Yes I am back. Relationship issues, holidays, Roommate drama, it feels as though it will never end. Someone save me from reality! Oh, btw, I do nt own Duke, Audrey, Nate, just Fluffy. So, please don't sue me!

Audrey stepped out of the Gull and watched as Duke practically danced his way to his truck. He had just recieved a phone call and was now acting very suspiciously. He was wearing a smile that was happy and yet somewhat creepy at the same time. This made her very nervous. One minute he is flirting with her shamelessly, the next he was racing for the door, keys in hand.

"OK, Duke. What are you up too?"

He turned and a hurt expression crossed his face. "Why Miss. Audrey, your words wound me to the in the world makes you think I'm up to something?" He clutched his heart dramatically, and fell to the gravel below.

Ignoring his theatrics, she took a casual sip of coffee. "Because whenever you normally act this way, its because you are up to something, and its usually illegal."

The look on his face shifted as he stood. "You know, there is more too me than a criminal mastermind. I am also an extremely generous person. I will have you know that a friend of mine is going on vacation, and I promised to watch his pet, Fluffy."

Audrey held her hand up in surrender. "I am so sorry, Duke, I didnt mean to offend your male sensibility. I know there is more to you than a rap sheet the length of a city block, and I know you are often generous and kind."

He narrowed his deep brown eyes. "That was almost a compliment, heavy on the almost. I'm not quite sure how to take that."

She shrugged as she turned to go back inside. "Take it however you like. You usually do."

As he watched her walk away, a sneaky little thought started to form in his head. "Yes Audrey, I usually do."

Wow, It looked longer while I was typing it. So sorry! Hope to post no later than next week. Thank you, Goddess, for winter break! A whole week devoted to hot chocolate, peppermint, cookies, and staying up till 6 a.m. writing!