On his way home to full fill the orders that were given to him by the council elders, Itachi was suddenly stopped by Naru Uzumaki. How will this change things for Konoha and the Uchiha clans?

Rating: T+ (Higher then Pg-13 but lower the R)

Pairings: Naru(To) and Itachi.

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The Weasel and the Sorceress
Chapter One: The night it all changed.

He was given an order. He hated being given orders, especially when the order was given to him by the three idiots on the council of elders. The same council that thought that a little girl with blue eyes and blonde hair with red highlights was the fox demon, Kyubi.

He growled when he was given the order with the Hokage signature, along with his seal. That wasn't what was bothering him though. Itachi Uchiha the eldest son of Fugaku and Mikoto was shock to have learned that his clan was planning a village wide take over.

The only ones that didn't seem to be in this mess was the fact that his mother and his little brother didn't know anything about this. He was so lost in thought that he didn't see the eight year old, nor did he notice that the scroll with the kill order had fallen out of his pocket.

"Uchiha-San." The Girl had called out. Itachi stopped and turned around to see a girl with blonde hair with red highlights and the prettiest blue eyes that anyone had ever seen. The child was wearing rags that she had no doubt have gotten it out of the trash. She also had no shoes and he could see the dried blood on her feet.

He could also see the cuts and burse that no doubt she had gotten from a beating. When she looked up from looking at the scroll he could see the three whiskers like birth marks on both her cute cheeks. "Uzumaki-san, I'm going to need that back." Itachi told the child holding out his hand. She looked at him and then back at the scroll.

"Did, grandfather really give you this?" She asked. Itachi nodded still with his hand held out. The little girl sighed, and then rolled up the scroll. When she looked up she looked into his eyes. "I think it would be better if you come with me." She told the teen.

"Why should I do that?" He asked. What the child said next left him in shock. "Because Weasel-san, it's a fake."


Hokage Tower.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was a tired old man. He was also the oldest Hokage in the history of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. The shortest would have to go to Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage. Like many great leaders he to had his hard times.

One of them being that of a little girl. One that he had thought of as a granddaughter. He couldn't help but worry about the little girl one bit. How could the people of Konoha think that a little girl who helps the elderly was the Kyubi no Kitsune? It just wasn't fair to her.

That wasn't the worst part though. The little girl, held no hatred for the people. No the worst part being that she doesn't hold the real fox. What she holds is someone just as innocent. Her name was Kitsuna, and like others before her she was a priestess of the goddess Inari. During the fight with Kyubi, Kitsuna had helped defend Konoha.

When the fourth sealed Kyubi he had thought that he had seal it into his daughter, however, it wasn't the demon himself but its life force and Kitsuna along with it. No one knows what had happen to Kyubi and many had thought, including the Council, that the baby found on the battle field was the demon reborn.

With Kitsuna inside the seal the priestess have been slowly purifying the dark energy within. Hiruzen was bought out of his thoughts as there seems to be some yelling outside his office. "You can't go in there you little hell spawn!" Hiruzen then blinked as he heard the voice of the young girl that he had just been thinking about.

"Go fuck yourself you old bitch." She yelled back as the doors open and in walked Naru Uzumaki. "Hey, Grandfather." She calls with a smile. "I got someone here that really needs to talk to you." Naru tells him as Itachi had just walked.

Hiruzen looks up from Naru to see Itachi. From what the old Hokage could tell the young man had looked stress about something before Naru had placed something into his hand. Looking down he could tell that it was a scroll. Upon opening it Hiruzen knew that it was going to cause him trouble.

A Few minutes later, he was proven right when an Anbu warrior ran into the office. "Sir, we are getting reports that the Uchiha clan is being attacked." He said nearly out of breath. "What!" Itachi yelled out. Not wasting anymore time then he should Itachi ran out of the office.

"Uchiha-san wait!" Naru called out as she ran after him. This caused a chain reaction that had the Hokage moving as he ran after Naru. "Tell everyone in Anbu what's happening and get down there to help the Uchihas." He ordered.


Uchiha Clan compound.

It was nothing but a blood bath as what looked like Anbu ninja was going though the once proud Uchiha clan. Sure those that could fight did, but it was useless. The masked men had fought back in groups rather then in singles. No one knew what was going on and Fugaku knew that he should have moved up his plans.

