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"Go eat something," I murmured and Wanda's silver eyes looked into mine. Slightly worried. Yeah, I probably needed to eat as well. But I didn't feel like it at the moment.

"Yeah, let's go eat something," Mel agreed with me and Wanda just barely had the time to press her lips against mine before Mel dragged her away from me. "Let's just make sure we ignore Lacey."

Mel laughed and I heard Wanda's distant chuckle as well, and it wasn't hard to figure out what she was thinking about. The Seeker.

It had been a week since I was shot, a week since Jared, Kyle and the rest went off for the raid, a week since Doc removed the Seeker from the body. Wanda refused to be there. She was so confused, and she didn't expect anyone to understand but both Mel and I did. She had told us both that she didn't want the Seeker to die, but she didn't want her on another planet either. She didn't want her to tell the story about us, even if it was hundreds of years after we had actually lived. So Wanda had told us that she didn't want to know what happened. And none of us would tell her, unless she asked. But Mel and I both knew that the Seeker had never even been placed in the cryotank. We barely even thought about it, which would make us bad I guess. But we're human, and we can hate. We hold grudges. Doc hadn't been able to be in the room though, and Wanda didn't want me to leave her side, so Mel had done the whole thing with Candy. Jeb had been there as well.

It took about a day and a half before the body woke up. Lacey. It wasn't hard to understand why the Seeker was the way she had been with Lacey stuck in her head. She pretty much represented what was worst with humans. Wanda didn't like her, no matter how hard she tried. Hell, none of us liked her, and she didn't like us either. But we tried to make room.

And now we were trying to make room for one more.

I squeezed Jodi's hand, trying to will her to wake up. Sunny was taken out fourteen hours ago, and she was in the blinking cryotank sitting on the cot beside the one Jodi was sleeping on. I refused to think of it as any other thing. Sunny had found her. She was awake inside the mind. Not as strong as Mel was, but she was there. She was awake. Alive. And she had to wake up.

"Come on Jodes, don't ditch on us again," I murmured, trying not to think about it. There was a silent agreement between all of us to not tell Kyle if she didn't wake up. We'd just put Sunny back in the body, as if nothing had happened, and wait for Jodi to get stronger. Then we'd tell him. Sunny or I. Maybe both. I don't know. I didn't want that to happen. I wanted Jodi to be here when my brother came back. I wanted him to be happy, like the way he was before all of this. Before the world ended. I actually needed the world to end before I found someone who made me happy the way Jodi had always made Kyle happy. I knew that deep down – no matter how hard he tried to hide it – Kyle couldn't be happy without her. Just like I couldn't be happy without my Wanda.

"Doc, do you think she's gonna wake up?" I asked after maybe ten minutes and Doc looked up from his desk.

"I didn't think you would, but you did, so my opinion doesn't really matter."

"Say it," I told him and he let out a sigh.

"From what we've seen from Wanda and Mel, and Lacey and the Seeker, she will wake up. Shouldn't take long. But at the same time, we don't know how strong Lacey's presence was. We don't know how strong Mel was. We don't know how strong Jodi was. I'm guessing weaker than Mel, weaker than Lacey."

"I don't think anyone can be as present as Mel was," I murmured, thinking back about the time Wanda had been inside Mel. How distant she'd be when talking to her, how angry Mel had been at me at times, how Jared was the only one to truly bring her out. Wanda had told me that she was strongest when Jared was around. But Mel was strong, mentally. And I knew Jodi. She was actually a lot like Mel. Strong-minded, kind, stubborn, brave. She would wake up, she had to.

"Jodi, c'mon," I said, turning to the sleeping body next to me. "Kyle's gonna freak when he sees you. You remember that time when I was, what, ten? You had just moved into the neighbourhood, and when Kyle saw you he actually blushed. Kyle. From the first moment he saw you, all he had eyes on was you. Sure, it actually took him five years to admit it and come clean about his feelings, but you've always been the one for him."

