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"There is one other we would like to introduce to you."

Glancing up at him in confusion, he motioned to me. "Constance's younger brother was disowned, and has only recently gotten off the streets to become a page boy at a neighboring manor, however, misses her dearly. I was wondering if we might be able to bring him."

Joker looked down at me, and hopefully my confused expression could be mistaken as worried for my 'disowned brother'. It seemed it was, because he smiled understandingly, patting my head. "Certainly," he answered, looking up to Sebastian to answer. "But I would like to run him through our tryout first."

A grin settled onto Sebastian's face. "Understood. Well then, the two of us shall impose upon you tomorrow."

I smiled and waved at them. "Thank you for today. Oh, by the way, I really adored the show. I'd never been to a circus before, and it was positively wonderful."

I only noticed Joker's face smiling brilliantly before I walked out of the tent, Sebastian holding the flap open for me.

After we had walked a few feet, I broke the silence.

"That was fun."

I found glowing fuchsia eyes peering down at me, my own eyes lighting to match Sebastian's. "I find it difficult to believe you enjoyed yourself, Constance." My answer was a glare; honestly, was it difficult to believe I had fun in the fight? "How is your psyche? The whip hit you."

That caused me to blink for a moment as Sebastian brushed his hand down my back, a light sting where he touched my waist. "Oh. I had forgotten about it; my mind was a bit preoccupied considering you threw me in the air." I hissed, my eyes lighting up again at Sebastian's constant pink color. And honestly, I had forgotten about the whip; it had stung when it made contact, but it only hurt when he touched it just now. "Why are your eyes like that?"

A grin stretched across his lips, and he blinked, returning them back to their red color when they reopened. Pouting at the fact I couldn't do that, I watched as they returned the pink-flames-of-hell. "My demonic senses are heightened when I am closer to my natural state." Blinking, I tried to will my eyes back to their natural color, though came to a halt after Sebastian, the demon turning me around so my back was against his chest.


I strained my ears, trying to hear whatever it was he wanted me to hear. "What? It's silent."

"Constance, perhaps you can keep your mouth closed for more than two seconds?"

Grumbling, I kept my mouth shut, sweeping my eyes across the area. What was he-

A giggle met my ears. It had enough distance for me to know it was a good few yards away, but it didn't change the fact it was still clear. A crinkle of grass as someone walked. Someone brushing against the cloth of a tent.

I could feel Sebastian smirk against my ear.

"It is never silent to us."

The ability to clearly make out someone breathing was amazing. Suddenly, I heard a sneeze, and couldn't stop my immediate reaction.

"Bless you-" I cut myself off, blushing lightly. "Oh. Right. Never mind."

Sebastian chuckled, his chest vibrating against me. "That was the young master." I turned my head, my eyes widened as I stared at my mate.

"I just heard Ciel sneeze?!"

An eyebrow raised on his face. "Is that difficult to consider?"

I glared, speaking flatly. "Excuse me for still trying to adjust to my sudden super sensory hearing."

Lifting his head, he pulled away from me slightly. "While we are here, perhaps we shall investigate?"

The sudden change of topic stumped me, but I nodded nonetheless. "Sure, but you'll more likely be doing the investigating." I rubbed my ears, covering them. "I think I'm having sensory overload."

A gloved hand rested over my eyes, and I could feel them return to their normal blue, my super hearing disappearing as well, though I could still hear small things, like the grass rustling in the light breeze.


"I took some of your excess demon essence." I blinked in confusion, and he sighed before trying to explain again. "I absorbed some of your excess demon powers." He described, dumbing it down for me. "It gets a significant boost when mine are on display, in a sense."

I tilted my head. "So, I absorb your demonic…essence?"

Sebastian nodded, his eyes sweeping across the tents, and we continued walking. "Until you give birth," I felt my face turn a dark shade of burgundy, and noticed his lips curl up despite not even looking at me. "We share my demonic essence, and I produce more for what you take." He suddenly turned his gaze down to me, grinning. "No need to blush, Constance."

A snort escaped me and I turned my face away from him. "Excuse me. It hasn't really set in yet that I'm carrying your demonic spawn." I saw an eyebrow rise on his face in my peripheral.

"You will be such a loving mother."

I stuck my tongue out at the sarcasm.

"Entry beyond this point is forbidden."

I jumped at the unexpected voice, turning around with Sebastian to find the snakeman –that was merely called Snake by Joker- standing behind us, two snakes gracing his shoulders.

"-says Wilde."

I tilted my head, looking at the snake that had hissed, before the other released its own lovely hiss.

"The exit is over there. Says Goethe."

Smiling, I reached a hand out to the snake closest –Goeth, if he was actually translating for the snakes- who recoiled slightly, hissing at my looming hand has I brought a finger down to rub the top of its head.

The hiss turned into something akin to a purr.

A wide eyed scale-skinned boy stared at me, meeting my gaze when I finally looked up at him.

"Constance." My head whipped to look at Sebastian, and he pulled my hand away from the snake. "Now is not the time to molest a snake."

Oh, he was one to talk, molesting poor Betty in front of an entire audience. He ignored my pointed look, instead smiling at Snake. "Thank you for your kindness."

We had already walked a few feet when the voice replied.

"Goodbye…says Goethe."

Turning back to look at him, I saw the snake I had been petting wave its tail back and forth; as if waving at me.

Smiling, I waved back.


"You took a while." Ciel noted once Sebastian and I entered the carriage.

I merely shrugged. "We were occupied. Being scouted for the circus and all that does take a bit of time." The younger boy shot me a look before turning to his demon to look for answers. "Bless you, by the way."

Before Ciel could question the 'scouting' I had mentioned, he had turned back to me. "Beg pardon?"

Oh. Shit. That had slipped out without me even thinking about it. "Sebastian mentioned he had heard you sneeze."

"Multiple times." Sebastian stated, smirking slightly, earning a glare from the smaller boy as the carriage started forward.

"It's that damn cat hair." He looked Sebastian over, a sneer curling his mouth. "If I start sneezing, you're walking back."

