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Love Ties - Chapter 2

"Kluke! No!"

Those were the last words I heard, before my vision was clouded by a veil of darkness. I cried out as the wind whipped at my skin; the stinging was beginning to become unbearable.

A loud whirring noise interrupted my train of thought, and then the wind ceased. I gulped; this seemed all too familiar. Suddenly I was dropped; the wind began to whistle in my ears as I plummeted towards the ground. I landed with a loud thud, and the breath whooshed out of me. My hands instantly fell to my stomach, which I clutched tightly. The pain rippled throughout my body; it felt as if I was paralysed. I let out a low groan; the pain overwhelming all my other senses.

Footsteps banged on the dull, metal floor, steadily approaching me. Rough hands clasped at my arms, lifting me a few inches from the floor. I tried to resist by struggling from their grip. I kicked out, hoping to land a blow, but the figures were too far away. I couldn't even see properly; the wind had made my eyes stream and blur everything around me. The more I struggled, the tighter their iron grip became. They weren't careful with me; on more than one occasion my legs and arms collided with solid objects. If I thought my head wasn't on right, then it was nothing compared to how it felt after a resounding crash echoed through the metal hallways. I barely had time to feel the pain before I was thrown into the comforting darkness of unconsciousness…

The pain was what dragged me into unconsciousness, and pain was what dragged me out of it. I awoke by my skin scraping against a cool metal floor, and before I could comprehend anything else, the sound of metal doors sliding shut silenced everything. I winced as my body began to regain feeling; and slowly, I opened my eyes. The sight shocked me.

I was in a room; not a dungeon or anything, but a real room. It certainly wasn't the nicest room I had been in, but it certainly wasn't the worst. In the corner of the room was a simple bed; pure white sheets covered it. Next to it was a small sink with a mirror above it; a crack running through the middle of it, making the image distorted.

I rubbed my eyes; they were incredibly sore and felt puffy, like I had been crying. Of course I knew better; I had been unconscious for the most part. Maybe it was because of-

No, I thought, I mustn't think of it. I haven't told-

My thoughts came to an end as the horrid truth struck me. I was alone. Without Andropov.

My head turned slightly as the metal doors that had imprisoned me slid open, and my eyes widened at the sight.

"N-No," I stuttered, scrambling back to cower, "not you…"

"K-Kluke…why?" Andropov whispered, his head in his hands. He was still having trouble comprehending everything that had happened.

"Why…why would he take her? We haven't done anything wrong…unless…" Andropov's head shot up, and with lightning speed, he dashed out of the house, to the area in which Kluke's kidnapping had unfolded. With an angry yell, her summoned his Shadow; it took a bit more effort, after all, it had been years since he had summoned him.

"Alubujem! I need you to send word to the others! Send them this message-" he paused, grabbing the closest crystal to him.

"I need your help. Kluke has been kidnapped." With that simple message, he let go of the crystal. It floated back into the air, but the inside of it seemed to swirl with the information that Andropov had told it.

He looked his Shadow in the eye, and spook directly to him.

"Also…I need you to send more of your crystals," he took a deep breath, calming his nerves, before saying, "we need to track down Logi…"

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