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Worst and Best Christmas ever

One week ago

Mikazuki was on the rooftop wearing her soul reaper outfit waiting for someone. She had snuck out of the tower in the middle of the night after everyone had gotten off to bed. Mikazuki has been sneaking out of the tower for a year now after her encounter with the person she loves. At first they were enemies, this person was the enemy of the titans since the originals and has never been caught by them. Yet everytime they fought she felt something towards this enemy till one day they met alone and it was a day she never regretted.

Mikazuki felt something coming and she opened her eyes, then turned to the person she has been waiting to see, "Your late, where were you? Not stealing I hope?" Mikazuki said as she saw the arrival of her love one. The figure stood around 6ft, was wearing a black outfit with a red X on the figure's chest as a symbol, silver belt around the waist, grey gloves, black boots, long black cape, and a white skull mask with a red X on the forehead.

The figure was revealed to be the criminal thief Red-X who was once an enemy of the original Teen Titans and has never been caught by the titans as well, "Of course not babe, I don't take things while you're in the city. Plus the reason I was late was because I wasn't sure if I could make up my decision to come with you to the party," Red-X seemed worried about going to the party filled with heroes who might try to arrest the thief.

Mikazuki approached Red-X and lifted the mask just below the nose showing the figures lips. She kissed Red-X who returned it. The two continued kissing till Mikazuki broke it, "I know you're worried, but don't worry I'll be there to make sure nothing happens to you," Mikazuki said as she stared at Red-X with pleading eyes, "Besides I can't confront my parents about this. I want to tell them the truth about me being a…I'm scared I don't know if they'll accept me for what I am."

Red-X saw Mikazuki worried and scared of how her parents would react to finding out the truth about their daughter, "Mika listen your parents won't hate you and they will love you not matter what. My parents accepted me and I have no doubt yours will too."

Mikazuki smiled and lifted Red-X's mask up until she finally removed the mask. Red-X's face was revealed to be a teenage girl who was a year older than Mikazuki. She had short black hair that was held up so no one would know she had hair and blue eyes.

"Thank you Laura I don't know what I would do without you," Mikazuki said as she kissed her girlfriend on the lips.

Laura returns the kiss and had one of her arms around her girlfriend's waist, while the other had her hand behind Mika's head as she deepened the kiss. Mikazuki broke the kiss as the two stared into each other's eyes. Mikazuki hugged her girlfriend as she laid her head on Laura's chest. Laura hugged Mika back and laid her head on Mika's head, "I love you Mikazuki."

"I love you too Laura,"


Mikazuki and Laura were on the bed where both girls were resting. Mikazuki had her head on her girlfriend's chest while Laura had her arms around her girlfriend. They love each other and they would do anything for the other. Laura looked over and saw that it was almost time for the party.

"Mika we have to get ready for the party," Laura said reminding Mika of the party. Mikazuki groaned and didn't want to go to the party, "Mika come on we can't stay in here forever, we need to go out there and tell them the truth."

Mikazuki sighed and knew Laura was right. She did want to stay and not come out for the party, but she knew she had to otherwise her family and friends would suspect something was wrong, "I know, it's just I'm worried my family will not well you know take it well that I'm a lesbian."

"Mika listen you're family even your parents will accept you no matter what. My parents accepted me so yours will too," Laura said as she tried to cheer her friend up.

Mikazuki smiled and kissed Laura on the cheek, "Thank you Laura and your right. I know my parents and they will accept me no matter what."

"Good now then let's get ready for the party then," Laura said as she got out of bed.

Rowan's room

Rowan was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed and she was sitting up. She was worried about what had happened earlier. She had told Markala she loves him and what happened next? He left without saying a word to her. Rowan has had feelings for Markala ever since they were alone on Kashyyyk. Not to mention the many times they got to spend time together. Rowan had never felt this way about anybody in her entire life. She really did love Markala and now she was worried that he wasn't going to return the love. She was worried she made a mistake and that Markala was never coming back.

Rowan then heard a knock on the door and a voice that belonged to her sister, "Hey Rowan hurry up, the party is about to begin."

She got off the bed and walked over towards the door. She opened it and saw her sister wearing blue jeans, long purple shirt, and she had her hair tied, "Sorry Arella…I'll be ready in a bit."