"I'd likely make it back to the town house before you Young Master, if that were the case." The demon teased, placing his hand over his heart in his customary faux-bow. "Would you prefer it if I did and had tea prepared?"

Ciel brushed it off with a wave of his hand. "No, that idiotic duo will be there. Soma won't consider you showing up suspicious, but Agni certainly will."

"Not necessarily." Ciel's lone eye gaze turned to me. "He likes Sebastian; he would subconsciously ignore anything suspicious and peculiar because he doesn't want to look badly at Sebastian, or think him an oddity; then he wouldn't be a true friend, thinking such thoughts."

Both men merely stared at me. "Miss Constance, when did you become so knowledgeable in a human's psyche?"

I glared at the black haired demon. "Was that sarcasm?"

"No; it is a plausible idea." I blinked; I had basically stolen what Bard had said about Ciel being oblivious and changed it so it would apply to Agni.

So, in a roundabout way, Sebastian had just said Bard's idea was plausible.

I couldn't help but snicker, earning looks from both my boys, Ciel shaking his head and giving up at trying to understand me, instead turning to Sebastian. "You mentioned being scouted. So you have sufficiently infiltrated the circus?"

"Both myself and Miss Constance." Sebastian corrected, nodding. "They are under the notion that I am a butler in her household, as well as being her secret fiancé." Ciel gave a small sputter, his eyes darting to me before back to Sebastian with a deadly glint in them as the carriage pulled into the driveway. "They also believe you are her disowned brother working in a neighboring manor."

The carriage came to a stop -Ciel's thoughts along with it, it seemed- as he stared blankly at the demon that was getting out. "What-" He clamored out of the vehicle, glaring at the demon as he held the front door open. "Why did things turn out that way?"

Sebastian merely tilted his head, though amusement glinted in his eyes as he took both mine and Ciel's coats. "You need to specify which part you are referring to, young master."

Ciel glared and opened his mouth for a retort, instead an Indian accented voice cutting through.

"Ciiiiel!" My eyes rolled up into my head in annoyance at the screech. Dear god, I pray this man never met Lizzie; they were one in the same. "You're late! Are you done for the day?! Teach me chess!" Soma yelled, lunging forward to hug the smaller boy, who swiftly evaded it, and continued on the conversation with Sebastian. I could only look on in amusement, smiling at Agni as he bowed to me in acknowledgement.

"When did I order you to do either of those things?" Ciel hissed, annoyed. "Not only do you and Tabby have to act affectionate, but I have to join the circus?"

Sebastian merely followed at the same pace as his master, his long strides making up for three of Ciel's. "Is there any harm in it?"

I followed along myself, keeping a leisurely pace behind Soma, who was hovering over Ciel, apparently hoping that if he bugged him enough he'd smile.


"Teach me chess today!"

"What a sour face you have!"

"I came out to greet you, you should at least smile!"

Instead, Ciel snapped. "Shut up!" Soma flinched as Ciel suddenly roared, and I expected fire to spew out the boy's mouth. "I'm busy right now. Keep your mouth shut!"

Soma, shrinking back, looked thoroughly chastised but couldn't help squeezing in one more comment. "Your luck will run away if you're not smiling, you know…"

Honestly, I thought Ciel's natural luck had long since vanished since he had been abducted, and he had acquired all the luck he'd ever need in the form of Sebastian.

As the master and servant duo entered Ciel's bedroom, Sebastian looked pointedly at me, obviously waiting. Hurrying forward around Soma, I slipped in as Sebastian shut the door behind me.

"Like I was saying…how did it turn into me having to join the circus as well?" He glanced between the demon and myself. "Much less, you two being engaged?"

I shrugged. "He thought I was already his wife." Ciel looked sickened at that information. "This is a better alternative, yeah?"

Ciel begrudgingly agreed. "That doesn't explain why I must now join…"

"No one is saying you must do anything." Sebastian corrected. "You will try out for the troupe and be asked to join."

Again, a shrug lifted my shoulders. "I don't know, you're pretty much telling him he's going to join either way. Personally, I don't know why you mentioned him but, hey." I lifted my hands in submission. "What's done is done."

Sebastian glared as I was not helping the situation. "Yes, why did you mention me?" Ciel asked darkly, glaring at the demon as he sat on his bed. "You're the only one that needs to infiltrate the place; not even Tabby needs to be included in this nonsense." Hey now, I didn't mind. Too much. "Living in a tent is no laughing matter!"

"Is that what you wish?" I looked up at my mate, who was smirking with dark humor. "For me to act of my own free will, not by your command." Ciel gritted his teeth. "Miss Constance comes as a package deal for me entering; if she did not enter with me, it would have been suspicious. Would you allow me to be alone with my fiancée without your commands to stop me from doing something…unchaste?"

I blanched; he really needed to stop talking. I understood he was trying to press Ciel's buttons, but really!

A sigh of exasperation escaped me.

"Tch." I looked back at Ciel, who was glaring so strongly at the demon I wondered if it would have killed a normal human being. "Point taken." You know, it was kind of sweet that Ciel was actually playing the 'over-protective older brother' role despite being almost four years younger than me. If Evangeline had lived –through both her pneumonia and being abducted like Ciel- I had no doubt he would have been ten times worse than Maverick was; Ciel probably wouldn't even let her out of the house.

I frowned at the fact I was probably right.

"I can't do anything like that."

"Like what?" I asked, jerking my head up as I returned from Lala-Land, earning sharp looks from both Ciel and Sebastian. "Sorry, I was zoning out."

Ciel sighed as Sebastian removed his boots. "Circus tricks, Tabby." He glanced up at me from his place on the bed. "Come to think, how did you get invited? You're talentless."

Both my face and voice were flat when I answered. "I've got more talent than you, you shit-faced twat."

Sebastian froze, in the process of pulling off Ciel's boot, shock lacing both their faces as they stared up at me. Giving a sarcastic smile, I turned on my heel and stalked out of the room, the door slamming slightly behind me.

It took a few seconds, and I was already a few yards away, but I heard Sebastian's comment.

"I do believe you upset her, young master."


