The Mysterious Alicorn

By Aponymous

A/N this is my first FanFic Attempt in a long time... So please cut me some slack if it's a bit off ( IE. misplaced comma's and apostrophe)

A bit about me before we start, I wrote some maximum ride fanfiction a few years back and kinda stopped writing after I moved to Australia.

Thats pretty much it actually, so here goes nothing.

Also, the story is mostly about a new and mysterious alicorn that appears in ponyville.

P.S oh shit... just googled my username... it's kinda taken... Guess i should disclaim, I am not affilated with Aponymous (The Organization) at all... Thanks.


Darkness, That's the first thing I see. I know the word but can't seem to place where I learned it, or any word for that matter.

Pain, the second word that comes to mind. Another word I cant place but seem to know the meaning of, I also know that my body is coursing with it right now.

I hear a noise although I all it sounds like is a quiet almost buzzing sound.

I attempt to call out but the noise catches in my throat, slowly the darkness starts to fade to blackness as i drift off to unconciousness.

After what feels like no time at all I fade back into conciousness and hear voices speaking over me.

"Who do you think this is?"

"I dont know but-"

"I found him in the Everfree"

"Ok, but you should really-"

"Do you think I should tell celestia?"


"Maybe I shouldnt trouble her with this"

"I don't know twilight, I mean he is a-"

"Celestia always was interested in what happens in ponyville though I suppose..."

"What is it Fluttershy?"

"He's an Alicorn."

"Oh. My. God."

"Well he needs rest, why don't you go home and sleep. Come back tommorow and we can talk more about it."


What did you guys think? any good? I reckon I am gonna continue writing for a while longer. if you guys have any idea's or constructive critisim I would love to hear it/them.