This will be an eventual Sebastian/OC, but it will take a while before Sebastian ever admits to even having feelings, let alone feelings for her.
It's set in the manga verse, but is going to meld in to the anime eventually-probably after the titanic arc-and continue into second season. (i love Alois :D)
My apologies if it's confusing. I dont mean to confuse you poor dears.
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The wind was blowing rather roughly, however it wasn't to the point where we couldn't go down the river.

At this current moment in time, my family and I were vacationing in England, and we were about to float down the river on a boat to enjoy the sights.

There were a total of thirty one people, if I counted correctly, meaning that it wasn't going to be horridly tight, the maximum capacity of the boat being sixty three people. Being the first person on, I ran to the life guard-style seat, and plopped myself into it.

"Dear, come over here!"

I sighed, leaving my pedastal as some brat took over, going over to where my mom was. Placing my ipod and phone into a plastic bag, incase it were to get wet, and I stuffed it into my bathing suit top I had on underneath. I did the same with my camera, it being the same size as my ipod.

"Mkay, I'm here." I said to my mom, who had found herself a seat on the side of the ship. Dad gave me a look.

"Oh, calm down Constance. Just enjoy the water."

"Yeah, Conny. Enjoy the water."

I glared at the use of the name Conny. My brother smirked at me, knowing that that name made me mad. A tick formed in my eyebrow.

"Something wrong, Conny?"

I took a swipe at him, however he ducked. My brother that was older than me by two years knew how to piss me off.

"Why are you here anyways?" I asked, seeming honestly confused. He raised an eyebrow. "Don't you want to hang out with that whore that hangs off your arm?" I smirked. "Well, when she's not hanging off someone else's."

I saw him clench his jaw. Recently, he had dumped his girlfriend because he found out she had been seeing someone else. I had always called her a whore, only because she didn't like me and saw me as a threat to her relationship when I first met her. Honestly. Maverick had taken me with him shopping for her, seeing as they had only been together for three weeks, and he had no idea what to buy her. She had happened to be at the mall with a few of her friends, and totally went off on him. He had no idea what she was talking about, then she said that he was seeing another girl. We had both shared a look and busted up laughing.

"No…" I said between laughs. "…you whore…you honestly think…I'm…" I flew into another rounds of laughs, as did Maverick.

She moved to me. "You little slut. You better stay away from my boyfriend, or else I'll take that tongue you stuffed down my boyfriends throat and put it somewhere you really don't want."

I couldn't decide if I wanted to be pissed off, grossed out, or have more laughs come out of my gut. The third option was what I picked.

I finally stopped laughing. "Whatever bitch." I smiled at Maverick, just to mess with her. "Can you take me home? I told you before I didn't wanna go shopping."

Maverick rolled his eyes, missing the look she gave me. "I'm already here Co-"

"I'll take her home!" Kikie said, smiling sweetly. Maverick gave her a look, but that meant he'd get to shop alone, AND ask her girlfriends what she liked. He couldn't pass that up.

"Fine. Bye." He wrapped his arm around my neck, and brought my head down, resulting in a noogie.

"Ah! Maverick! Let go!"

Laughing he let go and kissed my cheek in apology. I glared at him, then walked up to Kikie. "Well, lets go to your car."

She smiled tightly, then walked to Maverick and had a full on make out session with him. I began gagging, turning away. I could so have lived with out that scarring.

A couple minutes later, we were walking to her car. "See? He prefers me to you."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, I'm so broken hearted about it." She stopped and I turned around. "What?"

She put her nose in the air and continued her walk. "You should be. You're certainly nothing special."

I smiled. "Well, you've known Maverick how long?"

She looked at me. "Almost two months. Why?"

A sweet smile came onto my face. "I've known him almost all his life." Except for those two years I hadn't been born. "I know him in ways you wont ever." Like, the Maverick that stuffed French fries up his nose. She will NEVER know that part of him.

The image of that made me smile, however she took it the wrong way.

"For you're information, we have had sex. So, little gi-"

"AH! Don't tell me that! AH! BAD mental image!" I said, covering my ears and squeezing my eyes shut.

"Yeah, and you know what, you've shoved your tongue down his throat which-"

"I said, stop talking!" I yelled, my fingers in my ear. She stayed quiet, so I removed them. "Now, what the hell are you going on about?"

"I saw you locking lips with my boyfriend, you slut."

I gagged. Then a mental image came to mind. I couldn't push down the bile that came up my throat and ran to a tree.