Arella noticed her sister seemed troubled and could see she seemed sad about something, "Hey you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Rowan said as she tried to smile to show her sister everything was okay, but she failed.

"Rowan we're sister and I can tell when you're troubled by something. So what's up?" Arella asked.

Rowan sighed and knew she couldn't fool her sister, especially one who knows her better than anyone else, "Okay…see the thing is I kind of said something to Markala. Something that was dumb and I think now he hates me for it."

"What was it?" Arella asked curiously.

"I…I told him I…love him," Rowan said mumbling the last two words, but her sister heard what she said.

Arella sighed and guessed this would happen. She knew Markala was not someone who would say he loves someone. Especially if he is like how Katalia described him, "What happened after you told him you 'love him'?"

"He left, he left without saying a word," Rowan said as she lowered her head sad that Markala left and now she felt stupid for telling Markala she loves him without knowing if he loved her back.

Arella may have issues with her sister, but she did care for her. She lifted her sister's face and then pulled her in for a hug. This surprised Rowan since she knew her sister doesn't give hugs at least not as much as Rowan does.

"Rowan listen I know you're worried about Markala coming back or not. But trust me he will come back, have faith and don't worry. Whatever happens just know your family will support you no matter what,"

Rowan nodded and Arella released her sister from the hug, "Now come on let's get you ready for the party."

"Okay, thanks Arella," Rowan smiled.


Markala ran out of the house and sprinted away from the building. He needed to get away from the hotel to think clearly of what just happened. Rowan just told him she loves him. Markala couldn't believe that just happened. He knew Rowan liked him, but he never thought she would actually love him. He continued running while so many thoughts were going through his mind on what he was going to do. Should he go back and talk to Rowan? If he did what would he say to her? Markala didn't know what to do or say to Rowan. All he knew was that he had to keep running till he figured out what he was going to do.

"Hold it"

Markala slowed and stopped before turning.

"Care to explain?" Katalia, his mother, strode forward.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" Markala asked.

"I was helping Hanako set up the lights outside when I saw you taking off," Katalia said as she continued approaching her son, "So what happened?"

Markala lowered his eyes, "Rowan told me that she loves me."

"So, you are running away?" Katalia stopped in front of her eldest son, "Not exactly the ideal response perhaps, but then again you teens are different these days."

"Mother," Markala sighed, "My destiny is to be the most powerful warrior in existence. I cannot be side-tracked by emotions."

Katalia sat cross legged on the ground and indicated her son to do likewise, "Your father was a man who believed in destiny as well. He believed it was his destiny to rule the galaxy. For a while he did, but he realized how terrible it was. Worlds burned, lives were destroyed, and genocide was committed on a mass scale. In the end he was given an ultimatum, power or love, the galaxy or me."

"Well we know how that worked out" Markala admitted, "But because of his emotions that is why he done all those terrible things."

Katalia frowned, "So, you think it would be better to have no emotions, be a completely uncaring person whose only reason for life is to defeat others?"

"Sounds about right" Markala nodded.

Rolling her eyes Katalia stood up, "Listen Markala, you are a powerful fighter, but you and I both know that there will always be someone stronger. When I was with your father my love for him made me stronger, when his life was in danger I would draw upon strength I never knew I had. Now, you have left Rowan heartbroken back inside and you'll have to deal with that on your own. For now, what do you think you should do?"

Markala lowered his eyes, "I should go in and apologies."

"Very good" Katalia nodded, "Now, what are you going to do?"

He looked up at his mother, "I am leaving."

"As I expected" she placed a paw on his shoulder, "Take time, and find yourself."

Markala turned and opened a portal to another dimension, "I shall go to the Temple of Sekhmot, I shall train, meditate, and I will ask the goddess for her guidance."

"Just remember my son" Katalia took her hand from his shoulder, "A broken heart can mend, but true love torn will be in pieces for eternity."

Markala raised an eyebrow, "Where did that come from?"

"General Maraxus gave me a couple of love poems" Katalia shrugged, "He gave them to me a while before you were born. Apparently your father was a secret poet and requested they be given to me if he passed away."

Markala turned back to the portal, "So our dad was a warlord, an Emperor, he tried to rule the galaxy, but he still had emotions."

"And so do you." Katalia whispered

Before Markala stepped into the portal he remembered something and went into his pocket. He pulled out a small wrapped bag and handed it to his mother.

