Supernatural: The Next Generation

Chapter One

The window opened and Aiden Winchester rolled out of it. He chuckled to himself as his shoes were thrown out the window. He quickly put them on as a blonde stuck her head out the window smiling at him, "See ya at school Aiden," she whispered just as she closed the window.

Aiden smirked as he jogged out of her side yard avoiding her father in the kitchen. He chuckled again as he jogged to his car. He looked around before getting into it. He turned the radio on and drove down the road. He looked at his watch and smirked. The same kind of smirk that would always graze his father's face.

"Only an hour until school," he sighed and turned the corner.

On the other side of town Jamie Lynn Gellar hit her alarm clock and sat up yawning and running a hand through her bed head knotted hair. She stretched and threw her legs over her the side of the bed. She groaned a little stretching some more and sighed before she looked out the window. The sun already up and only an hour to school.

Jamie Lynn got up from the bed and walked into her bathroom and closed the door behind her. Normal every day routine for school. She grabbed her toothbrush and brushed her teeth as she turned the shower on and continued to get ready.

Aiden came down the stairs pulling his shirt on and turned the corner into the kitchen seeing his mother finish breakfast. "Hey mom," he kissed her cheek as he grabbed some bacon.

"Hey, hey, save it for everyone," Jamie smiled before putting the eggs on the plate.

"Aw come on mom, I'm your favorite son," he grins as he grabbed another piece.

"Pretty soon going to be the fattest son," said Ashley walking in.

Aiden looked at his twin sister and smirked, "I'm not the fat one sis."

"It's curled curves Aiden, women have them. Not the little girls that you-"

"Hey, whoa," said their father walking in. "Who has been eating the bacon?" Dean smiled as he kissed Jamie on the lips.

"That would be your son," said Jamie putting the plates on the breakfast bar.

"I'm a growing boy," said Aiden sitting at the breakfast bar.

Dean raised an eyebrow leaning on the counter, "Speaking of my growing boy, where were you last night Aiden?"

"Oh you know dad just cruising around town with the boys," Aiden smirked eating.

"Probably cruising right into Grace O'Donnell's-"

"Hey, hey!" said Jamie.

"You," Dean pointed to Ashley, "should not even know about cruising" Both Ashley and Aiden looked at each other and laughed. Jamie couldn't help but laugh as well. Dean looked at Jamie and shook his head, "Don't encourage this Jamie."

"Babe…calm down."

Jamie Lynn skipped down the stairs and ran into her little brother Max running up the stairs. "Max slow down!"

"Can't!" he yelled back as he ran up the stairs and disappeared.

Jamie Lynn shook her head a little and laughed. She walked into the kitchen to see her mother and older brother Ryan. "Morning," said Jamie Lynn grabbing a bowl and a box of cereal.

"Morning baby," said her mother Ashley kissing her forehead. "You guys better hurry or you're going to be late."

"Not with Ryan's driving," said Jamie Lynn with a smirk.

"Oh, ha, ha," said Ryan putting his bowl in the sink. "Finish up squirt."

Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes at the nickname, "Ryan I'm not five anymore you don't have to call me that."

"Yeah I do," he smiled, "You're my kid sister. Always will be my squirt." He ruffled her hair as he walked by. "Hurry up."

Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes and sat at the table. Ashley smiled at her daughter and leaned against the counter with her coffee. "How is everything baby?"

"Fine, just a lot of studying to do for my exams. I have an algebra test today. I feel like I have been studying for it forever."

Ashley smiled," Jamie Lynn you have been studying since you came out of my womb. I do not know where you got these genius genes."

Jamie Lynn laughs a little eating the rest of her cereal. She then looked at her mom and gave a small frown. "I miss dad mom."

Ashley let out a deep breath, "Me too baby. Just know he's always here with us."

"When's he coming back?"

"In a couple days."

Jamie Lynn nodded and heard, "Come on squirt! We're gonna be late!"

Jamie Lynn gave her mother a small smile before getting up, "I'll be home right after school."

"Ok be careful," Ashley took a sip of her coffee and heard the front door close. She looked up at the ceiling, "Max come on baby! Gotta take you to school!"

Ryan pulled up to their high school, "Good old Richmond High," Ryan looked over at his sister and smirked, "You know if you kept your head out of the books you may find yourself a hot date."

Jamie Lynn made a face as she closed her book. She looked at her brother, "If I wanted to date."

Ryan raised an eyebrow, "You don't want to date?"

"Not any of these jokers here, no," said Jamie Lynn as she got out of the car.

"What's wrong with us jokers?" Ryan smirked and grabbed a couple of his school books.

"Don't even get me started Ryan. A lot of them are incompetent losers, no offense. Some, most of the football team, are womanizing asshole jerks."

"Ah, but the football team only takes up 10% of the high school," Ryan smiled at his little sister as they walked towards the school. "And Aiden is part of the football team."

"My point exactly, he's the leader of the pack."

Ryan rolled his eyes, "And a good friend."

"To you. He's a jerk; he only cares about two things, himself and his car."