"You're lying," someone said, and at first I didn't register. The voice was too weak, too much of a whisper for me to even know if that were the words. But I had heard it, and the voice belonged to Jodi. She was awake. I didn't say anything until her eyes opened, and I ignored the feeling of wanting to cry. She had always been like a sister to me, and it was really nice to have her back with me.

"I'm not lying," I told her with a grin and she chuckled. "It's good to see you Jodes."

"You too, Ian," she smiled and for a moment I wondered if she knew where she was. If she could remember anything. But when she sat up as Doc came over to examine her, she gave him a small nod, and I knew that at least she was aware of who he was.

"What do you know?" Doc asked after introducing himself, and she looked at me.

"Everything. Or at least a lot. I have these memories from the... alien," she gritted her teeth, and I let out a sigh. I couldn't blame her for being like this. Even Wanda and Mel used to hate each other. Probably still would have if it hadn't been for them wanting the same thing. Wanting to find Jamie. Jared. Jeb. I wondered how she felt about me and Wanda then, but shook the thought away. She would change her mind when she met her. She had to.

"Sunny said that you woke up when I was shot," I said, trying to get conformation.

"More like the aftermath. Seeing how worried Kyle was," she said and I nodded. I had figured so much. Jodi was that kind of person after all. She'd do anything for the people she loved. A lot like Mel.

"We really do need to talk," I told her and she nodded. As soon as Doc gave her a clear, he told her it was nice to finally meet her and then we left. I figured I could show here the place, even though she knew it. From Sunny's memories.

"Kyle's on a raid, he should be back in a few days," I told her and saw her nod. She knew that much. So I continued. "Our parents never made it. I figure yours didn't either. Kyle and I, we found this place five years ago. It was hell for four of them. Then Jared and Jamie showed up, and not long after that, Mel and Wanda showed up. They brought us hope. Even Kyle hoped for a while."

"Does he still love me, Ian?" she asked then, and I stopped. She stopped next to me, and her eyes stared into mine. She really believed that Kyle didn't love her?

I remembered the conversation we had just a few days ago, but I knew that Kyle would always love this woman in front of me. Always.

"Jodi, Kyle couldn't stop loving you even if he tried."

She wasn't convinced.

"The way he's been acting around the alien, around my body, around..."

"Hey," I stopped her. "He love you, okay? Yes sure, he told me the other day that he had to give up on you. On you ever waking up. But it was hard for him to say it, because I don't think he truly believed it himself. No matter how much he wanted to stop hoping, he always would. Hope is the last thing to leave a human body. And over the years, I've found him looking at the ring. Even more so after he brought your body here."

"What ring?" she asked, and I started to move again. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and I tried to think of where to begin. The truth, I guessed.

"Before the invasion, Kyle had plans on proposing. He only told me because I found the ring. Made me promise to shut up until he found the perfect moment. I had to swear that I'd never tell you. But then the world stopped, and you left with your parents. Kyle left with me and our parents. He always kept the ring. After losing everything, I think it kept him sane. In a way. It was the closest he ever was to you. And when you didn't wake up the last time, he just... He had nothing else. You felt further from him than ever. He made Sunny promise to look for you, and now here you are."

"Here I am," she murmured and we were quiet for a long time. When she talked, it was clear that she didn't want to talk about Kyle anymore. Now I was the subject.

"You fell in love," she said, her lips in a tight line. "How could you fall for one of them Ian?"

I ignored the accusation in her voice, and answered her question as truthfully as I could.

"Because she's the nicest, most selfless person I've ever met. Because she's so willing to do everything for someone she loves, because she was willing to..." I stopped myself right there then. I figured that it would be better if Kyle told her that he had tried to kill someone. Sunny never knew. She would only be freaked out, probably never want to see Kyle again. Wanda was stronger than she was. In a lot of ways. "She's strong. Brilliant, intelligent, absolutely clueless from time to time. Beautiful."

"She's a parasite," she said. "They're not beautiful."

"Jodes, I've held her. Her. And trust me, she's beautiful. Both her body and her soul. Everything about her is more than I've ever dreamed of. And trust me, you'll like her too. Even Kyle came around. And you know Kyle."

"So you really love her then? It's not just some crazy need...?"