"Tell Rowan I'm sorry and Merry Christmas," Markala said just before he stepped into the portal.

Katalia sighed and looked at the gift then back to the hotel, I hope the others will understand…..even Rowan.

Dining Hall

At the party everyone was talking to each other and was wearing their regular clothes since many didn't want to wear fancy dresses and suits. The adults were on one side of the room while the teens were in the other side. Isamu and the guys were talking on one corner while the women were talking in the other corner talking about the good old days and what each were doing now.

Meanwhile the teens were separated like the adults except Mar'i who was talking to Arella about what they planned to do when they got older. Ichiro, Vic, Katalina, Ahsoka, and Terra were playing some card games. Ricky, Kori'xen, Brion, and Rose were talking to Rowan outside with Ventrika who was wearing a big sweater that Hikari made for her. They were outside because Rowan was still feeling a little sad that Markala took off. Ryu, Katalia, Markala, Mikazuki and her mystery guest hadn't arrived yet so the others waited for them to arrive before they get to eat.

"You guys remember Dr. Light?" Victor asked the guys who were all sitting in one table drinking as they talked about the old days.

"Yeah the second most annoying bad guy we had to deal with," Logan said remembering all the times they had to deal with Dr. Light who wasn't the brightest villain they ever faced.

"Well I found out what happened to him after we kicked his butt years ago. He's working at a car wash," Victor said as the guys laughed a bit imaging Dr. Light working at the car wash.

"How did you find that out Cy?" Dick asked.

"Hikari told me when she went to get her car washed and she ran into him. He almost passed out when he saw her. Of course Hikari didn't know it was him till she heard him scream," Victor said as the others laughed some more remembering how Hikari made Dr. Light scream like a girl last time they fought.

Isamu then turned to Anthony who was sitting quietly while the others talked, "So, Anthony, can you tell me what do you do for a living? If you don't mind me asking of course," Anthony placed his drink down and saw the guys staring at him waiting for his answer.

"Well I work as a professor at a university in Tokyo where I teach Japanese history on the Samurai and Ninjas," Anthony said as he told the others what he does.

"Dude that's awesome. You know we saved Tokyo one time," Logan said remembering how the titans saved Tokyo.

"I remember that you guys did well saving the city from that corrupted cop. So what about you guys? What are your jobs?" Anthony asked as he turned to the others.

"Well I work for S.T.A.R labs, which was the same company my dad worked for. I'm actually head of research and technology," Victor said as he told Anthony what he does.

"So I take it you're the one who gave…Prototype his body?" Anthony asked remembering the robot he met earlier.

"Yeah I gave him the body, but his mind came from another universe," Victor said.

"I work as a detective for the town I live in. I help them out with any crimes they deal with and I sometimes help exorcise any demons or bad spirits living in people's homes," Isamu said as he told Anthony his job.

"I remember, Brion told me about your job Isamu and how you once went to Japan to get rid of a bad spirit that was said to kill anyone who went into it's house," Anthony said remembering what Brion told him long ago.

"No, that was Ronin who dealt with that spirit and she didn't like how Ronin tried to get rid of her. I had to deal with some spirit who was trapped in a video tape…I don't want to talk about it," Isamu said who felt uncomfortable about who he dealt with years ago. Anthony seemed to understand the predicament.

"Hey didn't she try to-"

"Logan, I said I don't want to talk about it," Isamu said not wanting to remember what happened to him years ago.

"Okay sheesh, anyways I work at a wildlife park where I protect the animals and I help keep people from causing trouble," Logan said as he told the others his job.

"I know, your son told me and he took Rose there one time. I wouldn't mind taking Grace there," Anthony said, "What about you Mr. Grayson? What's your job?"

"Well I own a martial arts school where I teach students how to defend themselves and learn discipline," Dick said as he told Anthony his job. "I have a degree in martial arts myself. You don't go around calling yourself an expert in the field if you don't walk in shoes of the subjects you are studying," replied Anthony.

"Yep it seems all of us have different jobs and each of those jobs are a lot of fun," Isamu said as the others nodded. But then it became quiet and the others seemed to have something on their mind, "Ah screw it I miss the good old days when we use to be a team and kicked ass together."

"Oh yeah," Victor said agreeing with Isamu.

"Big time," Logan agreed as well missing how they all used to hang out together and kicked butt.

