Reluctant Werefox

Naruto x Googie


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Author's Note


Another crossover story featuring one of the great three as I called them. The other is the one with the Boo Brothers. Why? Because people have been asking for it so I shall deliver.


Story Start


In a dark and misty area surrounded by dying forests and moats was a castle. Shrieks from unearthly creatures along with the howl of harsh cold winds and misty grounds with a grim atmosphere coming from a warn down graveyard gave the area that of unearthly dread. In the area of Transylvania was an old castle, Castle Dracula located within the deepest mountains of Romania nearly untouched by he modern age.

The icy cold moat waters plopped and swivel as the entire area was illuminated by a full moon. The solid stone walls were covered in moss and such and as the drawbridge of the building settled the rotting wood echoed heavy foot-steps just a pitch fainter then that of the rusting chains. Within the deep bowels of the castle were numerous creatures from legends and grim fairy tails. Within the room many creatures of different shapes and sizes were gathered together in a meeting room as cold winds blew in from a nearby window as moss green drapes fluttered in the wind.

An assembly of some of the world's most frightening and well-known monsters sat there, roaring and squeaking and slushing with outrage at the unfortunate news that they'd just received. From Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, the Creature of the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, A Phantom, and other creatures as well. But out of all them only one creature was missing. One of the oldest and most iconic of all creatures. The Wolf Man. One of the more well known creatures in modern history, mainly for the bastardization of humans from vicious animals to shirtless pretty boys to the beast's ire.

''What nonsense is thisss?'' a humanoid female viper hissed upon hearing the news.

''The Wolfman has abandoned us?'' the mummy moaned in disbelief.

The other monsters echoed their similar sentiments at their predicaments. Demanding to know how and why as their voices, groans, and roars echoed off the walls of the old castle.
''Vortez, what was the Victor's reason for this slight?''

The creature that asked the question was as well known if not more so then the wolfman. His skin was unearthly pale like snow and his skin was cold to touch. He was remarkably tall, over six foot four with well-kept ebony black hair with sharp, pearl-like in shine. His eyes were dark like charcoal and his presence over powering. He was dressed elegantly in a Victorianesque suit of black and a darkened bruise-tinged purple; and on the underside of his midnight black, high-collared cape, was a blood-red silken lining. This was Count Vlad Dracula, the original Vampire.

''Count Dracula,'' Vortez greeted as he kneeled on one knee. Vortez was a messenger, a shape shifter well known among the monster community for his quick and nearly flawless service. ''Victor von Saberwulf had not only informed me to inform you that he and his family have relocated to Florida but to also give you this.'' Vortez rumbled through the mailbag and handed Dracula a post card.

'Loving it here Count! Suffice to say I'm settling down and returning never. Yours, Victor von Saberwulf.'

"I don't believe this, of all the nerve, of all the things to do!" Dracula remarked pounding his fist on a nearby desk. The annual monster gathering would be happening in a few weeks and they were sort a single monster. It was a tradition and without the Wolfman it might as well be invalid.

For the next several minutes Dracula found himself pacing around the room, wondering what to do about his current situation; unseen to him however, he was soon joined by a beautiful young woman with long ebony hair and pale skin towards pink in shade. She had long, red and sharp finger nails with plump lips, large chest and nicely shaped hips. She was dressed in an old fashioned maroon colored dress. The woman walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.

"What's the matter Draccy? You seem...agitated.'' the woman stated after thinking about it for a moment.

''That infernal Saberwulf and his stunts!'' Dracula angrily remarked. ''He has gone too far this time! The races can not go without a hitch for we are down our beast representative.'' he said as he folded his arms behind his back.

''But dear is it really all that important to have the Wolfman in the race? Couldn't you find someone else?'' she asked as the pale skinned blood drinker shook his head.

''The wolves and other matter of creatures would revolt and contest the lack of a representative. You remember how the Fishmen and the Zombies almost went to war after Bone Jangles crashed into The Creature and nearly injured him to the point he couldn't lead the charge on sinking those polluters? The last thing we need is another incident.'' Dracula replied, turning his head slightly.

Dreadonia, the shorter of the two sisters entered with the solution to Dracula's problem. The Green skinned woman summoned a crystal clear orb. ''I think I might have the answer to your problems Count.''

