happened. She knew Ichiro was strong and knew he was a soul reaper. But this was the first time she ever saw Ichiro in his soul reaper form and the first time she saw the power of his zanpakuto. Isamu had told her about the soul reapers, their powers, history, and what they do. Yet it still amazes her that there existed powerful warriors in other worlds that have power that goes beyond that of a Jedi, Sith, or even the Force. Oh man if Ichiro and the others were there during the clone wars, then that war would have ended sooner. Ahsoka thought to herself as she laughed a bit thinking what would have happened if the twins had fought General Grievous, that fight would have ended very bad for the former separatist general.

"Hey Ahsoka you okay?" Ahsoka snapped out of her thoughts and realized Ichiro was standing in front of her, "Hey what's so funny?"

"Oh it's nothing just thought of something funny….sooooo um anyways should we check if the others are okay?" Ahsoka said wanting to change the subject.

"I'm sure they're fine, let's just clean up here so we can head over to the tower, get our stuff, and head to the party!" Ichiro shouted excited for the party today.

Ahsoka nodded and the two couple went to work on cleaning up the mess that was made.

Inside the mall the twins Rowan and Arella were handling two ice monsters that were working together as a team. One was shooting ice shards at the girls and the other if the girls shot a blast at them the ice monster would use his ice breath to stop the attack. Rowan used her shield to block the ice shards while her sister tried to come up with a plan to stop both creatures.

"Arella could you please hurry up I can't hold on much longer," Rowan said asking her sister to hurry since she was losing energy trying to keep the shield up.

"I know, hang on I got an idea when I give the signal lower the shield and stand clear," Arella said as she gave her sister the orders.

"I hope whatever it is it will work Arella," Rowan said a bit worried about her sister's plan.

"Everything will be fine just hold on a little longer," Arella used her powers to faze through the floor leaving her sister alone. Rowan continued using her powers to try and hold on till her sister gave her the signal. Rowan was now on her knees as she tried to hold on. She looked up and saw her sister appeared behind the creatures. Arella gave the signal and Rowan nodded as she let go of the shield and jumped out of the way of the attacks. Arella chanted a spell before unleashing it on the monsters. Arella shot off a strong and powerful fire spell that incinerated the monsters as they melted away roaring before becoming silent. Arella looked over at her sister who smiled and was glad that her sister took care of the ice monsters. Arella smiled as they were victorious in their fight and hope the others would be too.

Markala and Katalina were enjoying their fight. Not surprising since they were discussing the upcoming festive season.

"So sis" Markala shattered an ice monster with a roundhouse kick, "What are you getting Victor for Christmas?"

"It's a surprise" she answered as she fired an energy blast at another ice monster, "What about you, what're you getting Rowan?"

The monster jumped aside to avoid her blast but left it open for Markala to punch a hole in its chest.

"It's a surprise" he answered, "C'mon, let's finish these grunts. Let's give them the Rocket." He jumped over to stand in front of his sister, "Courageous Charge!" he shouted and crimson energy surrounded his body.

"Psychic Wave!" Katalina held up her hand and purple energy was added to Markala.

Markala hovered off the ground then blasted at the ice monsters like a missile. Needless to say the monsters were destroyed.

"Hey Kat" he frowned, "Christmas is around that time for you isn't it?"

"Oh yeah" she grinned mischievously.

"Good luck Victor" Markala muttered as they went to check on the others.

Ryu and Sub-Zero fought as Ryu dodged Sub-Zero's new ice sword. Zero's new armour made him strong enough to keep Ryu's blades from cutting through. Despite this Ryu was still quick enough to dodge all of the ice man's attacks. Sub-Zero despite being slow he was still strong and his armor and tanks behind him made it impossible for Ryu to cut through. Ryu and Sub-Zero's blades collided as both men fought to push the other back. Sub-Zero growled as he tried to push back Ryu, but Ryu wouldn't budge. Sub-Zero stepped back as Ryu moved forward, Zero lowered their blades and Sub-Zero elbowed Ryu across his face. This temporary delay allowed Sub-Zero to use his ice blast to freeze Ryu into a block of ice.

The other titans arrived and saw their leader frozen in ice. Sub-Zero looked over at all of the titans and smirked at what he did, "So much for your great leader so who's next?" Zero asked till he noticed Mikazuki, Victor, Ichiro, and the twins minus the cat twins and Ahsoka were all smirking, "What are you brats smirk-" Sub-Zero looked over and saw Ryu was glowing red and soon the ice began to break apart. Ryu broke free from his ice prison and he was glowing with a red aura.