Huffing angrily, I ungracefully fell into a kitchen chair, crossing my arms as I did so. Talentless- that little shit!

Glaring ruthlessly at the table, my leg shot out to kick it, the leg snapping off at the force before it tipped over.

"Miss Tab-" My eyes darted up angrily at whoever was entering the kitchen, and Agni halted fearfully for a moment before I sighed ruefully, looking away; I wasn't angry at Agni, so there was no reason to glare at him.

"Miss Tabby?"

I sighed, my face impassive as I stared at the broken table. "Hi Agni."

Agni hesitated for a moment. "Is something the matter?"

No shit; I just broke the table, I wonder if something's the matter! Closing my eyes, I forced myself to remember Agni was not who I was upset with. "Ciel said something that unintentionally upset me more than it was supposed to. It's really stupid, actually."

Agni took one look at the table before grabbing a chair on the other side and sitting in it. "What did Lord Ciel say to upset you so? I doubt it is as stupid as you believe. The saying is 'It is a matter of perspective', yes?"

A sigh escaped me as I rested my elbow on my knee, placing my chin in my hand. "He said I was talentless." Huffing, I switched hands. "Like I said, it's stupid, but…it just got me so angry. He's a little bratty thirteen year old who probably thinks he's better than me because he's male, even though he's four years younger than me."

Agni, bless his soul, tilted his head in confusion. "What does gender have to do with it?"

Another sigh escaped me, and I leaned back, still not comfortable. "Where I'm from, women are -for the most part- equal to men. Equal rights and all that. But here…we're lower than men. Let's use Soma for example." Agni looked slightly horrified that I'd use Soma in my comparison. "When you guys got here, he kicked me out of my room because I was a woman and I shouldn't need such a big room. He didn't listen to what I said. He thought he was better because I was nothing more than a woman. And I'll be damned if I'm expected to be nothing more than a submissive bitch walked all over by men."

The Indian butler looked like he didn't know what to do; understandably, he probably didn't get why I was so upset; the world did view women less than men. Hell, in the 21st century, Hindu women were still horribly oppressed. But, it seemed Agni didn't want to anger me either. "Did you tell Lord Ciel this?"

"Well," I pursed my lips. "No. I called him a shit-faced twat and walked out."

"My mistress, you should not use such foul language." Both mine and Agni's gazes rose to find Sebastian in the doorway, sighing in exasperation. "And was there any real need to destroy the table, Miss Constance? It is unbecoming for someone of your status."

My eyes rolled, and with an angry huff, crossed my arms. "So what? Someone of my status. In case you forget, Sebastian, I have no so called 'status'; I'm from Alabama. I wasn't raised to be some prim and proper little girl who accepts everything."

Poor Agni just looked awkwardly between us as Sebastian glared down at me.

"Nevertheless, you are the young Master's sister, and are expected to act as such." I could practically feel flames light behind my eyes as my head whipped to look at the demon. "And, the young master wishes to see you in his room."

Turning away, I sucked on my teeth before standing up, walking out of the room. "Well, you can tell your young master to either shove a fist up his ass or he can walk to my room to talk to me."

I think I honestly stumped Sebastian because he made no sound.


Lying on my bed, I was clad in my nightgown, playing a deer hunting game. It had been over two hours since I had walked out of the kitchen, giving Sebastian plenty of time to relay my message to Ciel.

And it seemed the boy didn't plan on coming.

Rolling my eyes, my ipod slipped out of my grasp. Now, anyone who has accidentally dropped a small hand held electronic device from above their face knows the deceptively enormous amount of pain that comes from the surprisingly small object.

Thus there was an expression of pure, undaunted horror plastered across my face when a glove hand suddenly shot out in my peripheral, the phone stopping short from my nose by about two centimeters.

"Miss Constance, with the expression you are making, one might believe you were about to be beheaded."

I had to blink a few times before moving, my face relaxing as my heart returned to a normal speed. "You've never felt the pain of an iPod, or heaven forbid, an iPad-" I shuttered at the horrible memory of a bleeding nose. "-fall on your face." Sitting up, I swiped the offered iPod from his palm and set it on my nightstand. "Therefore, you have no room to talk." Turning my head, I looked over my shoulder at him. "I take it Ciel doesn't plan on apologizing?"

"The young master is asleep." My eyebrows furrowed. Already? "You forget that we returned home quite late."

"Ten at night is late?" Never had in my book.

Sebastian sighed. "It's already past one in the morning, Constance."

Oh. "Then…why are you here?"

It scared me when the demon tilted his head and gave a soft smile. "Do you know how to ice skate, Miss Constance?"


"Why do you have those little tie-onto-your-shoes ice skating blades while I have actual ice skating boots?" I asked as we walked down the London street, motioning to the shoes and blades Sebastian was carrying.

"The shoes are the newest on the market. A Phantomhive should always have the best. However, the same cannot be said for a butler."


"Such an eloquent use of diction, Mistress."

A blush coated my already pink cheeks and nose –the cold didn't feel as cold anymore, but it still seemed to affect my body the same way- as I huffed. "Shut up."

"Indeed, you have an astounding way with words."

Glaring at the demon, I attempted to telepathically tell the demon to go fuck himself.

The small smirk that curled on Sebastian's lips made me wonder if my message was received.


I sat on the bench as Sebastian tied my boots on, his own blades already attached to his shoes. "So uh…you're not gonna let me fall through right?" I asked hesitantly, looking at the frozen pond; at least, Sebastian said it was called Lovewell Pond, despite it's larger than average size.

"Miss Constance, you must have faith in me."

"Well sorry, the last time I was on ice I nearly drowned to death and ended up in an alternate dimension."

The face Sebastian made implied he didn't particularly want to think about that. "Do not worry, Miss Constance; I shall not allow you to even crack the ice, much less fall through it."

Nodding, I waited until he stood back up holding my hands out to him. "Are you gonna help me up or what?"

This earned an eye roll, but he did help me up, guiding me to the ice.

"You won't let me fall on my ass either, right?"

"I make no promises."