"Why are you so grossed out? You're not sick are you?"

I rolled my eyes, cleaning my mouth off. "Please, just…shut up." After another minute or two, I stood up. "I think I'll walk home, thank you very much. Now that you have given me so many lovely images to fawn over, I think I can live the rest of my life with out you."

She made a face. "What's that suppose to mean, you-"

"Little slut?" I asked, peeved. "You know, you can stop calling me that you lying whore."

"Lying whore? How dare-"

"I know for a fact you are lying, so don't start with me."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? How?"

I rolled my eyes. "For one, you didn't see us kiss, because we didn't."

"No, I SAW you! You cant deny-"


She merely stared at me. "And you're calling me the liar?"

I wanted to bash her head in so badly my hand moved out on its own, gripping her hair. I forced myself not to. "Just take me home."

"If you're Maverick's sister, then I'll just take you to his house."

I nodded. "By all means."

She unlocked the car we were next to, and I got in, almost afraid to sit in the seat, knowing she could have possibly had sex there.

We drove for a few minutes, and when she pulled up, my mom was watering the lawn.

"Oh! Hello Kikie!" My mom said, waving. Kikie got out and waved back as I rolled my eyes stepping out of the car. Mom raised her eyebrows at me.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Kikie's face reflecting the thought that she had me trapped.

"Good morning Constance. I'm surprised to see you up this early, let alone dressed and out of the house."

Kikie began to deflate slightly, however she still held her ground. "Maverick dragged me out."

"I take it that's also the reason for your hair?" I nodded. Mom sighed. "That boy…" She looked at Kikie. "So, you've met Constance? I'm glad to see you two are getting along."

"That's an understatement." I mumbled under my breath.

"What dear?"

I smiled sweetly at her, about to walk in the house. "Nothing mom!"

Kikie completely deflated, then waved good bye before leaving, that fake smile slipping before getting in. Mom's smile also fell as soon as she turned the block, and I walked back towards mom.

"God, I hate that little bitch." Mom said, glaring. "She honestly thought that I had something going on with Maverick when we first met."

I nodded. "She claims to have seen me 'stuffing my tongue' down his throat." Mom made a face and looked at me. I nodded. "Yes. I promptly threw up."

"I cant wait until he dumps her. The other day I saw her driving around with some other guy, and they seemed to be very close. At least to the point where she was allowing him to grab her breasts."

"So I was right when I called her a whore. That's nice to know."

"Come on, lets go watch Coupling."(1)

Since that day, she hated me. However, a few months later, while I was driving after officially getting my license, I saw her having sex with some random guy. I busted out my camera and recorded it, then brought it home for proof to Maverick. He got so pissed off, it was hard not to laugh.

And since then, I've continuously made fun of him, for never believing me when I said his girlfriend was a whore.

Currently, Maverick was glaring at me, his jaw clenched and fist tightening. I was surprised his knuckles hadn't broken through the skin. "Shut up, Constance."

I smiled sweetly. "Why should I, loveable older brother who dates whores?"

He kicked my seat, and I thought nothing of it. Mom and dad went to go talk with another couple and Maverick left me alone to go wallow in the hatred of me.

The boat jerked as it started, causing something in my seat to snap, making me go over the edge. In an attempt to take a breath of air before going under, I took a gulp of water instead, and began to spaz out, continuing to take in more water. There came a point where I stopped struggling, and decided just to let myself drown. The water became increasingly cold, and I could feel myself float up some. A hand grabbed me when I thought I would die of hypothermia instead of drowning.

There was the muffled sound of people yelling, and I was pretty sure someone preformed CPR on me.

The next moment I was positive about was that I was coughing up water onto snow.

Snow? What the hell? I took in a huge breath of air, the sudden impact of oxygen causing my head to spin.

"Whoa…the earth needs to stand still…" I mumbled to myself.

"Sebastian." Someone said, and a distinctly male voice answered.

"She is merely dizzy at this current moment."

Other voices seemed to make themselves known, and I tuned in to them.

"What is she wearing?"

"Ignoring that, what about her hair?"

"It's black and green!"

"How dare she show so much leg."

"Kids, look away."

"Is she wearing a corset?"

"Does she have some green hair?"

"She's not wearing any bloomers!"

I rolled my eyes, my head becoming lighter still. My hair did not have green in it. It had turquoise.

"Bring her to the manor."

I felt someone lifting me up, but I lost consciousness before I could see who my savior was.

(1). Coupling-an amazingly epic British show that had been on BBC