''Well speak Dreadonia, do not keep us in suspense.''

The orb began to glow as it levitated above her hand. ''It's quite simple Count. If we're down one beast representative we simply get another. So we'll find another beast representative.'' she said as an image began forming in the crystal ball. As Dreadonia began to chant the image became clearer and began to solidify until it showed the image of a young, blond haired man. Red energy began to swirl around him until the image of a fox-like creature appeared.

''What good is an image if we don't know who it is?'' Dracula's wolf-like servant asked.

The image turned back into the human likeness the creature had before. Then the image of a town was being shown. ''Does that answer your question?''

''He's quite handsome, in fact, I think I might recognize him,'' Vanna pira mused after taking some time to think about it. ''I think he might be of the Yoko.'' after Vanna's statement the monsters began conversing in hushed whispers.


''Weren't their species wiped out centuries ago?''

''I thought they were just a myth.''

''Regardless of such we have found our representative.'' Dracula spoke, bringing an end to the conversations. ''A yoko in the races will surely draw in interest and speculation. The perfect beast representative; I think I'll send The Hunch Bunch to take care of things" Dracula remarked.

Those within the chamber echoed their disgust and other distasteful remarks. The Hunch Bunch were a sibling pair of Hunchback monsters infamous for being hit monsters for hire. Willing to take nearly any job for the right price. There was nearly no job the two wouldn't do and they were infamous not only for the fact they immortal, but the rumors that there was nothing, dead or alive one of the pair wouldn't eat.

A few seconds later two Hunchback humanoid creatures entered the room. One was wearing an orange and blue striped shirt, with a distinguished English gentlemanly look with a monocle over his right eye; this was Brunch. The other was wearing a dark and light green striped shirt and the same light brown pants with a nightmarish warped face, with his right eye bulging out and a warped nose; this was Crunch.

In a weird set of grunts and statements Crunch echoed something unintelligibly.

"Ah yes allow me to translate, Crunch says greeting.'' the other translated in an English accent. ''My dear Count you sent for us?''

''Sent for us...''Crunch added, showing he had a somewhat limited grasp of language even if it was only repeating what he heard.

''I have a very simple assignment for you two. I want you to track down a Yoko and bring him back here in one piece. We have managed to track him down to Crystal Cove. We need for him to be back in time for the race.''

''Don't worry sire, we'll bag us a Yoko and will be back for the big race,'' Brunch said as he saluted the vampire.

''Be sure that you do!'' Dracula remarked.

Inside a rather cozy mansion was one Uzumaki Naruto. A young man of his twenties, with spiky blond hair and cerulean eyes. He was currently sulking on the couch and looking at the silver medal in his hand. 'Damn Norville.' the blond thought. 'That crap he pulled should have been against the rules or something.' Naruto was of course thinking of Norville Rogers, known to his friends as Shaggy. The glutton whose appetite was only matched by his fear of the unknown, ghosts, or anything in the least bit scary. And the worst part was that Naruto was the one that got both of them drunk (Shaggy being unaware of alcohol being in the lemonade) and decided to upgrade Shaggy's car for reasons no longer remembered once they sobered up.

''Are you still sulking about what happened?'' asked a playful voice, bringing Naruto out of his broodiness. The speaker was a lovely young woman, about college age with short, fluffy dark blonde hair or orange in other lights, one of the reasons which strangely or not so strangely enough attracted Naruto to her. She was wearing a purple singlet, a turquoise skirt, purple heels and turquoise socks with turquoise earrings and a purple head band.

''Oh hey Googie,'' Naruto greeted his girlfriend. Goldie ''Googie'' Locks was a cheerleader from a well off and prominent family. She was known to everyone as Googie because of the obvious connection her name had to the fairy tail. Her parents wanted to name her after wealth and did not use foresight when considering naming their child Goldie Locks was not going to make it easy for said daughter considering how cruel children could be.

Googie took a seat on Naruto's couch, placing her head on his shoulder. ''You want to talk about it?'' she asked in a sweet and comforting tone.

Naruto sighed, and after hesitating for a moment began speaking. ''Yeah, for one, how the hell was no one besides me disqualified for all the dangerous and cartoony trap crap was pulled...''

Chapter End

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