I pursed my lips, cautiously stepping onto the ice. "This isn't so bad…" Honestly, I thought I'd fall flat on my face the moment I was actually on ice. A vast improvement from my expectations.

"Pay attention, now." I looked up at Sebastian curiously. He started to skate backwards pulling me along, and I had to focus to keep my footing straight.

"Wa-wait-god damnit Sebastian!" I hissed, my feet colliding together, causing them to slip out from under me. If it weren't for Sebastian holding my arms, I would have fallen on my ass.

"Then pay attention." Huffing angrily, I glared at the demon who appeared vastly amused. "You cannot stand straight up on ice. The blades are created so your ankles are at an angle."

"Huh?" Glancing down at his feet, I noticed that his ankles were indeed at an angle. Oh. "Okay, then what do I do?"

He sighed, obviously at my stupidity. "Spread your legs farther apart." That earned the demon a blush fueled glare. "Your ankles should be about shoulder-width apart." Separating my feet, I smiled slightly when my balance was once more at a more stable level. "Now, push your feet out and glide them back together, then repeat."

Following his instructions, I found us moving forward, Sebastian's own feet mirroring mine. "Ha! I'm doing it!"

We moved around the pond like that, Sebastian's moves keeping in time with mine so he wouldn't pull me forward. After a second loop he spoke again.

"Now, angle your heels together to make a v shape."

Frowning, I watched my feet and we spun in a half circle, coming to a stop. Another cheer came from my mouth, immensely pleased with my progress. "What do we do now?" I asked, smiling up at Sebastian, my face red from the bitter cold. It was to my humor even the tip of the archdemon's own nose was pink.

He turned so he stood next to me, about an arm's length; close enough to hold my hand but not close enough to stop me from falling if I should. "Bend your knees slightly to give yourself some balance," He waited until I had done so before continuing. "Put your weight over your right leg, and push to the side with your left."

"My left?"

"Yes Constance, your left. As you are left dominate, you'll have more power behind the initial kick off."

Oh. Swallowing, I focused my center of balance over my right leg before pushing off, nearly falling forward when Sebastian tugged my arm and pulled me against his chest.

"I said 'to the side' not behind you."

Flustered, I stood up and crossed my arms. "Well show me how it's done, Mr. I-Do-Everything-Perfect."

"Even if you mock me, it doesn't make it less true, Constance."

I glared, not even dignifying him with an answer. He copied my initial motions, bending his knees slightly, moving the weight over one leg before pushing off to the side with the other, gracefully moving forward and around the pond before coming to a stop beside me.

"Care to try again?" Sebastian teased, his tone mocking.

"Bitch, watch me own your ass."


It took me nearly an hour to successfully learn the basics of ice skating, and an hour more before I was comfortable skating by myself. Being the sadist that he was, Sebastian had taken great pleasure in watching me fumble over the ice. The first time he had set me free, he had yet to teach me how to stop, and I ended up face planting a snowbank.

But eventually, I had caught on enough to, while still an amateur, at the very least no longer appear to be an absolute beginner.

"Perhaps if you skate more often, you'll even be able to be labeled as 'adequate', Miss Constance." Sebastian teased, grinning down at me as he circled around me.

"Oh shut up. I've made good progress. Considering I'm not making snow angels on the bank anymore, I figure I've done a good job." I retaliated, pointing my nose in the air as I humphed.

Sebastian chuckled, taking my hands and pulling me along. This time however, I was able to keep up, and not fall all over myself.

"Aren't they the cutest things?"

I fumbled at the unfamiliar voice suddenly breaking the otherwise quiet air, turning my head to look for the source of the comment. I spotted an older couple, walking along the sidewalk, both smiling at us.

Sebastian made a small sound, and I had to glance at him, only to notice him pale slightly as he glanced at his pocket watch. "I seem to have lost track of time. Come, we must return to the manor."

I blinked, looking over at the sky, seeing the hints of dawn. "Eh? Why? You don't normally wake Ciel up until seven."

"It is 5:42 and I must wake the young master at six. Did you forget that we are going to the Circus tryouts?"

My lips pursed and my eyes narrowed. "Right. The circus I have no talents for."

Sebastian gave me a withering gaze, guiding us to the stone bench to remove my shoes. "Why are you so upset with the young master? While he admitted that he shouldn't have said that," My eyebrows rose slightly; did he? "He nor I understand why you got as angry as you did."

"Honestly? I'm not really sure." The look I received could almost be described as incredulous. "As I told Agni, I just don't like being portrayed as the helpless princess that can't do jack shit. Even in my time, women don't have equal rights. Not fully."

The demon looked surprisingly interested. "What rights do you have?"

"Well, we work." Sebastian raised an eyebrow. "And I don't mean like, maids or anything. Like… accountants; surgeons; police officers; lawyers. We do the 'male'," I made quote marks with my fingers. "Jobs just as well as they do. But we don't get paid as much. For about every dollar a man makes, the woman makes between 70 to 80 cents, give or take. There are exceptions, of course, but nationwide, we make less. At least in America, anyways."

Sebastian had finished removing my boots, and sat on the bench next to me to untie his blades. "I assume there are more rights?"

"Well yeah, of course." I rolled my eyes. "Women can vote, for example." Sebastian looked marginally surprised. "Also, you can't beat a woman because she's not cooperating. Assault, sexual assault and sexual harassment can land you jail time as well as a heavy fine. A woman can win in a case if she's been raped. Of course, however," A sneer curled my lips. "Women can be blamed for the rape. That it's the 'woman's fault' for wearing revealing clothing or that the man was just 'following his hormones' or some shit. I mean, if that's the case though, women shouldn't get in trouble for killing someone if they piss her off while she's PMSing."

"PMSing?" Sebastian questioned, raising an eyebrow. Snickers escaped me for a few moments before I answered.

"Premenstrual Syndrome. When women tend to get bitchy before their periods." Sebastian made a small 'hmm' of understanding. "But yeah. It's just…there's a lot of hypocrisy. I mean, here in this time, women are told they are under men. Queen Victoria really flips that since she was a popular queen, as well as the queens following her, but it's not this back and forth thing. In my time, you're shamed if you have sex and you're not married. But then you're shamed if you're a virgin. It's just…" I sighed, leaning forward and rubbing my face. "I don't know. Ciel said I'm talentless, and it reminded me of the fact I am a woman. And while I like all my female organs, sometimes I think it'd just be simpler to be a man. So much easier."

