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Chapter 3: The evening before

"I-Ikki, wait... That's too fast...!"

"Don't be like that! We don't have all night!"

"B-But..." He couldn't think of another reason, so Kazu shut his mouth again a little helplessly. "Still...!"

"You're gonna arrive in one piece!", Ikki said confidently and strengthened his grip around the other's wrist a little. The blonde really didn't look all too stable anymore. He swayed to and fro ominously without ceasing, even thogh he just had to let himself getting dragged by Ikki. "I can't help it if you're unable to hold your drink ..."

"Really? Whose else crappy idea has it been then?" Attempted reproachfully he stared at the dark back of the head in front of him. He couldn't remember Ikki drinking less than himself. So maybe Ikki had a better tolerance for alcohol than him, so what?

"Now, don't make such a fuss, therefore I'm taking you home right now, aren't I? You'd better be grateful to me!" With that said, the conversation was ended on Ikki's behalf. He couldn't find even the smallest bit of guilt in his doing. It certainly wasn't his fault that Kazu hadn't been able to take even one straight step, whereas he still felt magnificent. Well, maybe "magnificent" was a little exaggerated, seeing as he wasn't completely sober anymore, too. However, it wasn't a patch on the state the blonde was currently in.

After he had seen the other being so wobbly on his legs, perhaps he had been overcame by just a little remorse. Thus he had taken pity on him, grabbed Kazu's arm and was trailing him behind at the moment. This was made a lot easier, seeing as the both wore their ATs.

"Your sister's away, isn't she?"

"Mmh...? Yeah..."

Somewhat irritated by the weary answer, Ikki cast another glance back. Kazu seemed to fall asleep any second and not to be mentally present anymore at all. In addition to that there was a slight blush on his cheeks caused by the alcohol... Right now he didn't really know what to think of that image.

Somehow the blonde looked almost cute... A light smile snuck its way onto Ikki's lips. Like that the whole situation was almost romant...

"Fuck, have your stupid daydreams somewhen else, I wanna go to sleep!"

"Zip your lips, Agito..." So much for romance. Just why was Agito coming with them again...?

"Man, when did you get that heavy?"

"Shut up..."

Utterly exhausted Ikki let the blonde drop onto his bed and sat down next to it. He'd already feared he'd never make it to Kazu's home. Let alone the awful climbing to his room! The continuous swearing of Agito about him fucking hurrying up because other people wanted to get upstairs, too, didn't make things more enjoyable. At least he disappeared to somewhere else after that. Probably the bathroom... Yes, that had to be it.

He should possibly also go there. But first he had to take care of Kazu. The boy lay on his bed as unmoving as a corpse. Ikki sighed. There he made an effort and took him home – in order to stay there for the night and save himself a discussion with some sisters about morals and underage drinking – and as thanks that grateless wretch just fell asleep. How impolite!

For a few minutes Ikki remained seated just like that, leaning to Kazu's bed. Then he stood up, bent over the sound asleep shape of his friend and tugged the beanie off his head, letting it fall to the floor not exactly carefully. Kazu surely didn't want to sleep with that thing on his head. Then he straightened himself. It was about time to throw Agito out of the bathroom and occupy it himself.

Just as he was about to turn around and leave the room, a hand grasped his T-shirt. Slightly surprised he looked back, just to be faced with now wide opened blue eyes. Maybe Kazu wasn't all that sound asleep.

For a few moments there was silence. "It's hot...", Kazu muttered finally, while giving Ikki a piercing look as if it was solely his fault.

"Then take off the stuped hoodie." Even in the dark, only illuminated by the light coming from the gap under the door, Ikki could catch sight of the blush on the other's cheeks. Kazu really had to have been tight.

"Mmh..." Apparently too lazy to implement the suggestion, Kazu let go of the T-shirt and closed his eyes, only fidgeting around on his bed discontentedly. He couldn't have expressed the "Don't feel like it" more obious in words.

Ikki sighed resignedly and kneeled down on the bed next to the other boy. Despite Kazu lying he pushed the hoodie up quickly, struggling a little at getting it over the blonde's head, that afterwards immediately dropped back to the pillow. But then it was done and he let it carelessly drop to the beanie on the floor. "You're lazy."


Again the black-haired sighed. It didn't seem as if he would get another answer anymore. Once again they remained silent. If Kazu was sleeping this time...? Perhaps.

Slowly Ikki's gaze moved from the other's relaxed features across the pale upper body down to Kazu's jeans. They didn't look comfortable or suitable for sleeping, either. Maybe he should...?

The crow had never been one to ponder over things too long. Unceremoniously he moved down a bit and started to take off Kazu's pants. Halfway he stopped momentarily. Swallowed.

It was only Kazu. His best fried. Just why seemed the whole setting suddenly so... suggestive? Aside from him pulling off the pants of an half-naked person, they ware both guys and he, as far as he knew, liked girls. Only girls. And even if it wasn't like that, his best friend of all people...?

After all, they had spent their whole life with each other, knew each other inside out. He knew exactly how he could get Kazu to be happy, sad or angry, what the blonde liked and disliked, and he could always count on him. They shared nearly every minute of their lives together and he had teased Kazu countless times about how girlish he looked with his big, blue eyes, the pale, smooth skin and his soft, blonde hair, knowing for sure that it irked the jet without end, and ... wait. This list didn't quite go into the planned direction.

... Anyways. Deciding to continue the mental discussion about his sexual preferences later he pulled the pants finally off and tossed them to the slowly forming pile of clothing. Out of an sudden feeling of neatness Kazu's socks soon followed suit.

Again he paused. Looked at the boy in front of him. There were still... no. No, that was going too far.

It was one thing to consider if he maybe had special feelings for his best friend while undressing him almost fully. But it was something entirely different to undress his sleeping best friend completely. He really should get going know and throw Agito finally out of the bathroom.

Then again, it wouldn't harm anyone if he lay down just for two minutes, would it? The bed beneath him was soft and warm and he really was tired...

As far as he was concerned, Agito could stay in the bathroom for the next three hours or so. He couldn't really get himself to care. Right now it was just too cozy to stand up again and argue with the stupid shark.

Ikki gave a good yawn and closed his eyes.

Yeah... cozy indeed...