"Yep," Dick said agreeing as well.

Just then Mikazuki came into the room and walked over towards her mother who was talking to Hanako, "Hey mom, hi Ms. Hanako" Mikazuki greeted.

"Oh hello dear, where have you been?" Hanako asked.

"Oh just getting ready…mom can I talk to you and dad…alone?" Mikazuki asked hinting she wanted to speak with her parents in private.

"Oh sure I'll get your father and meet us out in the lobby," Mikazuki nodded and took off to the lobby.

"Read them and weep boys," Katalina said as she once again beat her friends.

"No fair I bet your using your mind powers to read our cards," Terra said mad that she lost against Katalina.

"I never cheat, how I win is my own little secret," Katalina grinned slyly.

"Whatever…damn it where is everyone I'm hungry," Terra said getting impatient and was getting hungry.

"Me too, what do you think is taking Ryu and the others so long?" Ichiro said wondering where his friend was.

"You think he's okay wherever he went?" Ahsoka asked concern for Ryu too.

"He's fine, I'm sure he's probably going to walk through those doors any minute," Victor jr. said as on cue the doors opened and in came Ryu, "Wow that was quick."

Ryu walked in and walked towards his friends who were happy to see their friend had arrived, "Hey Ryu you made it all right," Ichiro said glad his friend made it.

"Yeah sorry for being a little late, I went to see my mother and wish her a Merry Christmas," Ryu said as he told the others why he was late.

"No problem Ryu just glad you made it," Terra said glad that Ryu made it. Terra didn't trust Ryu at first when she met him. But after all the good he has done she came to respect him and considers him a good friend.

"Soooo Ryu did you see your dad while you were there," Ahsoka asked since she figured Ryu's father Talsein was with Ryu's mother since he broke out of the soul society.

"Yeah I did," Ryu answered

"And?" Katalina urged.

"Nothing, we just talked, I left them my gifts, wished them happy holidays, and came back here that's it…hey Katalia where is your brother and mother?" Ryu asked as he looked around and noticed Markala and Katalia weren't around.

"I don't know, I think my mom went outside for a bit but haven't seen her," Katalina said, unsure where her brother and mother were.

"Hey what about Ronin I haven't see him either," Ahsoka said noticing Ronin Suzuki wasn't here either.

"I heard he went out, don't know where just that he went out," Vic said who didn't know either where Ronin was.

"Screw this I'm going to eat and I don't care if I get in trouble. I skipped lunch for this dinner and I'm not going to wait any minute longer," Terra said sick and tired of waiting for everyone to get here.

"I agree I'm hungry to let's go get our dinner," Victor jr. said as Terra and him took off to the kitchen.

Ryu, Ichiro, and Ahsoka smiled as their friends took off to get their food. Ryu looked over to see Arella talking to Mar'i and he knew it was time for him to do what he told his father he wanted to do, "If you guys excuse me I need to go tell Arella something."

Ichiro nodded as Ryu walked over towards Arella, "Do you think he's going to tell her what we think he's going to tell her?" Ahsoka asked as she whispered into Ichiro's ear.

"If it is then this is going to be a good Christmas for Arella," Ichiro said hoping that Ryu was going to tell Arella what the others hoped it would be.

The Lobby

Mikazuki was waiting in the lobby with Laura hiding behind the counter. Mika was still worried about telling her parents the truth about her being a lesbian. She knew Laura would keep telling her to tell her parents the truth. Mikazuki saw her mom and dad coming towards her and she knew now was the time to tell them.

"Okay Mika what is it and we better hurry before the others get too hungry," Hikari said wondering what her daughter needed from them.

"By the way has your boyfriend arrived yet?" Victor asked since he still didn't like that his daughter is dating someone he or Hikari haven't met yet.

"Well yes but here is the thing….mom, dad you guys know I love you very much and you guys love me too right?" Mikazuki said.

"Of course we do Mika, we love you very much no matter what," Hikari assured her.

"So do I, we love you Mika and nothing will ever change that," Victor confirmed "Now tell us what's up?"

Okay here we go I hope things go well. Mikazuki decided now was the time to tell her parents the truth, "Well here is the thing…mom…dad…I'm…" Darn it I can't do it maybe I should have Laura do it instead.

"Mika we know," Hikari said surprising Mikazuki.

"Wait what? Know what?" Mikazuki said confused by what her mother said.