Ryu wiped some of the ice off his clothes and he turned to face Sub-Zero who was shocked that Ryu broke out of his attack, "Okay as much as I would like to hurt you and make you pay for all the harm you've done. I'm afraid we don't have time for this sooooo," Ryu lifted his sword up high and soon the mall began to shake as Ryu was about to release his zanpakuto, "Ignite great beast and burn our enemy with your might, Akai fenikkusu (red phoenix)!" Ryu shouted as his Zanpakuto changed as the sword ignited in flames and there was a loud roar coming from the sword. Sub-Zero backed away and was for the first time since becoming a villain scared by what he was seeing. Ichiro pulled Ahsoka away from the fight along with the others knowing what was coming next. Arella and Rowan used their powers to contain the fire to keep it from spreading into the mall. Ryu's eyes began to glow brightly red along with his whole body as well. Sub-Zero soon saw the flames were forming into something. The flames soon formed into the form of a large bird, a bird expanded its wings and let out a loud roar.

Sub-Zero tried to destroy the monster with his ice blast, but as soon as the ice came inches from the bird it melted and then it evaporated, "What the hell is that thing? What are you people?"

Ryu just stared at his opponent and had a serious look on his face, "Meet the red phoenix and meet his flames, Fenikkusu no honoo (flames of the phoenix)!" Ryu aimed his sword at Sub-Zero and the flames came out of it and the phoenix charged at Sub-Zero who screamed as the phoenix consumed him.

The twins lowered the shield and saw that Sub-Zero was on the ground with his suit charred from the fire. He was still alive, but was too weak to fight. They saw that his tank was damaged and it wouldn't be long before they were gone. The team look over and see Ryu putting his sword back in his sheath as he approached Sub-Zero. He turned to the others and sighed, "Arella, go with Katalina and take Sub-Zero to prison where they can treat him for his injuries, everyone else head home and get packing I'll stay to pack."

"Okay so we'll meet you at the party then?" Ichiro asked.

Ryu sighed again and faced his team, "I'll be there later I promise," Ryu said before beginning cleaning the mess that was made by his zanpakuto.

"Oh okay then well we'll see you at the party then," Ichiro said hoping his friend would make it to the party

"Come on let's go before the others take the cool rooms," Mikazuki said as she took off to get her stuff ready.

Ahsoka looked back and could sense Ryu seemed troubled. As she walked away with the others she approached Arella to ask if she knew what troubled Ryu, "Hey Arella why does Ryu seem so sad? Everyone else seems excited for the party, but he doesn't seem to even show any signs of happiness."

Arella sighed and knew Ahsoka didn't know why Ryu felt this way, but she knew it wasn't her place to tell her. At least if Ryu didn't want her to know, "I'll tell you later Ahsoka, right now let's just get packing and get to the hotel before we're late for the party." Ahsoka nodded and agreed with Arella knowing she would find out sooner or later.


Meanwhile up in Colorado in the snowy mountains was a hotel that had been built long ago, but was shut down because there was some late pay fees for it and not many people come up the mountains to the hotel. Katalia on the other hand found the hotel thanks to Ronin and the two bought the hotel to use for their Christmas party.

Ronin had come up with the idea to have everyone come for the holidays to spend Christmas together. Everyone agreed with the idea and everyone decided to spend the holiday together. Hanako also was invited to come to the party, she volunteered also to cook the meals for the party, Ronin had fixed the hotel to make it new again and was busy putting up the decorations along with the Christmas tree, and Katalia bought all the food for Hanako to make along with the furniture and all the things they would need for the teens to play with along with the adults as well.

Ronin was in the front office setting up the Christmas tree while checking all the rooms on his map that he remade for the hotel. The hotel had 300 rooms, one big pool along with a Jacuzzi inside of course, a dining hall with a big kitchen nearby, a dance room, game room where they had arcade games, video games, bowling, air hockey, and pool. Along with that he also added a big living room surrounded by books, a bar, and a chimney where people could relax, enjoy the fire, and spend time together.

"Hey Ronin you almost ready?" Ronin looked over and saw Katalia wearing a green t-shirt and red shorts.

"Almost done Kat just need to finish putting up the star," Ronin aimed the star carefully on the tip of the tree. He took the shot and the star landed right on the tip of the tree, "Okay now I'm done."

"Good, now I need you to go check on the skis, snowboards, the bikes, hockey sticks, and the ice skates to make sure they are properly ready for when the guests arrive," Katalia said as she checked her list to make sure everything would be ready, "Oh and keep the gifts hidden till everyone is asleep, Santa."

Ronin hated being called Santa, Hanako had told Katalia how Ronin really was Santa Claus when he went to the human world and gave some gifts to some kids. He met a ghost that wouldn't leave till he gave his kids a good Christmas. Ronin felt bad so he dressed up in a red coat, white beard, small glasses, and black boots then gave the kids who woke up to see Ronin their gifts. He took off after giving them their gifts and then said something he regretted saying ever since 'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas."

"Please stop calling me Santa you know I don't like being call me that," Ronin said who didn't like being called Santa since that day Ronin had to come back and dressed up as Santa since he didn't want to disappoint the kids who told other kids and so Ronin had to go give them gifts and this kept up till parents started giving gifts to their kids.