"You know that saying you shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

"Ryan, we grew up with him. We all use to be good friends. Then junior high came around and we found the cliques that suited us. It's great you and Aiden are still friends, really. I don't think that will ever change. You two have almost the same personality except you're a grease monkey and he's a jock. But things changed. He's your friend, not mine. He doesn't even give me two glances my way and you know why?"

Ryan sighed and opened his locker door, "Why?" He put his books in his locker.

"Because I am a woman with brains who doesn't throw herself at every single guy that has a good reputation in bed. Plus Ryan I don't know if you noticed, I am not the prettiest girl around."

"You're right, you're beautiful." Ryan smiled. "One of the most beautiful girls that I have known."

"You're just saying that because we're family," Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes.

"What are we talking about?" asked Ashley popping up behind Jamie Lynn with a smile.

"Nothing," said Jamie Lynn, "You're looking all bubbly today."

"I woke up in a great mood," said Ashley moving towards Ryan and giving him a small kiss.

"No not nothing, Jamie Lynn doesn't think she's beautiful." Ryan closed his locker door and leaned on it.

"Really Ryan it's not a big deal. Looks don't get you places. Brains do."

"Well," said Ashley, "I agree with Ryan when I say that you are beautiful."

Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes, "Thanks, I'm just gonna go now. Leave you two alone." Jamie Lynn walked by them shaking her head.

Ashley made a face, "She needs more self-esteem."

Ryan laughed a little wrapping his arm around her shoulders, "She'll be fine. I'm really not too worried about her. She's got a good head on her shoulders. How are you doing?"

"Great," she smiled as they walked towards class.

"Hey Aiden!" yelled a few of the football players walking up to him.

Aiden gave a short nod and smirked, "What's up?"

"What's up? You tell us," said one of them. "You get with Grace last night."

"What do you think?"

A few of them smiled and laughed as they nodded.

"Of course you did boy," said the one. "That's our boy. He is the king of getting into girls pants. Pretty sure he's slept with almost every girl in this school."

I'm just that good with the ladies," said Aiden smirking as they walked down the hall.

The football players were joking around and laughing as they walked down the hall towards their class. Aiden noticed Jamie Lynn walking by them. He gave a small glance towards her and of course like always nothing back. As if he was invisible to her.

Just as she walked past them Aiden did what he normally did and looked her over.

Next Generation

It was quiet in Jamie Lynn and Aiden's math class. Jamie Lynn was 16 but she was bumped up in the junior year. She takes honors and college classes. They wanted to bump her to senior year but Ashley her mother felt that she was too young to be with 18 year olds in classes and didn't want them bringing her down. She needed to be with kids her age.

Jamie Lynn sat diagonal from Aiden in class. The class was silent as they took their test. Jamie Lynn kept hearing a sound behind her, someone trying to get someone's attention. She ignored it as best as she could but when a paper ball hit her from behind she jumped and looked behind her.

Aiden smirked and leaned over his desk, "Hey," he whispered.

Jamie Lynn's eyes widened and shrugged, "What?"

Aiden continued smirking, "What's the answer for 5?"

Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes and went back to her test.

"Squirt come on."

Jamie Lynn looked over her shoulder, "Stop calling me that."

"Come on we always called you squirt."

Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes and was about to say something when the teacher cleared her throat and she went back to her test. A few minutes later she heard the noise again and she looked, "What?"

"Come on, help me out. We're friends."

Jamie Lynn scoffed, "We're not friends Aiden. Maybe next time you should study."

"Not friends since when?"


"Ms. Gellar and Mr. Winchester! One more peep and you will be getting detention!"

Jamie Lynn went back to her test and Aiden laughed a little looking back down at his test. Jamie Lynn thought that he was finished bothering her. But a few minutes later she heard, "Psst. Jamie Lynn what's number 23?"

Jamie Lynn looked over at him. "I am not telling you."

"Come on. Just this one please."


"Come on I need to pass this test."

"Then you should have studied like I did."

"I would have but I was too busy thinking of you," he winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"I am not telling you Aiden. Now drop it before we get in trouble."

"Jamie Lynn come on."

Jamie Lynn turned around in her seat, "You should have studied!"

"Ms. Gellar and Mr. Winchester detention after school."

"What?" yelled Jamie Lynn with wide eyes. Everyone looked over at them. Aiden just had a smirk on his face. "But…I've never had a detention can't this be like a warning?"

"You keep arguing with me and disrupting the class it will be two detentions Ms. Gellar."


Jamie Lynn could hear Aiden laugh behind her and she looked over at him with a glare before turning back to her test. She never had a detention in her life. She was the good girl, the smart girl. It was all Aiden Winchesters fault. Big football star and Mr. Popular. Sometimes it made Jamie Lynn wonder if the teachers were just passing him to get him through just so he could keep playing football. Even Jamie Lynn had to be honest if it wasn't for Aiden Winchester the football team here would suck.

Detention was going to be something different for Jamie Lynn. She had a feeling this was a start of something for the future.