"No," I interrupted her before she could continue. "Trust me, no. You know me Jodi. When I was sixteen, and my first girlfriend broke up with me, do you remember what you said? You said that no one deserves me, but with Wanda it's the other way around. I don't deserve her. She's too good for us humans."

"I guess I'll have to meet her then," she said, and I smiled. She would like her, I was sure of it.

"Before you meet Wanda, I have someone else you need to meet," I told her. We had reached the kitchen by now, and Mel came out of the kitchen just on time.

"Mel, this is Jodi. Jodi, Mel. I think you too have a lot to talk about," I stated, and Mel grinned.

"Nice to finally meet you, Jodi. You have to tell me why you fell in love with such a pigheaded moron like Kyle," Mel wrapped her arm around Jodi's shoulder and I laughed to myself as they walked away. Mel could make her understand all about Wanda. About everything. She would make her feel welcome.

I walked into the kitchen when I couldn't see them anymore, and I ran into Wanda while doing so. I grabbed her before she fell to the ground and she laughed.

"Hi," she said and I pressed my lips against hers. "You look happy. Is Jodi awake?"

"Yeah," I smiled. "But you probably shouldn't run into her before Mel has the time to explain everything."

"She doesn't like me," Wanda whispered, and her face fell.

"She just doesn't understand," I told her, wrapping my arms around her. "None of us used to, and look at us now."

"I love you," she whispered after a moment and I pressed my lips against hers again. Longer this time.

"I love you too."

She took my hand and sat by me as I ate, and there was no surprise that people lingered in the kitchen. Wanda and I would be leaving in a few hours, go on a small raid. We were running low on medications after all. But before I left, I had to make sure that Jodi was okay with Mel. And the rest. But I was confident that Mel would make her understand.

"What will happen to Sunny, now when Jodi is awake?" Jamie asked, and I looked at the kid. He asked the question none of us has dared asked. We didn't know. We would probably find her a body. We would gladly make room for her. But there was the problem of Kyle and Jodi. Sunny clearly had feelings for Kyle, but none of us knew what kind of feelings. Mel and Wanda guessed that Jodi's feelings had rubbed off on her. The way Mel's feelings for Jared and Jamie rubbed off on her. But Wanda had me to fall in love with, and her feelings for Jared erased themselves. Sunny didn't have that. So we didn't know exactly what to do. But our hopes were to find a body to her.

"I guess Kyle will have to decide," I told the kid and he nodded. He understood. This question had been around ever since Mel and Wanda walked into the caves, into our lives. Whoever the body belonged to would make the call. The soul, in this case. And Sunny belonged to Kyle more than anyone else. She wanted to stay, but she had accepted that she might wake up on another planet. She even said it herself. If Kyle didn't want her there, if he wanted just Jodi, then she wanted us to ship her off to another planet. She was a part of the decision too.

"We should catch some sleep," Wanda squeezed my hand after an hour and I agreed. It would be a long drive, and we both needed the sleep. Especially since none of us had been sleeping for almost twenty hours.

We met Mel on the way to our room, and I stopped her.

"She's okay. She wanted to be alone. I guess she has a lot to think about."

"Yeah, she does," I agreed. "What did you tell her?"

"Everything," she chuckled. "How Wanda and I used to hate each other. How we eventually we started to love each other. How she feels about you. About humans. That she's really someone to like. I told her that it was obvious that Jodi means a lot to Kyle, and that she's someone we'll all like. I told her to think about Sunny. Told her to figure out if she hated her because of the person she is, or because she's a Soul. She promised she'd think about it."

"So you like her?" I asked. I admitted to myself then that I had been slightly worried. Mel and Jodi was so alike it could end in both ways. Either they'd love each other or hate each other.

"Yeah, I do. But if she'll decide on hating Wanda, and I'll go ahead and hate her right back."

"Mel," Wanda started but Mel cut her off saying it was a joke. To calm her down. But from the look in her eyes, her words held a lot of truth in them. Wanda and Mel had really come a long way. Mel was my biggest ally when it came to Wanda. She understood her just as much as I did, if not a lot more. She was there to defend her, just as much as I was.

