Shao Kahn sat on his throne waiting for him. He was all that was left. Liu Kang is dead, Raiden is dead, Onaga is dead, and after finding him hiding in the netherealm the whole time even Shinnok was dead. Shao Kahn sat waiting to see how his last foe handled his new army made of the best warriors from all the realms. When he heard the attack start up he knew his enemy had landed and he's just as powerful as before as he hears his enemy going through his army.

Kahn was dumbfounded hearing the noise getting closer. Every Earthrealm warrior, every, Netherealm demon, every Edenian warrior that worked under him had all suffered the same fate defeat. Shao Kahn waited inside hearing the war on the outside. He was down to his last line of defense, Mileena, Goro, and Kinatro. He listened as the fight went on. Kintaro was the first to fall never quite being the same since Raiden fought him in the Outworld tournament. Before too long he heard something break and Goro cry out before another loud thud indicating he had been knocked out. This meant it was down to Mileena and his enemy so in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Mileena came flying through the door and smashed into the wall unconscious. Khan glared at his opponent this will not be the same as last time he has Blaze's power now. Kahn's enemy entered the room and glared at him. Kahn smiled at his foe and said. "This is not the same as last time." Kahn warned as his body started to glow on fire when he pulled out his hammer. "I have become more powerful than the elder gods or you. Tonight my old opponent you will die." Kahn's opponent just looked at him.

Kahn awoke from the floor he was left groaning and having a headache. He gets up and sees his enemy ride off in his vehicle. He really hates that guy. His stupid red hat with the white poof ball, the pure white beard that is just unbecoming of an immortal, the red and white suit and pants, at least he has enough common sense to wear black boots. And don't get Kahn started on his transport. Any self respecting person would at least use Pegasus or dragons. Who in their right mind would use reindeer? Although the Outworld emperor will admit the one with the peculiar nose has always interested him. Kahn recovers and gets to his feet and sees his boot he holds it upside down and just like every other year a black rock comes out of it.

Shao Kahn just looks at his victorious opponent leaving and crushes the rock in his hand. "I really hate that guy."


Merry Christmas

Shao Kahn is a god he brought all his bad guys back with his power.