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Naruto x Googie


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Author's Note


Another crossover story featuring one of the great three as I called them. The other is the one with the Boo Brothers. Why? Because people have been asking for it so I shall deliver.

Anyway, another FU to people who say I don't update older stories. Why don't you stop talking shit and write your own stories? Anyway, follow me on Twitter if you want to know what stories will be updated.


Story Start


The following night the gang was having a double date at the Drive In. Shaggy, who despite all appearances usually had a decent haul of cash paid for the food while Naruto paid for the one of the Blake's many cars, a Dodge Grand Caravan the group of six, plus Kurama who was on the roof enjoyed the movie. Shaggy of course told the group he was thirsty and offered to get snacks.

Using the pull down screen, a fairly new vehicle commodity in case people in either part of the vehicle wanted some privacy, Naruto and Googie chatted as they watched the movie. It was one of those movies with a really slow beginning. "Do you ever get that feeling something bad is about to happen?" she asked as Naruto chuckle.

"Well it probably will now that you brought it up. Way to go Goog." He said, doing his best not to crack a smile as he gave her a disapproving look.

"Hush you," she remarked. "You and your superstitions Mr. Uzumaki."

"Hey, all superstitions have a basis on fact. True fact!" he exclaimed.

"True fact? What there are false facts now?" she teased.

"Facts that are later proven to be wrong." He remarked with an uppity tone. "As a college graduate of Harvard." He continued on, doing a stuffy accent, which broke as Googie suddenly kissed him.

"Hey now, don't break tradition. You're supposed to get scared by the movie and then I comfort you and legs go out the top window. It's very strict formula." He remarked as Googie nestled her head into his head.
"Stop talking and kiss me."

"Yes mam." He cheekily answered only to be thumped on the nose.

Before they could get back to business Googie suddenly jumped. "Did you hear that?"
"You mean the sound of your top being taken off? Indeed I do." He said only for Googie to swat his hands away. "Okay woman what the hell? You're sending me mixed signals."

"I swear I heard something outside." She said, rolling down the window and looking out.
"That's probably just Kurama." Naruto dismissively answered. Naruto turned to his window and let out yelp at what he saw. Without a doubt it was the freakiest thing he ever saw. It was a hunchback, with a monocle of all things.
"Complementary soda my good lad?" he offered.

Naruto raised an eyebrow; he shook away his disbelief and finally answered. "Thank you,'' he hesitantly took the soda. "I wasn't aware drive-troughs did something like this."

"It's a new service. Every hundred customers get a free soda. Enjoy your drink."
"Okay." He said. His first soda was empty. Naruto took a sip and found himself pleasantly surprised. It was delicious, he found himself drinking more and more.

"Slow down before you give yourself the hiccups." Googie cautioned.

"Hiccups…come on there's no way I…" a Hiccup escaped Naruto's mouth. "…that was a…" another Hiccup. "…coincidence." He cautioned hiccup-ping.

"Hey man you okay?" Shaggy asked, pushing the divider aside.

"See, you should have listened." Googie lectured Naruto who was stopped from groaning by a Hiccup.
"Maybe you should get some water?" Daphne suggested, who just happened to be fixing her top for some reason.
"Fine, fine," Naruto grumbled. He opened the door and got up. He began making his way through the washroom, the light of the moon and movie screen being his only guy. His stomach began to gurgle and he began feeling hot. 'Uugh. What the hell." His vision began to blur. What was going on? He didn't get sick; something very few people could claim so why now? Why

did he feel so nauseous? Did that little creep drug him? Naruto collapsed to his knees and let out a very of anguish as his heart began rapidly thumping in his chest.

He slammed his fist into the ground as another anguish cry escaped his lips.

"Hey shut up man!" some random guy yelled.

"Yeah you jerk we can't hear!" a random girl added.


"Hey stop yelling!"

Naruto completely ignored the yells as his skin felt like it was on fire. His body twitch and a primal urge soared through him. As the pain coursed through him his body began to change. His body grew larger, his muscles expanding and a thick tuft of hair something more akin to fur began to cover his body. His canines and nails grew larger, sharper, and more pronounced. His ears began to curve back and grew as their shape changed and his eyesight completely robbed of him.

As the lens sharpen his nose began to stretch out, the cartilage felt like it was being stretched out. His shirt was ripped to shreds and his teeth no longer resembling something that was human. The noise appeared to have drawn in several of the compatriots of the establishment as they went over to bring an end to the noise.
"Hey man! Shut up before I…" the word died on the tone of the muscular jock as he saw just who or what was making the noise.

A monstrous howl escaped the lips of the transforming Naruto. His body was covered in a flame orange fur, his eyes crimson slits and razor sharp teeth revealed themselves from the half parted mouth.

The people began running and screaming. Though two figures, Bunch and Crunch made their way to the creature. "Alright Crunch, remember, the head and chest are not viable targets." The cultured hunchback stated.
The more adept of the weapon user aimed the crossbow coated in a paralyzing toxin at the blond. The Yoko snapped his head up, his teeth bared as with blinding speed, he leaped with his hind legs and knocked over Crunch, causing him to draw the weapon and send it flying.

Before Naruto could snap his jaws into the neck of the creature a loud cry drew his attention. Naruto's attention was drawn to the group. Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne, Scrappy, Kurama and Googie. They had arrived in just enough time to see the end result of Naruto's transformation.

"N-Naruto…" Googie took a step forward. "I-It's me, Goldie. You…you recognize me don't you?" she asked as he snarled at her. "I-It's okay." She took another step forward.

"G-Goldie." Naruto began to find himself, only for a howl of pain to rip through his throat as he was shot by other Hunchback who recovered the weapon. The confused Yoko leaped on top of a car. He began leaping from vehicle to vehicle as he made his escape. The two determined monsters pursued after him, lest they wanted the Count to take their heads.

"Those creeps are after Naruto. We have to get to him first!" Googie exclaimed as she chased after him.
"Right behind you Goog! Come on Uncle Scoob!" Scrappy ushered, not waiting for a response as he took off after the blond.

"B-But, Naruto's a werewolf. He'll tear us to shreds." Shaggy whimpered.

"Read Rheads!" Scooby agreed. It was no secret, well except to Scrappy that Shaggy and Scooby were terrified of all things spooky. Ghost, Vampires, it didn't matter; any monster would send the duo into screaming hysterics. Though on the upside, a near life time of running left the duo blessed with near unparalleled speed, stamina, and endurance. Both had the potential to be great athletes, but lacked the motivation.

"Norville! Scooby!" Both went rigid at that tone. Two things, one, Daphne never used Shaggy's actual name unless she was upset and two, Daphne hardly ever got angry. God have mercy on the soul who incurred her wrath. "I can't believe you two. Naruto's our friend; monster or not he needs our help."

The duo shared a look, both knowing that Daphne was right. "Okay, we'll help." Shaggy reluctantly agreed. As frightened as he was, even he wasn't that much of a coward that he would abandon his own friends.

"Reah, rou're right" Scooby added as well. With that, the three of them joined their friends to go tracked down the feral Yoko.