"Thank you," I said, and she knew what I was thanking her for. Talking to Jodi, standing up to Wanda, not leaving for the raid.

"Well you two should really get some sleep," she said and gave Wanda a hug. "You have to go soon."

I watched them say their goodbyes, and soon Wanda and I were tangled in our bed. Her tiny head was on my chest, and my arms were tightly around her.

I was sure that she had fallen asleep when she finally spoke.

"Do you really think that she'll like me?" She started to play with my hair, and I knew that she was nervous.

"Don't worry about it," I murmured but her fingers didn't stop. "She's a lot like Mel, you'll see that in time. But she's not as stubborn as Kyle, and even Kyle likes you."

She took a deep breath and let out a sigh as her fingers stopped moving and I felt her relax next to me. She was asleep within seconds, but I stayed awake. I liked watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful, so happy. And I knew that soon she'd be worried, so I wanted to keep this picture in my mind. The small smile she had on her face as she breathed in and out evenly.

I woke her up a few hours later, and we sneaked down the hallways hand in hand. We never let each other go until we reached the jeep, and I took the wheel. I would be driving until the sun was up, and then we would switch. It was safer if she drove the whole time, but I liked driving. It was nice. I had always liked driving. It was something that calmed me down. Always had, always would.

When Wanda and I eventually switched places, I decided that I could sleep for an hour or two and Wanda didn't seem to disagree. She had figured out that I hadn't slept anything, and she didn't like it. So she looked happier when I fell asleep in the seat next to her.

"Ian," I heard her voice then, and when I opened my eyes I realized that the car had stopped. It was probably time for me to hide. The sun was in the middle of the sky, and it was probably around lunch. We had agreed to drive for a few hours before stopping, but not so long that we would be home later than tonight. We didn't want to be gone a long time, and we knew that the raiders would be home soon. I wanted to be there when Kyle found out about Jodi. So we had to hurry.

Climbing into the backseat, I cramped down on the floor under some blankets and just ten minutes later the car stopped again.

"Just don't move," she whispered, and I laughed. She knew I wouldn't. No matter of uncomfortable this was, we both knew that I wouldn't move. Not until she was back, not until she was safe.

I don't know how long I held that position, waiting for her to come back. Maybe half an hour. During that time I realized that we hadn't figured out a way for her to get to the medications. I figured she'd do what she usually did though. Complain about a headache. That usually gave her a few minutes on her own, and she had the time to take the medications we needed.

When the car door finally opened, she was quick to warn me not to move just yet and I didn't. When the car had to have been moving for ten minutes, I figured I could move and I groaned when I sat up. How the hell did I even fit down here?

"Is your back okay?" Wanda wondered, clearly worried about me.

"It's fine," I assured her but as I climbed to the front and stretched, my back made all kinds of noises and Wanda did not look happy. "I'm fine. That's just how a back sounds like after being cramped in the floor of a car for thirty minutes."

She didn't look assured, so I grabbed her hand and placed it to my mouth, planting a soft kiss there. She relaxed a little bit and I grabbed the bag from the floor.

"How did it go?"

"As usual, no reasons to worry," she promised with a smile and I heard the truth in her voice. I looked through the bag and saw the usual labels. No Pain, Heal, Cool. I noticed a new jar then, labeled No Pregnancy.

"What's this?" I asked, knowing what it was. It was ridiculously easy to understand the labels on the jars, so I knew that this was probably the new kind of contraceptive. But I didn't know how it worked.

"Women are supposed to take one each day of their period to not get pregnant."

"If they came up with this, why are there still condoms?"

"The Souls never did figure out a way to stop such diseases as HIV and AIDS, and they thought that condoms were a smart way of holding them at bay. One thing the humans came up with that they were impressed by."

"At least we were good at something," I said sarcastically, but Wanda took it the wrong way.

"You know that's not what I meant."

"I know," I told her and grabbed her hand. "So how many of these did you take?"

"I just managed to get my hands on two jars. So we can keep one, and I'll give one to Mel. They should be good for a few months. The rest can..."