"Hikari I thought we said we would wait for her to tell us," Victor frowned.

"Forget this Vic we've waited months for her to tell us and I can't wait any longer. Mika we know, we know that you're a lesbian and that you're guest is actually you're girlfriend. In fact she's hiding behind the counter isn't she?" Laura knowing she was caught came out from behind the counter and revealed herself.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Stone I'm Laura Jarred," Laura said as she introduced herself to Mikazuki's parents.

"Hello Laura it's nice to finally meet you," Hikari said as Victor and her shook Laura's hand.

Mikazuki was shocked, her parents knew and for months. They knew she was a lesbian and yet they didn't say anything to her about it, "Um mom, dad, you guys said you knew right? The whole time you knew I was a lesbian for months you said?"

The parents nodded and soon Mikazuki was both happy that they know, but mad that they didn't tell her long ago, "What is wrong with you guys? Why didn't you tell me you knew? Do you know how much I struggled to tell you guys the truth or not? About what you guys would say, respond, and well I was scared you guys wouldn't accept me for what I am!"

Mikazuki soon stopped yelling and was breathing heavily as her parents even Laura was surprised at Mikazuki yelling at them. They've seen her scream at her brother, but they never heard her raise her voice on either one of them. Mikazuki soon calmed down and responded again to her parents but in a calmer tone, "Who else knew?"

Hikari soon snapped back to reality and responded, "Well um everyone I think, we all knew Mika and we're sorry for not telling you. But we figured you would eventually tell in time."

"Wait everyone knows!" Mikazuki said shocked that everyone knew.

"Weeeellll not everyone I didn't tell Prototype if it makes you feel better," Victor said as he tried to keep his daughter calm.

Actually that does make me feel better that Proto doesn't know. Mikazuki then felt Laura's hand on her shoulder. Mika faced her girlfriend who was smiling at her.

"Mika calm down its okay. So they know isn't that what you wanted? Besides they seem to be okay with you and I being together," Laura said as she tried to calm her girlfriend.

Mikazuki realized that Laura was right and that now that her parents know along with her friends and family. Mikazuki doesn't have to worry about telling everyone her secret and that they accept her for who she is. Mikazuki kissed Laura on the cheek and smiled, "Thank you Laura," Laura smiled happy that Mikazuki's family and friends accepted her. Mikazuki faced her parents who were happy for their daughter too, "Thank you mom and dad. I'm glad you guys are okay with this whole thing."

"No problem sweetie we're just glad you found someone who makes you happy. Laura please take care of our daughter or else you'll be paid a visit by me," Hikari said, threatening Laura with a creepy smile.

"Uh sure no problem Mrs. Stone," Laura said nervously. She has met and fought dangerous crazed criminals. But something about Hikari's smile sent chills up her spine.

"Now then let's get back inside, before everyone starves to death," Victor said as the girls agreed and they all walked back into the dining room.

3 hours later

Ahsoka was getting ready for bed. She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth after she and her friends had a big dinner. Katalia had returned and told Markala would be running a little late, but to eat dinner without him. Ronin said the same thing too since he was off on some business. After the dinner everyone decided to open their gifts early since many of the guests didn't want to wait. Everyone opened their gifts and they all seemed to like what they got.

Especially Victor Jr, after he got his gift Katalina and him went outside to fight and Vic won. After that Katalina took Vic to her room where Katalia explained to everyone what was going to happen. Many groaned when they heard what happened if Vic had defeated Katalina. Especially Mikazuki who didn't want to her that her brother was going to get lucky with Katalina. Despite what happened everyone continued opening their gifts. Once everyone finished almost all the teens decided to hit the hay, while the parents stayed up to talk.

Ahsoka finished brushing her teeth and walked out of her room and saw two of her three gifts she got. Two she got from Isamu and Rachel while the third she got from Ichiro. Rachel had gotten Ahsoka a new cloak which she made herself. Isamu had gotten Ahsoka a puppy that was one of the babies from the dogs Isamu owned. Ahsoka enjoyed both her gifts and she named the puppy, Anakin after her master. But Ichiro's gift is what Ahsoka loved the most. Ichiro had gotten her an engagement ring with a blue diamond in the middle. Inside the ring there was an inscription. 'To my angel Ahsoka I love you now and forever."