If Shisui haven't failed in his mission to kill Itachi none of this would have happen. Still Fugaku had wondered if Itachi had reported what had happen or not. Slashing an Anbu member's neck he turned just in time to see a man wearing an orange mask. "The deal is off." He said just as the masked man had ran his blade across Fugaku's neck.

"The Hokage is here!" One of the masked men yelled out. "Time to bug out!" With that said. The remaining masked men vanished. Hiruzen, Itachi, and Naru got to the site of the attack. Lucky for them that they got there in time. Several medical ninja had gone to work right away. Hiruzen turned to Itachi and said.

"This has Danzo written all over it." However what he saw behind Itachi had him confused as the said man was walking up to him. "You are wrong there my old friend." Danzo said. Hiruzen held up a scroll, the same scroll that had Itachi's murder order on it. "Going behind my back again?" He had asked.

Danzo looked mad. He then glared at Itachi for disobeying his order. He then saw the little blonde hair girl standing next to Itachi. He had a feeling that the little bitch had something to do with this. "I will not deny that I had something to do with that order." However before Hiruzen could say anything, he raised his hand. "However, my Root had nothing to do with this."

Hiruzen didn't believe him until Naru held his hand and said. "He's telling the truth grandfather." All three looked at her. "What are you forgetting that I can tell if someone is lying?" It was true. In the past for some reason or other little Naru was able to tell if someone was lying. Because of her Hiruzen and Anbu were able to find traitors to Konoha.

Hiruzen could only sigh at this fact, he really wanted a reason to kill this man. "Truly a shame that you won't let me train her." Danzo said smiling at the little girl. "Bite me." Naru said back as she stuck out her tongue. "Sorry little one but you are too young for that." The old man said back to her. "Itachi, Hiruzen. I bid you good night."

As Danzo started to walk away Naru for some reason started to man faces at him. She then yelled out. "Pervert Old Mummy, walking though." When Danzo turned to look at her she had an innocent looking face on her. "With a stick up his ass." Naru finished as the old man turned a corner.

"Naru, watch your month." Hiruzen Said. "Are you sure that Danzo had nothing to do with this?" He asked her. Naru sighed and then her playful look was gone. She looked up and said. "It wasn't a total lie, but there was something there that was telling me that he had nothing to do with the killings."

Hiruzen looked at her for while. Then he noticed how she looked and frowned. "What happen to you?" He asked. Naru blush a little when she said. "I um, got into a fight." Hiruzen blinked and Naru continued. "Well you see these kids were picking on a few other kids at school, and well you know how I feel about bullies." Hiruzen sighed. "Well, I wasn't the only one to get into a fight though, this one other girl was able to though a flower at this other girl and damn what was her name." Hiruzen held up his hand to keep her from talking.

"Naru, I have told you time and time again, not to get into anymore fights." Naru looked down. "As punishment you are to go a week without Ramen." That night Konoha was woken when a loud yell of "That's not fair grandfather!"

To Be Continued…

Well that's it for this chapter. If you like it let me know. Two things you should also know is that this is a Female Naruto story. The second thing that you should know is that Itachi is thirteen. I didn't want a huge age gap for when I finally have them become a couple.

Right now I have no plans hooking the two up, but they will that you can be sure of. Also the Uchiha clan isn't dead, but they are now very low in members. The ones that were killed were basically the bulk of the clan. So what does this mean for the clan?

Who knows.

Okay now to get to the good stuff. This story is basically a rewrite of "The Power within." This had Naruto (As a boy.) and a female Kiba match up. That story flop I didn't get any reviews for that story at all. So I'm going to try it like this to see if any one likes this story better.

If I don't get any reviews then I know my answer and will drop the story into Lake Erie. Now as for the "Final Fantasy and Slayers." Part of the disclaimer. There's a reason for that and that reason is that I will be using spells from both series. The spells that I use from Final Fantasy will probably be the summoning spells and the defensive spells, while the spells I will use from Slayers will be the offensive spells.

I might add spells from Magic Knight Rayearth as will. I don't know yet. Don't get me wrong, Naru isn't going to be all powerful right away these things take time. And she will have some weakness. More on that later. I'll be doing most of the arcs in the series as well if not all of the first half.

Again Kitsuna is also in the story but she not going to have a very big roll. She's mostly a background character in this one as well. She might have a bigger role after the time skip though. As For Kyubi his mystery will go unsolved for now but you're welcome to guess.

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