"Fight over the condoms," I joked and she chuckled. She knew what I meant.

When we reached the hiding place for the jeep, the sun was still high in the sky and we decided that we would wait with going back until it was getting dark. It was too hot to walk all the way through the desert when the sun was so high. So we might as well wait. We would be back long before bed time anyway.

When I didn't find anything good on the radio, I searched through the car and found some old CD's. Looking at the cases, I had a feeling Wanda wouldn't like the hard sound of AC/DC. They were never one of my favorites, but I missed this kind of music. Everything was so calm, so romantic these days. Always happy. I missed how emotional a song could be. How hard it could be. And even though AC/DC weren't one of my favorites, I had always preferred the old classics.

I found another CD then, and figured that Nickelback was at least a little better. Not that they were any good, but it was better than how they sounded now.

And they had a few songs that Wanda probably wouldn't hate.

I wasn't wrong. She listened closely to one of them, and that got me listening to. It was about moving on, about standing together. About how we were always stronger together. I figured that the song was written about the old wars, and not the kind we had now. How us humans were almost extinct. But it still fitted our situation. Us humans, we had to stand together. There was no way to survive otherwise. None of us would have survived without Jeb. He brought us together. But Wanda saved us in a lot of ways too. She gave us what Jeb never could. Hope. Hope that someday this might all be over.

"What are you thinking about?" Wanda asked, scooping closer to me. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her closer, her body fitting perfect next to me.

"About the song. How it was written about the wars we used to have, but it fits us perfectly now. How we can't live without standing together. How Jeb brought us together. How you gave us hope. How much I love you because of that."

I leaned down to press a kiss against her lips, and she kissed me back. But I didn't let go, and neither did she. It started out slow, gentle, but it grew into something more. Something more passionate, something stronger, more urgent. As my lips searched her skin, she let out a quiet moan and I answered it with one of my own. In a swift movement I had her moved into my lap, her legs straddling me, her fingers gripping my hair as my hands ran over her sides. Grabbing the edge of her shirt, it was tossed somewhere in the car within a matter of seconds. As her tongue moved around with mine, my hands pressing her body closer to mine, I rolled my hips under her and she could feel my already growing member. It was ridiculous how easily she did this to me, now when I didn't hold back any more. And she didn't either. This time her moan was louder, but not much. We both knew where this would lead, and we both knew that we were all alone. No one was close enough to hear us. But I had never been one to make much noise, and I figured that Wanda wasn't either. But it was good. The quiet noises she did make was sexy enough as they were. They could drive me crazy.

My hands were fumbling with her jean shorts, trying to unbuckle them as our breathings were speeding, becoming louder and louder. We were panting already.

"We don't have any..." she swallowed as I took a nibble at the side of her throat, and she failed to finish her sentence.

"We don't need that anymore," I reminded her and she nodded as she swallowed again. I was confident that the souls contraceptive were a lot safer than the human ones anyway. You could get pregnant, despite the use of a condom. I had a feeling the Souls had found something that worked to a hundred percent.

As I tried to get her shorts off of her, she tried to help but it only ended in her crashing her head into the car roof. She laughed as she held her hand against her head, and I chuckled with her.

"I'm sorry, this isn't the perfect..." I started but she shook her head.

"Just kiss me," she smiled and I chuckled again as I did just that. When she moved this time as my hands tried to get rid of the fabric she was wearing, she managed to do so without banging her head, and she smiled into my kisses. It wasn't as much trouble getting my jeans off, as we only had to pull them down and not get them off completely.

My hands landed on her hips, her mouth locked to mine, as she lowered herself onto me. She was still tight, but now as tight, and I knew that she didn't feel any pain any more. It was just that first time. Our second and third time proved her assuring words true.

I was perfectly content with having her lead the way, decide the pace and the pressure. Her finger intertwined with my hair as I sucked on her lips, and our hips moved together in a steady pace. But when I felt her slow down just a little bit, I knew that her tiny body was getting tired and I used my hand on her hips to push her down toward me. From then on, I lead the way, Wanda's moans leaving her lips more and more as I thrust into her. Our movements got our closer and closer to climaxing, and eventually I couldn't hold my own moans inside.