"While you may think that," Sebastian said, standing up. "I do much prefer you being a woman, though it would make little difference if you were a man."

A sudden thought struck me. "Have you ever had gay sex?"

Sebastian, for all his worth, looked utterly confused. "I do not quite understand. None of the meanings for 'gay' fit the context you used it in."

Oh. Right. Gay meant 'happy' or something. "Oh. Well, in my time, it means to be homosexual. Thus, gay sex is sex between two men."

An eyebrow rose on his face, and a small breath escaped him, as if he chuckled. "Ironic, considering the word is currently slang for a man who beds many women."

"I didn't know that." I blinked. Huh. You learn something new every day. "But you avoided the question."

"Yes, Miss Constance." Sebastian replied, sounding slightly exasperated. "I have."

Honestly, I wasn't sure how to react to this news, so I fired off the next question to appear in my mind.

"Top or bottom?"

"Why do you wish to know of my previous sexual endeavors, and whether I was the dominant or submissive?" Sebastian shot back, an eyebrow raised. I merely shrugged.

"Just curious if you were the one to put it in the ass or take it up the ass."

He rolled his eyes, not even bothering to hide his irritation with me. "Come, Miss Constance. We need to get back to the manor so no one suspects anything."

"I'll just take that as 'up the ass' then." I commented, suspecting that if it wasn't true, then his ego wouldn't allow me to think he was actually the bottom.

To my surprise, my reverse psychology got me my answer. "On occasion. Most of the time, I was the dominant."

Again, I didn't know what I intended to do with this information, but I was immensely humored. "So if I was a guy, would you let me be the dominant?"


I pursed my lips as I pouted.


"By the way," I commented, once we started up our block. "What made you want to take me ice skating?"

His red eyes glanced down at me. "You were upset. I decided to comfort you by giving you something pleasurable to do."

Despite the fact I couldn't do it well, an eyebrow rose on my face in a Sebastian-esque impression, however I was cut off before I could comment.

"If I had instigated sex, you would have only become further irritated. You however, got enjoyment out of learning to ice skate, and are still in a rather pleasant mood, despite your small rant on the woes of being a woman."

I glared at what he called it, but conceded that that was what it was.

"Nonetheless, if you still wish for other pleasurable amusements, I would be glad-"

Blushing, I punched him in the arm, only to get a laugh –a full blown laugh- in return.


I blinked out of my stupor, looking up at the demon that had an eyebrow raised. "I-did you just laugh?"

Sebastian apparently didn't understand why I was so thoroughly dumbfounded. "Yes, I do that when I am humored." He replied dryly, doing half an eye roll.

"No, I've never heard you laugh; you chuckle, and occasionally snicker. Never a full, deep laugh from the gut like that." I answered back, slightly cautious.

Sebastian himself appeared to be mildly surprised when I put it that way. "Indeed, I haven't laughed like that in a while." He agreed after a moment. "Not since you were Tsuki, at the very least." That actually tore at me inside, at the very idea. He hadn't laughed since I was Tsuki? I wasn't sure what time she lived in, but could guess sometime in the first millennia after Christ. "Do you wish me not to?"

I shook my head, sliding my arm around his. "No, I like it. I just never heard you laugh something that was –if more than a chuckle- not a completely bone chilling, gut twisting, blood freezing, demonic laugh. Those ones I could probably do without."

As if to annoy me, a dark chuckle rumbled through him. That however, was destined to backfire on him. "No, not those, those are just straight up panty-dropping hot."


"You seem to be in a good mood this morning." Ciel muttered, sitting at the table already in his 'disguise'. Finny's expression at seeing his master wearing his clothes was priceless.

"No thanks to your snappy attitude." I chirped, taking a bite of my breakfast, my own disguise on.

I had earned a glare from the boy, but he eventually just sighed, taking a bite of his own food. "You're prepared then?"

"Obviously. Besides, I'm the one already in the circus. You're the one that has to prove you have talent." I shot him a scornful glare. "I've already proved I do."

That shut Ciel up real quick.


"Goodness me, ye sure brought along an incredibly cute kid, didn't ya?" Joker said, blinking before a grin stretched across his face. "Ya sure you're her brother and not a sister?"

I snickered as Sebastian merely raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. I've been a page boy for a neighbor after I was disowned." Ciel said, sweat dropping. "My name's Finnian."

"What a grand soundin' name." Joker lifted his skeletal hand and rested it against his chin. "We'll give ye a stage name if ya make it into our troupe. But! Being cute isn't enough to work in a circus. Ya gotta know how to do tricks. What are ya good at?"

I listened with half an ear, watching as the female members of the circus troupe swarmed Sebastian, a slight twitch forming in my eye. Honestly, they didn't have to lay it on so thick. 'Let's be friends!' 'We can be more than friends!' And the damned demon wasn't helping, by being a polite twat-


I blinked, turning to look at Joker. "Huh?"

He snickered, having grabbed the attention of all the women. "Now, now ladies, that gentleman is already spoken for by this little lady." He patted the top of my head. "You'd have ta fight it out with her, and Miss Juliet ain't gonna be letting her Romeo go any time soon if the looks she was giving ya'll have anything to say."

Most of the women pouted, apparently conceding defeat, much to my relief. "Now, Missus, I assume you'd want to watch your brother do his first test?"

I blinked. "Oh, yeah. What's he doing first?"

"Knife throwing." He grinned, and we stood a little ways out of the path of the target board. "Think he's gonna be as good as you?"

Ciel shot me a look, obviously confused. "Well, he might be." I admitted, shrugging. "Though I'm a bit annoyed with him at the moment. He asked how the hell I became part of a circus when I'm talentless." I sneered towards him, appeased as he flinched.

I wasn't going to be letting that go anytime soon it seemed.