Ahsoka picked the ring up and put it on. She examined the ring and loved it. Ahsoka smiled remembering that Ichiro and her were getting married. Ahsoka remembered how Ichiro proposed to her and how she said yes to him. They hadn't told Isamu and Rachel yet, but their friends know and they would need to tell everyone else soon.

Ahsoka heard a knock on the door and knew it was Ichiro. She used the force to unlock the door and in came Ichiro who was carrying Ahsoka's puppy. Ichiro handed Ahsoka the puppy who was sleeping, "Thanks for taking him outside."

"No problem Ahsoka, though I have to admit it took me a while to get him to get tired. That pup has a lot of energy," Ichiro said a bit tired after taking the puppy outside to do his business and to lose all the energy the pup had so he wouldn't be up all night.

"That's good, at least he'll give you plenty of exercise then," Ahsoka said as she placed her puppy in the basket she got him from. The basket had a soft pillow where the puppy could rest in and Ahsoka placed a blanket over the puppy.

Ichiro noticed Ahsoka wearing her diamond engagement ring and smiled. Ichiro wrapped his arms around Ahsoka's waist and rested his head on her shoulders. Ahsoka held her hands on Ichiro's arms and rubbed her head against Ichiro. Ichiro kissed Ahsoka on the cheek and whispered into her ears, "I love you."

Ahsoka closed her eyes and kissed Ichiro on the cheek then whispered in his ears too, "I love you too."

Ichiro released his arms around Ahsoka and led her towards the bed. Ichiro lay down on the bed with Ahsoka getting on top of him. Ichiro and Ahsoka then kissed on the lips. Ichiro and Ahsoka continued making out and even opened their mouths to deepen their kiss. The two stopped kissing and stared into each other's eyes, "You are so beautiful Ahsoka."

Ahsoka blushed when Ichiro told her she was beautiful, "You're not bad looking yourself," Ichiro laughed a little as Ahsoka kissed Ichiro again. As they kissed Ahsoka's hands went towards Ichiro's shirt and tried to lift remove them till Ichiro stopped her.

"Ahsoka what are you doing?" Ichiro said wondering what Ahsoka is doing.

"Ichiro I'm well….remember when we tried to you know…do it like months ago before we went to Katalia's home world?" Ahsoka said blushing remembering how they tried to have sex before, but they stopped when Ahsoka couldn't go through with it.

"Yeah and we agreed we would wait when you're ready," Ichiro said remembering that night before they went to Katalia's home in the future and before Mark IV had come back.

"Well…I'm ready," Ahsoka said with a confident tone in her voice.

Ichiro sat up with Ahsoka on his lap, "Ahsoka are you sure? I mean are you really sure about this?"

"Yes I'm sure…I'm worried something bad would happen to you and well I wouldn't want my first time to be with anyone but with the man I love. You Ichiro I love you and I want my first time to be with you," Ahsoka said blushing a little by what she said.

Ichiro smiled and was glad Ahsoka chose Ichiro to be her first. Ichiro kissed Ahsoka and rolled over so that Ahsoka was on the bottom, "If this is what you want then let's do it Ahsoka. But remember if you want to stop we'll stop," Ahsoka nodded agreeing with Ichiro since she knows Ichiro would be gentle for her and wouldn't force her to have sex with him. Ichiro leaned forward and kissed Ahsoka as she returned the kiss, "I love you Ahsoka and I promise I'll be gentle."

"I know you will I trust you Ichiro," Ahsoka said as they continued kissing before they begin to make love on Christmas Eve.

Rowan's room

Rowan went back to her room with her gifts being placed on the table. Although she did have fun with her family, she did wish however that Markala had come back. Rowan had gotten into her PJ's and walked over to her bed. But as Rowan got near her bed she saw on her nightstand was a piece of jewellery. It was a necklace with a cat's eye diamond. Rowan smiled seeing the gift and figures that Markala would come back. If not now then she hopes soon. Rowan fell on her bed and held the necklace close to her, Merry Christmas Markala…wherever you are. Rowan cried a little as she drifted off to sleep.

