Batman wasn't unhappy. But happy was far from his mind. Flash had started dating a woman named Iris. A reporter. He thought that Clark would've scared him from considering even dating a reporter. But apparently not. What really got him was the reporter had a brother who was expecting a son with his wife. He wouldn't pay attention to this normally. But Flash had a way of forcing him to notice the everyday in a different way.

"So Bats, my girlfriend Iris's brother is having a kid."

"Babies are born every day. Nothing special about that."

"It's a little girl. That's what the monitors say."

"Flash. I don't have time for this."

"Bats hear me out," he said zipping in front of Batman. Despite having his mask on, Batman could tell he had wide puppy-like eyes on under the mask, "They said I could help pick the godfather. They accept me."

"Congratulations," he said continuing on. But being on a roof with Flash he couldn't easily go away.

"Bats. I think she's the one. And I want to thank you."

"What for?" he asked.

"You introduced me to Linda as Flash."

Batman thought back. He remembered that they were working together (a one-time thing), and they had saved a reporter.

"That was Linda?"

"Bats focus. I want to thank you," he said.

"No need."

"Would you be the godfather?"

Batman looked back at Flash who had the biggest puppy eyes.


"Come on Bats, please."

"No Flash," he said disappearing in the night. Flash sighed. Time to look for Superman.

April 12 Blue Valley.

A bright white interior of a hospital. Iris sat holding her brother's hand. Barry sat next to Iris.

"She wasn't due for another month. She wasn't due. Willa isn't ready."

Willa was what they decided to name their baby girl. A sickening shatter of glass was heard in the building.

"What was that?" Iris asked a nurse.

"I don't know. Stay here."

She left them in the dark. They knew nothing.


He was battling Joker so far from Gotham. He was chasing him all the way here. He had been leaving a trail of dangerous gags and tricks.

"Come now Batman. You're losing your touch."

Joker pulled out a "happy sac" and tossed it. Batman jumped to the roof of another building. Unfortunately this was not like Gotham. It was a smaller town with shorter buildings that seemed to bask in the sunlight. Not that it was useful to Joker either. His sac though did some damage. It was a bomb that shattered a window of a nearby building.

"Oh my god!"

A woman cried. Joker looked over to the person crying. She was where the glass broke. She looked scared and relieved at the same time. In her arms was a blanket. A bundle that looked like it was holding something that was very important to her. Joker saw an advantage. He ran in and held the woman to the ground. She clung to the blanket. In his sickening mind he tore the blanket from her. A scream came from the blanket itself startling the Joker. He dropped it from the second story window. Batman swooped in and grabbed it. A small hand came from the blanket.

A baby. Joker dropped a baby from a windowsill. It looked newborn. Unable to but the baby down he went up with it in his arms. It had stopped crying and was now making little cooing noises. It was difficult to maneuver holding the baby.

"You called Stupid man?" Joker cried. Batman looked up to see Superman removing Joker from most likely the mother of the infant. The baby laughed in Batman's arms. He looked down at it with a scowl. But it erupted into a bubbly laughter that could not be contained. It seemed fitting with the small baby's tuff of red hair and small spray of freckles over the nose.

He jumped up to the second floor. The woman ran up to him with a sad smile on her face.

"Is she okay?"

"I believe she is," Batman answered. He handed the baby back just as a man (the father no doubt), a woman and... Flash came through the door. Out of uniform his blond hair looked unruly.

"Hi Willa," said the dad.

"She's beautiful," said Superman, "Thanks for letting me be her godfather."

Batman sent a glare to Flash.

"You said you didn't want the position," he answered. The mom handed little Willa around to see the family. The Aunt and dad received no sound. Bubbly laughter when handed to Barry, but when handed to the man of steel she roared out in displeasure. It wasn't long before Batman took the baby. Its cries turned into laughter.

"I think she likes you Bats," joked Barry. Batman looked at the baby. A horrid smell imitated from her.

"I think she needs to be changed," he growled in distaste. Smiling the mom to the little girl. They walked over to a table without glass and began removing the blanket.

"I believe she's a he," said Batman. Sure enough the baby was not little girl, but a small boy.

"There goes the name Willa."

"And I was hoping we could have a kid with WRW initials."


Everyone looked at Batman.

"Wallace. You can name him Wallace."

"I like that," smiled the mom, "We could call him Wally."

"And for the record, Superman is not an appropriate godfather."

"Bats?" asked Barry.

"Wallace is my god son."

"Batman, I think that's up to the parents," said Superman.

"Seems fair," said the mom, "Batman did just save little Wally's life. I think Batman should be the godfather. Superman can be a god uncle."

Batman took that time to disappear. He almost wanted to smack himself. But between him and Superman having a god kid from another hero? He wouldn't let Clark take up responsibility for him. He was a dumbass. So as he drove back to Gotham, he was doing the math in his head to see how many cameras he'd have to install to make sure that Wallace did not get into criminal trouble again. Just born and already having a run in with Joker, Batman was not going to let that go anytime soon.

"So how do you know Barry?" Iris asked Superman. Barry gave him pleading eyes.

"He's the fastest forensic scientist I know. I come to visit sometimes. He really helps with work."

"And Batman?" she asked. Batman was ridiculously smart.

"They had a run in when he was being held hostage by the rouges."

"Shut it Superman."

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