Joker merely laughed as Dagger handed some knives to Ciel before coming to join us. "You're cruel, old timer. His scrawny arms'll never let him hit the target."

A scoff came from the violet eyed man. "I ain't being cruel. It cant be called an act if t'were any closer."

Ciel flung the knife, getting about two thirds across the distance and took a dive, before it suddenly shot up at an angle, embedding itself into the target.

"No way!"

A small sound came from my throat as I glanced back at Ciel to see him smirking, matching his butler's. Squinting, I snuck over towards the demon.

"You know, you're not supposed to help him cheat."

He turned his gaze towards me, our low voice levels unheard by the humans. "He wouldn't get into the circus otherwise."

I snorted. "And he has the gall to call me talentless."

Another knife spun through the air, and I noticed something zip out of Sebastian's hand to the knife before the knife once again angled up and impaled the target board.

Frowning, I peered over Sebastian to see what he had in his hand. Noticing what I was trying to do, he opened his hand slightly so I could see…rocks?

"The bloody fuckin' hell?"

"Now, now, Constance." Sebastian teased, not even looking when he shot another rock off, instead grinning at me. "You shouldn't use foul language like that."

"Oi." Sebastian and I looked at Ciel, who was frowning deeply. "Stop flirting in front of me."

I rolled my eyes as Dagger tried to wrap his head around the anomaly that were the daggers in the target. "I'm not sure telling me to watch my language can be considered flirting."

He pursed his lips. "It can be when he looks lecherous like that."

Both Sebastian and I had to turn away as he gave a nearly perfect impression of Aunt Francis, my laughter so bad I had to lean on Sebastian as I slowly sank to the ground.

"I take it ya said something funny?"

By this point, I was banging the ground with my fist. "Aunt Francis would be so proud!"

Ciel, it seemed, finally understood why I was laughing so hard, and didn't know whether to laugh or keep glaring as a blush spread across his cheeks. "Well she's right."

That only made my laughter worse.


"Ooh! I want to try this test!" I said, looking up at the tightrope as Ciel and a girl –Doll, I think- started to climb up the ladder. "Can I Joker?"

Joker blinked down at me. "Er…ya'll need to change you're skirt; long skirts aren't good for- what are ya doin'?!"

I was already stripping off the skirt. "Taking off my skirt."

Both Dagger and Joker were a bright red. "Ya can't just take off yer clothes- what are you wearing?"

Stepping out of the skirt, I tossed it to Sebastian, who rolled his eyes. "She crudely took a pair of my trousers and cut them."

"They were too long!" I retorted, hurrying up after Ciel and Doll. "It's not my fault you're a tall ass tree."

Both circus members were quiet for a moment before Joker commented to Sebastian. "You're gonna have your hands full with her."

Sebastian only made a sound of agreement.


"Mmm?" The girl turned to look at me as she was tying the rope on Ciel. "Do you need something?"

I shook my head. "No, but I want to try after Ciel. Joker said that was fine."

She blinked before nodding, and finished tying Ciel up.

"Make sure it's nice and tight Doll!" Joker yelled up to us. "He's still a novice yet, so he'll hurt himself if he falls!"

Ciel for his part looked extraordinarily pale. "Wont you test me on something else?!"

"Retiring already?! You're sister volunteered to do this too, ya know!"

I received a glare, but he turned and took a breath before starting forward, taking a careful step.

Then he started to tilt.

I twitched slightly, ready to pull him back when something darted up and struck him, almost invisible to my demonic eyes. It looked like…

Glancing down, I noticed the demon grinning, once again shooting rocks in time with Ciel's winces.


"Your turn." Doll said, slightly moving her floral headpiece. "Lift your arms up, please."

"Sure." I did so, and she tied it around my middle. Honestly, that was the part I was most worried about; if I fell, then it would just rip me in half like on '1000 Ways to Die.' "Actually, can I just hold it?"

She looked at me, her sole viewable eye wide. "Wha- if you fall without it you'll get hurt!"

"And if I fall with it I'll die."

Shock laced her face. "What?"

"My weight coupled with my speed and velocity would basically kill me." I answered. "At the very least, I'd rupture an organ or two while at the very most I would be ripped in half and have my intestines spilled all over the ground."

Horror lit her face. "I- a few months back a heavier fellow fell and had a large bruise around his middle and died a couple hours later. Is that-?"

I nodded. "Internal bleeding. Something ruptured and he bled out from the inside."

This news seemed to really upset her. "So it was my fault?"

"No." I shook my head. "Most of society is ignorant of these types of things."

She frowned for a few seconds, looking down. "Then where am I supposed to tie the rope?"

"Honestly? There's no particularly good place to tie it. If you tie it around the ribs, you could break your ribs; around the arms, well you can pull your arm out, same with the ankle or legs. What you should do is have a net to catch people on."

She nodded in understanding. "We have one in the trainee tent, but that's for the trapeze acts to practice. We'll have to get one for the tight rope people to practice over."

Nodding, I took the rope from her, wrapping my hand around it and starting out onto the rope.

"Wait! Didn't you just say not to use the rope?!"

"Well," I shrugged, one foot on the rope. "Yeah, but I really want to do this and I trust Sebastian'll catch me if I fall." I turned to stare at the demon, lowering my voice so Doll wouldn't hear. "And not shoot rocks at me."

And so, after steadying one foot, I placed my other onto the rope as well. It hurt a bit, my foot curving slightly around the rope, but nothing I couldn't deal with.

Bending my knee's slightly, putting the balance on my right leg as I brought my other forward, I found myself realizing it was a little like ice skating; keeping the balance on one leg before slowly transitioning it to the other.

I took four more steps before my feet were screaming at me.

"Fuck." I whispered, starting to scoot my feet along until I was just under one third of the way. "Sebastian, you're going to have to catch me cause I'm gonna fall soon." I said, knowing he would hear me. I winced as I took another step, the bottom of my foot feeling raw.

Moving to take another step, I couldn't keep my balance due to the pain, and started to tumble sideways. Letting out a small shriek, my hands darted out to the tightrope, wincing as my arm sockets were pulled on painfully.