"Oh come there's nothing wrong with people knowing your Santa, after all you give all the little children something to believe in," Katalia said as she held up the Santa suit, "Plus I already made you the Santa suit.

Ronin sighed and knew what Katalia said was true, but there was a reason he didn't want to dress up as Santa anymore, "Look it's just before all kids wanted were toy trains, dolls, and puppets. Now it's a cell phone, video game, an expensive laptop, IPad, or some other nonsense." He sighed, "whatever happened to the true meaning of Christmas where people enjoyed the gifts they got and spend the holiday with their family?"

Katalia nodded and knew what Ronin meant, she wanted to give orphan kids some gifts as donations. As she did that she noticed some of the kids wanted expensive toys or video games. She did wish some people would enjoy what they have and not ask for anything else. But then she found a note that made her feel happy, she gave the note to Ronin who looked at it. He sighed and then had a sad look on his face. He turned to Katalia who placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Will this one person be enough to get you to wear the suit again?" Katalia asked as she placed the suit next to Ronin. Ronin nodded and took the suit.

"Thank you Katalia," Ronin said before taking the suit up to his room and prepare for tonight. He held the note that he read in his hand and folded it into his pockets. Hang on kid I'll get you your gift soon.

Titan's tower

Back at the tower everyone had just finished packing. Markala, Katalina, Arella, Rowan, Mikazuki, and Victor were in the common room waiting for their friends to leave to the party. Everyone also had gotten their secret Santa gifts ready so for the party they can give it to who they were assigned to give the gifts to. For everyone it was easy since Mikazuki suggested that since Ahsoka and Ichiro are together those two get the other their gifts, along Katalina and Victor. Everyone else they had to choose who they were getting. Mikazuki however already had a secret Santa and would reveal who it was at the party along with a surprise she has been waiting to tell her parents for some time now.

"Come on where are those two it doesn't take that long to pack you know," Mikazuki said who was getting impatient at how long Ahsoka and Ichiro were taking.

"Calm down I'm sure they will be here soon," Katalina assured her.

"I can't wait to get to the party it's going to be a lot of fun don't you think Markala?" Rowan asked who was very excited for the party.

"I suppose so guys, who else are coming to the party besides our parents?" Markala asked curiously.

"Well there's uncle Grayson and Kory along with their kids Kori'xen, Mar'i, and Ricky," Arella said as she told her friends who else was coming to the party.

"Oh don't forget Brion's girlfriend Rose and her family Anthony and Grace," Rowan said as her sister forgot to mention Brion's girlfriend and her family who Rowan and Brion invited to the party.

"Right sorry, I think also Uncle Ronin, Hanako, and Prototype," Victor jr. said reminding his friends about the other three guests.

"I can't wait, I hope Ryu comes to the party on time," Rowan said as she whispered into her sister's ear, "Right Arella?"

"Don't do that and I hope he does come," Arella said hoping Ryu did come in time for the party.

Soon Ahsoka and Ichiro arrived and had their stuff ready, "Okay we're here let's get going then to the party!" Ichiro shouted as the others all agreed. Arella and Rowan used their powers to teleport everyone to their Christmas eve party.

The first Christmas chapter is up and just like before there will be two more before the story is over. But I promise that everyone will like what I have plan for those two chapters, especially for Ahsoka on her first Christmas on earth. Also want to thank General Herbison for the editing. I know where he lives Christmas will arrive early for him and for us here in the US it will be a while, only about six hours. Anyways please leave some reviews, thanks for reading, and tell me what you thought of the chapter. Nothing negative though, bye and take care.

Jason- So what do you think?

Z is busy making a list of what he wants for Christmas.

Jason- What are you doing?

Z- Making a list of what I want for Christmas. I want a new car, laptop, PS3, a computer protection system to keep virus from fucking up my computer, I want the network of TV to stop showing crappy shows (minus the Clone wars) and show good shows again, the PG crap to go away from the WWE, find the leprechaun Katia so she can give me her pot of gold, (the list goes on to outside the room)

Jason- Dude you can't ask Santa for that much stuff. Besides Katia told you she isn't going to give up her pot of gold without a fight.

Z- But I want it and I will get it one day or I'll die trying.

Jason- That just might happen, honestly the only thing I want for Christmas is the Batman Arkham City game and to finish the stories I haven't finished or have gotten started on.

Z- Boring….hey General what do you, your brats, the angels, the cat kids, and the Queen of the England want?

General: Well Z, I would have to say that I am not really interested in much this year. I think I'm happy with what I've got. My brats as you call them want tattoos and new guitars. The Angels are interested in a new superweapon I'm making for them. The cat kids I can't really speak for, as for the Queen, well I dunno what she would like.

Z- I bet Ventress' real gift is me.

Jason: Keep dreaming, bye everyone and see you next time.