I held myself back, not wanting to release before she reached her orgasm, and after a few more thrusts from me and a few moans from both of us, we rode the wave of our orgasms together.

Wanda chuckled softly as her lips left mine, her forehead resting against mine.

"What?" I asked, chuckling with her when I brushed her hair from her face.

"I just..." she started, trying to figure out what to say while finding her even breaths again. "I love you."

I laughed, knowing she was supposed to say something else, but she probably didn't know how. So she settled with telling me that she loved me.

"I love you too, you know."

I felt her press her lips against mine before she climbed off me and started to get dressed. I pulled my underwear and jeans back on, buckling my pants as I watched her look for her shirt. I knew exactly where she was, but she didn't find it.

"Have you seen my shirt?" she asked, and I grinned.

"Maybe," I mused and she looked at me. "But you look perfectly good the way you are."

My eyes lingered on her chest, seeing the way her bra cupped her breast. I wanted it gone though, and my hand quickly moved to unclasp it.

"Ian," she told me, clasping it again. "It's getting dark and we should be heading back."

I was about to protest when I saw lights behind us, noticing the van. So they were back already.

Reaching behind me, I took Wanda's shirt and handed it to her as I climbed out of the car seeing Kyle do the same.

"What are you doing back already?" I asked and he turned around, noticing me.

"We've been gone for a week, bro. We got what we needed. What the hell are you doing out here?"

"Medications," I heard Wanda's voice and I saw her with the bag. She tossed it to Kyle, who tossed it to me after giving it a quick look. Then he looked at Wanda's tousled hair and my wrinkled shirt.

"Uh-uh, if you say so," he rolled his eyes and I knew that he knew what we had been doing. "Just don't tell Jared what you did in his Jeep."

I grabbed Wanda's hand in mine as we started to move and Kyle walked right next to me.

"So what's been going on in the caves?"

Wanda looked at me and she saw how much I wanted to tell him about Jodi. But I had to keep it quiet. It was better to say something when we were alone.

"What happened to the Seeker?"

"There's no Seeker to worry about," was all I said, knowing it gave nothing away. "Now we have Lacey. And you're gonna hate her."

"Can't be worse than the Seeker."

"Trust me, it can," I told my brother and he looked at me. He shook his head with a worried look, and I nodded. Yeah, it was bad.

"So Wanda, anything else?"

"Ian hates not working," she said casually, and it sounded true because it was. Doc would give me permission starting next week though. "How was the raid?"

I quietly thanked her for bringing the subject to Kyle and the rest, instead of us, and Kyle started talking. There had been no problems. Burns definitely knew what he was doing. But he never mentioned anything about medications or stuff like that, so Kyle, Wes, or Jared never mentioned it either. There had been problems with the condoms though. Burns wasn't able to get enough, apparently.

"So Wanda's going to have to go on a raid soon, again," he finished and Wanda and I shared a glance.

"Would it be enough if I say that I fixed something else, enough for me and Ian, and Jared and Mel?" Wanda asked and Kyle looked at her with curiosity. I looked through the bag and found the jar of No Pregnancty and tossed it to my brother.

"So, how does it work?" he asked, and Wanda explained it to him.

"I guess it depends on how much sex people are planning on having, but it should definitely help with the condom problem. Oh, by the way bro. You know what I said the day we left for the raid?" I nodded and he continued. "It's not gonna happen."

"Why?" I wanted to know, already knowing why. It would feel wrong. Even for Kyle.

He looked around me, staring at Wanda, and then he shook his head.

"Did you tell her?"

"Tell me what?" she asked, and he heart the truth in her voice. I told him I wouldn't, and so I didn't. I could keep a promise. Even if that promise meant not talking to Wanda about something.

"I actually thought that you'd tell her," he said under his breath, and I shook my head in amusement. "And it would feel wrong, I guess. Doing that."

"I know," I told him, laughing.

"Then why did you ask?"

"I just wanted to hear you say it."