I heard the other's let out shrieks of their own, and I looked under my arm to realize why.

I had dropped the rope.


However, this I could do. It was like being on a monkey bar again.

A sixty foot long monkey bar that was about ninety feet high.

Reaffirming my grip, I swung my arm around and in front of me, continuing forward until my arms got tired. Unfortunately, that was only about ten feet meaning I had another thirty to go.

Panting, I barely heard Sebastian's voice float towards me.

"You can let go now, Miss Constance."

Doing as he said, my hands cheered in relief, in a state only slightly better than my aching feet.

There were a few shrieks as I fell, and I noted Ciel's terror as he shouted my name before I landed in Sebastian's arms like a princess, though hard enough it rattled my teeth.

"Well," Wiggling my toes, I winced. "That was fun, not that I ever want to do that again."

"Are ye alright?!" Joker asked, looking worried as Doll came down the ladder and hurrying over. "Doll! Why didn't ye tie it around her waist?!"

"She said-"

"I explained to her how that fall right there would have killed me if I had it tied around my waist." The two male circus members looked at me in horror as I interrupted Doll. "I weigh more, so I'd be more likely to fatally hurt myself by rupturing an organ." As Sebastian set me down, I winced again, though me feet were grateful for the flat land. "Man, I don't know how you walked across that because god damn, do my feet hurt." I whined, picking up a foot to rub it. Turning, I looked at the demon. "You should hold me while I rub my feet. Or just give me a foot rub. That'll work to. Actually." I blinked. "That'll give you some serious brownie points towards getting laid."

Everyone stared blankly at me.


"What does 'getting laid' mean?" Doll asked, tilting her head slightly. "I've never heard that before."

I blinked, paling slightly at the fact I had said that in front of Ciel, and would have to explain it in front of Ciel.


Motioning for her to come closer, I leaned over and whispered "Sex" in her ear, causing her to jerk away as blush coated her face.

"I-I-" She sputtered, only slightly horrified. "You've done that?!"

I merely shrugged in reply a coy grin stretching across my face. "Maybe. Maybe not."

This apparently was as good as admitting to it, and she had to turn away to collect herself. I could feel a light blush coating my face, but forced myself to ignore it. "So, did my little-" I sent him a scathing look. "-talentless, brother pass? Or is there another test?"

I was sufficiently pleased when he flinched.

"Almost." Joker said, grinning. "The little fellow's missing something important though. A first class smile!"

Ciel paled rapidly as Sebastian turned away to laugh; I could only stare confusedly as I looked between them and their reactions.

And then, Ciel smiled so brightly –and innocently cute, I might add- that it looked like he was emitting his own light for a few seconds.

It didn't look right, if I were being honest.


"Mmm, so what are you going to be specializing in?" The girl who was leading me to find a circus outfit asked, lifting up some clothes. She had introduced herself as "Tiger" and had gotten the name from her skin condition that caused what looked like tiger stripes across her body and the sides of her face. Honestly, I was staring, but not because of the stripes.

Because it was Dimi.


My soul-mate.

I just didn't know how to react.

"Hello?" I blinked as a hand waved in my face. "You alright there?"

"Huh? Oh." I shook my head. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking. Um. Specializing?" She nodded. "I don't know."

She sighed, running a stripped hand through her hair. "Well, obviously you passed the test-"

"Actually, Joker saw us and thought we were talented and admitted us then and there last night."

Tiger could only blink. "Oh. Well, what were ya doing?"

"Throwing some knives and pointedly not using Dagger as a pin cushion." She gave me a look and I shrugged. "Hey, he was throwing them too."

"Well…" A frown tugged her lips down. "I imagine that you probably won't get very far with knife throwin' since Dagger's the knife thrower…" Not very surprising. "What else can ya do?"

At this I could only blink. "I don't know. Sing?" She brought a finger to her chin, thinking still. "I'm flexible."

This time, she turned her dark blue eyes towards me. "Really? Do you have strong muscles?"

"I used to? I use to exercise a lot more often than I do now, so my muscles have probably deteriorated some." I answered, unsure of why she wanted to know.

Despite my answer, her eyes lit up. "Ooh! Good, you know how to build up muscle then, yeah?" I nodded, still confused. "I've started learning how to do a sort of dance in the air. You use two long ropes of silk and use them to hold yourself up. It's called 'Aerial Silk Acrobatics' but not many people have heard of it. Wanna try?"

Actually, I always had wanted to try to do the aerial acrobatics, but I hadn't realized they had it in the Victorian era. "Yes! I didn't know you guys did it here; I've always wanted to learn it."

This seemed to greatly please my best friend's incarnation. "Then lets pick out your outfit!"


I twirled around, making my skirt flutter. It felt so nice to wear a short, light weight skirt again. I had on a corset looking leotard on underneath, along with a turquoise sash tied around my waist with a half jacket to match.

"Here, stick your leg out."

Turning, I looked at her to see she held a piece of cloth with some frills. "What's that?"

"Stick your leg out and you'll see."

Giving her my right leg, she slid it up and tightened it around my thigh before dropping my foot. "It's…some sort of half stocking?" It started above my knee and ended just past the top of my calf. Extraordinarily weird. "Neat."

She gave me a once over before turning and digging into another chest. "You'll need ballet shoes to be an aerial acrobat. I think we have some about that color green-" Turquoise, I thought as I pursed my lips. "-But even if we don't, we've got some dark gray one's that'll match your leotard part."

As if to prove this, she tossed a pair of charcoal gray ballet flats over her shoulder, and one shoe whacked me in the side of the face. "A little warning next time." I mumbled, thinking about the fact Lucifer would howl with laughter if he learnt of this moment.

"Ah! Here they are." Prancing over, she held the shoes up to my sash and jacket, frowning slightly. "They're a bit lighter, but not much different…" She stretched her lips to one side before smiling. "Well, you can use both of them! Here, untie this…" Blankly, I watched as the striped girl untied each pair before thrusting a shoe of each color at me. "That'll be perfect! Now we'll just have to wait for them fellows you came with, and we'll get your nicknames!"