New York City

Meanwhile in downtown New York there was a hospital. It was in the middle of the night and everyone in the hospital was sleeping. Minus the night shift who were keeping an eye on things. All the patients were asleep except one kid. She was an 8 year old blonde girl. She had blue eyes, she was wearing a long blue shirt, and blue pyjama pants. She was sitting in her bed waiting for Santa to arrive. Her name was Sarah and she was very sick. Before coming to the hospital Sarah was a normal kid who was a kind girl and was loved by all. But then she was diagnosed by a serious illness and didn't have much long to live. Sarah loves Christmas and was sad to hear she wouldn't live long enough to celebrate it.

Sarah's parents tried everything to save their daughter. But the disease didn't have a cure and that she would be gone before Christmas. Sarah believed in Santa Clause and so she made a list to Santa that before she goes she would like to see him. She would like to see him and ask him to please keep her family from being too sad on Christmas. Sarah gave the letter to the woman who donated to the hospital a few days earlier. The woman owned a company and came by to donate money to the hospital and to pick up letters for all the kids in the hospital so she can give them to Santa.

Sarah waited and waited hoping Santa would come. She knew her parents would come to see her before she goes and she hopes Santa comes before that happens. Sarah then heard her door open. Sarah looked over and saw a dark figure coming into her room. Sarah didn't know who it was till the figure appeared out of the shadow. Sarah smiled and saw the figure was wearing a long red coat, pants, black boots, gloves, belt with a gold belt buckle, he had a long white beard, small glasses, red hat, and was carrying a red bag sack.

"Santa," Sarah said in a raspy voice, "Is that you?"

Santa walked over and saw down on a chair next to Sarah's bed, "Yes it is," Santa said in a deep voice, "It's good to see you Sarah, though I'm sure it would have been better on better terms."

Sarah smiled and noticed some things about Santa, "Santa you're taller than I thought you would be and you're not…big," Sarah said motioning to the stomach.

I swear when I find the jackasses who described me as fat I will…no no remember why you're here Ronin. Ronin thought to himself since he needed to complete his work here before the girl's time is up, "Well Sarah the reason I'm not…'round' is because if I was I wouldn't be able to fit through the chimney and I wouldn't be able to move fast enough to deliver all the gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world before the day is up."

"Oh I guess that makes sense," Sarah said as she gasp for air before she breathed normally again, "Soooo you got my letter then?"

"Yes and I came here to give you your Christmas gift," Ronin took out something from his pockets and pulled out a small blue glowing tube glass.

"So you're going to help make my family happy?" Sarah said as her eyes were closed as she was losing energy to stay awake.

"I am…and give you a second chance kid," Ronin walked over and pulled the cork out of the tube glass. He pulled a needle out and took out all the blue liquid from the tube. He then injected it into the girl's IV tube. Ronin saw the blue liquid getting into the tube and going down into the girl's body. Ronin saw the girl's body was jerking a bit till she finally calmed down. Mayuri for your sake this better works or else.

Sarah soon began to change. Her skin didn't look so pale, her eyes were no long dark, and Ronin could sense her life force was coming back to her. Ronin smiled and was glad it worked. Ronin went towards his sack and pulled out a present for Sarah. It was a stuffed bunny and he placed it in the arms of Sarah who held the bunny close. Ronin sensed someone was coming so he opened the window and climbed out of it. Ronin closed the window and jumped over towards the next building. Ronin looked back and saw the girl's parents coming into the room with the doctor. He saw that the doctor was surprised and checked on the girl to see she was still alive, and that she didn't look sick anymore. The parents seemed happy to hear that as the doctor checked the girl's condition.

"Check all you want doc bottom line is she is going to live," Ronin couched loudly and covered his mouth with his right hand. Ronin stopped coughing and saw in his hand was blood. Ronin sighed and knew that Mayuri would probably not like that Ronin wasted his time making a cure for Ronin only to waste it on a little girl. But Ronin could tell this little girl might one day help his friends, one day at least. All right now it's time to get on with the delivery. Ronin looked back at the hospital window and smiled seeing the parents hug their daughter, "Merry Christmas kid."

Ronin walked over towards a red and green sled with a big red bag and reindeers that had harnesses for the sled. Hanako and Katalia had bought the sled and the reindeers which Hanako injected to help them fly. Ronin got on the sled and motioned for the reindeers to move. "I know I'm going to regret saying this, but on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner, and….um…oh yeah Blitzen," The reindeers began to move and soon began to fly off the roof and into the sky with them pulling the sleight. Ronin looked out into the city and smiled then decided to try what he hadn't done in a long time, " Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"

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