For a second he looked like he wanted to kick my ass, but then he started laughing and let it go. By the time he had decided, we were by the entrance of the caves. Wanda took the two jars, placing one in her pocket and she looked up at me.

"I'll give this to Mel," she said. Then I'll find Jodi. "See you in the hospital?"

"Yeah," I nodded, placing a kiss on her lips for good luck. I had no idea of what Jodi felt about Wanda. And I knew how badly Wanda wanted her to like her.

"I gotta talk to you about something," I told my brother, motioning toward the bag. Wanting him to come with me down to the hospital. He thought about it for a second before he finally nodded and walked with me.

I had no idea what to say, so eventually Kyle spoke.

"You wanted to talk about something?" he asked and I looked at him. He looked impatient.

"Sunny's not here anymore. Well, she's here, but she's in a cryotank."

"What, why?" he demanded, clearly not pleased about it.

"Jodi's here though."

I watched him closely, so I saw every expression run through his face. Disbelief, shock, confusion, fear of believing. Fear of being happy again.

"What?" he finally asked, his eyes wide. "She's here? She's actually... here? Awake? Talking, walking? She's here?" he was rambling, but with every word he spoke the feelings he had disappeared and they were all replaced by down right bliss. He had a huge grin on his face, and as I nodded he started to move faster.

"Where is she?"

"Kyle," I stopped him and he looked at me. I sounded too serious. "She thought you didn't love her anymore. I told her that of course you did, but I don't know how convinced she was. You have to make sure that she knows how much you love her. Don't make her doubt it, or I will kick your ass, I swear to God."

"I'll make sure," he promised, looking worried. It was the last thing he wanted, for Jodi to not know about his feelings. "What else did you tell her?"

"Not about our conversation," I assured him. "Not about you trying to kill Wanda, and Mel. I figured that be up to you."

"Thanks," he nodded, his legs moving faster and faster as we moved to the hospital. "She's in the hospital, right?"

"Wanda's supposed to bring her there, but I'm not sure how well that will go."

"Why not?"

"Well, let's just say that she wasn't comfortable with the idea of me and Wanda. But Mel talked to her, so she hopefully made her see reason."

"Sunny then? What's gonna happen to her?"

"We'll get her a new body, or we'll send her off. Your decision."

"New body," he said without a doubt, and I nodded. I had figured so much. I did know my brother after all.

We reached the hospital then, and I noticed that neither Wanda or Jodi where there. Just Doc. Kyle looked anxious and I laughed at him, knowing that he must be nervous.

"We got some meds, Doc," I said and reached out the bag to him.

"Good," he said, watching Kyle with an amused smile. Kyle kept staring against the entrance, waiting for some kind of sign that Jodi was near. He hadn't even noticed the blinking cryotank just a few feet away from him. As Doc emptied the bag, he tossed a bottle of No Pain to me.

"I'm not in pain anymore," I told him. He knew that.

"We'll see when you start working again," he muttered under his breath, hearing how annoyed he was that he didn't know at what rate I was getting better.

"How did it go?" he asked, and I told him it went well. I didn't have the time to say more before I heard footsteps and I turned around. Wanda held a distance between her and Jodi, and they weren't talking. So Jodi hadn't accepted Wanda just yet then. Or maybe she was just nervous about seeing Kyle. I wasn't sure.

Kyle moved before I had the chance to even think about it, and a few seconds later his body slammed into Jodi's.

I found myself laughing as Wanda walked up to me. I did tell my brother to make sure that Jodi knew that he loved her, and he way he was kissing her... She knew. Definitely. There was probably no doubt in her mind any more.

At that moment, I felt better than I ever had. I thought I couldn't feel better than I did when I was around Wanda, but I was wrong. Because Kyle was a big reason behind my feelings as well, and now, seeing him with Jodi – he looked like he was where he belonged – I felt complete.

I had my Wanda, and Kyle had his Jodi back. I was happy. Kyle was happy. Everyone was happy.

I felt Wanda's lips on mine, and from a distant I heard Kyle's voice when his lips broke apart from Jodi's.