Nodding, I followed her out of the dressing tent after I slipped my shoes on; if I were honest, I felt like prancing in them; no wonder Tiger seemed to prance everywhere.

"Ah! There's that tall fellow you came with." Tiger said, pointing to our right. I followed her finger, and found Sebastian in a top hat, a streak of make up over one eye similar to Jokers.

"Wait!" Tiger came to a full stop, turning to look at me. "We haven't done your make up yet!"

I stared. "Oh. Uh. Sure?"

Sighing, she dragged me to another tent, where Beast stood with her arms across her chest, obviously pouting.

"So you're actually staying?" She sneered, looking annoyed. I pursed my lips, trying to bite back my comments.

"Of course she is, Beast." Tiger replied, saving me from having to do so. "She's gonna be an Aerial Acrobat like me."

Beast could only roll her eyes. "Do you need help with the make up?"

Tiger gave a cheeky grin in reply, rubbing the back of her neck. "Well…it'd be mighty appreciated, since I'm really bad."

The busty woman scoffed, amused. "Subjecting the newbie to that would be far too cruel, even for me."

I could only blink. "Huh?"

Motioning me inside, I was forced to sit down as Beast pulled out a make up kit. "Tiger cannot do make up to save her life. Lucky for her, she's got them stripes on her face, so she looks pretty without it." I nodded in agreement as Tiger merely blushed. "Even if I don't like you much-" She pursed her lips as she said this. "As a circus performer, ye're supposed to look appealing to the eye. Now, shut yours."

"Shut my what?"

With the way she sighed, I could tell I was getting on her nerves. "Your eyes girl; you daft?"

Blushing darkly, I did as asked, and sat still as she brushed make up across my face before focusing on my eyes.

"You'll have to open them now." Beast said as she drew a line across the bridge of my nose. I frowned slightly but kept still as she ran it across my lower lid like eyeliner, swirling it off like an inverted cat eye.

"Ooh!" Tiger said from behind Beast, smiling. "You should do the other eye with the white."

I was studied for a few seconds under Beast's ruby eyes –huh, a human with red eyes- before she nodded. "Close your eyes again."

And thus the process was repeated, and I was given fake jewel encrusted eyelashes to put on, one white and the other black.

"The weight won't make them fall off, right?"

Beast rolled her eyes, and fluttered her lashes repeatedly before it set in that she was wearing a black pair. "They stay pretty good. You won't wear any of this on normal days, but you're being introduced to the rest of the members. The only times you will wear it is whenever we get new members, or you're gonna perform."

Nodding, I sat still as they were pressed against my eyelids, before getting shooed away by Beast.

"I think Beast likes you."

I nearly tripped at Tiger's comment. "What on earth gave you that idea? She tried to hit us with her whip." There was a moment of silence as I thought. "Actually, she did strike me."

"Well, from what I understand, ya two did look at her lady bits. I think she had the right to be mad, don' you?"

My lips pursed. "We were looking at her prosthetic. It's not my fault the Doc stuck it back on her leg before he let us look at it." I paused for another moment. "You haven't explained what in the nine circles of hell makes you think she likes me."



"Is Ciel still not ready?" I muttered, walking up to the demon and crossing my arms. Said demon shot me a look.

"Finnian is still getting ready." Oh. Woops. "Do try and be more careful, Miss Constance."

I said nothing, seeing as he was right.

"You should also, Miss Constance, be more careful when referring to our relationship." My eyes rose to look at Sebastian who was smirking. "Though I shall be taking advantage of the fact that we are now publicly 'engaged'."

He swooped down for a quick chaste kiss before pulling away, leaving me with a blush coating my face.

"S-Sebastian!" Both of us turned to a fuming Ciel who seemed to be paling and blushing all at once as he stomped towards us. "What do you think you're doing-?!"

A smirk only curled on the demon's lips. "Why, I was kissing my fiancée."

Ciel could only sputter as Joker approached. Based off the look the boy was shooting Sebastian though, I could accurately guess this topic wasn't finished.


"Inside you lot." Joker said, smiling. "Gotta introduce ye to the rest."

There was a group of milling circus performers, chatting amongst themselves. Walking forward, Joker called their attention by a sharp whistle, causing the tent to fall silent.

"Friends! Lend me your ears!" I almost snorted; lend me your ears? That sounded so dorky. "We've a couple new-comers joining us today!" He motioned to Sebastian who stepped up. "This is the rookie Black," Ciel stepped forward next. "The little one is Smile,"

Sebastian and I laughed as Ciel paled and turned blue in the face.

"While the missus is Kitten!"

Horrified, I could feel my face burn crimson as I turned to stare at Joker in disbelief.

"What-?!" Ciel and I both started before we were swarmed, the crew greeting us warmly.

"C'mon Smile, smile!"

"Give us a purr, Kitten!"

Ciel and I wore matching horrified expressions while Sebastian did nothing but turn away and laugh.

So, I chose Kitten in the end because that was the most embarrassing. btw, you can find Tabby's outfit in my deviantart gallery, which is just evilvampireducky . deviantart . com (slash) gallery/ They'll be the first three images, though I did edit the description here; ballet shoes are two different colors *shrugs*

ALSO. Tiger is Eleni's current incarnation, known as Tiger, suffers from a skin disease known as Blaschko's Lines, which sometimes looks a bit like tiger stripes. Personally, I think they're gorgeous, but society in general(now or victorian era) would shun them for being different, or pity them.


Book of Murder too but that's ova BoC is LEGIT ANIME.

To those who may not know: in January, it was announced that there was going to be a new Kuroshitsuji anime.
Well, that anime IS THE CIRCUS ARC. I think it comes out in...June? or July idk for sure. It follows after episode 15 of Kuroshitsuji Season 1.

But Mamoru Miyano is playing Joker. jfc.
Mamoru Miyano voices Tamaki in Ouran HSHC.
I am dying from laughter.

Book of Murder is going to be an OVA released in theaters, and is the "Murder Mystery" arc(I call it the Clue arc since it's like the game of Clue /pardon)


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