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Bella's POV

Epilogue: Ten Years Later

Today Edward and I are celebrating ten years of marriage.

Some things never change: Me, my dad, the Cullens, the Denalis and the shape shifters.

Other things, however…

Billy passed away in his sleep seven years ago. He had retired three years previously and Jake was shaping up to be an excellent chief. Although devastated by his father's death, he told me it still felt like his dad was still around, watching over him, especially when he got together with my dad to watch a game on the TV!

Uncle Harry died last week after a major stroke. He never regained consciousness after his collapse, even though Carlisle did all he could. Next week, Leah steps in as Chief alongside Jake, although it nearly never happened. There has been some strong opposition to her becoming chief because she'd 'married the enemy.' Edric had been accepted by the majority of the tribe, but sadly there were still a few who refused to acknowledge him. It took a visit from Chief Swan to put their minds at rest! Dad gently reminded them that he himself would've been classed as the enemy once and that Edric has worked hard helping the people of the tribe.

None of the shifters have appeared to have aged, but amazingly enough, it turns out they can have children. Carlisle had been shocked to hear this, as he'd assumed that everything would slow down once they changed, including reproduction.

Jake was the first to disprove that theory. A year after they were married Louise became pregnant with twin girls; Emma and Sophie. Carlisle delivered them at the hospital; both were born healthy and there were no complications. They also have a boy, William, aged four and their latest edition is Charlie who is aged just five weeks.

This opened the floodgates!

Sam and Emily have a five year old girl and Emily is twenty four weeks pregnant. They don't know what they are having and they don't want to know! The vampires and the Quileutes take bets on sex, birth weight and actual delivery date!

Embry and Andi have a son aged two, while Quil and Claire are awaiting the birth of their first child, also a son.

Jared, Kim, Seth and Esther have yet to announce any pregnancies, but I'm sure it won't be long!

All of the children that have been born are healthy and growing at what Carlisle considers 'within normal parameters.'

Edric and Leah are another matter. It's not that their children aren't healthy, it's just that they're… different. Leah has given birth to three children: seven year old Harry, five year old Isabelle and two year old Jackson.

Everything was going fine until Harry's third birthday party…

A balloon popped loudly, Harry screamed and began to shiver until… he became a wolf cub, yipping and hissing at the now limp pieces of balloon fluttering to the floor. Everyone at the party just froze until Aunt Sue fainted; that shocked people into action! Carlisle and Harry went to help Sue while Leah carried a cute ball of fluff outside. She decided to shift to see if she could hear little Harry and thankfully she could! It took three hours of gentle encouragement to get him to change back. He is now old enough to understand that he can NOT shift in front of anyone from outside the reservation and should NEVER change into his wolf just to scare a child at school who was picking on other children! Both Harry and Isabelle can change at will and look more like Quileute wolves than a werewolf. They also appear to be growing at the same pace as other children, though Carlisle still monitors them regularly.

Jackson has yet to change, even with his brother trying to scare him every chance he gets to force the change. Leah and Edric love nothing more than going 'wolf' and run through the forest with their children. Edward and I usually get to babysit Jackson during those times so I don't feel I'm missing out not having my own children.

Esme and Carlisle are always busy on the reservation. Esme is busy renovating and updating the homes while Carlisle runs regular clinics at the centre. He has been slowly reducing his hours at Forks Hospital and is now planning to build a small, permanent hospital and clinic next to the centre, which he will run. Leah and Edric can't exactly take Harry and Isabelle to a Doctor outside the reservation!

Carmen and Eleazar love being closer to everyone. They still have their house in Canada which people use to escape from time to time, but now they have a smaller house, facing La Push beach, just two minutes drive from Esme and Carlisle. Even more importantly, they are a stone's throw away from two of their daughters. While Kate lives with my dad, Tanya lives with Paul in their purpose built house closer to her parents. Paul knows he and Tanya can never have children, which he accepted early on, but that doesn't stop them babysitting! Irina and Laurent drop by a few times a year. Laurent has adapted to being a 'vegetarian' vampire but neither of them wants to settle down in one place. They prefer travelling around, though they keep in touch with Carmen and Eleazar constantly.

Renee still lives on the reservation. We talk now and then, but I doubt we'll ever be close again. I've forgiven her and I wonder if she'll ever ask me or dad to turn her just to be like us, but I hope not. I don't think she'll make a good vampire! She is talking about moving in with Aunt Sue to keep each other company. I think it's a good idea as I do think Renee feels alone.

Dad and Kate are great. They are both popular on the reservation and are fantastic leaders, along with Jake and now Leah. They have visited Isle Esme a few times and love it. We even went as a family – Dad, Kate, Edward and I – but it was a little embarrassing to say the least! They could hear us and we could hear them, no matter how far across the island they went!

As dad and Kate are constantly around, the shifters can still change. It was decided a few years ago that something needed to be done to keep their skills honed as there was nothing for them to do; there hadn't been any strange vampires in the area since the Volturi left.

The Quileute games were born!

Each year a competition is held to find the strongest, the fastest, the best tracker and the one with the best hearing and smell. There is wrestling (in wolf form) and an unusual game of hide and seek; it's me they have to find – within a six thousand mile radius! Its great fun, Edward usually comes with me so I don't get lonely or bored while I wait for them to find me…

During the year there are also various competitions between the wolves and the vampires. It's usually all fun and laughter until someone gets hurt – usually Paul! Tanya, of course, usually calms him down pretty quickly.

The Volturi check in with Carlisle and Eleazar every couple of years. Caius feels that he's been cheated out of killing every lycanthrope because he can't kill Edric. Although he wasn't happy with the new treaty that keeps Edric and his offspring safe, he will respect it at Aro's insistence.

As far as I know, Caius hunted down the rest of the lycanthropes and werewolves, including Phil. Renee has accepted this but still refuses to leave the reservation.

James and Victoria have, to my knowledge, never been found. When Aro heard about what they had done he sent Demetri and Felix to track them down, but they remain elusive. Aro has placed a bounty on their heads so I'm sure their day will come.

I just hope they never come back here.

What of my powers? I've been working on my 'disappearing act' for eight years. I can now make myself invisible for up to thirty minutes at a time, though it still leaves me feeling drained and exhausted. I can also bring one person with me as long as I'm touching them and I am now working on making more of us disappear at once, with or without them touching me.

What will the next ten years bring? One can only wonder.

But as I lay here with my husband on the cliff top overlooking La Push beach, I know one thing is for certain:

Dreams can come true.

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