"For the last time, no I will not "run" you to school," Wally sighed. How had he even got roped into babysitting the Bat-kids? Oh right… Alfred. Wally inwardly sighed. He liked the old man enough, was a good butler, made awesome cookies, could put up with him and would actually kick his butt in chess from time to time. But he was crafty.

Someway, somehow he had convinced his family that he was the only one who could watch the little bat children and get them off to school on time despite being notoriously late as a member of the Flash family. That being said, the one time he was early he accidently released a glitter bomb on Alfred and not Robin.

Not hold a grudge, he said, that was beneath him, he said. What a load of British Bull.

"Come on," Jason began, "It's not like anyone would see us. You give Dick rides all the time too."

"That's different."

"How so?"

"That is a life or death mission where we both have less to worry about secret identities and more about surviving the villain of the hour. I don't think a bus ride will kill any of you."

"It killed you," Stephanie pointed out. Wally groaned.

"I didn't die. I'm not dead yet. And a bus will not be the way I will go," he stated.

"According to news reports that is how you died."

"They were corrected."

"You still died."

"Did not."

"Did so."

"Did not."

"Did so."

"Did not."

"Did not."

"Did so- wait a minute!" he yelped as the younger bats laughed.

"Besides, we can't take the bus."

"Why? To prim and proper?"

"No… the bus left ten minutes ago. School starts in seven."

"Son of a biscuit…. I hate my life… Alright. Fine. Everyone hold on," he said. The kids wasted no time. Tim jumped on Dick's usual spot on Wally's back, the Stephanie and Cassie both jumped into Wally's arms while Jason jumped on Wally's shoulders.

"I'm going to regret this," he moaned already feeling their weight throughout his body, "Remember to hold on tight."

In a flash he disappeared out the back door, down all the back alleys he could find and dropped them off at the back of the school. He was lying on the ground panting, his stomach begging for food.

"You all… are not… as light… as you look," he panted. Jason smirked, "We need our bags."

Wally glared at him.

"School does start in five minutes," Tim stated.

"Better hurry."

Wally groaned as he ran back to the manor. He stopped when he saw Alfred with the Mini-Bats bags.

"You forgot something Master Wallace?" he inquired with a knowing tone.

"Well played Alfred. Well played," he said grabbing the bags, slipping them over his shoulders all while swiping a few cookies fresh from the oven.

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